Eggs produced by Elara's gold Wiyaneth and Bronze Raeyth. Clutch September 12 2005. Hatched October 15th 2005.

Silent Winter's Night Egg

Peaceful solitude and quiet grace etch the lines across this egg. The rich and loamy soil beneath your feet gives life to the great trees which rise above, their emerald canopies stretching for the infinite, seeking eternity in a moment's time. Darkness occurs in patches, a comparison to the bright white mounds of snow at the bases of the trees. Flickers of light between the trunks, silently moving golden stars winking in and out. Footprints first seen and then unseen, great hunters on the prowl.


Watchful Prairie Egg

This oblong egg looks a little lopsided, as if something has occurred within to throw off its balance. A streak of vibrant blue is nearly buried in the sand, barely peeking up to mingle with the waving streaks of tan and dark brown blotches. Ripening wheat brushes against wispy clouds, beckoning all to come and run free. Looking at this egg gives the feeling of vastness. Of countless numbers and infinite spaces. Despite the definite edges to this egg, it is easy to wander around and around it, seeking its nonexistent end.

Painted Desert Sands Egg

Cracked earth and parched, arid sand forms a panorama across the surface of this egg. Rich, burned sienna meets terracotta earth in a breathtaking, if desolate landscape. In a distinct line, the red meets peach, violet, oranges and washed out blue of a sky at sunset. Here and there, sparse, angular veins of green press up through fractured soil, reaching prickly fingers up to score against this illusory horizon and hazily overlaid with a veil of azure, great red-rock monoliths sit silent sentinel over the deserted shell. But no! For all the inhospitable majesty, tiny signs of the tenacity of life tickle the imagination: perhaps that trick of patterning might be a crawlie, that glint beneath the crevaces a hopper. Life perseveres.

Beneath Thunder's Eye Egg

Roiling storm clouds cover this egg from its apex to its base, swathing and shadowing every curve in nimbus swirls of black, purple and heavy, rain-swept grey. They spiral inward, bleeding together at the crown of the ovoid in the funnel of the storm's eye. Pale blue forks of lightning jag down at intervals across the shell, seeming to illuminate the vaguest notion of mountainous crags. They jut up like the teeth of a stone giant beneath, looming inward, directing the eye over this destructive force of nature, to the hub, where insubstantial shapes upon blackened wings tease the observer to believe that tiny, beady, yellow dots might just be eyes in the darkness.

Caught In Repose Egg

Seemingly stainless, dazzling white is what greets the eye, as if an invisible hand scrubbed this egg clean before allowing it to be laid. But wait, it seems the mysterious neat-freak missed a spot or two. Low on the shell, spaced unevenly and almost buried in the warm sand are four round edged, cylindrical blots of sooty black. Faint, pencil thin lines of ocher brown trace a form from the darker stains, smudging into a shadow here and there until one can make out long, spindly legs. Two blotches and a faint slash of ebony near its apex become the upright ears and closed eyelid of a sleeping creature, one too young to keep from dozing in the heat. More clearly visible ribbons of chestnut mar its opposite side, painting a bushy strip of mane, thin dorsal stripe and bottle-brush tail on this brilliant ivory canvas. Further down, again practically hidden from view by its bed of sand are two more markings. One, a single thread curling and twirling to form a decidedly geometric knot-like pattern, the other what looks to be a human hand print, both eerily depicted in the crimson hue of drying blood.


Tall Dark Conifer Egg

Amongst the others on the hatching sands, this one is unremarkable. It is not unique in flashy color or exorbitant size. It is taller than wide, its apex pointed skyward. It sits perfectly on a wide base nestled in the sand. Dark pine green melts smoothly over the hardening shell, accented by even darker spots of black. The forest hue is only broken by two or three round, sparkling white spots, speckled with flecks of rust. They stand out in stark contrast to the rest of the dark matte egg.

Desert Saguaro Egg

Much the same color of the hatching sands, this large egg glitters a golden white, as though it were a large Herkimer diamond. Smooth saffron waves cradle the hatchling within, and are stopped only as they break upon a solid green cross standing alone in the center. Verdant arms reach skyward towards the apex of the egg, dull and blunt at the ends. In the center of the cactus body, a small black circle in which three lavender orbs sit can be seen.


Murky Bayou Waters Egg

The brown of sludge and mud is what colors the surface of this egg, wetly swathing it in varying shades of darkness underneath all the other colors. Mossy grey-green floats over the surface, an optical illusion of color and depth making it seem almost as though it moves, swirling in glistening textured patterns over much of the visible surface. Then, beneath these readily apparent colors, there's something else. Shadows, mere breaths of some living thing just barely beyond view, even sending just a breath of ripples down one side of the shell as though for an instant, frozen forever, the creature within had broken through its liquid prison.


Cavernous Darkness Egg

The majority of this egg is the grey of slate, uniform with only the subtlest of striations crossing evenly over its surface. Here a trace of white, here a thin line of brown, every so often a darkening of hue that lends the appearance of depth. It's as though a chip had fallen out of the roughened surface of this apparent stone wall, lost to time. All this around two thirds of the egg and then in the last, magnified, a patch of darkness takes over. A gaping hole that seems to drive into the very stonework of the shell, pure pitch black without a hint of what lies within.