Low-slung and creeping, this green firelizard might easily be dismissed as a tunnelsnake were it not for the obvious inclusion of wings. In all other ways, this lumpy, blunt-nosed, stub-stailed thing is simply unpleasant to look at. Her neckridges are nearly flat, her eyeridges knotted in a perpetual scowl, and the rest of her is simultaneously slithery and awkwardly formed. Her hide is an irregularly mottled combination of olive greens with darker shades that are closer to brown, with murkier qualities that swirl around her limbs and all along her underside. Only her wings give the clearest indicator of her base coloration — those are stark and bright, near-chartreuse with a subtly swirling pattern in sickly peridot that might be hypnotic if one were to look too long.

Egg Name and Description

Hidden Wealth of the Geode Egg
Most of this egg seems encased in rocky grays and browns, with the hint of green lichen sprawling at the apex. This dull appearance only lasts for so long, however; there is much more to this egg than one might initially see. If one looks along one side, then a split in the coloration — though not the shell — can be spied; as if a miner had cracked it with a chisel, a startling glimpse of scintillating purple and gleaming white can be caught. Like any rock — or egg, for that matter — this one might well hold some promise.

Hatching Message

The craggy surface of the Hidden Wealth of the Geode Egg soon begins to crack and split, bits and pieces falling off into a slowly growing heap. Within, the creature stirs … and sluggishly pulls itself out. Green? Brown? Tunnelsnake? It's hard to say at first. Only with the brief splaying of a wing does the green firelizard betray herself.



This egg was based on the Wu Xing interpretation of the element of earth. Earth represents balance and stability, responsibility and success. Long-term planning in the form of slowly growing wealth within (the geode aspect) is contrasted by the outer seeming of stubbornness (the hard shell covering the contents of the geode). While it's a lot of esoteric stuff, the nature of the egg does have some influence on this particular hatchling …

Because this green is based on the classical basilisk in all of its creeping, slithering, death-gaze-giving glory. The basilisk is a nasty little creature with a deadly gaze and poisonous breath — in fact, it was so venomous that its very presence would break stone and burn grass. It was reputed to be the king of snakes and was hatched from a toad or snake's egg, incubated by a cockerel.

This little lady might be more the queen of snakes when all's said and done. While she lacks poisonous breath and a deadly glare, don't leave her alone with any bits of firestone — she might prove to have foul breath regardless. She slinks, slithers and crawls, preferring to be on the ground and out of sight than out in the open. Mirrors are her bane and she will break them frequently, along with anything else with a reflective surface. On the upside, she is extremely affectionate and will adore being able to coil around your neck. Innocently, of course.


Name Slither
Dam Asherah
Sire Nirah
Created By M'gaal and R'io
Impressee Pralius
Hatched 9 May 2010
Length 44
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH