Unlike many firelizards who sport sleek curves and athletic features, this brown has a chubby, rounded sort of look to him. His blunt snout is drawn up in an almost porcine fashion above the wrinkles of his flabby neck. A sagging pot belly dangles above pudgy legs and a short, stumpy tail. His coloring, though, is a beautiful shade of ochre, with points of taupe which mark his forehead and neckridges. Slightly darker shades of russet cling to his wide claws, the talons reflecting like rubys. His muzzle is dipped in beige that trails down the inside of his neck and rounds about his bulbous stomach. The wings of this little creature are slightly wider in span than most, having to balance his bulk. The sails a soft, semi-transparent, cream-tan.

Egg Name and Description

Overgrown Woodlands and Broken Paths Egg
Sunlight filters in strands of red and gold between dark stripes of brown like the arms of leafless winter trees. It pools down onto the crackled bed of some distant forest, leaving eddies of light and darkness. A bit of white clings in patches where the sun hasn't quite been able to reach. Stray growth covers the forest floor, making it dangerous for unwary feet, the pathways between the tall giants long forgotten as the chill of winter sets in. While it seems like such a pristine scene laid out upon this egg's shell, it is marred by a splash of crimson across its base.

Hatching Message

Overgrown Woodlands and Broken Paths Egg trembles, as if the world were suddenly becoming fuzzy. The colors swirl together, blurring the boundaries between this world and the next. Then, with a resounding thud, like a body hitting the ground hard, the egg cracks in two, revealing a small pudgy hatchling, goo dripping from his blunt nose.



he theme for this clutch of eggs was - distances. Each hatchling was created with personality elements of a person that I have missed due to distance coming inbetween. Each egg is a place where that person lived or spent most of their time.

This egg is based on the forest preserves and woodlands of the Northern Midwest. Quiet places to go when you're alone and need to deal with whatever emotions rule your life. Your firelizard is a creature of emotion. Sometimes it may seem as if he has dual personalities, or at least he has moods that vary quite widely depending on the circumstances. When he's angry, he will be very angry, to the point of throwing child-like temper tantrums. You should beware, as anything left on countertops may be broken when he's having one of those moods. When he's loving, he'll be your best friend and dearest companion. He'll not want to be appart from you for a moment, at least until the next green or gold comes into heat. Your little prince prides himself on being a ladies man, and it's no small surprise that he'll spend most of his time flitting attentions between any female willing to give him the time of day. (Created by R'owan)


Name Harkonnen
Dam Kassi
Sire Kizuka
Created By R'owan
Lineart Rhasmir
Coloring Pralius
Impressee Pralius
Hatched 20 October 2009
Length 54
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH