Panties In a Bunch

Author: Rambling Auntie
Date: Jun 1 2010

"Way I hear it, ranking riders 'round here don't get along. Why just the other day, bunch of fancy knots sitting out in the caverns, looking like they was fit to bite one 'nother. 'Specially that bluerider. One of these days, there'll be more than just some tackling in the records room, mark me."


Author: Drunken Auntie
Date: Jun 1 2010

There was talk of an angry woman rider from Ista looking for Ma'kai. An old lover 'sfar as I could tell. But Faranth help me, turns out she's his sister! What? Do those kids from the South think its ok to do things between the sheets just cuz now they're riders? I shudder to think it's true.

Weyrlings Progressing

Author: Meo
Date: Jun 1 2010

With the political hoopla going on, Meo, and her charges are nearly an after thought. But the four weyrlings have been progressing as expected, with not many major injuries, or catastrophies.
Many of the weyrs residents, and riders were holding their collective breaths this week, as the weyrlings went through the last major hurdle in weyrlinghood: Their first trips between. But we are relieved to report that no weyrlings have been lost, and there's an air of relief in the air, as betweening means no more 'acccidents' about the bowl. But as they continue their practicing of between, it means they are just a couple steps closer to graduating into Fort's main wings, and we report that there's atleast one weyrling who can't wait to move out of the barracks, and into their own weyr.

Bad Goods

Author: Staring Auntie
Date: Jun 1 2010

"Bad enough we're gettin' the runt end of everything now that-" Another auntie titters, wagging a finger with a curt "-No need to name names. Ain't polite." "Ain't polite, she says!" crows another, slapping a hand against her weathered knee. "Ain't polite that we're gettin' the worst of everything and barely enough to make do! Why, did you see that shipment of tubers? They're more wrinkly than your old keister!" "/My/ old keister?! What about yours, you coot?! All that dried fruit looks just about as appealing!" "It's just a darned shame we can't get fresh fruit, I tell you what," another interjects with a sigh. "We'll starve before next winter — I'll bet my watch on it!" A solemn silence lingers for some time before one auntie finally mutters, "… but you don't have a watch."

A Game of Clue?

Author: Senile Old Auntie
Date: Jun 6 2010

"You won't /believe/ what went on in one of those storage caverns," she cackles, clapping her veined and gnarled hands together with delight, "It was the Weyrleader and that snippy, tempestuous greenrider. Y'know the -" Another one of the aunties, this one with fluffy white hair, cackles and interrupts, "I know that one! She's the nasty piece o' work that got slapped by Kessa a turn or so ago. And didn't she have a shouting match with our dear Weyrleader only a sevenday ago? I bet - " With another cackle, the first auntie just continues, "Yes! But this is something new n' juicier!" Several tiny gasps sound as all the aunties fall into silence, except for the wheezing breath of one of the more frail ones. "Apparently there was a rescue party sent down to the old tunnels with all them old storage caverns n' such. There was some rumor that someone was trapped down there somewhere." The auntie takes a moment to pause for a hacking cough, as well as for suspense before continuing, "What do they find there? Th' door to one of the caverns busted down, with th' Weyrleader and that irritable greenrider on top of it - but he was on /top/ of her!" There's a chorus of surprised noises from the other aunties, as well as a cackle from another one before the story continues, "Trouble is, the Weyrleader was knocked out cold with a great gapin' wound on his head. And there was this big metal crowbar all bloody on the floor next to them!" Cackling with glee, the auntie all but bounces in her seat with delight, "I wonder if they were really trapped or if'n they were lyin'! I know that annoying greenrider is weyrmated with kids, but you know what greenriders are like!" The other aunties bob their heads in agreement, though one of them shakes a gnarled cane, pursing her wrinkled lips together, "Bah! I think it was that nasty ol' Weyrleader. He was probably takin' advantage o' her in that storage cavern and she gave him a good ol' whack on his fat head! S'what he deserves!" A rumble of agreement floods through the aunties before another one pipes up, "Or maybe he went into one of those angry rages of his and she was just defendin' herself?" Cackling, the original auntie takes up the story again, "No idea! Either way, it's fishier than th' ointment I use for my cracked old feet." One final auntie has to have the last word, "Well I think they just got trapped." The aunties then dissolve into arguing about everything all at once until nothing more can be gleaned from them.

Stoic Weyrwoman

Author: Kessa
Date: Jun 6 2010

A pair of hens cluck, or rather gossipers, clustered together, "Would you get a look at the Weyrwoman these days?"
Another lifts an eyebrow, "What? She wearing more of those fancy shoes of hers?"
"Hah. That wouldn't be 'new' you wollen headed wherry! What's new is the way she's dressing in drab colors, no finery what so ever. She hasn't even bothered to do anything with her hair!"
"So? What's that got to do with us?"
"Well, she's usually quite the chipper lady, with smiles and words of advice… She ain't like that now! I went up to her see, to tell her a joke. She always laughed before or even when it wasn't funny, put on a smile. Today. Nothing. She just glanced at me, like she was looking through me and went on her way. Not even a twitch of the lips!"
"Oh come off it. Maybe she was distracted?"
A third pipes in, "No. I think he's got a point. I seen her the other day with Talica, the headwoman. Even Talica seemed worried. You know how they get on, all chattering and yipping away like foolish girls. Get this… Talica couldn't even get two words from her that didn't relate to duty of some kind. And the Weyrwoman sent the headwoman off so coldly that it surprised Talica. I think I might have even seen the Headwoman bite back a tear…"
"Well, what do you figure brought this on?"
Looks pass between them as they speculate…

Rank Ramblings

Author: Odd Auntie
Date: Jun 8 2010

"That one greenrider's lookin' to be a strange harbinger these days, ain't she?"
"Which one?" Snorts another auntie, her lips pursed.
"That'un from Ierne. The one that's always talkin' to that odd git of a healer."
There's a grunt from the other and a sidelong look. "Well, what kinda harbinger is she, then?"
"Well, she was here not all that long ago to whisk poor Pralius off and he came back with a promotion-"
"-good on him! Took the lad long enough, I hear."
"Hush! Now, this time, I'd reckon she brought the Healer Craft Master herself if it weren't for that huge ol' brown that flew in after."
"What brought that old cuss this way?"
"I wouldn't call a greenrider-"
"Meant the Master."
"Oh, right. Well, I ain't too sure, but I heard she went off to the library with the greenrider and that girl and the girl came back some time later with a Journeyman's knot."
"Huh. Stranger things have happened, I guess …"
"Except she ain't wearin' the knot so much as just carryin' it, like she isn't sure it's rightly hers or not. Odd duck, that one."

Birthing Bronzeriders?

Author: Senile Old Auntie
Date: Jun 16 2010

"Well, I heard about that one goldrider at Ista, you know, the one that-"
"That's /old/ news. Now, I heard something from the /infirmary/-" begins another.
"Oh, for Faranth's sake, I've heard enough about the pregnant-" interjects the first.
"No, not /that/, you old caprine. Sounds like our Weyrleader might be slightly insane," the second cackles. "Young Bogdan — you know, that healer's apprentice that sometimes comes by to rub my feet?"
"The chatty one and the funny hair?"
"One and the same. Well. Seems he overheard a journeyman talking with another healer — some kind of surgeon, I suppose-"
"With spectacles and a funny limp?"
"You're one to talk about funny limps."
"Hush it. Anyway, that'd be him. The girl was telling him about the funniest conversation. Bogdan tells me that the Weyrleader told the girl that he can breathe water and fire and — oh, you'll love this-"
"Get on with it!"
"I'm getting on with it! He says he can give birth, too! No wonder the Holders fled that meeting — Faranth knows what he told them!"

Healer Recall

Author: Galina
Date: Jun 27 2010

"Pah. You heard as plainly as I did," one auntie starts with a snort. "That girl — Gal-whatsis — said she was going back to the Hall and she /did/."

"Now why would she go and do that? I thought she was doing rather nicely here."

"As nicely as a block of ice, if you ask me," a third grunts.

The first rolls her eyes. "Either way. I guess her mentor isn't traveling any time soon-"

"He's /dreamy/, that Grigoriy," cackles the second, clapping her hands together.

"Pah. He's old enough to be your youngest son," snorts the first. "Anyway. He's not leaving, from what I've heard, so the Hall's sunk their claws in and dragged the poor girl back."

"Fancy that. Well, at least she'll be spared when Zuhth lays and candidates run wild in the infirmary," grunts the third. "Every time we have candidates, they don't know anything about /anything/ and it takes twice as long for those healers to see to my feet and your back and your-"

"-hush!" cries the first and the rest settle into cackling laughter and discussion of their own ailments. Sadly, joint-ail, dry skin, and boils are the least horrifying …

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