Pale sunlight pokes through muffled cloud in slender rays that strike the soft pale hide of this smaller slender queen. Of slighter figure, there is a pleasant grace to the proportions of her body so barely kissed by day in hue. Elongated muzzle ends in a blunted tip, while prominent ridges sweep over her expressive eyes. Richer hues dab in mossy filigree down the spine of her slender neck and around the prominent neck ridges well spaced thereupon. The pattern spreads in uneven patches, fading down her back and nibbling at the base of her wingsails. The lichen shifts to a rusty gold around her soft muscled shoulders and thin wings joints, as if aged prematurely. Slightly heavy at the base, they support a vast fading expanse of sail, glittering metallic only where the light touches as if comprised of an ethereal golden mist, rather than flesh and bone. Talons are ice white, delicate but deadly upon each slender finger and toe. Narrowed body provides for a more graceful movement and elegant form. Sensual curves meeting the eye as one slides from the arc of her neck through the deep curve of her chest, to where slender waist disappears beneath the muscled curve of her thighs. Beneath her sails, as insubstantial as they seem, the pale sun cannot reach, and instead pale dried grass gold brushes her sides and belly, daubing against arms and legs in random fashion. Lengthy tail is rather narrowed, ending in an oddly stunted spade, the only hint of imperfection in one so surreal.

Egg Name and Description

Endless Eternity Egg

Time stretches across the gentle arc of the eggs shell. A pallid light washes out any vibrancy from the hues which paint its surface. The top third of the shell is that strange pale light dotted with bright red spots that move in a line from the apex down one side in uneven intervals, as if ones concentration has been pushed to near a breaking point. The lower the spot goes toward the horizon the more blurred and unstable it becomes. It pushes the boundary toward the hues which paint the middle third. A savannah of dried grasses stretches endlessly over soft rolling hills. Nestled within the hills one finds the most distinctive feature upon the shell, a sandy brown splotch. It might be a building, or perhaps it's just an odd kind of tree. Darker umber laces an irregular oval next to the brown splotch, and visible for those with the sharpest eyesight a pale brown shadow within them. It is a form that wavers like a desert mirage. Here and gone again in the blink of an eye, one may even doubt its existence. Further down the hues fade into utter darkness. It is unlike the soothing night, for it is an empty void of nothing which consumes the rest of the shell in an eerie relentless cloak. Unyielding of its secrets it ends in the darkness of oblivion.

Hatching Message

Scratching claws can be heard like nails on a chalkboard, screeching upon the inside of the endless eternity egg's shell. What progress is made however is in the push upon the narrower end of the shell. Bright cracks growing longer, stretching like bread dough trying to hold back the inevitable. Yet the determined force within is no longer. A series of sharp snaps as the shell breaks and gives, the narrow end plopping to the golden sands and a head splaying out from the gaping fatal wound the egg has suffered. The hatchling has little remorse for the shells sacrifice, grown and matured it is ready to face the world, or so it thought. The hatchlings body slides out upon the sands, sticky and damp with birth as her hindlegs shake, talons pushing the offending larger section of egg away out of the nest, leaving her pale body to blend momentarily with the golden sandy grains.

Impression Message

A deathly chill creeps around you despite the overly generous warmth of the sands beneath your feet. It is a steady presence that you realize has actually been growing since you stepped foot upon these grounds. What was once a whisper of cool in the hot land has grown to a prominent feature that sends a dark aurora to the edges of your vision, as if you might pass out from being so deeply locked into the hungry whirling gaze of the hatchling which has so suddenly come before you. No passing glance, no playful banter, there suddenly just is Zuvaleyuth. Your past branches and the desolate prospect of a future alone in the world breaks away, forking in an eternal divide that overpowers all that was in a powerful and overwhelming moment so amazing, so joyous, and so painful that you might shout to the stars, or weep upon your knees. It is a presence that joins, so suddenly there as if it has always been, knowing it is what is meant to be, tempering all forever forward in a path lined with dragon gold. The moment of impression passes and you share those first feelings. The hunger that eats at her belly feels as if your own would consume itself, her thoughts mingling with yours as she struggles momentarily with the jumbled letters of your name. Elegant watery tendrils of thought ease the pain and highlight the joys, both of you forged in that wonderous moment « Why I am to understand this is perfectly normal that one's inside must be filled with the small bits of protein coated in the lusciously delicious red warm life liquid of its donor. » Of yourself there is a change, it cannot be undone and the thoughts reflect your new self as they stroke your name, forged into a unique and yet elegant designation to match her own « I am Zuvaleyuth, but you knew that already did you not? For a rider knows her dragon as much as a dragon knows her rider. Now, shall you, my most amazing Dtirae be so kind as to endeavor to appease the void which so gnaws within my belly?? »


At heart your partner is loving and loyal, the bedrock foundation unshakable and unwavering in her choice, knowing that only you are for her. That is not to say she will be an easy partner, for her sense of duty is nearly as deeply ingrained. It's a duty she'd see born by making ones presence known, by leading with example and a firm ordering hand to keep things in line. Whereas you may share this sense of responsibility, the burden of it upon your shoulders is more on your own terms, while hers is what the Weyr dictates. You can consider it your first test as a queen rider, for finding the compromise between taking on a task directly and ensuring it is ultimately done can be a fine line to dance indeed as things can be accomplished in so many ways. She is a queen with a talon in every pot, for she has her finger eternally on the pulse of the Weyr, and the Weyr's gossip. Grown she is kind, patient, talkative and the best partner one could ever desire, if you two will always butt heads at times over how to accomplish the same goal. She has a deep compassion, and an odd sense of sadness that will well up now and then in her almost predictive way of knowing who is next to pass from this world to the next. It is something she shares only with you, « That deep chesty cough in the auntie, I am afraid that it will not fade in time. Be kind to the Headwoman, she was such a dear friend to her. » speaking of the auntie as if she has already passed. When your own time is felt, she is unlikely to tell however, though you will never, ever, be alone again, even death shall not separate you, it shall be but the beginning of the next journey.

Growing up she still has much to learn, and you'll need to help her for not everything is instinctual. She is a bundle of energy that goes and goes and goes until at last she collapses for a few brief hours into the deepest of sleeps before stirring again. She's often reaching into your mind to expand upon her prose, vocabulary stretching to fit and explain every aspect of the world which really doesn't always fit into a neat, tidy bundle. While she is on the smaller side for a queen, she's not really small by any other definition, and growth spurts will keep her a bit off balance despite her slender and light build. Lazy is something she doesn't well tolerate « Come /on/ Dtirae, we will be the last final pair to arrive if you take so much longer to get the fabric wrapped around your body!! » and she really does not like being last. First is much better, is sets a very good example don't you know? Butting heads for the first, and not the last time over things large and small. Most testing will be learning between, for in the long descriptive prose for which she has a strong tendency, the imaging of where you are to go must be just as exact. There will be a thread of worry and she'll likely be the last to take her solo jump. It's not that she doesn't trust the image you provide, she is unsure within herself in wanting no harm to come to you, no slip of fate to end your life's journey to quickly that she'll often be checking (either obviously or privately) with another dragon if that image is good enough. Forever worrying and triple asking if you think that the placement of the light, of a dragon, of small and unimportant things is really correct for it wouldn't do to come out of between out of place, out of time, or not at all. Easiest to learn will be hunting, sharing your innate love of it she will be for once unquestioning of your expertise in such matters as she learns. If anything it may be annoying that she'll beget so /many/ questions to you so that she gets things just right. All in all one could consider that at the stat you are at opposite ends, one relaxed, enjoying life, the other duty bound, and as you grow the two will mesh, becoming stronger together than you were apart so that a balance is struck.

Be worried when your partner starts acting so much more like your old self. Shorter words, relaxed of nature… these are not the queen you know! For a few days you may be lulled into a false sense of oddness in a lifemate who has finally taken a chill pill only to realize her hide begins to glow as the moon, and death she will be to the poor beasts in the grounds and to her pursuers if they are not careful. Of mating there is passion, duty and an odd tendency to rise at night. Her duty is to fly, fly far, fly high and you will find none of the aerobatics of greens, nor foolish teasing of less mature queens. No, she is there to fan the passions fire but to ultimately test her suitors and only the best, strongest and cleverest will ever catch her. Your will in this has no say, for you will find of her flights they will always be what is best for the Weyr. A final sacrifice in your own desires to what your responsibilities are. Like her dam, she will jealously guard her eggs and /barely/ tolerates anyone on the sands, even the sire. It will take all your will to keep her from pouncing upon those who seek to know the touch of her precious offspring (ie: candidates). After the hatching the dragons are watched from afar, memory fading but some part of her always know which dragons are of her. Her contribution to the timeless rituals of her race and to her Weyr, no matter her own fate, these are the seeds she sews.


Beyond the Dark
A chill dark edges her thoughts like an inverse aurora in an ever present reminder of the eternal future. It is both joyous and saddening to those who might try to focus upon this strange ghostly effect. Her thoughts themselves are more like water. She is a strong queen, her will unyielding but in the fashion of that element her touch is more subtle. She'll flow into another's thoughts, finding the path of least resistance to fill their minds, easing away pain, or strengthening a weakened resolve. It is an element irresistible, and no matter how others might poke or prod, her thoughts will ebb and flow as to be unaffected by others, for she must remain above all in her duty, focused. As for her spoken word, delivered in a most pleasant feminine tone, you will find in practice to be quite verbose (even rather annoyingly so). Where a clutchmate might simply refer to a "game" she'll be referring to it as the "play of two sticks and a ball in a circle". She does not just "go home". No, you will sense the great dissatisfaction with your shortened prose as she shares to those present that you are in fact « Now, my wings shall carry us upon the currents aloft through the chill dark nothing to the gray stoned caldera of the oldest dragon settlement. » and to her ledge « Down north two dragonspan from the ground to the jutting stone third largest with three dark gray striations will my talons alight. »


The theme for the clutch was Adventurers! Your egg was based on "Beyond Between", which hopefully being familiar with Pern and all you may have heard of? Death itself is not anything I expected someone to choose, but then again the death of a rider is so much different for Pern and the promise of not facing it alone but for that brief moment of passing, how lucky the riders are. Moreta is also one of my favorite stories from the series and I have taken a few aspects of her, and aspects of Death to weave into her persona a being I hope you will find to be a good, and interesting partner. If not, modify as you wish, as you need, to suit for she is yours now and forever! Of her mind touches the story of beyond between weighed heavily, but when it came to her final mind I was also inspired by a trip to Iceland that my parent recently took where it was noted that the names of places are extremely long but that is because they literally describe the place they name. That seems so perfect to your preference, and a bit easier to RP than the shakespearean prose which is likely to trip up others in understanding what it is she speaks. So too her name and a bit of her description are inspired from Iceland, specifically the Vatnsleysufoss pictured here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sveinn71/393536512/in/photostream/ To honor her lineage, the V and Z are from her parents names. I tried for something fluid, easy on the tongue and yet beautiful and grand. I hope you like it. - Neyuni.

Clutch Siblings

Scamp by Day Vigilante by Night Brown Maehwazeyeth - Jaye
King of Kings Brown Njordeth - A'lin
Sharp-Witted Warrior and Strategist Blue Jheth - K'hys

Fighting With the Legends of Yore Brozne Davarnesonth - P'on
These Fortians are Crzy Blue Obelizkth - As’trix
Make Way for the Runway Green Aravith - C’or
Make-Believe Zeppelin Pilot Green Elliveth - C’arl


Name Zuvaleyuth
Dam Gold Zuhth
Sire Bronze Velokraeth
Created By Neyuni
Impressee Dtirae (Deitra)
Hatched 18 November 2011
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH