A Land Overrun Egg

From afar, this egg is a chaos of mess and color. Viewed at a distance, it looks completely random and haphazard, with the blacks splashed over the reds, and the greens muddied with browns and dark purples. Grey juts up sharply against cream, shards of color piercing the purer hue. However, the closer you get the more you can see the intricacies and detail of this shell. Colors have purpose, and their placement is designed. There are patterns in the greens and browns, and the purple is actually a dark blue tinged with red. The red flows from beneath the blackness into the blue, and the cream is built symmetrically on the banks. It looks as if there is an underlying order, but chaos and dissent have risen and nearly overtaken the entire shell.

Spice is Life Egg

Brown. That's the uniform color of this egg, though it shades from the lightest of dust to darkest chestnut across its surface. Near the top is a ragged circle of darker hues that seem to make up a mountain range in umber, while the rest lies in dunes, ever-changing to the whisper of winds that seem to move over the surface. Sometimes, out of the corner of your eye, it may seem as if a trail worms it's way along, pushing the sandy color upwards before disappearing again, a mere ripple spied briefly.

Till All Are One Egg

Rust colored browns and coppers make up most of the surface of this egg stretching out in vast canyons and valleys. Though it looks like it was machined together it is in fact solidly one piece. Looking closer what looks like roads could be seen stretching out connecting the vast lighted cities of circular iridescent blues that are smattered a crossed the landscape as if the egg itself is powered by something other than the spark of dragonic life. It is clear there is more to this egg than might be at first glance.

Vorbarr Sultana Egg

Albeit one of the smaller eggs in the clutch, there is a general sense of power somehow emanating from this egg. Its underlying color is a deep, dark green, almost reminding one of the water in the deepest part of Fort's lakes. The tip is capped with crystalline white, while its middle is dappled with a variety of elements, fading each from one to the next: broad, vast beiges, vibrant reds and browns blended with the occasional verdant forest-green, sweeping and curving lines of blue like a river flowing.

Home Sweet Hive Egg

Any hope of color on the shell of this large egg is lost. Muted greens and greys cover it from one end to the other and where light fails to shine, the hues look almost pitch black. Oddly, the combination gives the egg the illusion of being visibly damp and lustrous in spots, as if constructed of a peculiar material — not unlike resin. Closer inspection will reveal subtle variations and what look to be the yawning, opening maw of various sized corridors and tunnels — a literal webbed hive.

Look Around You, Now Back to Me Egg

This egg seems familiar. Like…really familiar. That jutted slash of muddied brown, isn’t that Red Butte? And the curve of that stroke of blue, isn’t that the Nerat Bay? If you tilt your head and squint just a bit, the vivid greens, the browns, the blues seem to take the shape of a map of the very planet you’re standing on. That’s rather odd, isn’t it? Must be a coincidence, or else some cartographer came in here during their off time and painted a plain white egg to look like Pern. Now that /would/ be odd. Maybe you should ask someone about it.