The aunties titter amongst themselves, until Forgetful Auntie says:

So you heard about the Weyrleader, eh? Ha! Figures he'd go get himself into trouble. Man is stubborn, but with a temper like his it's bound to lead to trouble! It's the truth! And that /bluerider/ he has tagging with 'im, that Western tart, the wild lookin' one? Bet she had somethin' to do with it! I heard from another, who heard from another in the Gemstone from a tipsy Xanadu rider that he… our 'Leader that is… tried to go undercover to rat out the stink in some forsaken borderland in the Xanadu region and gone and went 'n got himself near to gutted! S'why he can't come back, see? Can't go Between with a gash in yer skin. Serves 'im right if you as me if he and that wild one of his decided to play mock spies! What in Faranth's name was he thinkin'? And in rough times! Weyrwoman has the right of it, callin' him reckless and stupid. Now we ain't got no Weyrleader and that brat of a junior is gonna wreak havoc what now that Dtirae, Elara and Neyuni are all busy cleaning up after his mess and pickin' up the slack. Feh. I liked it better when he was a stick 'n the mud and stuck to /his/ Weyr. Forget this inter-Weyr and workin' with the Holds nonsense. Nothing but trouble I tells ya!