Tall and lean the flit's wingspan is as wide as she is long and the gossamer membraned appendages glimmer with sparkling veins through the pale golden flesh of each wing. Her entire body is cast in varying tones of gold, deep and liquid in appearance, whirling in small spirals at her belly. Her tail is long and slender, ringed to the pale golden tip, flexible enough to undulate when she's of a mind to do so. Sturdy paws are tipped with onxy claws, digits long and slender like the flit herself.

Egg Name and Description

Talk Dirty To Me Egg
Splattered with deep chocolate dots the surface of the egg is smooth like fine porcelain and the base color a pretty, golden cream. Across one side a swathe of blushing pink arches from the fatter bottom of the egg upward, that color bearing a few brown speckles as well.

Hatching Message

Black tipped claws poke through the shell and with a /huff/ the shell is split asunder to produce a wild-eyed flit. She dips her head to flip it backwards, slinging muck from her face then holds her jaw just so, that's right, I'm here.



Inspired by one of the original 5 hair bands of the 80's, Poison. Talk Dirty To Me Egg and all its components designed by Lissi.


Poison Ivy will go proddy in early May. I hope to hold an on camera open flight and hatch the resulting eggs publicly. If this changes, I'll change the message here.


Name Poison Ivy
Dam Melusine
Sire Ember
Created By Lissi
Lineart Rhasmir
Coloring Pralius
Impressee Pralius
Hatched 4 November 2009
Length 65
Western Weyr
PernWorld MUSH