Memories of Grandeur Egg
Description At first glance this egg appears plain and unassuming next to its peers, so ordinary as to be forgettable, that egg that everyone looks past. It's a typical oblong shape, a little on the large side, but not unusually so. The surface is uniformly white and very smooth, without a dimple, scratch, bump, or ripple to be seen. A closer inspection however reveals that it might not be as ordinary as first presumed. The white isn't exactly white, it's almost pearlescent. Where the light hits it directly it shines a bit, and in the shadows the smooth shell seems almost translucent and glowing, giving off the illusion of there being more to see under the surface if only one had sharp enough eyes to pierce the exterior. But alas, viewing the egg from other angles reveals nothing new; it continues to hide its secrets.

The World Between Egg
Description The hue upon this shell is at first an overwhelmingly crystal clear ocean blue. Upon the top, golden sunlight is caught in between the soft diamond ripples of the water. Though the light may break through, the air somewhere beyond that shimmering boundary can not intrude. Instead the clear blue water grows darker as one descends along the length of the egg until reaching an odd irregularity of gray and brown rock. It is not deep enough that shadows alone rule, and clearly visible upon the rocks are hints of life in an assortment of ugly black, gray and spackled shellfish. Muscles, oysters and abalone compete for the perfect spot to remain anchored, while something delves down from above. Two elongated wavy shadows slip thru the water, clearly not in their element a few glassy bubbles of air can be found escaping back to the surface. The strange figures seem to dive directly toward the rocks, testing their own limits. A race against each other and perhaps time itself, for will these foreign visitors find a tasty treat, or become one themselves?

Sheen of Crude Poison Egg
Description A luminous turquoise oceanic blue settles in ripples near the base of this great oval egg, glittering with a pearl coating that makes it twinkle with an inherent splendour. The sea green-blue colors splash dominantly over most of the egg, mimicking the treasures of untouched Caribbean waters. Yet there is something askew on what would be a perfect replica of any coastline retreat, for an underwater plume of the most toxic nature surges in smothering clouds over the shell with sheen of brown sludge. Like an under water volcanic eruption, this poison rises from one defined point on the bottom of the shell, expanding ever outward the higher it rises. Near the apex where most of the murky grease is floating, it starts to shine with an orange and red gleam, as if it had caught the light just right to set the egg ablaze with its chemical polish.

Terrible Tempest Egg
Description There are mostly two colors to this egg: blue and white. On one side of the egg, the deep blue of a perfectly calm ocean sits undisturbed and fathomless. Through a trick of the light, one can almost pretend that that blue really /is/ water, for it glistens wetly. On the opposite side of the egg is a small round eye of the same blue, but it's surrounded by tumultuous white, swirling counter-clockwise in ripples and eddies. The white is actually something that can be felt, a different texture to that section of the shell, standing up in ridges and bumps in stark contrast to the smooth slickness of the blue parts. Trailing arms spiral out from the bulk of the white, becoming more slender and delicate the farther they reach, until they, too, blend into the deep blue.

The Sea's Stained Glass Egg
Description Glittering like glass, scales flow from apex to base on this mid-sized egg, a thousand traces of rainbow colors, from scarlets and sapphires, to greens and golds, to hues no harper has words to describe. Nor are all the scales identical in design - some ragged, some jagged, though most seem well-rounded along the edges, worn to conformity by some unseen factor. Overlying and overlapping, they create a relatively seamless stretch of shining splendor, a single whole despite being such a juxtaposed amalgamation of shape and shade. Some illusion of curve and light creates an effect of movement across the piscine facade, an endless, repetitive rippling that brings forth shifts of color and shine with even the slightest alteration in illumination or shift of shadow.

Down To the Depths Egg
Description Chaotic spirals of aqua, slate and blue-green churn madly across the center of this squat egg, spinning into a dizzying vortex of color. Froth and mist shoot upwards from the yawning mouth, sending sprays of white splattering across the sky blue apex in haphazard splotches. Tiny motes of flotsam and debris have been caught in the deathly gyre, only visible as miniature flecks of gold, green and red amidst the bubbling torrents and eddies. Twisting and undulating vines of mottled blue-green border the entire circumference of the watery cyclone, writhing and coiling in the air like a mass amount of tentacles. Weaving in and out of these strange shapes is a massive blob of grainy wood brown, its great bulk being pulled inevitably towards impending doom at the core of the gigantic whirlpool. Rising from the center of this is a great swatch of pitch black decorated with a design of stark white, the colors hoisted high and seeming to ripple in an imaginary wind. Calm ocean blue, dank and dark, lingers at the very bottom of the egg, the deep shadows making it impossible to tell what monster lurks just below the roiling maelstrom of hues.

Tropical Treasures Egg
Description A cacophany of colors mingles over the surface of this egg, delicate pinks and creams splayed, fan-like, here and there, hiding clustered tendrils of pale purple and towering streaks of muted yellow and gold. Amongst these softer tones are vivid touches of bright orange, rounded shapes difficult to determine from a distance. Splashes of deep cerulean and violet accompany bits of what might be dark grey and long, thin slivers of green that twist and bunch together like curled fingers. Flecks of silver speckle the shell, enormous patches which seem to shift and shimmer in the light. Floating half-visible near the narrowest part of the egg are blobs of white, trailing strands like tangled tassels. Crimson, too, makes an appearance, tiny dots hidden amongst the forest of hues, the latter rising one upon another so that the wavy smudges of light brown beneath are all but obscured. Overall, the egg's appearance is chaotic, everything seeming to blur ever so slightly, ripples of blue sliding across the curve of the shell, giving it an odd, tinted sheen that changes depending upon the vantage point of the viewer.

Irony At It's Worst Egg
Description The primary color of this large egg, which is longer than it is wide, is a deep, almost black, navy blue color. There's a light that shatters the darkness near the widest part of the egg. A faint wisp of pale gray has illuminated a ghostly shape seemingly hidden in the murky clutches of bottomless blue. Bars of rust red streak across the egg, coming to a point at the end, and flowing back over the ovoid. There are places along the egg that one could almost perceive where it's seemed to of collapsed inward. Further along the egg, the rusty red seems to almost hang off the side of the egg, like ghastly icicles, that partly cover the colors of metallic grey and pale yellow. The bars of rust red seem to almost crunch together at the apex of the egg, where it fades back into the darkness, leaving one to wonder.