Well, it's brown, that's for sure. It seems also to be a firelizard, though that may be stretching the term firelizard a bit far. Physically, well, he's a little runty, with a distinctly undernourished look to him. He seems as worn as his rotten-looking egg shell, held together by patchy and stained bits of positively ancient leather. And the /odour/, oh my. No matter how often or thoroughly he is bathed, nothing can kill that odour. To top it all off, judging by his vacant stare, this firelizard really is as thick as clotted cream, that's been left out by some clot, and now the clots are so clotted, you couldn't unclot them with an electric de-clotter.

Egg Name and Description

Dingy Old Leather Egg
The shell of this egg does not seem as hard as it probably should be by now, it appears soft to the touch, sort of leathery. It also looks terribly old, a dingy dark brown in colour, with darker stains here and there, and obvious signs of wear. All in all, it looks somewhat… rotten.

Hatching Message

The Dingy Old Leather Egg doesn't so much hatch as disintegrate, the mildewed and moth-eaten leather holding it together finally giving way. The shell almost seems to melt into the firelizard, as he looks so much like the egg that he hatched from, the half-starved little… well… it's… Probably a Brown Hatchling?



Inspired by the character Baldrick from the show Blackadder II


None as of yet.


Name Grumo
Dam Ancient
Sire Tanfri
Created By Leona
Impressee Joanethen
Hatched 27 June 2010
Length 30
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH