Everything about this stocky firelizard is plump and round from the chubby curbe of her cheeks to the thick-set length of her tail. Grassy green, velvety and smooth, spreads over her stout body and strong limbs, hardly varying in shade or hue along her wide back. In contrast to her portly visage, her ridges stick up sharply and evenly as they march down her spine, each one tinted with just a hint of deep red. Color bleeds away from her plump belly, seeping out until nothing but pure white remains. Fat speckles and spots of green and white spread over her wings, rolling over the thin expanse of the translucent membranes in a cheery pattern. Pudgy though she may be, there's a hint of quickness and agility hidden within her every move.

Egg Name and Description

Green Spotted Egg
Ordinary would be a word to describe this egg, if only its base color of purest white were left pristine. Instead, green spots and speckles dance across the shell from tip to end in a merry pattern to ruin the plain effect. Some are large and some are small, but they all have one thing in common - the uniform shade of grassy hue that sticks out plain against the white backdrop.

Hatching Message

Green Spotted Egg hops and bounces in place, as though suddenly hyper and excited. There's a sudden crack and a pop and the egg bursts open, spilling a chubby green hatchling out onto her back. With a rapid bounce and an odd squeak, she hops back to her feet, extra long tongue flicking out as though to taste the air.



The theme was video games and your green is based on Yoshi from Super Mario Bros, which might be obvious considering the egg was made to look like a Yoshi egg. Like Yoshi, your green will like to bounce, jump and hop around quite a bit. She'll be a mover and a shaker - not one to sit still. Some might consider her hyper or extra excitable, though she's just made that way. She loves licking things with her tongue, oddly enough, and often prefers licking a bit of meat first before eating it - much like Yoshi with his long tongue. She's also going to be quite broody over her clutches of eggs - a trait that is strange in a green. She's not too fussy if they're even her eggs, either - she just likes eggs. She might even brood over a pile of egg-shaped rocks if you let her. Please note that these are just suggestions as to personality - you can play your firelizard how you like!


Name Yoshi
Dam WildGold
Sire WildBronze
Created By Ely
Lineart Rhasmir
Coloring Pralius
Impressee Pralius
Hatched 28 July 2010
Length 42
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH