Strong lines delineate the form of this imposing bronze firelizard. The way he holds himself and moves you might think he thinks of himself more as a dragon than a mere tiny-cousin. Muscles flow beneath well oiled skin, strong and smooth they help to define the power and boundaries of this fellow. A large head is inset with whirling eyes, currently swirling in the depths of sapphire contentment. He seems well forged from metals wrought deep beneath the earth, the dark depthy bronze hue forged across his body. It seems almost as if he is composed of a number of smaller plates fit perfectly together, the fine, fine lines between them like inky ebony streaks within the darker bronze. Wings spread, large and looming the sails are glittered with the fortunes found deep within the heart of the planet, most prominently like the sparkle of stars in the heavens are uncountable diamonds dusted into the translucent metal flow.

Egg Name and Description

Star Egg
A field of deep blue, near blue-black shrouds most of this large shell. It would dominate excet for the medium sized six lines radiating from a singularly bright star point. One's eye is immediately drawn to this feature and hte background fades into near invisibility.



Made by Neyuni. The eggs were random. The hatchlings loosely based on elemental ideas. In this case yours was inspired from Carbon, an updated desc that I had made once but never used as far as I recall.


Name Shai Hulud
Dam Alchemia
Sire Tome
Created By Neyuni
Lineart Rhasmir
Coloring Pralius
Impressee Pralius
Hatched 12 December 2009
Length 60
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH