Majestic strength softened by grace, this compact queen somehow seems larger then life. Though short in length, she's long of leg and has a powerful physic. Her face is blocky, with a rounded hump covered by a bronze patch at the stop. The base is a pale gold from throatlatch to nose tip. Delicate bronze ribbons run from liquid eyes to a matching bronze band encircling her muzzle. Great spiring head knobs spring skyward as molten gold horns. Her neck is short but thick with large, defined muscles. It melds into an equally muscular set of shoulders and chest built for speed and endurance. Her back is broad and so short the heavy haunches seem almost to reach her wings. She masses a light, sandy gold, hued gently with red across neck, back, and tail, and a single band of bronze runs her dorsal line. Pale gold returns on the long, powerful legs and taut belly. Both are encircled by strokes of bronze and her paws tipped with talons of molten gold. The wings are vast, heavy boned with massive sails to counteract her weight. They glitter sandy gold in the sunlight and sport a trim of bronze along the sail edge.

Egg Name and Description

Suspended in Fire Egg

The large egg blazes like Rukbat upon the sands of the hatching caverns. A fiery panorama circles from one point to the other, running the long axis of an ovoid slightly more elongated then wide. Place perfectly at the equator, a burning ball of golden light burns radiantly. The color cools as it spreads outward shifting through the spectra from yellow into rose, pumpkin, burnt umber and finally sienna. The glorious sunset serves as the perfect backdrop for a majestic army of massive skeletal trees. They hold no leaves as they march across the shell, just thick black trunks which reach grasping arms high into the sky. Branches spread to twigs too numerous to count and all a shadowed black framed by fire.

Hatching Message

Hatching can only be delayed so long and the Suspended in Fire egg has gotten all its rest. So there can be little surprise when movement returns to the cracked end of the egg. A mixture of taps, thumps, and rattles seem to work the broken end free while cracking down the long axis as well. Finally the end gives way and rolls aside. The shell splits across the center, falling neatly away to reveal the newly hatched gold.

Desert Sentry Gold Hatchling

Impression Message

The chaos of the sands seems to have a rhythm and it beats in tune with the throbbing pulse of your life's blood. The drum beat deepens and is joined by a counter melody soaring on a high fluted voice. The disjointed movements around you are suddenly a dance, choreographed to be primitive and all encompassing. The flute sounds again, a merry rain quenching your fevered brow. « Neyuni, beloved. » The drum beat spreads from your heart to that of the bronze trimmed queen before you. « Is not the dance glorious? » Her attention shifts with a bold dash of red. « Oh, something smells lovely! What do you think is in the buckets over there? » Coyly, her focus returns to you. « I am Zuhth, your heart. »


Whatever she may appear from the outside, inside Zuhth will always be a being of great passion, wild freedom, and an unquenchable zest for life. Yet hers is also a wise soul with an almost spiritually instinctive respect and understanding for the inter connectedness of life. It is this combination that creates in her Zuhths most founding qualities: resourcefulness, courage, patience and strength of purpose.

At a very young age she will learn to temper the fiery passions within with patience. Faster then most of her clutch, she will achieve a fine degree of self control until to others it will seem as if shes lost the wild fire felt from the egg and turned instead into a gentle and sophisticated Lady of the Manor, with just the faintest hint of underlying danger to discomfort the observant or sensitive. Nothing seems to disturb her outer face and all are treated with a charming grace and easy, if slightly arrogant, kindness, no matter the provocation. Still this development will take a little time, during which the two of you are likely to butt heads. These early clashes are the very foundation for her developing patience and resourcefulness, branding her so deeply she retains an almost memory her entire life. It is possible it will leave a mark on you as well, hopefully cooling that stubborn streak some minute amount in response to how much your Zuhth has adjusted in her love for you.

Her strength and purpose are not changed by this tempering, merely the method of obtaining her goals. Rough shod force and stubborn pride are not available, nor is whining, sulking, or black mail in her nature. So Zuhth develops a subtle and resourceful method of manipulation to get her way. Hers is a seductive charm, a slight twisting of words and actions, and seemingly random observations to pull together until you reach the proper conclusion all on your own, never suspecting you have been led by the nose to get there. Though a bit rough when she is younger, this suave handling will develop with maturity and the patience to take great time to reach you until your sly lady handles you with enviable ease.

One other trait resides within your golden lady and in some ways it will be the most difficult for you both your whole lives. It colors everything she does, everything she thinks and all actions, down to the calculated nature of her mating flights. The very passions that create Zuhth reside in an untamed free spirit lacking any boundaries. She does not have, nor will she ever develop, a respect for artificially defined boundaries created without reason or logic. Nor for authority for tradition or authoritys sake. Here your own childhood will help you to understand Zuhth, whos very spirit seems a mirror to that of your mothers. and your stubborn nature and temper, both carefully wielded, might just be whats needed to steer through the rocky shoals created by your beloveds wild heart.

When all is done, Zuhth is your queen now and you must make of her what you will. I have tried to give you what you asked for while retaining some of her original innate traits and hope I have succeeded. If not, please change her as you will and know that she was made for you with the hope of the search committee and the affection of friends, and that we hope you will find a happy home here at Igen.


Beauty in the Bush

Quick and resourceful, the touch of this mind is like a blaze of beauty in the desert of life. Bold primaries carry fiery thoughts both joyful and giving. Simple melodies of flute and drum sound an eager hunt for the sprite's experiences found only with a wanderlust. The smell of rain washes fresh any lingering doubts and leaves only the bright love and free spirit contained within a high soaring mind voice.


The theme for this clutch was desert regions and your egg and gold are based on the Kalahari desert in the southern end of Africa. It covers much of Botswana and Namibia and while arid is not a true desert in the sense many think. The egg desc was taken from the desert. The desert supports some wildlife, such as lions, hyenas, meerkats and the gemsbok antelope which your dragon's desc was based on. The desert is also the home of the San people, a hunter/gather society, that has existed for 10s of thousands of years and is thought to be one of, if not the oldest people on earth. A combination of progressing civilization and greed motivated politics are slowly exterminating this ancient culture. Zuhth's name comes from Jo/hoansi, a San dialect, and her wild and free nature are homage to what is being lost with these people, tempered slightly be James Bond's style and charming manipulation.


Name Zuhth
Dam Gold Sakrienth
Sire Bronze Ytroth
Created By Kathryn
Impressee Neyuni (Yuni)
Hatched Igen Weyr - Jun 27, 2007
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH