The eggs of Kessa's Gold Choth and Ma'kai's Bronze Garanth. Clutched Oct 24th. To Hatch Mid-November 2009.

Most Magnificent In The Universe Egg

If perfection were an egg, this might be it. From a distance, it appears a pure, uninterrupted white which coats its near-perfect curves to encase it in a soft, creamy hue. No odd bumps or bulges mar this shell, smooth and almost opalescent. But upon closer inspection, the egg is revealed for the marvel it truly is, its surface almost scintillant, a veritable rainbow streaming forth over a cloudy backdrop of soft sky-blues, followed closely by shimmering particles of what must be captured light. Red and orange, yellow and green, blue and indigo wash across the egg, with seeming direction and purpose. Shift just a little, and the view changes, the colors cascading over the shell in a prismatic dance that never seems the same twice. Surely, it must just be all that color that makes the surface only seem to dance. And yet, there is one spot atop the egg where there is only a single splash of gold, five points to form a star that glitters magnificently above it all.

Fastest in the Land Egg

Long and lean. That's the first descriptor of this brightly-colored egg. Its shape is taller than others, not quite as rotund. It's a good thing, too, given the sinuous lines that are made at each of those side edges, in a vibrant red-orange. The background is a pale cream that shades into a matte yellow-gold at the top and bottom ends. Standing out starkly against these colors is the equally livid spotting of black that occurs across the top and bottom portions. Each of those spots is large enough to stand out on its own, but never once crosses into the orange and cream areas.

Grumbling Clouds of Caring Egg

Round and a little tubby, this egg just may seem to be a little fatter than normal. Soft baby blues and grays swirl around the shell, puffing like clouds in places and looking somewhat rounded out, adding to the plump look. Here and there, it looks like there are water droplets sliding down the egg. That's just an illusion however as it's perfectly dry to the touch.

Secrets of the Defender Egg

The silvery shimmering outline of a pointed castle structure is silhouetted against the bright sky blue which glistens like enamel upon the apex of this egg. These vibrant colors are only slightly muted by the leafy canopy which twines down the sides of the egg. A mix of sun-lit and shadowed greens ensconce the hard shell in a forest full of life and secrets. Thin streaks of brown grow in width and prominence the farther one looks toward the base as one leaves the canopy for branches and thickened trunks. The browns darken, becoming rough and less defined until eventually fading into a shadowed pool at the very bottom. Between the trunks one can imagine the shapes of people in the ill-defined shadows, hiding from some unknown threat far above. Yet as terrifying as the lower half of the shell has the potential to be, there is something about it which is completely different. As if it is a safe and secret place to hide, full of hope rather than fear, with a protector of its own just waiting to pounce from the heart within and defend not just this place, but indeed the very universe.

Traitorous To The Core Egg

A silver metallic sheen drenches this egg from top to bottom. Few other colors, splotches they'll be called, mar the outside surface. Merely darkened hues of that glittery silver, reflecting light off and playing visual games. A purple sigma stands quite out in it's rectangular in shape and sharp gleaming shade. Also facial in dynamics, it menacingly stares out from it's location near the top end of the shell. Larger in size than many, with as triangular of a shape as possible for an egg. The tip of the egg starts out quite skinny, while the other end is much more flayed than usual.

An Assortment of Clues Egg

Bright crimson lays over the curved surface of this otherwise unexciting egg like some errant cloth shaken out of its roll. The red is broken by those wrinkly imperfections and if one looks close the pattern of the cloths fine weaving can also be distinguished. A strange stripe of bleached white encircles the center. It helps cuts the bright red down from being too overwhelming but itself is such a pure contract that too long a look may still be painful. At the base of the egg the red cloth bears a faint imprint of a computer laptop with a smaller gear and glove next to it. A strange set of clues for the distinguished detective to sort through, whatever could they mean?

Saving the Smallest of the Small Egg

If one were to try to build this egg's colors from the base up, they would start with a lavender shade that drenches this smaller looking, oblong egg. Over the purple seems to be an array of gray and black gears, working together to ring around the middle of the egg. Around the center of these gears is a tan line, appearing to hold the gears on the egg. Near the top of the egg, is a ring of red dots, all perfectly spaced from the other, and near the bottom of the egg is a thin brown line that circumferences the egg.

Universal Digital Egg

This is a rather unremarkable egg, its colors muted and plain, though it is a bit wider than most across the middle. Its edges might be difficult to pin down due to the odd striations marking the shell, giving it the illusion of a much more boxy shape, the thin, pale parallel lines criss-crossing over a blurred blue and green surface. On one side, the egg is slightly flatter, with a blob of black forming a hazy, squiggled line beneath two lighter circles, giving the egg a goofy and half-smiling appearance. Smears of black above the circles provide an added touch, and dead-center is the vaguest triangle of blue, pointing upward toward the narrowst part of the egg.

Big Things From Small Packaging Egg

If it is possible for a dragon's egg is be considered adorable, this one indeed has hit that mark. Pudgy and round, almost no noticeable top nor bottom are distinguished. More like a ball than an actual egg, and quite a vibrant yellow in hue. A small mark does, however, determine up from down. A red face, rectangular in shape, peers out with a gentle vibe. Smaller in size than the eggs around, though the almost blindingly bright golden blonde color help bring this ovoid to eye.

On a Wing and a Prayer Egg

Pastels are the color of the day. A pale grey-white stripe wisps over the top of this perfectly-shaped egg. A pale pink color, like a baby's warmed skin, washes beneath it. At the sides are blue-grey, cloud-like formations of color that shade into a beautiful light lavender at the ends. They stretch almost like the pinions of wings down to the bottom to frame the egg. Beneath the pink is a band of reddish-brown shaped like a V that vanishes under the wings, followed by more of the pale-grey hue, and then a very vibrant hot pink, all the way to the bottom. The soft quality of the hues, and the way they feather out, is delicate - in fact, each color has subtle details to it in light and dark so that it seems to be made of nothing but down and feathers, with the pink taking on the nature of some form of skin.

Not Truly A Misfit Egg

Although this egg is outrageously large compared to the others, the dashing blue and gold upon its shell gives it a place in the clutch. In fact, it may even be singled out as this egg has been cast in replication of the clutch dam's colours. The blue is bold and fierce compared to the pale gold, gold that swashes in ribbon like currents around the shell. In some places where the ribbons of gold flutter, it's so transparent that the azure underneath almost makes it a pale shade of blue, with the added glitter. In other places the azure is defined in what looks like strands of hair curled up in a wild bundle. Amongst all the tossed ribbon and curls, there are a few other things going on. For one, there's one brown mark that is placed randomly on the shell, a small round circle dabbed in a pale patch of color. Secondly there's a single streak of orange-red that flares up on the opposite side, completely random in shape and location. The orange streak almost appears violent as it cuts up and down in a small but defined zigzag pattern, ending abruptly as it began, the length only a few inches long.