Image by Kessa

Immersed in the waters of the loneliest depths of the ocean, this dragon has been forged with the darkest pigments of Prussian blue ever to be seen. It becomes nearly black on the splice of his proportionate tail and along the lines of his tapered jowls. Cast in this subaqueous shroud, the definition of his muscle is lost on hide drowned in the inky surface, only after taking closer inspection would one be able to witness that this dragon is built for aerial superiority. In fact, a narrow chest and small compact rib cages tailor him with a streamlined body, that paired with long reaching wings will make him one of the elite most flyers of Pern. And yet, the dark fathomless pattern of color is shocked by a brilliant glow of toxic azure and periwinkle that dapple his rear haunches in a sheen of oily residue, which further becomes surrounded by patches of a blue so dark it blackens. This molten mixture is then mottled alongside his tail and sweeps to the point just underneath his wings. Further pools of gleaming periwinkle are socked on his wide feet. Each foot neither showing the same color scheme or pattern as any of the others. Each toe being dipped uniquely to host a sharp pearlescent talon. Craggy neck ridges also see this sporadic display of periwinkle, like the tips of frothing waves, it rolls down from the top mast of his head toward the center press of his wing muscles. Higher up, the trailing edges of his wings, sails, and wing spars catch the mist of these frothing waves, as if constantly buffeting the rolling tide of the sea.


Zhieth has come to you with a proposition, this you must understand. While you might get caught up thinking "what if" - he is the beast that "is." Rational, down to earth, and always in the belief that he is more precise at knowing what it is that is right for you. You needed his boost of confidence to go all the way in this world - that's how he'll tell it! Not before the end are you going to really puzzle it all together, because Zhieth isn't so simple to define to one sentiment or one cliche. He is a great many things and not. There are no expectations that define him - if that alone would give some hint as to his inner self. For example, he has a quick wit about him and when the time calls for him to use it, there will be nothing but ebbing silence. While other instances he may be prone to leading the conversation, overruling others opinions, putting a front paw forward, and getting mixed up in Vidyazath's debates. He will always seem to know just the right time and place for everything he does, and be sure he'll have a justification to back it up if called on it.

It won't always be so confusing though, at least not in the beginning. Fresh out of the egg, there are still many a thing he doesn't know about and will be caught with an insatiable desire to discover just about every detail imaginable. He /will/ narrow it down to the finer details most would miss and ignore. Expect to answer 100 questions instead of 20, though he'll never repeat a question. In rare times, he may rephrase a question to seek a better answer from you, like any good detective would do. Find the answers, don't waste time on what you already know. Just realize, he's the kid genius in the clutch, the guy that's doing grade twelve math while everyone else his age is in grade one. He wants to know the five W's and the H to every story!

Always, Zhieth will get down to the core of the subject. For example, if he is curious about human babies and how they come into existence. Be prepared to answer when he starts asking « Ok, then what? » … « And then? » … « Imagine that. You'll have to show me this, you know. » Once he finds satisfaction from a question, he'll decide one way or the other (depending on how you influence him) if he'll ever take interest in it again. This is for every subject that crosses his mind. « Who is she? » "My weyrmate?" « What's a weyrmate? » "Another human being you decide to pair with. " «Can you just have one? And how do you decide?» "We choose to have only one. And how each person decides is specific to that person." « Imagine that. How was it specific for you? » They're not dumb questions either but precise ones that fill in the blanks, often always leading to further questions. Long nights await you my friend.

Subsequently, as a weyrling he'll have trouble with his bowel movements - nothing that will seriously affect him in life. It doesn't really bother him all too much. There might be the odd grumbling of his digestive track or wet fart - far from something dire. While it might make your life a bit miserable, he'll be positively inquisitive about it - wanting to share it with the world, until he's told that it's otherwise gross or unsavoury for him to be that interested in it. Too bad for you, since he comes with an inherent desire to study the odd, gross, or unsightly thing such as his own scat (especially when it's not solid like the others and comes out runny!). There may be something that a healer can give you to feed him that might make his poo less runny, but until then he'll have 'spills' …

Other than the above stated environmental hazard, he'll be in a clean bill of health the rest of the way through, outside of accidents or injuries. Should any accidents or injuries come to befall upon him, he'll not cry about it! No, he's a tough guy. Macho through and through - with his little dorky detective side, right? Anyhow, he'll actually try and see the injury, especially if incor is gushing out! «Oh hey, imagine that, its green.» No doubt he'll show his clutch siblings his injuries as if it would peak their curiosity too. « Hey guys, look at this! » If not, well, he'll just have a battle scar that they won't.

Once he's finished questioning you (on any given day), this is when the fun begins. Confident that he has the intellect to back him, he'll put you into situations that will test your barriers. For example, you see that big cliff over there, with the ledges just far enough away that a person has to jump it to get to the other side? Zhieth will be on the other side beckoning you to take that faithful leap. Believe in him, that he will be there to catch you if you fall. Still, he knows you won't, you just have to find your two legs and walk on them - that or you'll cave into his peer pressuring! « Jump it! Jump! You can do it. Remember our first flight together, how good that felt! Jump!! Remember how it felt not to say something to those holders when they were attacking you? It'll feel that way again if you don't do this! So Jump!»

Zhieth himself has an abhorrence for obstacles or barriers. You'll see this most when he's first going through challenges during weyrlinghood. It'll come to a head more prominently when he's matured and is trying to chase in flights. Gold? Heck yes, follow that tail! Oh ouch, wing sprain! Fardles! Never again! One can blame this for his utter lack of interest in chasing during flights - since it's an obstacle he cannot leap over. His mentality will switch to this: « If I can't win, I won't chase.»

Therefore, he'll likely show a tendency for those dragons he does manage to catch or he'll chase when there's a lack of males. Either way, he'll judge the situation for himself and there's nothing you can do or say that will encourage or discourage him. Soon as he's chasing though, you have one little astute flyer on your hands that will absorb you into it like a sponge! He'll use all the tricks in the book - in sequenced order to allure the females in all the right ways. If he wins, he'll again show more preference to chasing that female in the future. If he loses, well, that's a low shot at him and he'll likely not work up the nerve to chase that particular female for a long while - it'll take some investigative work to discover what the trick is to winning the one that got away!

The best part about Zhieth though, is his ability to shake off the small stuff. He has great intuition and it helps him to make friends with just about any type of dragon or person that comes his way. Think of him like a hostage negotiator, who does the personality profile on the hostile individual before approaching with the proper stance, tone of voice, and choice of words. Should someone hate you or hate him, his best advice will be this: « You must acquire the trick of ignoring those who do not like you. In my experience, those who do not like you fall into two categories: The stupid and the envious. The stupid will like you in five Turns time. The envious, never.»

Hands down, he's the best with children. He'll flop himself over in the middle of the bowl and roll over so they can climb on him. He'll nudge them around with all the gentleness of a doting father. If you have your own, he'll definitely want them to hang out with him - and when they're old enough, to go adventuring with them! While he's not the best nanny replacement, he can certainly occupy the kids for a while!

Finally, one last thing about Zhieth - he has to have clean teeth and fresh breath! He'll want you to find something to brush his teeth with and to keep his breath minty. He can't stand anything inbetween his teeth and prefers a mint after taste over a meaty one - and they say dragons don't have taste buds! Clearly, they haven't meet Zhieth - Imagine That!


Bubbles rising, a stone skipping across the waters surface, waves breaking apart when a shipfish bounds toward the sky, the crash of the surf against the sand, leaves sprinkling in tumbling loops, the suns high heat… all of these things are part of the natural rhythm and sounds which play accent to Zhieth's brassy mindvoice. Rich with the expressions of natural life, you can no doubt expect a vast variation of environmental images to arouse dynamic and excitement each and every time that he speaks or implies thought. Strangely enough, every conversation will be finalized with the taste of mint…

It becomes evident though with mood that he likes to manipulate his imagery beyond their natural limitations, becoming more fictional and artistic in the way that he uses them. Most apparent will be when he shows anger, for he'll rip the gravity of his subjects to pieces and exploit them to get his point across. Such would be the leaves of trees becoming their own tornado to uproot the very tree they came from or a stone that grows bigger with every bounce across a waters surface, turning it to stone behind the bounce only for it all to crush to the size of sand and move like the liquid it once was.

Think of his mind-scape as a scale of realism, the more upset he becomes (angry or sad or frightened) the less realism his mind voice will display. The more content he is with life, obviously the choices he makes will reflect the real thing. You can gauge his mood simply upon this alone, even if he isn't speaking directly to you.

Which brings us to another aspect of Zhieth. He is like all the other dragons of Pern. He will not find himself reaching out to touch another's persons mind directly, for fear it might cause them harm in some indirect fashion. The only exception to this rule would be your children, especially if he grows up around them. He'll feel more comfortable reaching out to them with his mind voice and eventually you'll find him and your kids having long conversations together.

There's one last quirk that Zhieth has while he speaks. He's got his own little catch phrase. As you'll notice, he'll use « Imagine that! » quite frequently, especially in conversations with other dragons either to be sarcastic, when someone has said something stupid, or to merely express his wonderment at something he didn't know. For example, did you know the sky was blue? « Huh, imagine that! » compared to Faranth was the first gold to lay a clutch in Fort Weyr « Imagine that! » Sarcastic compared to real surprise. He won't over use it but use it enough that others become aware of his little quirk, humorous as it is.

Egg Name and Description

Sheen of Crude Poison Egg Description
A luminous turquoise oceanic blue settles in ripples near the base of this great oval egg, glittering with a pearl coating that makes it twinkle with an inherent splendour. The sea green-blue colors splash dominantly over most of the egg, mimicking the treasures of untouched Caribbean waters. Yet there is something askew on what would be a perfect replica of any coastline retreat, for an underwater plume of the most toxic nature surges in smothering clouds over the shell with sheen of brown sludge. Like an under water volcanic eruption, this poison rises from one defined point on the bottom of the shell, expanding ever outward the higher it rises. Near the apex where most of the murky grease is floating, it starts to shine with an orange and red gleam, as if it had caught the light just right to set the egg ablaze with its chemical polish.

Hatch Messages

Sheen of Crude Poison Egg sways, floating on the dune of sand around it. It's a languid motion the continues, unable to be stopped now that its starting. Back and forth, back and forth, leaking bits of shell pieces from its side onto the sand below it.

An audible snap punctuates the air around Sheen of Crude Poison Egg, the reason for the sound is a gaping hole that slices through it, leaving egg goo spilling outward from it. With time progressing, the goo gushes out faster and more fluidly, piling in the sand dune the shell sits on. There's a flurry of motion from within, more pieces of the shell littering the hatching floor.

The inevitable cannot be stopped! Sheen of Crude Poison Egg explodes with a tremendous force that sends the affects of flying egg shells and goo to its neighbours. Pooled in the center of what used to be the shell is a seething mass of darkness, whose quick to spread limbs askew, shaking out head and snorting nostrils wide to send egg goo flinging across at the nearest candidates!

Environmental Hazard Blue Hatchling draws a paw up to swipe at his muzzle, trying to dislodge some of the egg goo that's insisting on remaining lodged there. His head lowers after a futile attempt so that both forepaws can help scrape off the annoying goo, burying his muzzle into the sand in the meantime. Further snorting and shaking of his head dislodges it at last, but not without giving him a sand beard - which he doesn't notice! Apparently quite relieved by the egg goo out of his nostrils, the blue lifts his wings up high to fan them out, languidly putting his attention forward to the matter at hand. An inquisitive head tilt seems to grow steeper in angle as his apparent line of sight goes down the line of candidates.

Environmental Hazard Blue Hatchling sneaks a look underneath his wing at the clutch parents and possibly the last clutch sibling that is still struggling to free themselves from its restraints. Oh but they are coming now, aren't they? Shaking himself out once more, he arches high up on his forelegs while the back legs are laid straight back behind him in another long stretch. Kicking out his back legs once he brings them underneath himself again, pearlescent talons wriggling, he starts marching toward the line of white - in a particular direction. There's a wing flap in there too. Oy. Look this way!

Environmental Hazard Blue Hatchling seems to be locked onto his target. While another flap is given to call attention to him, he starts to pick up the pace, charging forward with a looping splay of limbs. Lookit mee! He looks nimble on those limbs of his anyhow as he picks a path toward his own. Anyone else that tries to stop him he'll avoid with a quick zig-zag, but for the most part it's a path that leads to the blond haired hazel eyed candidate. At the very last moment as he's about to crash into a pile of them, he does a hockey stop that sprays his lifemate with sand, puffing out his chest as he eyes down his choice. That's right. Its me. Look into my eyes!

Impression Message

«Oy, Pal….!» Over the heat of the sands - a voice beckons your attention. There's no distinctive source though, even as you blink through the sweat beading alongside your face. « What are you doing way over here? Didn't you see me flapping at you? » Again, the voice. A deep brassy sound in the middle of a crowded street - or in this case a busy hatching cavern. « Open your eyes and see!» Could that be a dragonet looking at you, the Prussian blue one with the toxic splattered hide, «Ahah! Bet you're getting a kick out of me, aren't you? Don't be looking at everyone else. This is supposed to be our moment. » You sense more than you see him charging at you. The smell of mint comes strongly to your mind, the rustle of leaves sweeping away the roar of the background noise. You see nothing but him, feel nothing but him. Immersed in sensations you never thought could be possible, two souls beating with one heart, the sound loud and precise. A pairing. You sense his whole presence. It brings a sense of completion… of freedom… Color leaves tumble from the highest tree tops, spinning dizzingly toward you, swirling around you with a loud fluttering and excitement, «I am here with you!» Elation! A squee and a clicking noise, leaping and bounding. Momentum stops in front of you, sand is sprayed at you, large wings rise up, a dark blue muzzle held agape! Ta-da! « Right, so puff up your chest, wipe those tears from your eyes and give me a big old hug! Or else I'll just have to come over there and head butt you!» He is there, before you, waiting! And when you give him a hug, he'll continue «Aww. Ain't this nice! Zhieth and …P..P..P'rius…» A searching pause, « Huh… You know, something made me want to call you S'paul. Any idea why? » You can feel him rummaging through your thoughts « Want to be your own man? I get it. So pick a name already! We don't have time to worry about a name when the whole world is waiting for us!» Noises of the real world return to you, the deep utter connection with this beast in front of you sealed, Zhieth's mind bubbling inside of your own in a giddy sort of way, « Oh hey. There's meat over there. I'm feeling hungry. Imagine that! »

Clutch Siblings

Dare to be Different Gold Vidyazath impressed to Galina
Unlikeliest of Heroes Bronze Zephryth impressed to R'oo (Edrosayen)
Reckless Suntanned Diver Brown Macorzath impressed to J'oan (Joanethen)
Courage in Spirit Blue Jysaiozetth impressed to Siobhan
Tempestuous Temptress Green Zarawith impressed to Sabrina

Born Again Blue Pharzanoth impressed to Parizi
Romancing the Stones Green Azaleath impressed to R'ice (Orice)


Pralius! (Or whatever you decide to rename yourself to because I honestly couldn't pick! I was super torn!) Congratulations! I'm super happy to have you impress. You've been a wonderful addition to Fort Weyr and I'm thrilled that you stayed with us when we didn't impress you last cycle. You've become an important fixture of Fort Weyr and we're proud to keep you here as a dragonrider!

We all hope that you enjoy Zhieth. I had a great time making him for you. While I find myself not knowing your character as well I should, I really tried to make Zhieth the best of what you wanted. His clutch theme was as you might have guessed: 'Things from the Sea' in or under or above it! His specific egg theme was of my doing, a more controversial of subjects (namely because its so in our face atm): Oil spills. While the mind touches and mind voices were more reflective of nature. His RP tips just stem from what you wanted as well as a bit of Sherlock Holmes integrated inbetween, since I know you said you liked forensics. I also had to draw him to visual his description - a drawing I will soon send your way! But I thought of his color as the deepest part of the ocean, where its nearly all black.

For his name, I tried some versions of names that included things that you liked. I had a tough time deciding. But I eventually went with an off shoot of a name that had started by looking up 'Toxic' in other languages. While trying to pronounce some of the other names I came upon Zhieth, which is not only easy to pronounce but it starts with the letter 'Z' as per your request. It also matched my idea of the dragon I was building. It suited. so I hope you enjoy it. I pronounce it 'Zeye-eeth' but feel free to pronounce it as you see fit.

Above all else, Zhieth is your dragon and everything here that has been written is a suggestion. Feel free to use all of it, parts of it, or none of it. I am just glad to have you as a dragonrider! So have fun and congratulations once again! - Compliments Kessa



Flight Records

He's a little young yet, come back later :)


Name Environmental Hazard Blue Zhieth
Dam Gold Zuhth
Sire Bronze Taozyuth
Created By Kessa
Impressee P'rius (Pralius)
Hatched August 1 2010
Final Length 25.05
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH