Infested Crates

Author: Marika
Date: July 4 2010

The aunties titter amongst themselves, until Crotchety Auntie leans forward and says, "So I heard from someone …"

"Well! I heard that Roc wingleader ran afoul of a tunnelsnake, 'e did! Quite lit'rally, stepped on the thing."

Another auntie interjects, "Well, /I/ heard tha' young guard girl was there, the one what gets in loads o' trouble for slacking off. 'eard from a good source, I did."

The first auntie looks shocked. "Not the same guard, the one who was in the 'firmary when that 'leader got his arm broke? Someone oughta teach her a lesson! The nerve of her!"

"The very same! An' turns out, she'd been 'earin' noises down there. She got the man to come there, tell me that ain't suspicious! The crate they checked, it 'ad a snake! I tell ya, she planted it. She must've! A snake in the first crate? That's no luck at all!"

The first auntie tuts in disapproval. "Kids! Should keep 'er away from that cavern, they should. Gon' get half the Weyr's supplies eaten by snakes if'n they're not careful."

"Y'know, the guard on duty, no, not the girl, the one /actually/ on duty, 'e tol' me, they were shriekin' an' squealin' in there, he thought it must be renegades or sommat, but no, jus' a bunch o' sissy girls. I hear the loudest was the men, 'specially the greenrider. Just what I always say, greenriders, a flighty lot, them. Jus' a tunnelsnake, fer Faranth's sake, but the carryin' on, honest, think they was bein' murdered!"


Author: Forgetful Auntie
Date: Jul 12 2010

"Funny thing, isn't it? There's always the one candidate who snores and the one who smells bad and the one that's more trouble'n a proddy greenrider even with the weyrlingmasters bein' watchful, but you don't really hear of too many with nightmares and insomnia and stuffed animals on their beds. Certainly wouldn't have figured on that healer girl bein' the type — well, not the type to have stuffed critters — but Bogdan says he heard her cryin' or somethin' late one night and that boy ain't prone to lyin' …"


Author: Crotchety Auntie
Date: Jul 15 2010

"Come 'ere ladies, I got somethin' that'll chill yer bones." The old biddy waves over a couple other aunties to share. "There's been talk what with the snow blowin' and flurries startin' down the mountain of a beast roamin' the hills." A collective gasp comes from the group of women. "That can't be true." Says one that seems to ahve a fainter disposition. "Tis True! I heard it from a man who heard it from a woodcrafter who was up there not long ago." The grouchy looking one pipes up then "Well that makes it practically first hand information. Go on then, tells us." Clearing her throat the first auntie goes on. "He was up there campin' before comin' back down to the weyr and one night he was out fetchin' firewood when he came across it. Huge thing, bigger than a herdbest all covered in snow white fur, at first the lad missed it. But then, it suddenly moved! And it turned to look the boy straight in the eye. It's eyes were redder than an angry dragon and glassy, like it had no feelins' at all other than the hate it had inside as it puffed huge gusts of air out of it's bluging nostrils." She really gets into the story as one of the aunties whimpers. "And on it's head it had these huge horns. Twas a horrible beasst I tell you. The lad barely made it outta there alive. Ran straight back down to the weyr without stoppin'. Hasn't set foot on the mountain since." The aunties look from one to another. "Shouldn't someone go up to check for the lads' things?" "Is that all you can think about after a story like that?! We have a dangerous creature on the loose! Someone needs to go kill it and bring it back so we can eat it." The ladies just groan and go their seperate ways.

Sickly Senior

Author: Crotchety Auntie
Date: Jul 23 2010

Ironic… Those two healer candidates give a class on staying safe in the cold, they send out the candidates to camp in it, and what happens? The Senior - she is the one to get down right sick. They say she stayed out in the cold too long or something like that. I hear it was after that green rose for a mating flight and had the Weyrleader's bronze catch. Then again, I heard it was because she was trying to get nookie from the former Weyrleader. You just never know these days! 'Sides, seems like it's only a bad cough!

Busy Healers!

Author: Crazy Auntie
Date: Jul 26 2010

Healers are prob'ly busy quite a bit, lately. With the weather bein' so bad, all kindsa folks are windin' up in the infirmary. Broken bones, strains, sprains, frostbite and whatnot — reckon that list could go on for days and days. I even hear there's a bit of a cough goin' round, though it ain't nothin' serious … thank Faranth. Same ol' bad weather stuff we get every year, I reckon … just seems worse what with all them candidates around.