Neutral is All the Rage! Egg

Color? Who needs color? Not this egg. On the larger side, the base curves out in a wide arc and up to a rounded tip. That's not its greatest attribute though! Its smooth shell is a uniform shade of pale tawny brown… or it would be, if it wasn't mottled from bottom to top. Richer hues of brown gather at the wide base and gradually splatter and span out over the sides of the egg, leaving barely any part of it untouched. Nothing is uniform or the same, the pattern seeming to have no rhyme or reason. However, it does a splendid job of making neutral browns look quite fetching!

Organic Ink Spill Egg

Blue bases are in this clutch, or at least they are if you ask this egg and one of its more decorative siblings. This one is both larger and paler than the other, though; its blue is a washed-out icy shade and sizewise it sits quite firmly in the middle of the possible range. If one were to pick an "average sized" dragon egg, this would be it — and were it left to that, a medium sized pale blue, it would be perfectly lovely just as it is. And yet nature wasn't done: as if it were the canvas of a frenzied, angry painter, black dashes, dots, swipes and blobs dance across its surface. Only the rounded top of the egg is safe, as the rest is covered in swirling ribbons of spattered blackness.

Wrapped in Tranquility Egg

Nestled safely in the warm sands this egg has a calming aura of safety around it. Wispy brown branches gently cradle the hardening shell to protect the fragile creature within. Flowers bloom within the secure branches with hints of darker greens, blues and reds teasing the mind's eyes to make it hard to see the full image imprinted upon the mottled shell. Lighter, more cheerful bursts of colors take over one complete side as a combustion of colors assault your eyes. Within the the trees one can almost see a tiny blur of a creature zipping within the safety of the branches, teasing you and daring you to find it.

Doorway to Spirit Realms Egg

A small and rounded egg, it bares little to its shell to otherwise make it stand out. It is wider at the base and gradually tapers to a blunted edge, giving it a more squat like shape overall. For color, it seems to lack in it, unless one is close enough to see the hidden details. To some, the shell make it look nothing more than an off-white hue, not quite pale cream or even grey. A change of light or angle, however, and suddenly the egg seems to carry a ghostly shade of blue or greenish-blue. Just a hint of it, but enough to be caught and noticed by sharper and keener eyes. Within those ghostly hues, fainter shapes take hold, never quite in full detail, more a play of smoke and mirrors that further trick the eyes into seeing what they wish to see.

All Aglow Green Egg

Whoever said solid-colored eggs can't be just as incredible as their more multicolored, patterned counterparts was clearly wrong. This egg is apple-green and nothing else, but its sheer vibrance makes up for any other lack of variance. Light does not merely touch this egg but dance across it, shining in such a fashion that the wrong angle could burn the eyes. At least it's not very big, so as not to be constantly causing Kayeth visual strain.

Beauty in Simple Patterns Egg

A creamy base coat curves, soft and smooth around this small egg. Perfectly shaped and petite, the egg is layered with splotches and splatters in all shades of brown. Looking like a wide brush was fleetingly kissed against the shell, each spot or speckle is unique and unlike any others that caress the egg's surface.

Eternal Blue Egg

This tiny egg is blue. It's really hard to describe it more than that. It's small, round, and a rather uniform shade of blue. The color blue of the shell is a lovely one though. It's like the blue of a sky on a summer's day, as the sun has begun to sink towards the horizon and you look straight up. That rich, deep sky blue that you can truly imagine having the whole of the universe just behind it, if only the blue would shift aside for but a moment.

Copy Cat Egg

It's an egg. What else do you want? It's blue like some of the others and it's copied the neutral brown speckling some of the others have too. Copycat, copycat! How unoriginal!

Watered Down Tea Egg

The egg before you seems rather simple at first, and many could perhaps overlook it at first glance thinking it was just something left upon the sands. Its shell is a faint tea color as if someone had been using the same tea bag over and over. There is a splatter of color across one side though, like black paint dripped around the egg itself. One side has small lines that curl and slide across the round side of the egg with some of the lines curling upon themselves. Across one side there are small dots that make up a slight pattern that is very similar looking to a small bird in flight, if you squint. Its size seems normal, leaving one unable to tell whom lies within waiting to be free from its home.