There is nothing about this dragon which is soft and giving, nothing in her form which suggests weakness or imperfection. Every single inch of her gleaming sea-green hide is polished, faultless impeccability. The ridges which march down her neck, back, and tail are precisely shaped like peaking waves, and colored darkly, save for the froth-white tips. Her broad wing-sails are similarly dark, though the spars show up in a vivid contrast, the same sea-green as most of the rest of her hide. Along the insides of her legs, her belly, the bottom of her tail, and the tender hide of her throat and chin, there are brighter, lighter striations, like light thrown up from the undulation surface of the ocean to caress her undersides. Strength emanates in the lines of her face, in the stern, severe slope of her eye ridges. Around the whirling jewels of her eyes, dark shadows play, lending mystique and allure to her gaze. Her frame is spare, and thin, lean in a way that lends itself to lightning speed and incredibly agility. Nothing about her is over-long or too-short - her proportions are exactly perfect, and coupled with her lithe musculature, she has the appearance of a sprinter - powerful and very fast in short bursts.


Sabrina is hers, and she is Sabrina's, in that order. At first it will be overwhelming, having a mind as strong as Zarawith's intertwined with your own. Being so young, she will not know how to restrain herself, and may simply bulldoze over your objections to get what she wants. Expect headaches, moodswings, and perhaps a tougher time than other Weyrlings adjusting to your bond. Zarawith doesn't consider herself "just a green." She's Zarawith, and her color won't stop her from doing /anything/ that she wants to do. Only you, Sabrina, can guide her course, and turn her ferocious nature into a beneficial force. It will be particularly difficult right at first for you to make her submit to your will, but with perseverance and time and love, you will be able to tame her tempestuous nature and work as a true team.

However, as hard-edged as this green initially appears, she's not all selfishness. She's also ambitious. She wants to succeed. At something. Her goals may be hazy, at first, but she knows as soon as she cracks shell that nothing but the best will do for her. That's why she picked you, Sabrina, after all! With her daredevil attitude and her drive to succeed, it's quite possible that you and she would be excellent for the Search & Rescue wing. Should you enter competitions, watch out - she will be driven to win. Losses will be hard for her, and she'll sulk, until her hurt pride fades in the haze of dragon memory.

Zarawith has a habit of digging wallows in the soft cool earth to nap in, and especially loves coating herself in mud and feeling wet sand squish between her toes. There are few things she enjoys as much as watching a storm, unless that's flying in one, amongst the clouds. While in the air, she tends to show off, with a lot of fancy moves, tight turns, loops, and tricks. Swimming is another pastime of hers, and while lakes are fine, the ocean, in all its moods and climates, suits her best.

There are surprising quirks to Zarawith's personality, as well. She likes wherry best of all, but they're even better with cress for flavor. She has a lot of fun fishing in the ocean. Dolphins are a particular favorite of hers, and she will spend hours cavorting with them if allowed. Her favorite color is blue. And she loves to give Sabrina suggestions for how to dress, do her hair… and style the hair of others. She also might not be above a little helpful scheming - if Sabrina needs the business, it's possible Zarawith might "accidentally" drool on someone's hair, and then oh-so-innocently suggest that her rider can make it better than new.

Physically, Zarawith is perfectly proportioned, and quite vain about her appearance when she wants to be. During Weyrlinghood, shell have several extra-itchy spots - her underbelly, all four of her paws (especially between the digits), and all along the spars of her wings. When not actively getting herself dirty, Zarawith will demand that her appearance is perfect. This might include filing, polishing and yes, maybe even painting her talons. A little bling around her headknobs and on her straps certainly won't be objected to, either.


Zarawith's mind is like the vast ocean and the unending sky. The weather of her mind-scape is not always predictable. Sometimes she will be as bright and harsh as the noon sun in a cloudless sky over still equatorial waters, other times she'll be as ominous and threatening as dark thunderheads sparking on the horizon of a gray northern sea. When she is roused to anger or frustration, or caught in the passionate throes of a mating flight, her mind will be like a storm, a terrible tempest that must spend itself to exhaustion before calm is allowed. On rare occasions, the seascape of her mind will be warm and balmy, soothing and blue and soft, like a gentle summer breeze over frothy little waves - but always the clouds linger on the horizon, ready to blow in at a moment's notice.

When she's young the squalls and gusts and windstorms will be terrible, sudden, and short-lived. She will be impatient with structured learning, hard-pressed to pay attention to lessons but eager to try new experiences, even if she doesn't know all the pitfalls involved. From the very beginning, Zarawith will be fearless, and that perhaps is something which endangers her - she'll need you, Sabrina, to talk her out of some foolish stunts.

Her fearless nature lends itself to a willingness to lead her clutch siblings, and to goad them on for any hesitation that they might display. Of other dragons, she has very little regard, save for the few who belong to Sabrinas closest friends, and for the queens of Fort Weyr.

As she grows, the stormy sea-scapes of Zarawith's mind will even out, but always, always the horizon will be smudged with waiting tempests. Zarawith will reluctantly, and after great trials, come to see the advantages of patience, but her nature will always be impetuous and eager, impatient and daring. She will, at first, give very little, if any, thought to anyone but herself, and her beloved Sabrina. Only a few exceptions will be made, for Sabrina's sake, for the people that Sabrina loves and their lifemates. Consideration is not something that will come naturally to Zarawith, with the one exception being toward you, Sabrina. Compassion for others will be something she might learn, over time, as she feels it vicariously through her lifemate.

During flights Zarawith is a force of nature, a storm of enormous destructive power unleashed on the waiting males who dare to chase her. She will not rise any more or less than any other green. Her proddy cycles will be short - just a couple of days long - and fierce, and the psychic spill-over to you, Sabrina, could manifest in any number of whirlwind emotions. She wont blood any kills. When she rises, it will be short and hard and fast, with mind-boggling acrobatics in the air, and defiance of any who try to tame the furious blitzkrieg that is Zarawith. More likely than not, especially in her first few flights, she may actually injure her pursuers with tooth and claw.

Egg Name and Description

Terrible Tempest Egg
Description There are mostly two colors to this egg: blue and white. On one side of the egg, the deep blue of a perfectly calm ocean sits undisturbed and fathomless. Through a trick of the light, one can almost pretend that that blue really /is/ water, for it glistens wetly. On the opposite side of the egg is a small round eye of the same blue, but it's surrounded by tumultuous white, swirling counter-clockwise in ripples and eddies. The white is actually something that can be felt, a different texture to that section of the shell, standing up in ridges and bumps in stark contrast to the smooth slickness of the blue parts. Trailing arms spiral out from the bulk of the white, becoming more slender and delicate the farther they reach, until they, too, blend into the deep blue.

Hatching Message

Terrible Tempest egg starts a slow spin out of its little wallow in the sands. The spinning gets faster and faster, until the white whorls on the surface of the blue shell truly look like a storm seen from above. After several seconds of whirling around, the egg falls from its wallow and rolls across the sands, finally coming to rest against a little dune.

Terrible Tempest egg makes a loud noise, almost like the crack of thunder, and jagged black lines break up the white ridges and slick blue of the shell. It spins around for good measure a few more times, and tiny chips start to fall off and sprinkle over the sands around it, falling like rain and small hail stones.

Terrible Tempest egg makes one final, savage spin, enormous chunks of the shell fly away, hopefully missing the other hatchlings and the candidates ringing the eggs. Out twirls a large green hatchling, neck and tail and wings flopping hither and thither, caught in the wind of her own motion. She finally spills onto the sand and rolls down a little dune, popping up woozily a few seconds later, coated in egg-goo and sand and hissing furiously, eyes red with hunger.

Tempestuous Temptress Green Hatchling staggers slowly to her feet, covered in sand, eyes red with hunger, wobbly on her feet, ungraceful for the first of only a few rare times in her life. She creels, the sound loud and piercing, and it seems like the noise surprises her. It doesn't scare her, though. Neither does the tumultuous noise from the galleries, the looming forms of her parents and the other watching dragons on their high ledges, the ungainly figures of her siblings, and the uncertain candidates in their white robes. She plants her feet firmly under her and shivers all over, trying to shake off some of the sand coated to her beautiful green hide. When that doesn't really work, she heaves a gusty sigh and gets down to the business of finding her lifemate.

Tempestuous Temptress Green Hatchling prowls as quickly as she can over the sands and toward the waiting humans, her head swiveling from one side to the other, eyes trained on each person as she approaches them. She pauses just in front of each candidate, though her pauses are longer in front of the females. She stops in front of a blonde and actually hisses her displeasure before going on. No, no, wrong, wrong, hiss, growl! Her eyes whirl faster and faster as she becomes more and more agitated. One brunette girl stumbles back with a cry when the green's eyes meet hers, literally thrown off-balance by the force of the green's searching mind.

Tempestuous Temptress Green Hatchling prowls along through the candidates with more and more frustrated motions, making impatient sounds as she goes. None of them are good enough, it seems, and there is an edge of frantic frenzy in the quiver of her sand-coated wings. She stops in her tracks and lets out a demanding keen. Those wings of hers flare out as wide as they go, and this new they're nearly translucent. Then the noise cuts off and her head swivels unerringly toward a certain girl. Then she takes off, her movements awkward but fast as she trundles through the sand and fetches up at the feet of a hazel-eyed, green-haired hairdresser. She sits back on her hind legs and stretches her head toward Sabrina, her eyes locking onto those of her chosen.

Impression Message

Red-hued eyes latch onto yours, and a cold demanding wind sweeps through your mind, searching into the deepest parts of you for something, a keening note of desperation underlying it all. Then without warning that cold wind is a gale, a tornado, a lonely hurricane flattening every obstacle in its path. The winds surround your mind, and suddenly… something clicks. Something slides together in just the right way, fitting perfectly, and those winds become warm and soothing. The raging storm dies down, but the warm breeze bears you up, cradles you, wraps you in love and acceptance and you know that nothing will ever be the same. « Sabrina, » comes her voice, low and gusty. « I've found you. You're mine! » There is undeniably a claim in that statement, made without hesitation or even a shadow of a doubt. You will never, ever be alone again. « And I am your Zarawith. » You feel a sensation, as if buoyed up by warm waves, and you rock together, floating with Zarawith, with your lifemate. In that moment, everything is serene, everything is perfect and blue and warm and lovely. There exists in this moment warmth of the breeze above you, the coolness of the water you float on, the salty tang of the sea, of the life it brings, the scent of ozone in the air and life-giving rain on the wind, salt in your mouth. Nothing can ever separate you. Nothing can ever weaken this bond. Unfortunately, you cannot live in this moment forever, and a sharp pang of hunger twists through your stomach. « Sabrina, » she says, her tone already demanding. « You will teach me so much, and together we will be unstoppable. But right now, I'm /hungry/! »

Clutch Siblings

Gold Vidyazath Impressed to Galina
Bronze Zephryth Impressed to R'oo (Edrosayen)
Brown Macorzath Impressed to J'oan (Joanethen)
Blue Zhieth Impressed to P'rius (Pralius)
Blue Jysaiozetth Impressed to Siobhan


With so much freedom to work with, Zarawith is based largely on the personality that started to show itself in the mind touches of her egg, Terrible Tempest. I tried to keep her consistent with the Eye of the Storm mind, because of the reasons you stated you liked it - "…it doesn't conform to the niceties the other eggs try to keep to. It runs in, finds what it wants and runs back out and doesn't care who gets hurt in the process."

In deference to Sabrina's profession, hair-dresser, I gave Zarawith a girly edge, but not /too/ much of one.

Her name is pretty, and not too long, as requested, and like all the other hatchlings of this clutch, and their parents, there is a Z in there. How you pronounce it is up to you!

Her color was inspired by the ocean itself, and in particular by this picture:

Above all else, Zarawith is your dragon. Play her as you wish, and have fun!

Dragon by Mlo.


Name cell-content
Dam Gold Zuhth
Sire Bronze Taozyuth
Created By M'lo
Impressee Sabrina
Hatched August 1 2010
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH