Sugar-spun sweetness, that's what she is. From her dainty pretty nose to her dusky little toes, this effervescent darling is a spoonful of sugar to cure the world's ills. Apple-blush colours the sculpted features of her delicate face, peppermint freckles sprinkled playfully bright across her rounded cheeks, and dappling the expressive arch above her so-wide eyes. Cresting her slender neck are rose-kissed buttercream 'ridges - too large, some may say, but nevertheless a sinful delight atop the dream-cloud green of her petite body. Her wings are wide, sour punch-spangled across their salt taffy 'sails, each strong spar glistening with the pearly nonpareil that lightens her leading edges. There's a hint of hard candy shine trailing down her spine and tail, while a smudge of colour brightens her rump - three thumbprints of cyan and citrus atop her near-side hip, a stand-out sweet spot to sum up this sugarlump love.


Egg Name and Description

Paraskevidekatriaphobia Egg
There's nothing about this egg that is out of the ordinary - it's of an average size, an inoffensive shade of grey, and it fits in with its siblings as comfortably as any day fits into the week… and yet something about it is just a little, well, off. Maybe it's the too-sleek curve of its sides, washed in stony shades? Or its broad, bulbous bottom, where the grey is more of an asphalt colour? But it's really just ordinary, isn't it? How can an egg possibly be foreboding?


Hatching Message

Maybe that knock from Forward or Die Egg triggered something, because Paraskevidekatriaphobia Egg's patience seems to have come to an end. Its siblings have come and gone just like the days of the week, and now it’s time for its inoffensively-grey shell to begin a slow, slow cracking. Those cracks grow and spread until the shell is crazy-paved with dark fractures - surely it can’t be long now, held together by a hope and a prayer as it is? And yet it sits, gently trembling as the dragonet within pauses before making its grand entrance… which it does in the grandest of styles! Paraskevidekatriaphobia Egg all but explodes, shattered shards crumbling away as an almighty effort leaves its egg-gooey former occupant tumbling onto the Sands, amidst the confetti of her former home.

Impression Message


« Sen! SennySen-Sen-Sen-Sen-Senira! » What?! What is that?! You can be excused for being confused, because there's suddenly a WHOOMPH of excitement in your mind, a barrage of balloons and streamers and a celebration of joy and absolute love! Love love love! « Sen-Sen-Sen-Sen! » That sugary soprano is so excited to meet you, and is nothing but pure adoration in the way it repeats your name with such enthusiasm. Like it's the best thing since iced cupcakes… which you are, aren't you? « I’m here-ee-ere-eerio! » Boomf - there’s another blast of the confetti cannon. « We’re going to have so much fun! And you need to help me make my tummy-ummy-ummy-oh less angry! It’s growling at me, Senny-Sen-Sen! » Somewhere amidst that sugar rush of hyperactive buttercream affection, you know that her name is Yschazith… and that she's very, very hungry.


Sen! SennySen-Sen-Sen-Sen-Senira! If you haven’t guessed it by now, you’ve got one sweetheart of a green to share your adventures forever here at Fort Weyr. She’s Pinkie Pie, through and through - an adorably hyperactive sugary-sweet bundle of absolute joy with an adoration for everything that means living life to the fullest. *inhale* Phew. That sentence sums her up in a little nutshell - nonstop breathless chatter and all.


Yschazith is the sugar high amongst her siblings. She’s the one who’ll bring laughter to the weyrling class, no matter what it takes - it’s almost like she lives to make everyone else’s day as bright as it can be. Naturally, you’re her absolute number one favouritest best person at all times, so she’ll always put your happiness above everyone else’s. If you wake up in a dull sort of mood, or if someone’s got you down during the day, you know you can rely on Yschazith to do something to cheer you up. Maybe she’ll shower you in flowers (that she’s somehow picked herself, or coerced someone into picking for her… or stolen from someone’s ledge. Who knows?). Perhaps she’ll round up everyone’s pillows in the weyrling barracks, and arrange them into a version of the pillow cavern that she can play in, too. Or she might persuade the other weyrlings’ dragons that a mattress fort would be the most amazing thing EVER and you’ll find the place turned upside down as she enlists the dragonets’ help in attempting to build the most epic den.


Despite being so tiny, there’s practically limitless energy in her, and that’s something you’re going to have to learn how to channel for her, especially when she’s younger. You know that limb-twitching, finger-trembling sort of feeling you get when you’ve indulged in too much sugar or caffeine? Well, Yschazith can sometimes be a little like that, especially when she throws herself into a project. Perhaps you’ll be able to bond and swap notes with B’ryl and Gabriela over it, because Xianeth and Ahzayath are just as high-energy as Yscha is!

For all she comes across as floof-brained, Yscha is actually very, very good at organising things… so long as her attention can be kept in check. She’s exceptionally thoughtful and tends to think of every possible scenario when she’s planning things - an Yschazith party will never run out of dip or chairs for people to sit on, for example. If you can channel those energies just right, she could be the perfect addition to a search and rescue team if that’s a career you would wish to pursue; her ability to think of every possible scenario and to suggest ways to counter it will mean she’s a very, very handy dragon to have in a pinch. If you can keep her attention reined in and her focus on target.

Applejack: Alright, y'all, here's the deal. Spike needs to save my life.
Pinkie Pie: And you want us to shoot you out of a cannon towards a hornet's nest and give Spike a
butterfly net so he can catch you mere seconds before you hit the nest and are stung by a thousand angry hornets!
I'll wear this mustache.
Applejack: …No. I am gonna be attacked by a timberwolf!
Rest of Mane 6: [gasping]
Pinkie Pie: Can I still wear the mustache?

Spike at Your Service, Season 3

In weyrling classes, you’re going to have to keep a strict leash on her overactive, imaginative little mind, because it will wander, which will lead her to wander - don’t be surprised if she just gets up and meanders off on a whim in the middle of your blindfold exercises, or starts gossiping with Hallenayth about how badly M’rc and Zukerberth are doing! She doesn’t do it because she wants to leave you blind in the middle of the obstacle course, but isn’t there something reallyreallyREALLY exciting over there? You see, she gets a little single-minded at times, and when an idea gets into her head that she likes, she sticks to it with absolute commitment, and with a focus that is incredibly hard to break. It’s almost like a sort of obsessive-compulsiveness - she HAS to do this thing NOW and it has to be done until it is achieved and complete and PERFECT. This tends to happen when she’s on a mission of her own design, as she’ll have gritted-teeth determination and you’ll need to break her out of it to get her attention back in the here and now. How can you do that? Well, it might take a bit of creativity on your part, but one winning way will generally be to bring up your happiness.

*Yschazith wanders off mid-class*
Um, hey, Yschazith… we’re in the middle of a lecture right now. Can it wait until after?
« Must. Make. Nadeyuth. Laugh. »
She’s concentrating, Yscha. Like you should be.
« But she’s being so serious! »
Come back now, and we’ll do it together later?
« Ok! »

And then there’ll be a burst of confetti and a shower of balloons to flood your thoughts, because she wants to make sure she’s doing the right thing to make you happy. You’re the thing that matters most to her, after all!

In her own way, Yschazith is pretty fearless, and she'll try anything once… even twice or three times or more, to be honest, because she's so confident in her abilities. She’ll try and get her optimistic big bro, Akleteyth, to encourage her, but she doesn’t really need it. It’s just a way of getting someone to egg her on. This can lead her to get in trouble at times as she bites off more than she can chew, especially when she's younger. Don't be surprised if curious Yschazith sneaks off without you - clearly something she's picked up from Kainaesyth's independent attitude, and fuelled by her own must-do focus. When she's still small enough to fit, she'll want to sneak into the kitchens, of all places « So many SWEET THINGS, Sen-SennySen-Sen-Sen! ALL the sweet things! », and she'll wreak havoc in there if she gets in. And you'll get it from Zhirayr as a result… but maybe Yschazith's sugary charm can win even him over?


Why the kitchens? Because oddly enough for a dragon, Yscha has a sweet tooth. From the moment she hatched, maybe even before that, she picked up on some happy cake-related memory from your mind, and she has had a hankering for it ever since. She knows what cake is, and she has to have it. Once she learns that it comes from the kitchens, that’s going to be her favourite place in Fort. Don’t be surprised if, when you’re able to between, she sets her mind on a mission to find the very very bestest and most amazingest cupcakes in all of Pern. Sure, they might be a little small for her to eat, but she’ll still try… and maybe she’ll even insist on the creation of a dragon-sized cupcake, too. Or maybe just a giant vat of frosting. « Mmmmm. Frostiiiiing. »

Another unusual trait she has is her attempt to predict the future. She calls it her Yscha Sense. Now sometimes - sometimes - the things she predicts might actually come true. Can she really tell the future, though? … no. But there’ll be enough freaky coincidences that you might start to wonder!

Pinkie Pie: Hmm… Twitchy twitcha twitcha twitch.
Twilight Sparkle: Pinkie Pie? What in the wide-wide-world of Equestria are you up to?
Pinkie Pie: Oh! It's my tail! It's my tail! It's a-twitch a-twitchin'! And you know what that means!
Twilight Sparkle: Actually, Pinkie, I haven't the slightest idea.
Pinkie Pie: The twitchin' means my Pinkie Sense is telling me that stuff's gonna start falling! You should duck for cover.

Feeling Pinkie Keen, Season 1


Senira, dear, we hope you have a sweet tooth… because your Yschazith is syrupy through and through, and so delicious that she may even have your tummy rumbling. Just as Pinkie Pie adores her candies, cakes and everything sugar-loaded, Yschazith's colouring is all things sweet. Her base green is sugar-soft, and is actually inspired by the most amazing-looking cotton candy - or candyfloss, depending on where you're from!


It's covered in stars. So shiny!!!

Yschazith isn't a flashy green, but she is pretty. She's soft, sweet shades from head to toe, from her peppermint freckles and cupcake frosting 'ridges to her green saltwater taffy and sour punch wings, right down to the hard candy shine she sports.


And, of course, as an homage to Pinkie Pie, she has a smudgy sort of cutie mark on her hip… because you really can't make a My Little Pony-themed dragon without a cutie mark, can you?


A second homage comes in those rose-kissed, too-big neckridges of hers - Pinkie Pie, of course, has a serious pink poof of a mane, and while we couldn't really give her floofy 'ridges or go too pink with them, this is hopefully a subtle but successful tribute. And did you know that Yschazith's grandsire, Velokraeth, has oversized 'ridges too? Clearly this is one physical feature that's been inherited down the line… though you never know, she may grow into them as she ages.

In terms of her build, Yschazith is dainty. Like, really tiny! In fact, not only is she pretty much the tiniest in the clutch - though there's hardly a whisker between her and little sister Xianeth - she's one of Pern's smallest greens. She's a little sugarball, with such a huge amount of super-sweet energy packed into one delicate little form.

Being so small is advantageous for her in many ways. Firstly, it means she's got little problem in co-ordinating herself. Luckily for her, conformation-wise she's pretty much perfect as can be, so getting all those limbs in sync is no problem at all. In fact, she makes it look a breeze as she pips her siblings to the post in all of M'icha's exercises to practice dexterity and build muscle. She's not quite graceful like some of her sisters are, but she gets the job done fluidly in her own ebullient style. If she could manage it, she'd bounce across the bowls like a rubber ball, but sadly dragon anatomy just doesn't allow for that to happen!

The only thing you're going to have to keep an eye on, though, is when she gets in one of her super-excited moods. When her brain's buzzing and she's bombarding you a mile a minute with giddy thoughts, she might just forget how to dragon. Ok, so that's a bit of an exaggeration because I like that particular style of meme, but seriously - Yschazith's excitement can make her forget her feet, until *crash*. Down she goes. Hopefully she'll not do it when she's flying!


Pinkie Pie: I'm so excited for the festival, I can hardly stand up straight!
Simple Ways, Season 4

And speaking of that, Yscha is a dream to fly on, once you get over the rubber band take-off. You're probably going to have a sore neck for a while, because her take-offs are like being shot out of a slingshot. « One, two, WHOOSH! » She's a little bouncy on her landings, too, like she never quite manages to get all four feet down softly - they'll touch, then she springs back up, then down again, and then she's landed… if she doesn't bounce another time or two, that is. It's weird, sure, but it gets the job done!

Once she's up in the air, there's no stopping her. She loves to fly. Can you imagine if Pinkie Pie had wings? She masters flight right from the very beginning, and, given that she's so small, she is perfect for acrobatics. You might want to consider getting into some of the Weyr Games' agility-focused sports, because Yscha will kill it. If you can keep her focused, that is…


Any given day of the year, Yschazith will shower equal affection on anydragon around her, no matter what colour they are, or what their rider’s relationship with you is. She’s undiscriminating with her love and excitement and sweetness… which means it might be hard for you to know when she’s proddy. It’ll be a subtle change, more than anything else, and it’ll creep up on you until WHAM - suddenly that sugarplum dragon of yours is hitting on Blueth over there.


« Hey-hey-hey, Jivah-vo-vivath. D’you wanna come get swa-ee-ee-eet with me? »

She’s not a full-on vixen by any means; if anything, her flirtatious attempts are a little awkward, stumbling, but absolutely endearing and cute. To you, at least! She’ll bother the boys with attention, dropping random gifts at their feet - or on their heads, so long as they get them. Sure, courtship should really be the other way around, but Yschazith is absolutely attentive to them, almost as if she’s buttering them up to get them to come to her party.

Her proddiness will last quite a while, too, building up and up and up into a sickeningly sweet crescendo. She’s so small that it only takes blooding one wherry before she’s fuelled enough to go, then she’ll take her party to the skies. Yscha will lead the boys on a merry chase, which only the most acrobatic - or the most cunning - will win. They’re short flights, since her stamina isn’t the greatest, and she won’t tolerate any showboating or violence from the boys who hope to win her sugar-coated heart - anydragon trying to ruin her party will get the boot faster than they can say ‘cupcakes’.

Afterward, she only lingers as long as is polite… or as long as it takes for her to get distracted by something else.

Final Summary

Why did Yschazith choose Senira? That’s probably going to remain one of life’s mysteries, forever and ever. It could be that you just happened to smell right, or that you caught her eye while you were doing the hot-foot Sands dance. Or perhaps it was the fond way in which you caressed her egg after touching it for the first time. Such warm memories tend to linger, you know, even in the early minds of dragonets - especially one as love-driven as Yschazith. What is very, very clear though, is that she utterly adores you, with every fibre of her sugary-sweet being, and there was never going to be a match better for her than you.



Have you ever walked into a surprise party before? Well, whether you have or you haven’t, you’ve got one all day every day now with Yschazith! Her voice is a saccharine soprano, which is as smooth as the smoothest, most delicious buttercream and eternally child-like. It’s probably just as well it’s a nice voice to listen to, because she uses it all the time. Yschazith rarely stops talking. Or singing. Or humming. Or whistling. It’s like she hasn’t got an off switch, because even when she’s dreaming, there’s still something in your mind, like a fraction of her dreams seeping over into your own.


Yschazith’s mind is always deliciously scented. Typically it smells like freshly baked cake, topped with luscious buttercream icing, but there’s the zip and zing of various types of candy, too. Poprocks, for example, if she’s excited or angry - they fizz and crackle and pop in amongst her confetti and balloons. Sour punch’s zippy tartness if she’s trying to make a point or frustrated. Jolly Rancher sweetness for joyous things - watermelon especially, because of its rosy sweetness.

Her excitement is sometimes so hard to contain that it just comes whooshing out in a gush of verbosity. « Lookit that cloudy-oudy-oudy-oud up there, Senny-Sen! It looks like a CUPCAKE! » And that’s all spoken a mile-a-minute in a sing-song sort of voice, especially those oudy-ouds and Senny-Sen-SenSen. That, incidentally, is her favourite word elaboration - you’re her Sen-Sen-Senny-Senira (and myriad variations of as much - Senira-rah-rah, SenSenSenSen-Senny!, and so on), and it’s exclusively for you, as far as proper nouns go. There’ll never be a Xia-Xi-Xianeth, or a Nade-ady-ady-uth, or a Kouzy-woozy-ouzy-velth, because that’s her special thing for you, and for the things she gets most giddy about. Cakey-akey-bakey-wakes. Cookie-ookie-ohs. Sunny-sun-funshine. And all of those words will come with their own confetti cannon blast, showering them in a rain of brightly-coloured sparkles and streamers… though don’t be surprised if she does, occasionally, try it out on a boy or two when she’s proddy.


We mentioned a sing-song voice, didn’t we? But we didn’t say how Yschazith is likely to actually sing her way through things, did we? Yscha loves music, and the more upbeat the better, which is why she prefers to turn everyday things into little ditties to make them more special.

« o/` Gotta get up, gotta brush your teeth
Gotta get ready for drills todaaaay~
Gotta get up, gotta brush your haaair
Gotta look good for H’tal todaaay~! o/` »

(Oh yes. She knows about that crush you have.)

All you have to do is take a cup of flour!
Add it to the mix!
Now just take a little something sweet, not sour!
A bit of salt, just a pinch!
Baking these treats is such a cinch!
Add a teaspoon of vanilla!
Add a little more, and you count to four,
And you never get your fill of…
Cupcakes! So sweet and tasty!
Cupcakes! Don't be too hasty!
Cupcakes! Cupcakes, cupcakes, CUPCAAAAAAKES!

Call of the Cutie, Season 1

The way in which she speaks tends to leave certain words more emphasised than others. The ‘exciting’ words, that is, and she has a tendency to shout them. Or at least to raise her voice a little, so that you know just how IMPORTANT that word is to her! CAKES is one such word. CUPCAAAAAAKES is another. It’s like she’s having a little spasm of joy whenever such words come up in conversation, with confetti and balloons and popping corks - the whole works! - accompanying them.


Since Yschazith takes really fast, it might take a little while to get used to her. Given your bond you’ll always know what she’s saying, even if you don’t understand the words, but having to listen to such rapid-fire conversation might just make you go a little loopy. She’ll find a friend in Rhenesath for sharing super-fast chitter-chatter, so perhaps Thys can help you get to terms with rapidfire mindlinks.

If, Faranth forbid, there is an occasion so sad as to even put out Yschazith’s eternal fun-light, then her mindscape will drastically change. It’ll be bye-bye balloons and confetti, and hello rocky landscape of doom. DOOOOOM. Ok, so it’s not that bad, but in Yscha’s mind it’s the worst place EVER in the whole entire WORLD. Everything goes dark and grey and miserable in her sad-mind; balloons burst there, confetti turns to dust, and it’s all very blah. Luckily, it rarely takes long for the party to start again!


Senira, with all the drama that Fort just can’t seem to shake, it’s not doubt we wanted another barmaid to stick around and serve us drinks to banish our next set of woes! And now that you’ve got Yschazith, our Weyr is going to be just that little bit brighter. We’re thrilled you chose us, and it’s been an absolute pleasure to create this bubbalicious little sugarcube of a dragon for you.

Paraskevidekatriaphobia Egg and its mind touches were created by Thys, to fit our clutch theme of ‘Superstitions’. I’m sure you’ve googled it by now, but in case you haven’t, paraskevidekatriaphobia is the fear of Friday 13th. The mindname, Unlucky for Some, comes from the bingo call for the number 13.

Yschazith herself was written by Thys, with input and thoughts from the rest of SearchCo. It should be glaringly obvious by now that she’s based off Pinkie Pie, from ‘My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’! You said you wanted ‘a really gregarious and outgoing dragon’, and that you ‘enjoy all sorts of fandoms’, and our minds instantly went to the pop cult phenomenon that is MLP:FiM and it’s most outgoing and gregarious star - Pinkie Pie!

As far as her name goes, Yschazith comes from the Czech word 'vycházející', which means ‘outgoing’. We added in an extra S to meet your keenness for a name beginning with Ys, and it came out just perfect, in our opinion - it’s got this soft sweetness to it without compromising on strength, and just oozes Pinkie Pie-ness. Our rough pronunciation of it is 'ISH-az-ith', but it could be 'ish-AHZ-ith', 'ish-AH-zith', or Bob, really. Whatever floats your boat. Yscha does make quite a cute little nickname though, doesn't it?

At the end of the day, Yscha is your own lifemate, and you’re welcome to play her as you wish. We’re delighted to have you with us and can’t wait to see how the two of you grow!

Clutch Siblings

No Easy Way Out Brown Akleteyth and A'ster (Alister)
Energetic Empress Green Xianeth and B'yrl (Beyrl)
Keeper of Secret Waters Green Ahzavayth and Gabriela
Nothing in the 'Verse Stronger than Hope Green Nadeyuth and H'tal (Haristal)
Working Woman Woes Green Hallenayth and Lucy

Facebook Killed the Email Star Blue Zukerberth and M'rc (Marco)
Ego State of Illusion Blue Hatchling Blue Jivahath and Ig'an (Ingan)
Playground Pastime Green Hlarasath and Cymlei
Good Fortune in Your Pocket Green Shibuth and Kouki


Name Yschazith
Dam Gold Kouzevelth
Sire Bronze Kainaesyth
Created By Thys
Impressee Senira
Hatched 1 April, 2015
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH