Fragile Threads Egg

Spires of pale yellow, just a shade creamier than the tendrils of white that wrap around the egg's equator, reach upwards from the base of the egg. Tangling this way and that, there is the suggestion of some degree of order to this pattern, most visible when standing a few feet back from the leathery egg. Here and there is a small aberration in the design, a small block of angular designs or a hint of the softest blue that deviates from the norm. The lower hemisphere of the egg is slightly darker, dappled lightly with darker threads of goldenrod and buttercream.

Prisoner of Winter Egg

Cold, does this egg appear. Its sheer, blindingly white surface is devoid of any warmth or gentleness. The crispness of the shell is highlighted with the light in a glass-smooth shine of cerulean too pure of color to give it any feel of naturalness, while the shadows claim their hold with a gleam of indigo. In between, the whiteness of the egg is so stark it might appear nearly clear, and held within, invisible most of the time unless it is turned just so, seems to appear the pale shape of a geometric flower, its ice-colored petals all but lost save for the occasional illusion of embossment.

Melting Brilliance Egg

A roundish ovoid, pale but flashing in the lights of the Hatching Grounds. The hue is bright enough to haunt the eyes, but not because of any splashes of color. Rather, it's the absence that is startling. Its shell is coated with a shimmering pale tone which drifts around the surface, undulations in the coloration creating the illusion of drifts. Millions upon untold millions of tiny spots form the egg. Beneath the blinding white there are tiny veins of obsidian, and near those cracks the color of white melts into a faint and pale rainbow of hues. It is ice melting on black stone - snow has fallen too early this turn and will not last.

Nighttime Surprise Egg

Obsidian black shadows fall over this egg like night time. Brightening the darkness are patterns of six white icy branches, each meeting at a single point, forming an elaborate icy flurry to the top of this egg. To some it may remind them of a winter in childhood- being woken by a loved one with the words,"It's snowing." To others, snowflakes, larger than life made of thin strings knotted and starched to stay stiff.

Diamond-Encrusted Egg

Perfectly rounded and proportioned just so, this egg seems the work of a master jeweler with the need to flaunt his talent. Every square inch of this egg seems to be etched in the finest, nit-pickiest detail, a bit of a curve here or a perfectly smooth facet here. The entire thing is shaped and textured so that the light hits the surface and reflects, the ingrained minerals of the shell sparkling like thousands upon thousands of tiny pure-white diamonds packed tightly upon the surface.

Gentle Mountain Storm Egg

Tiny white speckles cascade over the surface of this blue shadowed 'mountain' of an egg. At closer inspection one finds the speckles are tiny lacy six pointed flakes. Does this egg remind one of winter in High Reaches or Telgar's mountain wintry cold? The flurries have started high in the mountains and the mountain passes will fill with millions of the flakes covering rocks smaller, bigger and the same size as this arctic egg.

Iced Indifference Egg

More blue than its counterparts, this rounded egg is nonetheless striking. Lightning flashes across its surface in brilliant white streaks along pale blue tones. Ice crystals form in perfect lines - the nature of perfection. Or, perhaps, the perfection of nature. It is up to the looker to decide if the egg is white over blue, or blue over white, as the colors meld so perfectly together. Shadows give the deception of texture and depth as the slashes and lined markings continue around the egg's surface. It looks raised, bumpy and yet sharp.

Etched Glass Egg

From a distance the gazer would notice a few subtle patches of pastels, predominately blues and pinks, that are splotched across the surface of this medium sized egg. It is only up close that the soft leathery surface of the egg becomes remarkable, revealing light etchings of pale grey that not only delineate the lightly colored patches, but demonstrate additional patterns. This pale grey sometimes fades out entirely, giving away to the crisp white expanse of egg shell, but where it can be seen there is the suggestion of geometric lines lacing across its surface.

Titanium Ice Egg

The smooth surface of this rather small egg seems to glisten with a cold metallic sheen, shimmering from pale icy-blue to hints of deep navy. Stark accents give the illusion of symmetric ridges along a set of six dagger-like points, each one seeming to have razor sharp edges along their protruding spikes. Though there is symmetry in the illusion, it is but a cold perfection that holds very little warmth and instead exudes the uncaring harshness of a glacier.

Cyrstalline Entity Egg

A soft powder blue sets the backdrop for this rather average sized egg and offsets the thin wired lines that form graceful loops and straight lines along the curved surface. Crystalline beads of ice and cerulean blue form the shape of flowers and leaves long the delicate points, while tiny indigo crystals create a circle within the middle of the overall pattern, accented by iced crystals at symmetrical points. It is both delicate and yet sturdy, dainty but still elegant. A combination of forms that combine a simple and yet complex beauty.