There is something to this brown flit that makes him look taller and statelier than he truly is. His legs are long, and quite strong without being outsized. His neck is elegant, but distinctly male. His structure is sturdy, yet light at the same time. Buff picks out details over his eyeridges, headknobs, wingspars, and in a V at his chest without really being dominant, mere golden baubles to his majesty. No, his color is dark, dark sepia fading into taupe at his face and throat, and then umber at his tail and spars. Rust and burnt umber pattern his hind and back feet, seemingly redder than they are against his sepia. A grayish-brown liver color strokes his neckridges all the way to the tip of his tail, trickling down his head towards his eyeridges. All the same, the coloration and stance of this creature is almost menacing somehow, perhaps an impression given by the way his ridges sit upon his face to give him a glare when looking at something head-on.

Egg Name and Description

Six Feet Under Egg
The glossy exterior of this egg is a lovely stained wood, a brown that is definitely chocolate in hue. The light shines off of its surface as if polished - such a pretty egg! It has an odd shape to it, however, as if the oval of the egg had been lifted, or lowered, so the fattest part didn't sit as directly central as usual and tapered off as a result. As if that weren't enough, a split of color slices down one side from top to bottom. Bronze shapes like handles gleam atop the slit, and then caddy-corner on the matching side. Within the slit is what looks to be a velvety purple material, cushiony and soft, with a pillow at one end. There are faint gold decorative motifs along the top, the sides, and especially on the edges where colors shift subtly. Surely someone doesn't sleep in something like that, though?

Hatching Message

The split down the length of the coffin that is Six Feet Under widens as the hatchling within pushes its way out. Oh no! Look out!



This part of the Halloween themed clutch was created by Khaine (the ideas came with help from Xhaine), and spanned a mega-clutch of 18!

The egg theme was "general Halloween stuff", and this egg was a coffin. The hatchlings for 12 of the eggs were created with costumes in mind, but the gold clutch of 6 were famous fictional vampires. This one is the one and only Dracula, aka Vlad Dracul, aka Vlad the Impaler. Hope you have fun with it!


Name Vlad
Dam Myram
Sire Tanfri
Created By Khaine
Lineart Rhasmir
Coloring Pralius
Impressee Pralius
Hatched 26 October 2009
Length 51
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH