Harmony of Colors Egg

Lightly washed over the gently curved surface of this egg are a multitude of colors splashed together. Clear blue, brilliant pink, vibrant green, and rich purple play across the leathery surface. Where any two colors meet there is a veritable explosion of brilliant white before wispy tendrils of color take over before quickly merging into the main patches. For the most part the egg is vibrantly colored, but here and there are small patches of dullness, as if the egg has undergone some weathering upon the sands. And, here and there, is a smudge of brown, as if dirt or sand were smeared and still clinging to the egg's surface.

Early Morning Gem Egg

Very light pastel green engulfs the surface of this small leathery egg. Here and there are dabs of darker lines stroked across the shell. These darker lines are etched in a deeper, yet still muted, green hue with just a tinge of rose at the very utmost edge. The lines give the vaguest suggestion of an abstract depiction of a newly budding flower, an optical bias that is most obvious from a fair distance. Indeed, even the light splotches along the apex of the egg are suggestive of morning dew upon such a bud.

Still Before the Storm Egg

Dark clouds pile over a pale, washed out blue sky. This small egg is rounded, with mounds of cloud-like shapes overlaying each other. The sweltering heat of the sands piles up around the shell, and the colors give the illusion of a heat haze. Hidden within the haze, the clouds are approaching. Can you smell rain?

Peace After the Storm Egg

The storm has broken, and washed the world clean. This egg is an articulating grey, shafts of sunlight sprinkling through in tiny rays. Droplets of refreshing spring rain sprinkle along the shell, which almost seems cooler to the touch than its fellows.

Raindrops on Roses, Whiskers on Kittens Egg

Wine hue a Benden would envy encloses three-fourths of a small, eliptical egg, deepest in color at the top, where, with the curvature of a waterfall, it flows into livid pink at the base. Thin veins of darker and lighter shades matte over this portion of the shell, but are encapsulated by bead-like glossy spots that dot over them. The blotches, all perfectly round, touch the edges of the color, before pulling in to the last part of the shell: a collection of calico oranges, grays and browns, that appear as haphazard as thrown paint splotches on the shell. Yet, that too is not left undisturbed; where would this furry section be without thin whisps of whiskers that pull outwards to the sides? There's no mistaking it; these are all just a few of my favorite things.

Gates of Heaven Egg

Light, feathery, and smooth; a shade of blue stolen from the sky above wraps like a thickly folded blanket around this small, perfectly round egg that stands almost hidden amongst the rest. It wisps into pale, whipped white, and curls into light azure on the edges, like the texture of a happy cookie batter stirred into spirals. But, the celestial colors are broken by two sprouts of gold, a shining imprant on the egg; they seem to glitter innocently on the surface of the shell, reaching from the tip top to the very base of the egg. The same shade, perhaps a bit duller, spills like an eccentric fence away from the two 'poles, to meet on the other side of the egg, like a circular wreath holding in whatever lies inside. What little bit of heaven could that be?

Golden Glow of Sanctity Egg

White and only white, blaring from lack of tint or tone, encompasses the entirely of this egg. The color is quite blinding, the eyes almost repelled by the light reflecting from the shell. Though towards the top a golden band begins, thickly wrapping around the ovoid. The gilded line reaching from the midsection of one side to the top of the other. A halo on such a bright white egg, if there ever was one.

Sweet Sweet Cherubim Egg

This egg is neither big nor small - it is, however, a bit rounder than oval, perhaps even considered pudgy by most standards. Decorating its smooth hide are patterns not unlike clouds, but rather than white, they are varying degrees of pink on baby blue, with a darker mauve for the shadows and near-white for the highlights. Lest it be confused with cotton candy perfection, near the top the pink fades into a bright white color tinged with a hint of gold. Over the cloudy pink puffs are swirls and patterns that look like a pale, fat feathery wing here, or a pudgy foot or hand there - and one splotch even resembles a pair of merry blue eyes winking at the observer.

Bubbles A-bursting Egg

This small egg has a decided shimmer to it, like the colorful film of soap bubbles floating on a spring breeze. Cozy peach, antique pink, and lively lavender ripple across the shell, catching any spare glint of light and reflecting it back in a subdued though chipper show. Near the apex however, is a darker, irregular indigo spot. Perhaps a point where the 'bubble' is most likely to pop?