The eggs of Kessa's Gold Choth and Ma'kai's Bronze Garanth. Clutched March 28th. To Hatch Late April 2009.

Freeform Innovation Egg

There's one thing to be said about this egg - it can be interpreted thousands of different ways. Speckled, blotched, and globed with an array of all the colours in the rainbow as well as hues of black and white: one simply has to walk around the entire oblong shape to take in the full artistic view, which is why interpretations vary each time one looks at it. Yet if one were to study the seemingly meaningless splotches, they'd notice from a distance it pulls together an abstract form, a thought, an idea of free expression. There might even be a surfacing image pieced together by the rainbow speckles, though it does take the imaginative eye to spot it. The image could be said to resemble a side view of a man wearing a hat, whose tilted so that what extends from his face is pointed upward - and it could very well be some sort of musical instrument.

Credits: Kessa

And The Cradle Will Rock Egg

At first glance you might think this is some sort of prank. Who rolled a boulder onto the sands? Indeed it appears to be a giant rock nestled within the golden white sand. But rather than the craggy rough appearance of most boulders, this one's mottled gray and tan surface is smooth and rotund. Here and there little pores, pits and cracks etch over the surface convincing one more and more of it's stoney nature. But as you look closer at each imperfection in the surface you realize they are only an illusion- dark shadowed lines and dots on a matte surface. Perhaps this is an egg after all.

Credits: A'deo

Honkytonk For Your Badonkadonk Egg

Rustic hues, like that one log you might remember sitting on at a campfire one summer past, dapple the major-portion of an oblong egg, a wood-like texture that sits perfectly with this egg. It's unremarkable, ordinary; not much else breaks it up but an odd black spot in the middle the brown patch, and a similarly colored cord winding up around half the egg with many long, thin pale strings running parallel within. Oddly enough, it might remind you of an incredibly — let's say it again, incredibly — distorted guitar, but the imagination can do amazing things… And lead you some crazy, fandangled places.

Credits: Tarish

Shrouded Emerald Isle Egg

Light hits the foggy coating of this egg, sending out the illusion of swathed depths of glittering grays and whites. The closer one gets, the more can be seen. From the more elongated side shapes can be seen, darker shadows stretch out back and forth in crumblings lines that recede into the mists with haunting familiarity. From the top, the grey lifts here and there revealing a patchwork quilt of rich emerald, jungle and true greens split by pebbly looking lines. From the front and rear the mists appear far off as the spread of heavily textured greens reach forward as a great field. Leading you in at center is a lone rustic road that disappears in the foggy dew.

Credits: A'deo

Other Side Of Me Egg

Flashes of color, all hip and trendy, drench this rather larger than life egg. Brilliant pinks, all shades and hues, cover one half of the shell. Glimpses of diamond-like sparkles shimmer and shine, echoing of glamour. The other is a stark baby blue, less glitz than it's opposing image, just plain and ordinary. An almost too-straight line, very clearly noticed, races along the angle, clearly defining the different sides. Louis Vuitton-like designs, however, stamp haphazardly in random place marks throughout the entirety if the shell, not seeming to differentiate between the feuding sides.

Credits: Vi'leko

Flames of Fire and Passion Egg

A flaring pattern of red marks the beat across the inky dark blackness of this dragon egg. It's the size is of a ordinary medium, while it's almost oblong in shape but with delicate curves. Just as delicately patterned, however, the marks of red almost look like the beats to the eggs' own hidden song, a chorus of melody even as the blackness stretches and sneaks its way up into the melody, reaching, tugging it back down into the blackness of it. The fiery passion that marks the red has also been encased in a plethora of dark oranges that encircle the red, protecting it, embracing it- pulling it past the point of no return.

Credits: Isa

Splattered Paint or is that Blood Egg

So bright it almost glows, this egg's red color stands out like a hot coal on the sands. Several bands of pale, nearly transparent yellow fall from the top of the egg and disappear into the sand at the base of the egg. On one side of the egg, there are little dots of paint of a near black color. As you walk around, however; they become large splatters that look like they've oozed down the side of the egg. If one looks very closely however, the color of the splatters looks more like dried blood than paint.

Credits: Ma'kai

Colors in Motion Egg

The base of this medium sized egg is black, but the saturation varies in waves so that it looks banded or almost ruffled. Mere shadows of rust orange, brick red, olive green, and sandy yellow appear about a third of the way up, the ghostly color getting more vibrant the farther up the egg one looks. At first these colors cohabitate with each other, alternating irregularly shaped patches with occasional glints of other brighter hues catching the eye. Eventually the colors get so bright, that they seem to blur together, the reds and oranges and yellows melding into a shimmering golden brown. This climax of color is very brief however, on the tip of the egg, the golden brown quickly fades to black again, and the strange cycle is complete.

Credits: Vi'leko

Fightin' Fo Ya Rights Egg

Bold and bright, like da true rebel defiant of da sand-bound clutch, dis egg has unmistakably vibrant colors ringin' da sides of it's shell — almost perfectly round, dey say. It's colors stand truly distinct from one anoda, one bright band after anoda in first tomato red, den bright, sunny yellow, and finally organic, grassy green. Almost like a rainbow, don'tcha think? But to top it all off — check out dat pun, mon — da roof of da shell sprouts a mound of brown-ish black fingers, like a rugged head of dreadlocks. Isn't dat cool, yah mon?

Credits: Tarish

Pearly Gates Egg

The finest pearl in the universe couldn't compare to this egg. It's surface is perfectly smooth and well shaped. When the light hits it there's a brilliant white luster to it, drawing in all that look at it. As you get closer to it though, you notice this egg isn't a perfect off white. Near the top there are the palest shades of blue that as you move further down the egg, seems to be covered in fluffy white clouds. In the midst of the clouds, glimpses of gold can barely be made out, standing almost outside the edge of vision.

Credits: Ma'kai

Blind Notes of Madness Egg

This evidently frazzled egg has been quietly formed into an odd oblong shape. The uniqueness of the shape itself is in the fact that it perfectly fits the hollow of sand that it has been nudged into; comfortable in it's own way, so to say. The main background color of this poor egg is a deep, dark brown, slightly greying around the edges. However, the egg is almost striking in the way that it has a collection of black blobs on a white spiral pattern that edges its' way around the egg itself.

Credits: Isa