Cornflower with feather-like etchings of cobalt caresses the head, neck, paws, back, and tail of this handsome little blue. The hue creeps up his 'spars, fading out gradually to powder blue at the tips. Wings of the same powdery hue stretch grace the spars, draped gracefully between each like sails to catch the wind. At the bottom edges of the wingsails, more feathery etchings mimic an avian's wing, a bit of cornflower peeking through to create the illusion. The underside of the neck, the belly, beneath the tail, and the backs of the paws are all powder blue Perhaps the most unusual feature of this blue is the way his headknobs are somewhat swept back away from his eyeridges, instead of being more straight up and down like most. They appear dipped in pale, shimmering silvery blue, like the ocean beneath the kiss of Pern's moons. Claws of the same silvery blue tip each talon, glittering dangerously yet held back for hunting alone.

Egg Name and Description

Hiding In The Barn Egg
If one wasn't looking hard enough, it might be easy to miss this dun-colored, nearly perfect sphere of an egg. With little dashes of goldenrod and umber, it looks like nothing more than a ball of hay, easily hidden in plain sight.

Hatching Message

The sound of crackling as the egg rocks back and forth is the first hint that the hatchling within fights valiantly for their freedom, for the nondescript-looking shell is otherwise easily missed. More crackling ensues, with the occasional flash of color as bits of shell are pecked away from within. Finally, with one great burst of energy, the Unlikely Hero Blue Hatchling tumbles from the shell, egg-wet and creeling for food.



Inspired by the character Saphira from Eragon


None as of yet.


Name Zaffiro
Dam Alto
Sire Vein
Created By Lyana
Impressee Joanethen
Hatched 18 July 2010
Length 30
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH