Right Guy, Right Time… Worst Date EVER Blue Ystavanth

Roses are red and this dragon is blue, dressed up to the nines in an indigo hue. Undeniably dapper despite his flaws, his fine-tailored satin hide is a silken smooth suit, shining across the suave curves of his sleek physique. A lustrous glow highlights the thread-fine pinstripes that ripple over his musculature with every step he makes and every breath he takes. The debonair cant of his fine-formed head leaves him dashingly handsome, even taking into account the unusual convexness of his profile, which contrasts the enviable ideality of his just-so headknobs. They are pitch-dark, oil-slicked and shiny, their blackness fading along the faultless ridges that run evenly spaced down his arching neck. The sophisticated shade of his couture hide is broken by a snowy flash on his chest, struck through the centre by an inky silk swathe that runs from breast to sternum - a colour echoed on the sails of his wings, which are not quite exquisitely proportioned for his stately size. Rather, their over-expanse of nightshade blue would seem more at home on a much larger dragon, while their very edges, neat as they are, present ghirardelli whorls to match the wingtip brown of his sizable dark forefeet, the sweetest finishing touch to his elegant ensemble.

Egg Name and Description

Last Minute Egg
It's an egg only a mother could love, really. I mean, who puts those sorts of colors together? Red, pink, purple, orange, green, and some kind of muddy mess as if the creator mixed all the colors together "just to see what would happen". It's not artfully designed, either. There are no patterns, no defined edges, no artful swirls. It's just a mess of blotches of paint and…is that glitter?

Hatching Message

Red, pink, purple, orange, green… colour matters no more as the muddy mess of Last Minute Egg's glitter-splodged shell is pierced by one egg-goo covered paw. There's a tap-tap-tapping from within - can I come out now? - before a sticky nose breaks through, followed by another paw, then another… and hey look, it's a walking egg! Not really… for once that fourth paw breaks through the egg can take no more. The remains of the shell crumble away, sticking to the hide of the bemused little blue who's now free to face the world.

Impression Message


Your thoughts may have been filled with anxiety, excitement, the heat of the Sands burning through the soles of your sandals… but now everything is warm, like being wrapped in the most delicious hug in the arms of someone you love. Who loves you, unconditionally. Forever. « Teena? » A husky baritone, sweetened by the lusciousness of chocolate that cocoons you in its delectable embrace. Is that what's so comforting about all of this? As his mind melds more with your own, in those unforgettable first seconds of Impression, the scent mellows. Is that red wine? Strawberries? Red rose petals, fluttering down to settle satin-soft on your skin? Everything is red, a colour as deep and as vibrant as you know your Ystavanth's love is for you. « Will you be mine, Teena? »



First and foremost, Ystavanth is romantic to the core. More than the typical dragon bond, he's completely, utterly, absolutely in love with you. You're the Lily to his Snape. The Morticia to his Gomez. The Monica to his Chandler… except you're not quite that OCD, are you? What we're trying to say here is that you've hooked yourself a real love-for-life here, who's just as eternally adoring as Snape, as devoted as Gomez, and as hapless in love as poor Chandler. Plus, he's downright quirky, as only a combination of all three of these guys could be.

As much as you're his heart and soul, Ystavanth's also in love with life and everything in it. You're his number one girl, Teena… but don't be surprised if he's got a number one green (different every sevenday!), a number one month, a number one… well, everything. Anything. The bulk of his love will be bestowed on you, but he's got plenty to share - and he loves to dole it out.

He treasures his time with you, and likes to show his appreciation that you chose him - even if it was he who chose you. Once a month, and you may have to remind him since dragons are terrible at time-keeping, he'll be extra attentive to you. It'll be your day. Teenaday. Like a date. He's quite good at finding out what's going on around Pern without you knowing, and he'll demand you visit the most exciting place on Pern that day for a wonderful day with just the two of you. The only problem is… they're not always the most exciting places. Definitely not date material, anyway!


This is where the Chandler Bing in him kicks in. If you've ever watched Friends, then you'll know just how not-so-great everyone's favourite sarcasm source was when it came to wooing the ladies. For turns to come you'll be laughing about the time he insisted you pack a picnic and go watch the Minecraft demolishing an old mine… only to get caught downwind of the explosion and end up covered in dust. Or the time he insisted on going to Stonehaven to watch them cull beasts for the Turnover feast. Certainly he means well - his intentions are the very best, in fact - but he just doesn't get the whole concept that a date should be romantic for both of you, not just what he thinks romance should be. But, just like Monica, you'll love him and his efforts anyway… even if you're left wondering what on Pern made him think about taking you for a day out in Igen's hottest desert.

[[f> image ysta6.jpg width="200"]]
Your lifemate may be romantic… but it's his very own brand of Ysta-romance, which isn't always everyone's cup of tea. This is something that might take some getting used to in your early days together. You know how cats bring home little trophies for their owners? Dead mice, decomposing frogs and the like? Ystavanth is going to be very much like that. Don't be surprised if he sneaks away from you while you're getting some much-earned rest, so that he can find the perfect gift for you to wake up to. What's perfect? Well. It could be someone's shiny boot. An oiling brush. A hunk of meat that he's knocked the barrels over to get, just for you. He'll certainly go to great lengths to ensure the physical manifestation of his adoration… Hopefully, for both of your sakes, he'll not get into too much trouble in his little gift-seeking missions.

This is something that will continue when he gets older, except you won't then be the sole recipient of his special presents. That green he's taken a shining to this sevenday? She can expect to be festooned with all sorts of weird and wonderful gifts throughout the course of his infatuation. That brownrider you've had your eye on, but haven't quite expressed your feelings to yet? Yep, Ystavanth will say it for you with a dead ovine, a small tree, or some other inappropriate gift left on the poor guy's ledge. There's really no limitation to what he'll pick up as a token of his - or your, as the case may be - affection. Since it's all so well-meant it probably won't get you into too much strife with your fellow Fortians, but you may have to become adept at soothing ruffled feathers if Ystavanth decides to declare your love for someone who's already mated to another.

His expressions of love go beyond feelings felt by the two of you. Ystavanth is not above meddling in other folks' love affairs. He's quite perceptive to lovey-dovey feelings - perhaps it's pheromones or something in the air? Whatever the reason, he's quite good at sniffing out crushes and identifying fanciful yearnings… but he's also good at listening in to whatever everyone else is saying, to pick up on would-be clues that Foo has a thing for B'ar. Think of him as Fort's hapless Cupid, because he believes he knows what's best for everyone else's relationships. While this in itself isn't exactly a horrible thing… he does have a tendency to broadcast whatever he finds out to anyone and everyone.

« Thys likes A'ki, but A'ki doesn't know! Don't you think she should show him how she feels by giving him the best ovine in the pens? »

He can't help it. He just gets so excited! In reality he's utterly clueless about what he's doing and his advice is generally useless, but sssh. Don't tell him that. He gets a kick off just having the chance to change the stars for would-be couples.

Despite his adoration, it's not all about you. Just as he'll insist that he treats you to gifts and dates, he'll also insist on being the centre of attention himself every now and again. We're not just talking scrubbing and oiling and general maintenance - he'll expect to be full-on pampered. Gifts are encouraged during this time… gifts of all kinds. Edible ones are good, and he'll be curious enough to try whatever you offer him so it mightn't have to be entirely grisly! But what you should anticipate is that he'll ask - no, demand - that you take a day off from wing duties to pander to his every whim for the day.

« Hey, Teena, did I take you on a date lately? »

» Uh… yes. Why? «

« Oh good. Then it's my turn today. I'll let Velokraeth know we're taking the day off. »

While in general Ystavanth is good with words, he actually, and surprisingly too, perhaps, excels at poetry. The sole subject of these poems is you - and they're all centered on the very real fact that he utterly adores you. He'll come up with a new poem pretty frequently, just little three-five liners, sometimes rhyming, sometimes not. You'll learn to carry a notepad with you at all times so that you can write it down, whenever his inner bard shares something new. Chances are, he'll be asking you later in the day what it was he said, and if you've not got it written down, well… let's just say he'll be a grumpy butt until he wakes up next morning without a clue what happened the day before.

His way with words extends into sarcasm, too - an art that not many dragons have mastered. Ystavanth has quite the sense of humour, including a tendency to whip out a one-liner when he's nervous. Why? Because he believes laughter is a good ice-breaker. And even if you don't laugh, that oh-no groan is still going to lighten the mood a bit - hopefully.



There are three main influences here for your dragon. The pinstripe suit comes from Gomez's typical attire… but a blue satin version, as that's far more romantic! There is an homage to Severus Snape and to the great man himself, Alan Rickman, in his aquiline nose, and lastly, there's a return to the 'not-so-perfect perfect date', in that he's a pretty dashing fella even with his flaws. He's even carrying chocolates. Ghirardelli, no less!

In terms of size, Ystavanth is pretty much as big as they come. All the better to show himself off! He takes after his mum with his conformation, in that he's got a compact figure, except where she's a little heavy in build Ystavanth is more lean and streamlined. He's well-muscled but not overly so, and he's got wings that, when he's hatched at least, seem a size too big for him. Whether he'll grow into them or not is up to you! And while Rhenesath is homely, your boy got the handsome genes from somewhere down the line - for even with his unusually aquiline nose, he's actually darned good looking.

The way he moves will change through his life. At first, and perhaps even throughout his first year, he's very uncoordinated. He'll take time to figure out how his four legs work - and that's without even taking into consideration his wings! Just as Chandler is a one of the most awkward dancers, Ystavanth is just as hapless as Bambi on ice. He will figure it out eventually… probably when you've given up hope of ever having a graceful dragon.


When he does get his head around the complicated task of making each limb move as they should, he'll actually end up being pretty smooth. Your first flight, for example, may take longer to achieve than the others because Ystavanth will probably fall on his face more often than he manages to take off, but when he gets it? You'll have one of the most bump-free take-offs ever. Landing? Well. That'll take practice. But as they say, practice makes perfect and he will perfect it. In fact, he'll get it so perfect that it'll leave you guys in high demand for transport or search and rescue missions that require absolute precision. He might even give trick-flying a try… but whether or not he'll be good at it is up to you. If you've not got the stomach for loop the loops, Teena, then he'll not pursue it. You're his number one girl, after all!


It may come as no surprise by now, but your boy was made to romance, Teena. As such, he'll want to chase in every flight he can… and he will rise for every green unless you keep a tight rein on him. How could you possibly get through life if you're forever being dragged to the pens on the brink of flight-lust? It's going to be a real exercise in control for you, but you'll figure it out. Eventually!

Even from his earliest days Ystavanth will want to watch the action at the pens. He'll be taking down notes - or having you take down notes, anyway - for how the boys blood their kills. He'll be watching the signs for when the green has had her fill and begins her chase. He'll be noting every little detail, so that he can hone his own skills for when the time comes. And for Ysta, it'll come earlier than for most - probably before you're mating flight-cleared. There'll be one day when he wakes up with a fire in his belly, just knowing that he will chase, and he'll be restless until there's a green blooding in the pens. He'll go through all the motions - blooding and chasing with the rest - but given his age he won't have the stamina to compete, leading to an area drop-out… unless he's incredibly lucky and somehow manages to get the girl! Chances are though that he'll be disappointed more than not in those early flight days, and that's when you'll have to date him on one of his Ystavanth-pampering days to smoothe ruffled feathers and assure him that he'll manage it, one day.

Once he's mastered the art, however, there'll be no stopping your blue boy. He's as lusty for greens as he is for life… and he may even sit by and watch the bronzes and browns as they blood to chase a gold, too. It's the thrill of the chase that appeals to him, the wooing of the ladies, and, of course, the coupling at the end. So, pretty much every part of it, really!

When he's up in the air, he'll try to woo the green with his impressive flying tactics. For while he's a big blue, he's pretty darned agile and isn't above a bit of trick-flying if it'll capture attention - or if it'll win him an advantage at all. Ystavanth really isn't above anything that'll get him ahead of the pack, though he may draw the line at outright sabotage of his opponents. Since he's not a violent dragon by nature it will take a lot of prompting before he flares out at his fellow males, but it's not something that is entirely ruled out of his mating flight repertoire.

Ystavanth will continue to pay attention to those greens he catches, for a few days after their tryst. Or at least until another green comes by to take his attention. He'll present her with gifts, he'll snuggle up with her in a sunny spot if she'll allow it, and he'll be gushing to you in great detail about how wonderful and amazing and beautiful she is - « But not as wonderful and amazing and beautiful as you are, Teena. » Ystavanth may be a one-girl dragon, but he's never going to be a one-green blue. He's far too lusty for that.



There's something utterly delicious about Ystavanth's mindspace, possibly because it's predominant trait is chocolate. Rich, luscious, smooth, sweet and divine chocolate, in all its milk, dark and even white varieties - like a deliciously warm hug, always there to comfort, support, and adore you. The three shades swirl in one ever-delicious background to his thoughts, but they aren't the sole component of his mind. Not by a long shot.


Atop all that lush chocolate is the scent of fresh roses, as well as the satin look and feel of their crimson petals. Red rose petals are more dominant than any other variety, but you'll also find pink, yellow, white, even purple fluttering through his thoughts at times. It just depends on what he's thinking, and who he's thinking it about - because each colour is aligned with a particular level of emotion. Red is love and romance, so his thoughts of you will be mostly this colour. Yellow is friendship, joy, and a good picker-upper whenever anyone's mood is down. You'll notice lavender whenever Ystavanth's got his mind on a new green. Those early days of infatuation will be flooded with light purple petals! There's also pink, which he uses for softer 'love' than what he has for you. Pink is mostly, in Ysta's head, for those dragons he admires. White petals are associated with more sombre times… if Ystavanth is thinking in white petals, then there must be something serious going on.

Of course he uses more colours than these to communicate with, but in particular, these ones are the most dominant.

While you will get a frequent scent of roses in Ystavanth's mind, the more prominent scent is that of red wine and, surprisingly perhaps, strawberries. These two are especially for you. Whether or not you have a favourite red wine, you'll probably find yourself hankering for a good glass at the end of the day, thanks to Ystavanth. And the strawberries? Well, that's just because he thinks you're so sweet!


As for his actual voice? None other than the distinguished, fruity baritone nuances of the late and eternally great Alan Rickman. Did you know that a study conducted in 2008 found Alan Rickman's voice to be one of the most ideal for men? And since Ystavanth is your not-quite-perfect perfect date, there was really no other voice that would do him justice.


Teena! Welcome to weyrlinghood at Fort Weyr! We were so pleased that you gave us the opportunity to make you a dragon… and man. Let me tell you. I've kinda gone to town with this guy! You said you liked a combination of themes and Ystavanth is a real mish-mash, but all with one particular thread in common - romance.

Ystavanth was written by Thys, with inspiration drawn from four different sources. The primary of these is the 'not-quite-perfect perfect Valentine's date', to fit in with our Valentine-themed clutch. This concept is complemented by elements of three vastly different pop culture characters - Latin-lover inspired Gomez Addams and his raunchy adoration for Morticia, hapless in love Chandler Bing from Friends, and, last but by no means least, Severus Snape, with his eternal love for Lily Evans.

His name comes from a Finnish word for Valentine, ystävänpäivänkortti.

The Last Minute Egg that he hatched and the touches emitted from it were the work of Nyalle. Our egg theme was Valentine's Day gifts, and this egg in particular was based on a last-minute ‘omg I forgot’ Valentine by a little kid for his or her parent. Paint, glitter, markers, pasta - the works. The mind touches are likewise based on a little kid asking a million questions.

We hope you enjoy your quirky romantic blue, Teena, but remember that he's entirely yours to play as you wish. On behalf of Fort's Winter 2016 SearchCo, we can't wait to see what you do with him! :)

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Name Ystavanth
Dam Gold Rhenesath
Sire Brown Rinxyth
Created By Thys
Impressee Teena
Hatched February 11, 2016
Fort Weyr