There's Always Another Castle Egg

Subtle pastel tones of cream, peach and pink swirl in a languid design across the top of this squat egg, making it look like the tip is encased in a uniform layer of bulbous fluffy clouds. Hints of palest blue peek out from the blanket of cottony perfection, tiny flecks of gold accenting some of the plump curves. Swaths of bright grassy green rise up to meet the paler colors halfway along the shell, cutting across the median in a strangely even line. Oddly shaped blobs of moss jut upwards from below like fake shrubs, the proportions of them pleasantly rounded, oblong and almost completely identical. Bright domes of red, their surfaces covered in splotches of white, bloom amongst the green like strange flowers. Jutting up in the middle of this cheerily colored image is a structure of silver and grey, its sharp angles and pointy spires making it look majestic and graceful in its simplicity. Rising from the center is a thin line of black with a ribbon of red streaming away from its tip, the undulating streak of color almost seeming to beckon silently for someone to retrieve what is hidden within.

Deceptive Intelligence Egg

A completely white egg, large and ovoid. But it seems to have an irregular shape, and it looks like it might be very clumsy and wobbly on the sands. Two big, dark red circles seem to have been drawn on the surface of the egg, right next to each other, almost like a pair of glasses. And through them it looks like two distorted eyes peer owlishly. But on the other side of the egg, two more dark circles appear, like a pair of angry-looking eyes. And oddly? When viewed from this angle, the egg doesn't look nearly so wobbly. It looks almost perfectly shaped from this side. Fact, it might even look a little angry that it's being looked at. Hmm…what kind of surprise may lurk inside it?

Correct-a-mundo Egg

This egg is particularly long and skinny. Just sort of… brown. Not that that is a bad thing. But it definitely is not anywhere near ginger. Brown, brown brown. Or IS it brown? From some angles, the color seems to shift, like chameleon silk, to that of a uniform navy blue. Regardless of the light, the faintest hint of very thin stormcloud-blue stripes run from apex to vertex, at regularly spaced intervals. The only thing that breaks it up would be the slash of maroon, swirled through with navy blobs, that starts near the top of the egg and widens a little as it flows down.

View From Above Egg

Cerulean and cobalt merge and swirl over the surface of this egg, capped easily in light, frothy crowns of pale samite. Tiny motes of color, mostly blacks and dark blues, dot the blue-green portions of the egg's surface, sometimes solitary, sometimes in groups, but always there if you look hard enough. Rising up out of the blue expanses are several large masses of green and brown, tiny motes of blue dotted in them, as well. Light fellis green mottles over some of the raised portions, others the deeper green of southern plants. Some areas are even the deep yellow of Igen's crest, or a paler yellow, like desert sands. And along the tallest ridges that rise from this shell are deep browns and even blacks, sometimes tipped in the purest white. The ridges and dips of the green and brown regions fall in sharp contrast to the perfectly smooth blues. Superimposed over the rest is a thin grey line encircling the entire surface, intersected only once by a small red mote, nearly circular, but with a small ridge around its center and a small gout of red orange like flame bursting from one end, seemingly to drive it onwards along the grey path.

Curbing Catastrophe Egg

The base of this egg is a cacophony of verdant greens, snaked, knotted, and entwined in layers of lazy loops and curls. The green all too quickly gives way to a climb of a barren tapestry of taupe. The clarity of the colors on the shell of the ovoid becomes muddled about halfway up by a dark smoky haze. Even the haze is not enough to dampen the glow of orange crowning the top of the egg. The color is an eye-sore, not in that it's unattractive, but rather in that it is so intense that it mightn't be wise to look at for too long, like looking at Rukbat or molten metal fresh out of the coals of the smithy. Fortunately, it's only certain angles that reveal the tiny flares that particularly vivid color, while the rest of the top simply radiates an intense copper through the sooty miasma.

Exoterran Gargantuan Genesis Egg

The Exoterran Gargantuan Genesis, or more fondly termed 'E.G.G.', is an average sized ovoid object. Constructed of the finest lumber, chewing gum and string one can find it presents a uniquely encumbered device upon the sands. As if conjured overnight from thought to deed, it has been designed as the ultimate in incubation technology. Notice the curving surface which cleverly deflects any attempt at penetration, and the mottled browns that have been dyed upon its outermost layer camouflaging it among the others upon the sandy grounds. Too close a look and one can just barely trace the seams which fit each of the pieces together, but however it was constructed it looks hardy enough to keep intact no matter what might be thrown at it.

That Is Why I'm Cracked You See Egg

This egg is covered in cracks! Oh no, could it be damaged?! Whew…no, it isn't. A closer look reveals that the egg's beige-colored surface is intact, though jagged, dark brown lines squiggling in rough, serrated paths down the sides of the egg, pointing every which way. There is no symmetry to these lines, they shoot and squirm over the whole surface, in patterns that are apt to make one dizzy if stared at for too long. But they all seem to gather at the very tippy-top of the egg, seeming to all end at — or perhaps they originate from — that one spot. It's a large, uneven blotch of dark, bluish purple that looks suspiciously like a bruise….

Starry Destiny

An expanse of velvety black, touched only here or there with undertones of deep blue and purple, enfolds the surface of this oblong egg in a sheet of rich darkness. Pinpricks of bright white shine out amidst the blackness, the tiny dots scattered over the apex in intricate clusters and patterns that seem to form familiar shapes. A wide circle of pale silvery white drifts serenely near the tip of the egg, jagged pits and craters of gray and slate blue forming what almost looks like a grinning face that forever watches from above. Deep shadows fall over rolling hills of grassy green that rise up from the bottom of the shell, the darkness making the details fuzzy and indistinct. Blurry figures move to and from a murky block of color perched atop a peaked hill of moss, some of the sharper angles highlighted in pale silver. A soft beam of light cuts across from the tallest spire of the structure, the color pooling into a noticeable shape at the center of the egg - three brightly glowing triangles of gold that stand out sharply against the shadowy backdrop.

Blacker Than Black Egg

Black, blacker, blackest, cold beyond all frozen things. Just looking at this egg, dark as pitch, might make one shudder. It's only under closer observation that any details become visible within the deep, /between/ black of this particularly disconcerting egg. Gentle swirls of purples varying from pomegranate to lilac drift and swirl over the surface of the egg, so pale as to nearly blend in to the blackness. Here and there are tiny pairs of motes, yellow, red, green, orange. Always in pairs, but not always in the same color. As the egg is circled there are flashes of color, bright against the blackness but so quick as to make the observer wonder if they really saw what they think they saw. On one side, bright red and blue shaped like a Terran ship from children's' stories, on another a thin vertical strip of green that widens slowly, then quickly narrows in a sharp triangle. On another, there's an abstract shape, like a blue cube, but not quite. Even more shapes and colors wink out at the observer, but always just a moment, and then gone.

Conveniently Contrived Egg

Well isn't this convenient? A positively, perfectly contrived ovoid of creamy white properly placed and positioned just so. Seemingly etched onto its pale surface are patterns in a darker cream, elusive unless one's looking just right — or they happen to be seeking something out. There, a key for a mysterious lock. Here, a scribbled scrawl that surely explains everything if one can interpret it. A fingerprint, a footprint, a lampshade — all outlined in not-so-subtle fashion. And, at the apex, a bright, red disk in candy-apple red, perfectly round and oddly reminiscent of a button. How quaint.

Legendary Long Shot Egg

This egg is on the larger side of big, though without the usual sheen to imply what it might contain. No, it's a mass of dark color, of blotched brown and red and black to sketch out some impossibly huge thing that even the oversized egg cannot display the entirety of. A flash of flesh, a shimmer of silver — that might be the hint of a mighty arm, the glint of armor just out of reach. The figure is towering against a broken sky of charcoal and bruised purple, with no hint of head nor legs in sight … and, there, at the bottom, is a pale smear of a thing. White with a twist of red, a coppery glint to mark what might well be arms on a would-be hero, locked forever in a stand off of epic proportions.

Potential Under Pressure Egg

Timing is key. When the cavern is smothered by shadow, this egg is naught but a smoky ovoid. It appears just as average as any of the others on the sand. In the light, however, darkness-hidden depths are revealed. Ridges ripple up the sides of this egg in no apparent rhyme or reason to the lengths and widths. Only those who are close enough to actually feel the jagged-looking shell can tell that the texture is not as severe as it appears. The illusion is created through the abnormal joints of the smooth and glassy sections with rough striated sections. With light, the egg is revealed to have a near translucent color that glitters like a gem. Capturing whatever light reaches it, the shell shimmers luminously, magnifying the light it reaches and sparkling it back out here and there where there's smoother section of shell. Certainly not polished perfection, but it has plenty of potential - maybe the heat and being shifted on the sands will be enough to buff this baby to brilliance.