The rich prairie soil, the darkness of life giving land after a pattering of rain has been molded to form this stocky brown hatchling. His color is a loamy brown, slight swirls and eddies to the pattern of his hide like swirls of mud against gray stone. Flickers of lighter shades streak his form here and there, especially along his belly, as if the mud has been scraped off down to the bedrock of his being. His head is broader than most, but his eyes are well set and gives the impression of great wisdom in their placement. Headknobs are curved just a tad, while his neck is thick and powerful, even at his young age.
His wings are large and such a shade of brown that they are nearly black, and only by getting up close can you prove that false. The sails shimmer with a perpetual dampness, as though they've captured the life-giving rain. His hindquarters are very powerful, dappled with more shades of minute slate. His talons are ebony with traces of white granite, sharp but not threatening.

Egg Name and Description

Watchful Prairie Egg
This oblong egg looks a little lopsided, as if something has occurred within to throw off its balance. A streak of vibrant blue is nearly buried in the sand, barely peeking up to mingle with the waving streaks of tan and dark brown blotches. Ripening wheat brushes against wispy clouds, beckoning all to come and run free. Looking at this egg gives the feeling of vastness. Of countless numbers and infinite spaces. Despite the definite edges to this egg, it is easy to wander around and around it, seeking its nonexistent end.

Hatching Message

Watchful Prairie Egg trembles in its sandy hollow, sending a ripple through the sand around it.

Watchful Prairie Egg begins to fracture, colors shifting slightly as the brittle surface shows its weaknesses.

Watchful Prairie Egg finally cracks, leaving the hatchling within to find his way in the world.

Impression Message

A cool breeze blows across your mind, focusing you in to a single image - a broad open plain, and nothing is there but the possibility of you and him. Two souls matched perfectly, as his voice touches your mind tenderly, gently, « K'dry, » he says, rippling with a deepness that seems to come from the very center of Pern, « K'dry, I come to walk with you for the rest of your life's journey. I am yours, I am your Yonsrith. »


Your Yonsrith is based on the totem buffalo, and as such is very powerful, patient and kind. Never one to move fast, he is quiet and calm, thinking things through before moving. He is very laid back and able to let life flow around him easily without protesting too much. Whatever happens, happens, and it happens for a reason. Yonsrith deeply believes that there is a path set out for each person, and you simply must find it and follow it. « I found you, didn't I? » However, don't mistake your dragon's laid back attitude for laziness. Yonsrith is a very hard worker and capable of carrying great burdens, be they physical or mental. Steady, stable and reliable, your dragon is the one people call on when they need something done - and done right.

In his youth he is more reckless, and may not always want to sit still for lessons - the same as any weyrling. Questions constantly, especially about the way things work in nature. Why this plant grows this way, why this rock looks like this, etc. He is very social in his own quiet way, and will gain deep connections with his clutchmates in the first few turns of his life. He will want you to be social as well, and develop deep connections with other people.

He is incredibly resourceful, able to take what he has to hand and make exactly what he needs as well as wasting nothing. He will even sometimes enjoy challenging himself, laying out seemingly random objects and seeing what useful item he can make out of them. He will sit up all night until his puzzle is completed, having in him a strong stubborn streak. This streak is expressed with himself and with you. With others he has the utmost patience and understanding. But if you and he have a duty to perform, he will not let up until it's done to perfection. He shares a bit of his construction joy with Vehoth, and the two might find themselves creating grand contraptions together.

He is a paternal dragon, providing and caring for all. Do not be surprised if he'll take down an extra buck or wherry in the feeding grounds and deliver it to a grounded dragon in the infirmary. Or share his kills with firelizards or other dragons. Again, he wastes nothing, making sure all parts of his prey are used in one manner or another. He is very giving and caring, unable to rest until everyone is satisfied and tended for. Think of him as a Gold-Brown, making sure the weyr is happy and has everything it needs.

He flies in the same stable and calm manner of his mind, and especially so because of your vertigo. He will not make any quick movements until you are ready for them, either on the ground or in the air. If you're stricken with a dizzy spell, you can lean on him for days and he wouldn't move a muscle. He is very large for a brown - bigger than some bronzes! - and he will only use his size to his advantage when in flights. All other times he is a gentle giant, slowly and carefully picking his way across the bowl to make certain he doesn't hurt anyone.

In flights is when you'll see the other side to your quiet brown. He will fly powerfully and strong, negotiating the pack with more than a single push or a shove. When there is not a way for him he will make a way, shoving his way through the herd and gee, he's sorry if someone gets hurt but that's the way things are. (He will always apologize after, though). He'll make the most of other dragon's motions, riding a moment on their drafts to conserve his energy before he bowls them over in his pursuit of the female.

He -loves- nature and the wilderness, and will want to be in touch with it at all times. Growing things is a favorite pastime of his, and though talons are a little big for tending a garden, he knows your skill and will request to have one on your ledge. Even if you are only able to accommodate a pot of herbs by the couch in the barracks, he will be well satisfied and praise your skills. He will also encourage you to move beyond just the plant world and into the animal world, suggesting you study runners, canines, felines, etc. He has a special connection with animals, and wants to see them just as well cared for as people.


Cycles of Life
Yonsrith's mind is rich and deep, resonating like James Earl Jones. Images are those of the wilderness, whatever suits his mood or the topic at hand. Typically wide open spaces. His mind is gentle and patient, his voice more felt than heard. It is a voice that could rock you to sleep at night on it's gentle and rich tambre. When he gets upset though, his voice thunders like the pounding of millions of hooves, capable of shaking the very foundation of your being. Cold winds blow and death accompanies the darkness when he is mad. Luckily that is a rare thing, and his mind and voice are forever a haven for you to retreat into whenever you need.


Yonsrith is based on the totem buffalo, his egg based off of the prairies. His hatchling name, Eoehnovahe Esevone, means 'patient buffalo' in Cheyenne. Yonsrith is based on the Cherokee word for buffalo, yanssi. Buffalo is a caring totem, patient and very in touch with the circle of life and life's journey. Egg and bond were both created by Elara. I hope you like him! And of course you may change anything that you wish, I've just written up guidelines for you. Enjoy!


Name Eoehnovahe Esevone Brown Yonsrith
Dam Gold Wiyaneth
Sire Bronze Raeyth
Created By Elara
Impressee K'dry
Hatched 15 October 2005
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH