He is compact, perhaps one of the smallest of his color, but there is no denying that this is a bronze. What he might lack in size, he more than makes up for in muscle. The muscles of his legs are well developed, and yet lithe. His body over all is lithe, though not overly so, with bright, curious eyes looking out from under average ridges. His coloring starts out as a pale golden bronze on his head, spreading back to midway along his neck. As it goes, it slowly gets darker, deepening to a deep golden red bronze, like the colors of a sun set or sun rise, at his center, and continuing to darken as it spreads down into his tail, going to a coppery color. It fades into a dark bronzen color, almost becoming black in coloring as it reaches the tip of his tail. Throughout this coloring, is a sprinkling of the dark bronze coloring like his tail. The same slow darkening travels down his legs, and ending at his feet, leaving him with obsidian talons. His wings carry the pale golden bronze from his head, along his wing spars. It deepens to a deep copper bronze color as it moves over the sails. His wings too have not escaped the sprinkling of that deep bronze color, though it stays lighter, almost looking to be brown in color.


Oh your little Zephryth is quite the dragon, and one you best be on your toes to handle. As a young dragon, from day one, you will have trouble keeping Zephryth from just running off to explore. Crack in a wall of the barracks? In the wall of the weyr? Or any little cranny, any hole, that you, and or him can fit through? He'll want to check it out, and want to know what's in there. He'll be disappointed if there's not much there to see, nothing that he can take as a souvenir to show the others. But when you or him do find something, he'll covet it, and you'll be hard pressed to get it away from him, or to get him to get rid of it. But there is one time that he truly will sit still, and that's to hear stories. Your adventures, anybodys adventures, he'll want to hear it, and if you don't have any, well, you best be able to read then, because he'll settle for the ones from books just as well. If you or someone else is telling an adventure they had as a candidate, or through life, he'll be an attentive audience, and want to know every little detail, especially if you found anything interesting.

Another thing is that he absolutely /loves/ the water. You'll be hard pressed to get him to leave the lake after a bath, or play time there. Not to mention hard pressed to keep him on the surface. If the waters deep enough, he'll want to dunk his head down, and check out anything that might be under the surface. Which can be a bit of a sad development, considering his home is a land locked Weyr like Fort. But once he can fly, and able to go other places, even to the holds that are on the shores, he'll be ecstatic. Other weyrs, other holds, even just uninhabited islands, there could be treasure there to be found! One other thing is, hope you don't mind late hours, because, no matter what you've done all day long, and no matter how tired, Zephryth will want to go outside, whether in the training grounds, or some place else.. He'll try to bring you with him. Why? Why to look at the sky, and the stars. He loves to star gaze, point out stars, and give them names, unless they have names already. Just wait until he finds out about the space ship, the Yokohama, that's in Pern's orbit. If you've never been there, you likely will go there with Zephryth once you can between. He'll want to go there, even more than once, and wanting to know about everything in it, and of course the views of the world, and space from the bridge. Though, he certainly can't fit up there, he'll be counting on you to send him images.

As weyrlinghood goes on, he'll likely be one of the best students in the class, willing, and excited to learn. He'll show impatience, however, if you are made to do things over and over again, too many times. As he gets older, he'll start taking notice of girls, like all male dragons do, specially of the pretty ones, whether you're interested in them or not. This goes for humans, and especially dragons. He'll also try his best to impress them, but being a hero, protecting them in a fight, or bringing them pieces from his collection of treasures that he's found. This especially goes for girls that you seem to like, and or if you like the rider of a female dragon. His enthusiasm to go exploring will continue well into his life after you two have graduated into the main wings.

When the time comes to start chasing in mating flights, he'll give it his all. Chasing them with his heart, and He'll try sweet talking her, flirting with her, and even complimenting her on her flying skills, or how she shines in the sunlight, how her muscles bulge and move, and, well, you get the idea. A loss can leave him frustrated, but soon as the rush wears off, he'll just shrug it off. Oh well, there's other females out there likely to rise, he'll catch one eventually. A win for him can be a thrill. He'll relax with the female, chill, talk the night away. But by morning, he's ready to move on. Yup, he's the one night stand type. But there are only two times that he is likely to hang on. One if you are interested in her rider, or involved with the rider.

The other is if he's caught a gold. The catching of a gold brings on commitment. He might be begrudging at first, but hell wise up. He knows it's his responsibility. When the eggs are laid on the ground, his want to go exploring will all but disappear, unless he's caught a gold that's not at his home weyr, and then he will want to explore it. He will help protect, and care for the eggs, as much as the gold will allow him to. He's as protective of the eggs as any clutch sire would be, especially if he's been left in charge if the females gone off to feed or something. He won't chase or growl at the candidates; however, as he knows they are just as important to the eggs. But once the eggs are hatched out, and starting their own lives, he'll be all for leaving, as soon as you are up for it.

He will settle down eventually, especially if you've taken someone as a mate. He'll prefer you find interest in someone on a female dragon, after all, all guys like a pretty girl by their side. But he won't protest one riding a male dragon either, just be grumbly for a bit, but he will come to accept it with time, especially if that dragon seems to enjoy exploring almost as much as he does.


Zephryth's mind carries with him the sounds of that violin music that drew in when you touched the egg. Combined with his baritone voice of his, it would be a perfect match, if not for the dark colors that roam through his mind. Mainly rust reds, and dark browns, as well as black. However, while they are dark, they are not oppressing, and with an inner light that seems to shine at just the right times, they can be beautiful as well. The pace of the music rises, and falls depending on his moods, and how he himself is speaking. During times when he's excited, you'll find it difficult to understand him.

« Alright, alright! We found something! Can we keep it? Can we?! » Only for it to die to background music if you say he can't. « Aww! Why can't we?! It's just lying about! »

The music will be at a frantic pace, and the colors will swirl at these times to be almost dizzying. These times will come during your treasure hunts, as well as mating flights.

« I am so going to catch her! She won't see me coming! »

Most of the time, however, it's calm, and at his calmest, you will likely smell the scent of brandy, and tobacco, which can also linger at other times, to make things interesting.

Egg Name and Description

Irony At It's Worst Egg
Description The primary color of this large egg, which is longer than it is wide, is a deep, almost black, navy blue color. There's a light that shatters the darkness near the widest part of the egg. A faint wisp of pale gray has illuminated a ghostly shape seemingly hidden in the murky clutches of bottomless blue. Bars of rust red streak across the egg, coming to a point at the end, and flowing back over the ovoid. There are places along the egg that one could almost perceive where it's seemed to of collapsed inward. Further along the egg, the rusty red seems to almost hang off the side of the egg, like ghastly icicles, that partly cover the colors of metallic grey and pale yellow. The bars of rust red seem to almost crunch together at the apex of the egg, where it fades back into the darkness, leaving one to wonder.

Hatching Message

Still tucked into the burrow it had been laid into, the Irony At It's Worst Egg sits still, and peaceful. But suddenly there is a break in the peacefulness, as the egg gives a jolt. The jolt sends a shudder across the entire shell, sending grains of sand into the air, before it stills again.

The Irony At It's Worst Egg sits perfectly still for a while. But starting slowly, and picking up pace, the egg starts rocking back and forth, right to left, left to right, from where it laid on it's side, like a ship in rough seas. Like a ship cresting a wave, it rocks back to front and back again, tiny cracks finally becoming visible across the shell.

As the rocking continues, the cracks get larger on the shell. The main cracks start at one end of the egg, and spread back, along the shell, before it spiderwebs out, to encompass the entire shell. The egg seems to be collapse with in. Then the shell bulges out, going to the breaking point, before the shell gives way, and sends it's former occupant stumbling back, to wind up sitting on his rump.

Unlikeliest of Heroes Bronze Hatchling sits where he landed for a moment, dazed, and wondering what happened. He gives his head a shake, before he looks around. Oh! A whole new world to explore! He climbs up to his feet, and gives him self a shake off, making sure everythings where it should be, before he heads off toward those white things, pausing as he gets to the closest ones, examining them.

Unlikeliest of Heroes Bronze Hatchling gives a snort. Just not the right ones. He slowly starts down the line of them, pausing to sniff at one or two of them. No no, just not right. A group of girls makes him stop though. Well hello there pretty ladies! He'll give a draconic grin, before he strikes a manly pose. Or, well, as manly as a hatchling can get. How do you like this? I bet you wish you could have a piece of this don't you? But, unfortunately he's on a quest, and he can't waste too much time with the girls, as he's off to find a man.

Unlikeliest of Heroes Bronze Hatchling keeps searching, pausing at each of the guys that he comes across. But none are good enough for what this dragon wants to do. He's looking for fun, and adventure, and none of these guys are adventerous enough. He gives a frustrated snort as he peers at them. Where's the one he wants? Then he spots something. Aha! He picks up the pace, and bounds down the line, pausing before a blue eyed lad, moving to headbutt him in the chest. Sorry to put your plans on hold boy, but we got other stuff we need to do first.

Impression Message

The sights, sounds, and even heat, seem to fade away, as blackness engulfs you. But then a familiar sound fills your ears, it's violin music once again. As the music keeps a slow, energetic pace, there's a light that comes into focus, shedding light on the being that now shares this space with you. « Edrosayen » There's a pause, and a chuckle. « That name of yours takes far too long to say, how can you stand it? » There's the briefest of touches again, before they become strong, holding you in their embrace. « I shall call you, R'oo. Yes, R'oo. Your Zephryth likes that name, short, and quick to say, unlike your old one. Besides, isn't that what your friends call you? I can see why. » There's a pause as the blackness, and the music fades, and you finally see your lifemate, looking at you impatiently. « Now that that is settled, let us get a move on! There is so much of this world to see, and to explore. » There's a pause as you feel a hunger in your stomach. « But first, let's get some food, shall we, we can't explore on an empty stomach! » With that, he'll turn to peer in the direction of where the meat is, before glancing back to you, waiting, while you feel the excitement, and energy from his mind wash over yours.

Clutch Siblings

Gold Vidyazath Impressed to Galina
Brown Macorzath Impressed to J'oan (Joanethen)
Green Zarawith Impressed to Sabrina
Blue Zhieth Impressed to P'rius (Pralius)
Blue Jysaiozetth Impressed to Siobhan


Edrosayen! Roo, R'oo! Welcome to torture, er Weyrlinghood at Fort Weyr, and congradulations on impressing!

Egg Inspiration: Well, if it wasn't obvious, the theme for this clutches eggs was things in/on/under/above the ocean. Zephryth's egg was based on one of the most ironic shipwrecks in history: The Titanic, the unsinkable ship that sunk, and took most of her passengers with her. The mind touches play on the elegance, and grandeur that was experienced on her fateful maiden voyage, with a little bit from the movie thrown in.

Dragon Inspiration: In your questionaire you said you wanted a dragon who would be willing to get up, and go exploring with you. Zephryth is a combination of Indiana Jones, and Jack Sparrow, with just a twist of Han Solo thrown into the mix for the love of space. His desc is based on a bottle of brandy, a common drink that was on the Titanic. Based on this picture: http://www.vodka-perfect.com/images/new/emperuer.jpg The brown parts are meant to be a bit of tobacco thrown in, since cigars, and brandy were often mixed together.

Dragon name: Well, you know what? I tried finding another name, but from the moment I read your questionaire, I absolutely fell in love with the name Zephryth, it's so easy, and fun to say, and most of the rest of SearchCo loved it as well. Being it was your top choice of the names you gave, it was only fitting.

However, this is all just a guideline, and you are welcome to play Zephryth however your heart desires. Either way, I hope you enjoy him, and have fun with him, and welcome to Weyrlinghood, we hope you have fun there too.

Dragon made by Meo


Name Unlikeliest of Heroes Zephryth
Dam Gold Zuhth
Sire Bronze Taozyuth
Created By Meo
Impressee R'oo (Edrosayen)
Hatched August 1 2010
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH