Dreams of a Digital Frontier Bronze Hatchling

Bright copper-bronze flows over the smooth hide of this young dragon, polished to a fine gleam and without a single variance or flaw — or so one would think on first glance. Athletic and lean in build, he is a bronze that is perfected for the strength his color is often known for. Longer in body, limb and tail, he has a slight advantage for speed over some of his stockier kin and he moves with a confident and determined grace. Copper-bronze he may appear, but for those who look closer will see the subtle shifts in hues, barely discernable in most lighting. These discrepancies, merely a slightly brighter shade of copper, trace over the contours of his anatomy, following the natural line of muscle in solid lines and sharp angles, with even the occasional circle lined up over joints, a hand-with or so in size. They start at the base of his jaw, leaving his broad, angular head neck ridges untouched and follow the natural curve of his neck down to his shoulders, down his front legs and along his chest. From there they fade, only to reappear again along his hind legs and tail and when he extends his wide, long and proportionate wings the same fine tracery can be seen along the arms and wing-fingers. Wingsails remain untouched, formed of pure copper-bronze as the rest of his body but paled by the thinner membrane.

Egg Name and Description


Copycat Egg

It's an egg. What else do you want? It's blue like some of the others and it's copied the neutral brown speckling some of the others have too. Copycat, copycat! How unoriginal!

Hatching Message

Copycat Egg hatches…just like the other eggs hatch. What do you want? It’s an egg hatching, how detailed can we get? Words like ‘fracture’ and ‘splinter’ and ‘fissure’ can only go so far. It HATCHES and there is the hatchling, dumped onto the sands.

Impression Message

Darkness begins to seep into the edges of your peripheral vision. Has the heat gone to your head, the onslaught of so much sensory overload too much? Are you about to pass out? It doesn’t seem that way, but that darkness is certainly there, hovering. Now spots dance before your eyes. Oh shells, maybe you are passing out! Before concern or panic can set in, there is a sudden comforting presence filling your mind. Familiar, as if it has always been there, a distant memory that has now only returned. « S’ai? » a voice, much like yours and yet not echoes across the darkness that now stretches before you, a world of rock-like forms, black glass, metal and ethereal light. Suddenly, brightness beside you, a copper bronze hatchling who looks up at you adoringly. « Beautiful, isn’t it? I created it and it’s yours now too, S’ai. I’m Zeruth, don’t you remember me? I am you, in a way, I guess. » Along with an aching sense of familiarity and depthless love comes the gnawing discomfort of hunger. « Looks like we found each other just in time. Where’s the food? » The darkness recedes and the hatching sands return to normal, the only change coming from the gentle nudge of a bronze muzzle to your elbow. Let’s go!


Clu: Out there is a new world! Out there is our victory! Out there is our destiny!

From the moment he meets you on the Sands, Zeruth appears almost as a carboned copied version of yourself, S’ai, but with a hint of so much more depth hidden underneath the surface. As a newly hatched bronze, he is youthful and brash and brimming with confidence. There is nothing he can’t do and nothing he won’t do. Everything, after all, is for him (and you), isn’t it? He is perfect, in his mind and the world is his to explore and discover, a creation made for himself. He’s ready to face this new world, a world all for him, out there:

« Is our destiny, S’ai! A world for us to create! »

He is impatient and hot tempered, not settling to wait and idle for long in one spot. Routines are necessary of course and Zeruth will whether feeding and oiling with a short fuse before he’s on his feet, flaring his wings to stretch and brashly demanding or voicing his desires for the day.

« Enough! I’m ready to go out. »
“… but it’s raining and M’icha instructed us to…”
« I’m going and you’re coming with me! Come on! »

And off he’ll go, whether or not you’re following. If he can’t bring you, he’ll try to pull in one of his clutchsiblings or it’ll work the other way. With a lot of his siblings being on the adventurous side, he may tag along just to see what they may discover, if anything, and either join in or watch and laugh from the sidelines. At times, his temper and brashness will lead him to be quick to offend and quick to jump to conclusions, which may have him butting heads with his clutchsbilings (hopefully not literally!), especially if he comes off as pushy, something neither Tovihasuth or Ciesoveth will approve of.

« I was here first! It’s not my fault the others are so slow! »

Sark: You're very persistent, Tron!
Tron: I'm also better than you!

This will apply to you as well, S’ai and you may find yourself in a mental wrestling, if you will, with Zeruth on most days. A comment you say could suddenly, like a flip of a switch, be interpreted wrong by him and then the battle of wills begins. Not that he ever crosses any lines, but he’ll make sure you know that he’s displeased. So what’s one to do? Why, distract him of course. If Zeruth has something else to focus on, he’ll be quick to forget most offenses (real or otherwise) and aided too by the short falls of draconic memory not lasting long beyond several days.

His rebelliousness won’t be a long lasting trait, thankfully. As Zeruth grows, it will fade to a degree and work instead into his adaptable nature. There will still be times when he will dig his talons in and refuse to go the expected route and chose his own instead or go very much with the flow of the situation. And when he’s not up and moving, he turns somewhat reclusive. There are days in his young life where he is just as content to sit in his couch or rest in a corner of the training fields and be left alone to his thoughts, a trait echoed in Livanyth though not to the extreme the green goes to.

Sam Flynn: What am I supposed to do?
Gem: Survive.

Weyrlinghood will be both a challenge for Zeruth and when his skills are put to their best. As lessons become more physically demanding, he begins to shed his impatient nature even further though he does not lose much of his youthful brashness and confidence. His temper lessens a little too, but he’s still quick to react and jump to conclusions. You’ll have to keep a firm watch and hold on him to keep him from dashing off before the entire lesson plan is laid out and be careful that he doesn’t drag his clutchsiblings in with him! For he’s begun to learn that while some things are fun alone, often times it’s even better with a partner.

« You heard Aycheth! We’re to do the obstacle course! Come on, you guys! Let’s see if you really know how to move! »

It wouldn’t be beyond Zeruth to taunt his siblings, though never intentionally malicious in nature. It’s just part of his brashness and boldness and at times he comes off blunt when he’s anything but, which is quite the opposite to some of those of his clutchsiblings.

« I don’t understand Livanyth at all, S’ai! I just pointed out that she stumbled on that last lap and now she’s gone off an sulked! What’d I do? Now Rhenesath and Tovihasuth and the others are all on my case about it! »

So his lessons won’t all be based around Weyrlinghood, as Zeruth will need to learn a few things on a personal level and most of the answers he seeks he can only learn from you. He will learn to have to find a balance in himself, to discover just how far he can push before he’s over the line of tolerance.

Kevin Flynn: Like the man says, there's no problems, only solutions.

As he was when freshly hatched from the shell, Zeruth is incredibly intuitive and clever and as he grows, his adaptable nature will become more prominent. Like Tovihasuth, he will be able to flow and adapt to any situation thrown at him, seemingly always one step ahead of the others. For every problem thrown his way, Zeruth has the solution to it. Sometimes it takes a moment to come to him and other times he seems to just make it up as he goes. It won’t always work for him, but he’ll bounce back from any failure to try again. And again. And again, until he’s either successful or (briefly) defeated and foiled. If there is one word to describe him then, it would be determined!

For other lessons or exercises, if Zeruth feels he can improve upon it, he will without a second thought. He’ll do it to suit himself (and you!) or for everyone involved.

“Zeruth, what are you doing!? You’re supposed to go through the left course!”
« Just trust me! We want to go straight! »
« Hold on! »

Lessons to him are almost like a game, an arena for him to test his skills. He will prefer the more active exercises over the lectures. Lectures bore him after awhile, especially if he’s learned all he can from them. It’s not that he’s against learning, he in fact enjoys it, but he is, again, impatient. He’ll sit for one run down of the lesson and the rules and risks and then he is ready to go.

« Best way to learn is to try it! »

Sam Flynn: Must have been something before Clu screwed it up.
Kevin Flynn: No, no, he's… he's me. I screwed it up, chasing after perfection, chasing after what was right in front of me.

Zeruth once strived to be perfect and still, in a way, does. He is almost over confident in his younger months as he chases after this perfection. So used is he to things working in his favor that when things go wrong, he is unprepared for it. When he is finally faced with a challenge he cannot overcome, and it will happen at some point in his weyrlinghood stage, he will turn reclusive much like Livanyth and troubled. It will take your help, S’ai, for him to see the fear that has suddenly grown in him, that fear of being unable to achieve greatness and to succeed.

« I’ll try again. I have to try again! »

And so he’ll pick himself up again, grip firm of his resolve and tackle that obstacle with renewed confidence. Once he knows fear, he can act without it and from then on in Zeruth, adopts a leap ahead before thinking attitude to compensate. He cannot fail and will not fail. He accepts that it will happen, but it won’t keep him down for long unless he is well and truly stumped. It’ll be a rare occurance, but if it happens Zeruth may at first protest.

« What do you mean we’re grounded and restricted to the barracks and training fields!? S’ai, all I did was take Mazzolyth and Tovihasuth around the other path to cut Ciesoveth, Jaicoureth and Livanyth off at the pass! It’s not my fault Mazzolyth tripped and knocked into Tovihasuth and knocked the rest of them over! »

Kevin Flynn: You've done enough already! Sam, you're really…
Kevin Flynn: You're messing with my Zen thing, man.

He’ll protest and maybe struggle against the consequences of his actions and encourage you to do the same or be quick to challenge you if you don’t. If pushed too far, he does eventually give in and concede but not without withdrawing like Livanhyth does and broods away the day in a quiet corner somewhere.

« I’m not brooding, I’m meditating. ‘Knocking on the sky’ and listening. »

Clu: I took this system to it's maximum potential. I created the perfect system!
Kevin Flynn: The thing about perfection is that it's unknowable. It's impossible, but it's also right in front of us all the time. You wouldn't know that because I didn't when I created you. I'm sorry, Clu. I'm sorry…

Try all you want, but if Zeruth has settled into that peaceful ‘Zen’ attitude… good luck getting him out of it! It’s the polar opposite of his usual behavior and when he adopts it it’s next to impossible to drag him out again until he’s ready. Something will have to jar him out of it, something worthwhile and within his abilities so that he has the will and desire to step up again and face whatever challenge it is that is blocking him.

Kevin Flynn: Wait, what's your plan?
Sam Flynn: I'm a User, I'll improvise.

And that is what Zeruth (and you, since you are so tied to him) will learn: that sometimes one has to learn through experience. He’s an intelligent, clever and curious bronze with a high adaptable mind. Why shouldn’t he be able to learn even from his failures? Just like that, Zeruth will overcome his fears again and will charge through the rest of weyrlinghood with renewed vigor. His brash and bold attitude returns again, along with a quirky and often mildly sarcastic sense of humor.

He will begin to explore the world but in a different view now, curious about everything, studying everything and learning from it, storing what he can and sharing it with you. He’s bound to forget in time but you won’t and so he trusts you with his observations and notes.

« See how they’ve curved the path of the course there? I bet if we took it at this angle… »

Zeruth will become something like a master imitator too. Don’t be surprised if he prowls along the edges of the bowls to watch the adult dragons at work and flight or watches from the sideline has his clutchsiblings go first through exercises, watching with a quiet and calculating mind. He will, of course, run his findings through you and then pick what he feels will work in his favor when his turn comes. A bit of Mazzolyth’s mannerisms here, some of Tovihasuth there and a dash of Rhenesath and Ciesoveth to complete it!

Kevin Flynn: [groggily] Did we make it?
Tron: [nods] Yeah.
Kevin Flynn: [still groggy] Hooray for our side.

Zeruth will be very much “hands on” with a lot of his experiences as weyrlinghood progresses. If he can’t do it, he’ll get you to do it for him! And should there be lessons where it’s all on you to get through it, such as self defence training and your own physical training exercises, Zeruth will be with you all the way — at least in your head. He has infinitesimal trust in your abilities S’ai and he will push you, just as you push him, to untap your potential. If he can do it, you can too!

« Turn left! »
“… Zeruth that leads to a gap! I can’t jump that!”
« Yes you can! Just go on my mark! Ready… JUMP! »

He won’t stop with just you either, S’ai. Zeruth will do the same with his own clutchsiblings, if he can, in any group lessons or exercises they’ll face and there will be plenty to come in the later months. Leading comes naturally to him and sometimes without him being aware of it. They could be half way through an exercise when suddenly he catches on to something and swiftly:

« Kainaesyth, move ahead! Tovihasuth, you go with him. I’ll drop behind and let Mazzolyth catch up! Then we’ll close in… »

Tron: If you are a User, then everything you've done has been according to a plan.
Kevin Flynn: Ha! You wish! Well, you know what it was like. You just keep doin' what it looks like what you're supposed to be doin', no matter how crazy it seems.

Zeruth will certainly have a knack for leadership, though perhaps lacking in the aspiration for it to start. He’s young, after all, but in the coming Turns it may be something he will seek — or it will seek him and you as well. He will want to live outside of the shadow of others, constantly striving to be more than just another flashy hide. To be known for his talents and his successful endeavours is almost irresistible to him. There is no set “plan” in his mind. He just goes about his life, together with you, doing what must be done. He does not strive for conquest or power, but neither will he sit idly by. Even in maturity, he will be active and always seeking out something new to test himself with.

He will develop a wanderlust to him that has him desiring to see what is beyond Fort Weyr now that he is capable of going far beyond its walls. With all of Pern his to explore and see, he will want to go and this desire is only aided from the memories he can pluck from your mind of your own travels.

« Where was this?» He’ll bring up images of Eastern.
« It was home once? I’d like to see this first home of yours. »

And from each new place that he goes to, Zeruth will come back wizer for it and he will instill the same in you. For though his urge to travel is often on a whim or spurred from your memories, they are rarely for leisurely reasons. He’s there to explore, to discover and to learn. He will cherish each new experience and use what he will of it to better himself and, in turn, you as you both strengthen and grow and learn together as a pair.

He’ll share a love and interest in all things technological, much like Ciesoveth, but his interest goes beyond just the sleds and flying-based machinery. Zeruth loves anything to do with technology and Landing, as well as some of the more modernized areas of Pern will be among his favorite to visit. No matter how rudementary and simple to the more advanced and complex, if it’s tech based, Zeruth is all over it — or at least sends you to be all over it. He’ll want to know all there is about it: how it works, how it ticks and better yet … how to improve it. Then he’ll happily come home and zip to his weyr to mull over his findings.

« Wouldn’t it be incredible, S’ai, if we could take those irrigation systems we discovered in the South and apply them to one of the cotholds here? You know, the one that always seems to struggle if the spring is too dry… »

He will love to share his suggestions with you, excited even and no matter what your response is he will take it gratefully and willingly. It will remain to be seen if any of his ideas ever take root, as Zeruth’s memory is like any other dragon’s and in a few days his discoveries fade, only to be recovered by you should you ever bring it up again.

Sam Flynn: [about Quorra] She risked herself for me.
Kevin Flynn: Some things are worth the risk.

Maturity brings on another part of Zeruth’s life: mating flights. Oh, he’s been aware of the females for sometime and he’s a bit of a charmer, a harmless flirt around them but usually nothing more. Usually.

Like his sire, Velokraeth, he’ll chase any green and gold on a whim and whenever he can, rather impulsively and often without little warning for the first few Turns of his life. He could be swayed by your preferences either way, but he won’t stop chasing all together.

He approaches flights overall with a laid back attitude. Flights are flights, he is a male and females are pretty and desirable and he loves the thrill of the chase if not just for the chance to hone his skills in intuition and swift thinking and adaptability. A challenge with the chance of snaring the best prize of all in the end!

Should he ever snare a female, green or gold, Zeruth will be smug and validated by the win, knowing that at that time he had used his skills to perfection. If he should lose, he’ll just shrug it off and soar back for his ledge. Wasn’t meant to be and he’s not about to dwell on it. There are bigger things to do and focus on, after all!

If it’s a gold he catches, he will be a loving clutch father when the eggs are clutched and attentive to the gold but he is prone to distraction and unintentional absences from the sands. Not that he means to be but…

« Sorry. I just got caught up in something and must’ve lost track of time… »

For Candidates, he is welcoming of them to see the eggs but aloof and if the gold doesn’t want them around he won’t argue with her. His interest wanes not long after the eggs Hatch and he may only be present if you ever go to visit them as weyrlings. Otherwise, his interest will only resurface when they’ve matured or are close to it and then he will gradually begin to spend more and more time with them, if ever possible.

Kevin Flynn: Life has a way of moving you past wants and hopes.

For all his traits and quirks, Zeruth is a determined “warrior” at heart. He is loyal and his intentions and goals often set towards the benefit of all and not just to himself. There is a willingness to do anything to protect others, no matter what their rank or position may be. Dragon or human, it matters not but most importantly he will fiercely protect those he loves.

In you, S’ai, he could sense this and when he was so young and new from the shell he shared much of the same behaviors and temperament until he grew into his own and shed that mirrored image. He was drawn to you because he could sense you have yet to reach your full potential and to see just how far your inner talents (yes, you have them somewhere in there!) can do, no matter how insignificant they may seem. His confidence in you, from the moment you touched his shell, set him on the path to find you and be your ever supportive grounding centre so you can achieve your own ‘greatness’, no matter what it may be.

He will encourage you to forge your own path, as he has before and to learn to take what you can from your experiences, the success and the failure both and apply it to your life, to grow from it and to continue growing from it and not succumb to that fear. Zeruth will teach you to strive for perfection but not to allow it to corrupt him. He is capable of so much but nothing is ever perfect.

« None of us are, S’ai. Not you, not me or anyone in this vast world. »

To Zeruth, everything in life is a lesson to help you both to grow and even if you were hurt, this is but another lesson to learn and to evolve from. Everything that happens, happens for a reason and the past helps build character and form the building blocks necessary to reach your greatest dreams, goals and potentials. And should you happen to miss one opportunity?

« Another one will appear, S’ai. It always will. »

And he could think of no one better than to wait for that chance again than you, S’ai.


The grid
A digital frontier

I tried to picture clusters of information
As they moved through the computer

What did they look like?
Ships, motorcycles?

Were the circuits like freeways?
I kept dreaming of a world I thought I'd never see
And then, one day I got in


In stark contrast to his clutchsiblings, Zeruth’s mind is darkness. Not a devoid and lifeless darkness, but certainly nothing like their mindscapes of sun and greenery. His mind is filled with eternal night and yet strangely not oppressive. For the darkness is alive with a life of its own, surreal and alien but so much like home to him. His mind is a carbon copy of life; life that has now been ‘digitized’ though no one would have the word for it.

There are no stars, but there is the impression of clouds, roiling and constantly shifting, sometimes accented from light below rather than above. When he’s calm, they are almost invisible among the landscape but if he becomes active, they begin to move and the occasional flash of lightning within sparks in time with his thoughts or his mood. The more excited or eager he becomes, the more active the storm and likewise for moment of anger. In anger, the lightning will arc down in slender bolts and the amount or frequency will give a hint to just how strong that particular emotion may be.

In that darkness, Zeruth’s mind takes further shape. There are landscapes to be seen, but they are hewn of rock-like material, stretching out for as far as the eye can see. In the distance however, black glass and clear, sturdy reflective material take form. Life; but artificial. Surreal, but oddly beautiful and amazing to behold in its simplicity and complexity. It is a city, or the likeness of one, that rises out of the darkness and every sense one made of technology. It’s the spire-like tower in the center that takes focus as it rises and soars up high above the ground below.


There is no greenery here, just lights and circuits and screens, glass and metal. Strange vehicles soar by on their own or following suspended tracks and others race by on the ground, leaving trails of light behind them, but beyond that the world is open to you and any other that Zeruth welcomes. All the structures within the “city” are lit by an ethereal light, some brighter than others. There are lights everywhere and yet the darkness still prevails. His mind is very much in a constant ying-yang flux. Darkness and light, cold and warm, emptiness and life.


His moods affect the lighting of the city and the intensity for which it glows. Shades of blue and white mean calm, peacefulness, happiness and anything positive. Orange and yellow signals one of his negative moods, be it a moment of anger or when he is troubled. White means neutrality, usually when he is lost deep in thought or focused on a task.


There is one place that he keeps secret and well away from any of the main imagery for his mind. This safe zone is far out in the outlands, among the rock-like surfaces and he keeps it hidden away because it is a place where only you may tread with him. This place is very much his safe harbor and one that he keeps for you too S’ai and precious few others. He will take you here, if he ever feels he needs to protect you or shield you from danger. It is also where he goes in his brooding moments, where he withdraws a bit from the world to think.

If he has to pull on memory, he will often do so in the form of a hologram that either floats or reflects on a clear screen. It is disorientating to have an image within and image, but it’s just how Zeruth is, as he he is comfortable in his dark world of glass and stone and digital light because it is his creation. As he grows in the coming Turns, those cities will expand and new structures will be added. His mindscape will evolve with the experiences he shares with you, a digital copied recording of some of the more memorable locations (with some artisitic license on Zeruth’s part) you will share over your lifetime.

His voice is youthful and much like your own, S’ai but carries just a bit of a richer tone as though he has aged just a little more than you have. At times his voice may echo or overlap, even seem to skip or fade in and out like a distorted recording. These occurrences usually come up when he’s heavily distracted or deep in thought and not entirely focused on coherent conversation. Otherwise, his voice is deep and multi-tonal, carrying on with similarities to your own and yet just distinct enough to be his.



Congratulations and Welcome to the insanity that is weyrlinghood at Fort Weyr! We’re glad to have you join us!

The theme this cycle for the eggs was ‘Songbirds’, with the descriptions reflecting the true bird’s egg and maybe a little bit of the bird itself and its habitat and the Copycat Egg was based on none other than, wait for it—- the Mockingbird! It’s original mind name and the mind touches were based on the traits found under the Mockingbird Totem. More information can be found here:

As for Zeruth himself, I hope I did him justice! Going off of what you wrote in your final questionaire and from what I know of the movie Tron:Legacy and what I could research on the first Tron movie. I kind of made him a blend of Kevin Flynn, Tron and Sam Flynn, with a bit of C.L.U thrown in for good measure, wove in some of the traits of the Mockingbird totem and thus Zeruth was formed!

Zeruth’s name comes from two German words: Konzept (loosely for program, notes, rough copy) and Urheber (creator, originator, parent, author). Flipped ‘ur’ around to ‘ru’ and came up with Zeruth! Why those two words? I felt it fit his theme and the preferences you listed in your questionnaire, as he’s largely based on Kevin Flynn’s character, with C.L.U (his copy).

His mind name and description are based entirely on the Grid, the world that makes up the Tron universe, with a few tweaks here and there to give it a bit more depth and to work as a mindscape.

In the end, he is yours to play as you so desire! These RP Tips are just a guideline but are not set in stone.

The Copycat Egg and mind touches were written by Nyalle and Th’ero, while Zeruth was written by Th’ero with some helpful tweaks and additions by Nyalle.

Congratulations again, S’ai and we hope you have a blast with weyrlinghood!

~ Th’ero and Fort SCo


Clutch Siblings

No Harm No Fowl Gold Rhenesath and Thys (Amethyst)
Hidden Wellspring of Strength Bronze Tovihasuth and Br'enn (Brennan)
Wandering Storyteller Bronze Kainaesyth and Ha'ze (Hazelon)
Dreams of a Digital Frontier Bronze Zeruth and S'ai (Sairon)
Transformation of the Spirit Brown Mazzolyth and Rynn (Therynn)
Of Life's Greatest Things Blue Jaicoureth and C'rus (Cyrus)
Challenge the Storms Blue Ciesoveth and Sk'ler (Skyler)
Rising Winter's Dawn Green Livanyth and R'yal (Ravyal)

At a Steady Pace Green Amidaeth and Annah (Ciannah)


Name Bronze Zeruth
Dam Gold Kayeth
Sire Bronze Velokraeth
Created By Th'ero and Nyalle
Impressee S'ai (Sairon)
Hatched 8 June, 2014
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH