The eggs of Elara's Gold Wiyaneth and X'an Bronze Izelth. Clutched February 17, 2007. Hatched March 18, 2007.

Cascading Lights Egg

Mesmerizing is the first impression of this egg, colours seemingly at random, actually in harmony, running rampant over each contour and curve of the shell, juxtaposed with contrasting and complimentary shades in the illusion of corruscading waves. At the apex, the eye can find bars of deep indigo, getting gradually wider spaced as they transform into wave form over a base of oddly harmonious neon green, electric blue and clouded mauve. Purple and red and on fire, the shapes become the colour of the sun — figures in ecstatic dance in among the strobing bars and waves. Further down toward the base, a by-play of white and deepening of the other base colourations create a ripple effect, a deception on the eye that makes it seem as if the base thrums with some inner drumbeat, begging to be explored by the senses to prove or disprove the truth of it.

Wintery Legend Egg

The inclement skies over Tillek in the wintertime shroud this egg in turbulent greys, deep, angry purple and shrouded sea-green. It is quite large, sitting heavy where it lays, seemingly askew and listing in the dock of the sands. Malevolent brackish water seems to whip and whisk across the lower planes of the shell, flecked with frothy daubs of dovewing, just where the anger of the purple tones form the illusion of horizon in the distance. The upper reaches have a hazing to them, the colours on the shell blurring as if the rain beats down slantwise upon the watery tones below and if the eye squints, follows certain contours and imperfections, one could imagine a storm-tossed ship, rolling upon the turn of the shell, shrouded in shadows and doomed to the depths.

Highly Reflective Egg

Not your normal seeming egg by any when it comes to over all shape and size, as this one leans to the side of being short and rather wide at the center and borders on boxy in shape. Highly polished cherry red seems nearly garrish with the slashes of blinding silver that run up along the sides to end in billows of steamy grey. Splashes of white and yellow make a ring along and around the top, the colors alternating in and unending ring that flashes and winks when seen in the right light. Rings of ebon crowd along the base, giving a fleeting impression of movement even when utterly still.

Sweetness of Summertime

Warm wines seep upward from the base of this svelte ovid, slowly lightening by degrees the further it goes. Swirls of wild watermelon pink sparkle with smally crystalline bubbles that turn the tip of the shell a soft fuzzy seeming strawberry hue. Summerwine sweetness is the first impression given by this egg, effervescent and delightfully tickling to the senses. A glistening sheen covers the egg as a whole, as if one could reach out and slake one's thirst simply by touching the surface.

Crimson Rebellion Egg

An optical illusion of brazen crimson shades sworls over this egg's surface, twisting and bulging as if the egg's inhabitant were doing everything it could to escape. It isn't chaotic but purposeful, splashes of silvery white showing where the red seemingly pulses into a concave flex. Maroon mingles with the brilliant hue, casting shadows and making each of those hypnotic shapes ever so slightly more realistic, adding reality to illusion. The top of the egg look as though someone took a handful of snow and threw it across the top spitefully, speckled, angled dots edged in deep red only to spill down in a few places, pooling near the bottom in splatters and splashes. Everything about the egg is suggestive of the desire to escape confinement, from the ivory bars that dripping white creates to the overall hectic coloration and its rebellious refusal to be nothing more than an egg.

Hidden Flower of Love Egg

This is one of the smaller eggs on the Sands, unimposing in stature but fascinating in coloration. Its shell is an overcast purple hue, a soft lavender color that is as soothing as it is sorrowful, but the mix of colors across its surface almost makes it difficult to see. Amongst the soft, weaving tones of violet, there is a smoky haze of pale grey that rises to mingle with it, whisking gently around the egg's shell and twisting smoothly to meet at the top. A scatter of shadow, sable shards that cut across the surface like claw marks, break up these light colors, raked right across one of the egg's sides. Mottled bits of foggy mauve are cast over the shell as well, seemingly without care, haphazard but barely there at all, joined by a wild spray of golden curliques that shimmer ever so faintly. The bottom of the egg is wreathed in a light, dim blue, the haze of grey melting into a lighter ivory as it spills over it, a single spot of mahogany brown barely visible against the tide of faded cornflower.

Shadows on Snow Egg

A thick, clean blanket of powdered snow coats this egg, turning all previously known landmarks into unknown adventures. Shadows rise and fall between cracks and crevices, creating criss-crossing shadows drifting lazily from one end of the egg to the other. A gust of wind sends the fine particles swirling and the whole scene changes again to something fresh and exciting. If you look deep enough at each end however, you will discover a rainbow of colors imbedded deep within the ice. Distorted, they still show their hues as the water melts and flows away with the change of seasons to begin again.

Joy of Youth Egg

Remember the first time you went to a carnival, parade or fair? The colors and excitement swirling around you, nothing really in focus as your eyes and mind leapt from one thing to the next? That is this egg. The swirls of fresh paint cover the shell, constant motion drawing you around and around it until you'd feel dizzy! The whole thing is perfectly designed and orchestrated to give you a sense of excitement. Every color is present, but they're all beautifully coordinated so no clashing colors are beside each other. And if you squint, the dust swirling around the egg almost looks like fireworks and confetti. Party!

Beyond the Moon Egg

What might be an ordinarily sized and proportioned egg is transformed by a soft coat of shimmery navy blue. Small imperfections are visible through the blanket of darkness, transforming an otherwise oppressive color into a softer and more inviting hue. Gentle smears of yellow blend into the rich blue background in what appears to be an entirely random fashion when viewed up close. From afar, however, there is the impression of some greater order to the placement of smudges and small marks.

Sunlit Leaves Egg

Varying hues of green, in a mixture of bright and dull intensities and shading, cover the surface of this egg, overlapping in parts. Not a single speck of the surface is left devoid of veridian coloring. And then here and there are ripples of lightness which dance across the lower layer of green, much as light reflecting off water in some patches. Further towards the base of the egg is less of this illumination, though the trade-off is for a smudging of rich mossiness.