Bronzed hide gleams all the moreso on this particular firelizard, his coloration brought out to near iridescence in some lights. He's not so much one shade of bronze as three, with bold stripes of red-bronze alternating between nearly white-gold and with a blended balance between the two. The stripes run top to bottom, the darker stripes interspersed with the lighter two in an irregular manner. Those stripes end about mid-way down his limbs, leaving the rest of them in that pallid bronze, while his tail is distinctly banded. His wings show off that patterning to dazzling effect, with the streaks of bronze connecting his darkened spars and growing darker still toward the trailing edge.

Egg Name and Description

Shadowy Seas Eggs

Murky greens and blues converge in liquid array upon this egg, stroked through with startling swirls of silver in some lights. There is little else to be found on this one, those sluggish bands of muddled color settling to the bottom as muck-brown silt, sullen and dark.

Hatching Message


Predator. Pure predator. This bronze is one that can and will stalk and kill his own food. He won't take to being handled often, though he'll tolerate it from you; all others would do well to be wary of his spiny nature. He will, perhaps unexpectedly, enjoy swimming and will be especially fond of fish — something to keep in mind if one wants to lay out bait to catch him.

The inspiration for him was a lionfish and is purely that: an inspiration. The personality laid out is yours for the taking, tweaking, or complete revamping! Enjoy!


Name Tiger
Dam Nova
Sire Mulgrave
Created By Galina
Impressee P'rius
Final Length 59
Hatched 20 March 2011
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH