Plucked from the very night skies themselves, it is as though he is in a constant flux between molten and cooled bronze over a frame that is built for strength, with the heat and fire trapped closest to the center of him. Bright copper-colored bronze, an almost fiery orange-bronze in some lights, make up the primary and dominant hue and most prevalent along his deep set chest before it sweeps up over his wings and the curve of his lean, athletic sides to disappear in a gradual fade as it trails back towards his hips and tail. Darkness takes hold over his tapered and wedged shaped head where a truer rich bronze gradually cools to an antiqued shade along his boxy and squared muzzle and out over the crest of his ghostly tints of green and blue reflecting in the light as if weathered by time and travel. It extends out over the crest of his thick and heavy muscled neck and curved ridges, down over his back and out along the back of his wings and long tail in an ever shifting dance between pure, burnished bronze and the darkness that creeps in along the very edges, cool and cold compared to the heat captured in the rest of his frame. Even his limbs, stocky but proportionally short carry that same darkening effect and his talons deepest of all, the only hint of a true nightscape caught in their near ebony sheen. Wings are large and large enough to almost be considered cloak-like — clearly a trait inherited from his dam, with the sails carrying a fading likeness of the copper and orange-bronze before disappearing along the illusioned weathered and battered edges.


Egg Name and Description

Freefall Through the Universe Egg
Dark stone encircles the circumference of this egg at the widest point. Appearing to have been fashioned by design rather than natural occurrence, it bears indecipherable symbols at regular intervals. Contained within the stone is a shimmering clear blue pool, across which irregular diamond patterns seem to waver and dance while the underside of the shell lies in shadow, mysterious and unfathomable. One can almost sense the energy contained within; a seething promise, the taste of things unknown; the scent of far off adventure. Is it a portal to the stars or a passage to disaster?

Hatching Message

Freefall Through the Universe Egg shivers yet again, but this time? This time it does not still. The egg does not burst away, leaving glory behind. No, the egg splinters and breaks, and each new crack breaks off a piece that falls away onto the sands. And when the structural damage is enough, a wing is the first to break through, and then the rest of the body follows. From the confines of this egg comes a slimy, wet bronze hatchling soaked from the nutrients that were once life sustaining. Wings flare, wiggled out in an attempt to dry before they fall limply beside him.

Impression Message

Where did the sands go? They were there just a moment ago. The heat, the humming, the dull thrum of chaos of hatchlings, candidates and the galleries. Now there is nothing before you and then shimmering into view are… the forests? How in the world…? It’s an echo of a shred of one of your memories, of a place visited long or not so long ago. A glimpse, before it vanishes and briefly flickers to the southern jungles only to rapidly shift to the iceberg in the midst of an ocean. Cool and refreshing, at least? Then you feel it brush up against your consciousness, almost as if in a gusty sigh of relief. « There you are! Thought you were so clever and sneaky? Well, I’m just as good! Is that where you got to? Wandering… » It… no, he pauses for his voice is now distinctly masculine as the bond strengthens and emotions of adoration and love begin to filter through. « …astray on me. As’tre? Ah, yes. Much better! How fitting. As’tre, I’m Zeltenith and I think together we’ll make a fine team. Now, I’ve caught the scent of something wonderful that I must have, I’m afraid, right this moment. Come along! Hurry now! » Gone are the ghostly visions of past wanderings and in their stead is a bronze hatchling reaching out to impatiently nudge at your side. Get a move on! Hunger grips, fierce and strong and it’d be best to heed him.

Public Impression Pose
The Star of Destiny Bronze Hatchling reacts as if he was hit with a sudden inspiration, a sudden understanding! Of course! How could he have been so foolish. His chest puffs with a sort of pride as he strides forward just so, full of himself and utterly sure. He makes his way closer to that one, stubbornly moving others aside. Ahem, this one is his. Thank you very much. With the others gone, he settles in front of his messy haired, pale geeen eyed former handyman.


Victoria: [laughs] Well I can't exactly say no after he's gone all the way to Ipswich.

Tristan: "All the way to Ipswich"? Victoria, for your hand in marriage, I'd cross oceans or continents.

Victoria: Really?

Tristan: Yes.

Zeltenith will be, from the very beginning of his life, a handful. Not that he does it on purpose! Not really. He is like an adventurous child, too naive to know that he is blundering right into danger or into a situation that he would rather have avoided. Yet, rather than deter him, each new discovery will only encourage him to push forward in his misadventures. « How was I to know, As’tre, not to dig at that crack in the wall? Who knew where it’d lead to! Now they went and filled it … I wonder if there is another on the other side? »

While he certainly is eager to explore every nook and cranny, he is unlike some of his other clutchsiblings in the fact that he often enjoys his own company (and yours, of course!) without the need for interaction with others. During these times, he is lost in thought as he inspects or investigates something newly discovered. It’s only when he comes to understand this new concept that excitement grips him and he must share that he will draw others in with him. For what fun is adventure if it is to be done alone? If he cannot draw you in, or if you’ve been there the entire time, he will reach for his clutchmates, no doubt weaving the more gullible ones into his blunderings. « Rauskazeth, come here, you have to see this! Bring the others! »

When, at last it, seems that Zeltenith’s unlimited energy is at an end and he finally settles, he may be calm in body but his mind will be far from silent. He will be less invasive in time as he matures, but until then, poor As’tre will find his memories and dreams obsessively studied and observed. For every landscape he finds, every location As’tre’s ever visited, or had brought to his mind from tales spoken, stories read, or sketches seen, Zeltenith will want to know all about them. « Tell me again what the coast is like? No, not that part! THIS part! » And he will pull forth the images, listening raptly to the story behind the travel or adventure, no matter how small or insignificant you may view it, As’tre. It will be the beginning of a far larger, more in depth trait that will grow in time. For now, it’s almost a nuisance as he will insist on having the story behind the image and it won’t matter the time of day, or what As’tre may be up to. You may want to ask for help on taking notes during lessons.

« …Zeltenith, I’m trying to sleep. »

« I know, I know… but tell me again about the forests? What are they like? »

« Which forests…? »

Good luck explaining reality versus fantasy as well! It is a concept that Zeltenith won’t entirely grasp at first, struggling to understand why the forests of As’tre’s memories aren’t the same as the forests plucked from dreams. « How do you know they don’t exist? Why don’t we find out? » It’s not that Zeltenith isn’t clever. In fact, he’s too clever. Far too clever, even for a dragon his age. Is that karma coming back to haunt As’tre for his cheeky remark about dragons hatched dumb? Hardly, but as far as intelligence goes, Zeltenith has it in the bag even if, at times, it appears to be the total opposite. If there is a way to open something, to move or climb over it, no matter what it takes he will figure it out until he’s successful! No obstacle is too great for this bronze! Or so he thinks — of course, most obstacles will be and it will be up to As’tre to come to Zeltenith’s rescue or to persuade him to other tasks. Just don’t expect him to go down without a fight!

Yvaine: You know, it's funny. I used to watch… I used to watch people having adventures. I envied them.

Tristan: You ever heard the expression "Be careful of what you wish for"?

Yvaine: What, so ending up with my heart cutout - that will serve me right?

If there is one thing Zeltenith will be during most of his early months is tenacious and stubborn. Restraint chafes him, much like Rauskazeth, and the more restraint put on Zeltenith the more he will rebel. He may regularly get As’tre in trouble for wandering, for as he grows stronger, he will often slip away on his own when he doesn’t feel as dependent on his rider needing to be constantly at his side. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise if one night or morning that As’tre will wake to find Zeltenith gone, either on the other side of the barracks or out in the field. He won’t go far but he will certainly test those boundaries, the beginnings of a restlessness that he does not yet have the word for. It will come to him and you, As’tre, may already be familiar with this feeling. However, for Zeltenith, he will want to work it out himself. He will begin to envy the older dragons, often seen watching them fly to and from the bowls with a wistful look about him. « As’tre? When will it be our turn? » He will ask, and watch, until he is distracted again by some new curiosity or the day’s lessons.

Tristan: You're the star? You're the star? Really? Oh, wow! I'm sorry, I had no idea you'd be a… Oh, I, may I just say in advance that I'm sorry.

Yvaine: Sorry for what?

Tristan: For this.

[Tristan takes out the enchanted chain and ties it around Yvaine's wrist]

Lessons will be something of a trial for Zeltenith and not for any fault of strength on his part or capability. It’s his focus that is his downfall. His intelligence and sharp mind will need to be stimulated in a way to keep him interested and many of the physical exercises built around routine will be like natural instinct to him, something he absorbs easily. It’s as though he shares a deep connection to his instincts and intuition, as those will come to him without difficulty or very much effort. As for those dull, dry lectures? « Yes, yes. Fascinating. … So is that over there! Come on, As’tre! Let’s move on! » And off he goes! Or he’ll try, anyways. Luring him back may never be an easy task and you will have to be crafty to trick him into it. Of course, he’ll discover he’s been tricked and brush it off with some dry sarcastic remark before relenting. One round won, but how many will you lose after?

Guard: Nobody crosses the wall! You know that! Everybody knows that.

Tristan: You know, I know. I understand. Nobody. Well I better head for the old homestead, then.

Guard: Good night, then. Good night, Tristan.

Tristan: Good night.

[Tristan turns around and runs to cross the wall like Dunstan had done but the guard stops him and begins to hit him with his wooden cudgel. Tristan ends up on the ground]

Guard: [casually] Off you go.

When it comes time to learn how to fly, both unmanned and manned, that Zeltenith’s restlessness will blossom into an itch. « Not that kind of itch. This… can’t be oiled. It’s different. You understand, don’t you? Why won’t they let us go ! » He’ll prowl the grounds in eager anticipation for each lesson, throwing himself headlong into the exercises and As’tre will really have to fight to keep him from just … flying away and having half the Weyr’s dragons bear down on him in an attempt to snare him and drag him back — kicking and screaming if they have to! « But it feels so right! Why do they keep us to such boring and restrictive laps! Bah! I want to see how high I can go! I know when I need to stop! » If there’s anyone who he will always listen to, it will be his As’tre and if there’s any time that your bullheadedness will ever come in handy… it would at times like these! For no matter how much Zeltenith yearns for more, he will always (eventually) submit to As’tre’s reasoning.

It’s through personal experiences like these that Zeltenith will begin to grow in a way that allows him to understand the concept and strength behind friendship, family and being sociable. Where once he would prefer mostly his own company, now he begins to seek out and include others in his wanderings and explorations, should they agree. If not, well… « Their loss! But if I find something, I’m taking all the credit! »

Victoria: You can't cross the wall. Nobody crosses the wall. Now you're just being silly.

Tristan: I'm not being silly. I'd do it. For you, I'd do anything.

Tristan: Well… Look, Yvaine, you'll understand when you meet her, all right? If we don't get murdered by pirates first.

Yvaine: Mmm… Murdered by pirates. Heart torn out and eaten. Meet Victoria. I can't quite decide which sounds more fun…

Adulthood will be a critical milestone for Zeltenith, his itch having gained a name and his wanderlust alongside his appetite for freedom will no longer be so bound by Weyrlinghood. His strong instincts, intuition, clever and intilligent mind will make him a bronze to be reckoned with. New paths and journeys away him in adulthood and he’s going to rush into them pell mell if he can! It will be a glorious day indeed when he and As’tre receive their first rotation of sweep riding or messenger duty to the outlying holds. It will be a source of freedom and adventure that he so longed for. His seeking for adventure and exploration will continue, and if neither of these happen during your outings? He’ll be content with the fact that he’s managed to escape the Weyr for awhile.

Yet it will never be enough, though he will always return to Fort Weyr, he will always want « … to go a little further this time, As’tre! We made it as far as the mountains before. I saw it in your memories, though I don’t recall it so clear myself. Maybe we missed something! »

That is one blessing of the short memories dragon’s possess, but Zeltenith has found a way around it by pure accident. However, it is not fool-proof, his method of delving into As’tre’s memories, old and new, to pluck the inspiration behind one reason or another to wander away and explore. From this, he may develop a fascination with Southern or the older, and wilder parts of the North.

Tristan: I find the fastest way to travel is by candlelight.

[showing the candle]

Yvaine: You've got a Babylon candle!

If there is another element that Zeltenith excels at, that is his skill with Between. He has an uncanny sense of direction, as most dragons do, but for him he has almost mastered it to a fine art. Again, his natural flare for instinct and intuition favor him here and there is no doubt that he will be top of the class when it comes to the exams. He will always know when and where he is, even if the image given would set some rider’s on edge. Again, Zeltenith will need restraint here, as he will at times be overconfident about his abilities and take unnecessary risks. « As’tre, relax! We were perfectly fine! I said to think of home, we thought of home… Well, you thought of the Weyr and I thought of the forests because your mind began to wander and I figured … Oh what’s it matter? We arrived above the forests and midway to Fort! »

Zeltenith will also begin to take a deeper interest in his other half, his life long partner and none other than As’tre himself! Not that he didn’t before but now he develops an almost protectiveness over him that usually is displayed when a dragon is young. He understands the deep value of friendship and family and does not seek to quell the kindness and good nature in As’tre (he encourages it!) but rather to temper it. Not that it will be overbearing, but Zeltenith will always be consciously aware of the relationships As’tre forms or the type of people he associates with. If he feels any lingering doubt, he will speak up and while never coating the truth, he will try to pass it off with a bit of humor — if he can. He’ll always warn: « Personal boundaries! Don’t expose so much of yourself to them. I’m not sure if they can be trusted. » He does this out of his fierce love for As’tre, not wanting to see him hurt by those shadier types who would use his good nature against him.

Tristan: You know you sort of - glitter sometimes. I've just noticed it. Is it… Is it normal?

Yvaine: Let's see if you can work it out for yourself. What do stars do?

Tristan: Hmm… Attract trouble?

Flights will be something of an enigma to Zeltenith. Oh, he understands the nature behind them and the instinctive drive that fuels them, but beyond them? That is unfamiliar territory. He will do his best to woo and flirt with the green or gold he is interested in attracting, but rarely will it ever quite go as planned. Normally so assured with himself, he’ll revert back to a bit of his naive and fumbling self and… often go a bit too far in his attempts to impress the ladies.

Tristan: Victoria, for your hand in marriage, I would go to the gold fields of San Francisco and bring you back your weight in gold. I'd go to Africa and bring you back a diamond as big as your fist. Or I'd go to the Arctic and I'd slaughter a polar bear and bring you back its head.

[Victoria has been moving closer, about to kiss him, but suddenly she recoils]

Victoria: [disgusted] A polar bear's head? Ugh! You're funny, Tristan.

Now, that won’t stop him! Once the flight begins, Zeltenith will pour all his strength and cunning into it, for what is a flight but just a brief and passionately lived adventure? With a bonus! Lacking much self control in his youth, Zeltenith may not be often the winner or he will by sheer luck and determination, but often his decision not to temper himself will have him tiring, but pushing on, to the very end! If he wins, he will triumphantly boast that it was all worth it. But if he loses? He’ll return to his ledge and wallow to sulk… for a little while at least. Just long enough to regain his strength and then it’s back to the old routines again.

Should your Zeltenith happen to catch a gold and to sire a clutch? Well, his wanderlust will temporarily cease. It may be fortunate for you, or unfortunate with how you look at it. He will not want to leave his golden maiden’s side, with a constant desire to be on the sands with his clutch and his children. He will be fiercely protective of his brood, and some may wonder if he’s not the clutchmother in disguise! He will, begrudgingly, accept candidates onto the Sands to touch the eggs. It would likely be a better idea to convince him that he should hunt for the clutchdam so that he’ll be distracted for some time. When those eggs finally hatch? His wandering ways will begin to return, slowly, as the memory begins to fade. Until the memory fades, he will check in on his young children until he is not compelled to do so by memories. Even if he draws the memories in from your own mind, he knows when to let his grown children go.

In the end, Zeltenith is the epitome of the wild spirit. He chose As’tre as his because he could sense in him the same wanderlust and taste for exploration and adventure that was to develop in time within him. Just as he needed a guide to discover that and all of his full potential, so will Zeltenith guide As’tre in discovering his strengths and potential, as well as seek out new friendships and familial bonds, be it with his fellow weyrlings or with other riders and folk of all ranks. He will show As’tre how to tap into his natural instincts and intuition and to learn to balance his taste for wanderlust with moments of tranquility and home while still being a beneficial part to the Weyr, no matter which path As’tre decides to follow in the Turns to come. New paths and new journeys await and Zeltenith is there to show As’tre the unlimited freedom at hand!


The place within Zeltenith’s mind is distinctive, so distinctive that you will always be aware of when you’ve been drawn into the world that is his mind. Yes, his mind is a world that expands as far as he can imagine and growing even further as the days pass. While he may not remember all the places his mind extends, there is always one that acts as the hub of activity. This small village is quaint, with buildings of brick and stone, with roofs that are thatched and some made of stone. It is a place unlike As’tre has ever seen, a place that may exist in only stories or only within Zeltenith’s mind.


When you are first drawn into this village, there is only one home. But, as time goes on? This village begins to expand, outwards. However, the growth does stop and a wall is built at part of the perimeter of the village. It’s made of stone, with one little part that happens broken open but never quite repaired. There’s no reason he gives you for this, simply that it is that way for a reason.


While this is not the most intriguing part of his mind! Oh no, this is just the surface of his mind. Should you grow curious at one point, and decide to spend your time exploring this mindscape he has sculpted to reflect on his adventures, you may be most surprised. Each house of the village contains a memory, a memory of each one of your adventures. However, each time you visit the house may not contain the same memories. Just as you grow and forget things, he too, forgets things. While some may consider this sad, it is not something that troubles him as a new memory will soon replace the old. No home is ever empty, each is filled with a particularly splendid adventure.

However, should he draw another into his mind, they would not see this village. Instead? Some may see a mountainscape, that begs to be explored. Others are greeted with a forest, green in color that shoot upwards into the sky that almost give no view of the sky above. Yet, these places tend to be welcoming to those who wander but they never will see the inner depths of his mind. As’tre, you are the only one who knows this deepest part of his mind.


His mind often portrays his scenery at night, with stars speckled about the sky, flickering as stars do. However, as his mood shifts the scene follows. Seasons, morning, and the weather are all changed to emphasise exactly how he is feeling, even if his words may not entirely match.

His voice itself is a young baritone, often carrying an energetic or naive air to his words. He speaks with an energetic pitch, often exciting and inspiring, bright and engaging. Scents of home accompany his voice, as a gentle reminder for when you travel. However, exotic spices, the scents of nature such as the trees or flowers, and the occasional scent of wood burned smoke that grows stronger when something draws in his curiosity or interest.


Jastre, Jastre, Jastre! Or, should we say As’tre? Can we mention how glad we are that you managed to wander astray into our Weyr? ;) On a more serious note: Welcome to Weyrlinghood and we’re so glad we get to keep you! Let us tell you a bit about your dragon and what he’s based on.

Freefall Through the Universe Egg is based upon the Star Gate from the Star Gate movies and TV series. The mind touches are all representative of the passage through the gate, which you can see in a short clip here: This egg was written by D’ani with our egg theme being sci-fi/fantasy objects.

Next, we come to the name. Jastre, you asked for meaning behind your dragon’s name and you also requested the letter Z. I began searching for words that would fit into what you were wanting in your dragon in the most simple of terms. I searched for the words “adventure”, “exploration” and “curiosity”. I came across the word “selteneith”, and after a few modifications the name Zeltenith was born. His name means curiosity, which shines brightly into his inspiration.

As for Zeltenith himself, he is a mixture of the wolf totem,Tristan ( and Yvaine ( from Stardust, along with a few of Jastre’s traits thrown into the mix. Most of all, he was written to be the companion that would encourage and welcome the wandering urge to explore. We loved that your character was a wanderer, an explorer, someone who would likely seek the deepest secrets around Pern and we wanted to give you a companion that matched your character.

Tristan, the protagonist of Stardust, is a young man who’s fallen in love with a girl who views herself as out of his league. But, he also dreams of exploring, seeing other parts of the world and travelling. We felt that Tristan was such a fit to what we had in mind for your dragon, so we couldn’t resist in making him the base of your dragon. But of course, that’s just part of who your Zeltenith is. Yvaine is a star that’s fallen, and we’ve used her as another part of your dragon. She’s heavily influenced his description, thus where his hatching name has come from. She, naturally, plays a part in his personality and how he responds to As’tre.

The Wolf Totem is known to represent spirit, strength, family, intelligence, new paths and journeys, inner strength and intuition. It is the epitome of the wild spirit, which is exactly what Zeltenith is. For more information on wolf as a totem, check out this link:

Last but not least, your dragon was written primarily by Th’ero with some help from Dtirae..

Clutch Siblings

Follow Me Into the Sunlight Bronze Sharuth - So'l
Show the World Our Desire Brown Rauskazeth - Lana
Stalker Girlfriend Green Typriaeth - Anique

The Answer to the Question Brown Devinth - Marin
The Puzzle Solver Blue Jadzeth - S’ki (Iskim)
Five More Minutes Blue Zleeth - N’an(Ennrian)
Don’t Text and Drive Green Kedizeth - F’rari(Firarrion)


Name Zeltenith
Dam Gold Kouzevelth
Sire Bronze Dremkoth
Created By D’ani, Dtirae, Th'ero
Impressee As’tre (Jastre)
Hatched 26 July, 2013
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH