What simpler way to describe her, except that she is the epitome of delicate and feminine to the very last and finest detail. From delicate features of head and larger rounded headknobs, to the graceful and sinuous curve of her neck, she is a creature of lady-like appearances and as much a princess as a soldier in her own right. Slender of build and length of limb and tail, what would make some awkward, only suit her ethereal beauty. Incandescent and pure, unbroken, chrysoberyl green holds dominance over her in starlight’s regal gown. No other shade of green appears to grace her, but it’s within that that she holds her secret. Revealed only by moonlight’s kiss will ghostly sage rise in shimmery silver-like dappling. Dusting over her head in a crescent shape, only to flow back over her ridges and down to the broad, elegantly tapered length of her gossamer wings. Even they, with their elongated length, do not throw her off in proportion and only lend a sense of balanced strength about her, despite their fragile translucent appearance.

Egg Name and Description

Home Sweet Hive Egg


Any hope of color on the shell of this large egg is lost. Muted greens and greys cover it from one end to the other and where light fails to shine, the hues look almost pitch black. Oddly, the combination gives the egg the illusion of being visibly damp and lustrous in spots, as if constructed of a peculiar material — not unlike resin. Closer inspection will reveal subtle variations and what look to be the yawning, opening maw of various sized corridors and tunnels — a literal webbed hive.

Hatching Message

Wobble Message
Home Sweet Hive Egg shivers in place, barely noticeable in movement. Then… a tremble, a twitch and a good hard shift to the right before it settles again.

Crack Message
Home Sweet Hive Egg has laid dormant for awhile. Is everything alright? With its dark shell, it’s hard to tell when the cracks begin to form but renewed activity assure all is well! And… was that a flash of light from within? Nah, surely a trick of the eye.

Hatch Message
Home Sweet Hive Egg crumples in on itself, a visible collapse of the shell as if drawn in by the valiant efforts of the occupant within. In a blink of an eye, it shatters outwards and light does indeed spill forth in the shape of a moonlit green.

Sands Pose #1
Healer of Hearts Green Hatchling falls forwards once freed from her dark prison, catching herself awkwardly in a sprawl of slender limbs and long, elegant (if wet) wings. She gives a plaintive and loud cry — half despair and half hope as her delicate featured head lifts to scan the line of Candidates. Discouraged by the distance, her head lowers as she regroups, the effort it took to break shell having winded her.

Sands Pose #2
Healer of Hearts Green Hatchling voices another cry but rather than sink deeper into despair, she rallies herself. Pulling it together, she’ll hoist herself up on limbs that only shake a little as she takes one step, then another. Finding strength and courage, she forges on ahead and her path is straight and true. No wavering, no faltering… she knows where she needs to go and she’s on a mission now to see it through to the end!

Impression Message

Public Message
Healer of Hearts Green Hatchling catches a glimpse of the one she seeks, in that sea of white-clad forms! With a cry that is now pure elation, she picks up the pace and begins a forward charge across the last few feet of sand that separates her from the one who is the missing piece to her soul. Almost child-like, she leaps without thought, too swept up in the height of emotion to realize that even her small, dainty self will bowl over the one she’s chosen. Heads up?

Private Message
One moment you’re on the Sands and then you’re back in that hellscape of alien tunnels… wait, no. Is that empty sky ahead? You’ve escaped to the surface now but the landscape remains bleak in stony, cold ruin — and is that Pern hanging above you, where the moons should be!? Before you can even form a coherent thought, a blinding, silvery light fills your mind. As the flash dwindles and fades, where once was ruin now stands a kingdom hewn of white and silver stone. Life blooms again where there was no emotion before — and a love that builds and builds to the point that it could be overwhelming. Destructive, even, for the wrong one! For you, however, it is warmth and right. It envelopes and completes, filling empty spaces you may not have been aware were ever empty to start. « K’zre! » A distinctly girlish voice calls out to you, weeping in joy and relief. « K’zre, you’re here! I knew we were fated to be reborn together! We don’t have to fight alone, ever again! You and I… Yasminath, will be together… Forever! » Laughter bubbles up and just as you regain your ‘sight’, you’ll see her! That delicate, beautiful green … coming RIGHT for you as she leaps as if to jump into your arms!


Childlike wonder and perpetual optimism are traits many expect of a newly hatched dragon and come as no surprise. For Yasminath? These will carry on with her well through the Turns, even after many experiences and trials should have otherwise changed her. That’s not to say she won’t mature and grow, for she will, but there are some core elements about her that will never waver. They are as much a part of her, unshakeable and unmovable, as the bond you both share.

She is naive and innocent, almost insufferably sweet in the way she goes about her days and tackles the world. Because of her naivete about the world and the ‘evils’ in it, she comes off as slightly dense; it will take you a short time during the first trials of weyrlinghood to realize this isn’t the case… at least, not entirely.

And as more of her siblings engage in rougher play and less-than nice behavior, it will be apparent that she’s not prone to malicious behavior — at all. In fact, she’s straight up perplexed by even the smallest of teasing jokes. You (and others) will be spending a lot of time explaining these jokes to her! And there will still be a lot that will go right over her head, which may make some aspects of training… rather taxing. Her feelings will be easily hurt in these tender months and she’ll not hesitate to turn to you to cry about it.

« I don’t get why M’icha is mad at us, K’zre! We didn’t do anything wrong… It’s not fair, I just wanted to sleep a little longer! »

… he’s not mad, that’s sarcasm…

« But it was so mean! »

Any act of cruelty or violence, intentional or not, can leave her down heartened and low spirited. It’s simply a concept that she cannot grasp (and doesn’t wish to). She’ll often try to break up any petty squabbles among her siblings or end up the brunt of a few — which just in turn confuses her all the more. If she ends up being the source, it will always be purely innocent and unintentional in nature. Half the time, it’s just her youthful clumsiness that’ll get her into trouble from time to time.

« Ouch! What did I step on? Oh, my Faranth! It was a feline! I’m so sorry, little kitty. Are you hurt? What a cutie! Why are you shaking? Are you hurt!? »

All apologetic and remorseful, while blissfully unaware as to why the recipient may be uncomfortable (or in the case of a small animal… completely terrified) or taken aback by the sudden overwhelming display.

Yasminath is not a dumb green and is, in fact, rather intelligent and possessing and ability to see beyond the superficial in just about anyone. She just lacks focus and is easily distracted, much of which shows up during weyrlinghood but can surface again even long after you have both graduated.

« Maybe you should go to those drills … Wait. Me? Uh, no thanks! I’ll pass, K’zre. »

That’s not to say she won’t mature because she will, as she displays an ability to learn and grow. Sometimes she can figure it out on her own and sometimes it will take a bit of a nudge from you. Other times, it will be events that will trigger this, whether they are positive or negative, it doesn’t matter — all will serve as ‘lessons’ to her and she will take what experience she can from it.

"Everyone shows me the light and leads the way… Whenever I feel crushed, I always remember, I have >that light in my heart. It's everyone's hearts joined as one. I just have to believe that in one moment that light will shine forth."

For Yasminath, people (and dragons) are inherently good and always worthy of love and forgiveness. She loves everyone with an all-encompassing love, along with her joy for life and the celebration of it. The world, to her, is big and beautiful and full of endless wonder. As she grows older, she begins to develop a sense of justice and righteous rebuttal for any intentional wrongdoings and for any ‘evils’ in the world. Woe be to any renegades left in Fort’s territory! Or even the petty criminals (though they may be pitied, more than outright scolded). Rude Wingrider? Yasminath will be there to set them straight! She is a lover first but can be a tenacious little fighter when pushed to it!

"I can't fight anymore … I wasn't always fighting for peace and justice. I was fighting for my friends and >loved ones. But, everything is gone. I have nothing to me left. Who should I fight for now? And why?"

Defeat is not unfamiliar to Yasminath. There will be times where she does fight for justice and loses and she’ll feel that loss as strongly as any other. Had there been Threadfall in this timeline, she would be torn apart anytime there was loss in the Wings. Yet she still aches for those that could not be saved or for her own failures in achieving what she set out to do. Sometimes, she just can’t find the strength in her to continue to rally for those she cares about or the cause and path set before her. That’s only her discouragement speaking, of course and she’ll find some inner strength, some last shred of hope to tap into and pray upon to save the day. She has YOU too, as her anchor but Faranth forbid you should ever be injured, K’zre because she usually leans on you when she is at her lowest. Losing you, all together? Is unspeakable. In fact… don’t ever bring it up to her. EVER.

While some may see it as a weakness in her, her greatest asset is her heart. It’s her greatest strength, in the way she loves so unconditionally. She may not be the brainiest of dragons, but she’s the best friend and ally anyone could ask for. Any Wing that takes her on will eventually benefit from it! Fellow wingmates (and their dragons) will come to love her, just as much as she adores and loves them — she’s certain of it!

Loyal as she is to a fault, Yasminath will always allow forgiveness to flow endlessly from her and there’s not a spec of a begrudging bone to be found anywhere in her body. Even those that wronged her (and you) once are accepted back with warmth and affection — if they show a genuine desire to make amends, that is. She will always give second chances, if the one approaching her can convince her (and sometimes, because of her naivete in her youth, it isn’t too difficult!).

"As long as stars shine … we are okay."


Moonlit Kingdom

"It's in ruins now, but do you remember? The Moon Kingdom in its glory … The dome was lush and >green, and a fresh wind blew … But Princess Serenity, you longed for the real thing and you often went >down to Earth … There you found love."
~Queen Serenity, manga act 10


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Yasminath’s mindscape is as regal and beautiful as she is, even if the imagery is often times alien and unlike anything Pern has to offer. A princess needs her kingdom, after all! Moonlit stone of white, blues and silvers of every shade and hue take hold here, each piece exquisitely crafted in graceful curving arcs in a type of unknown architecture. Each hallway and corridor, room and path serve a purpose, even if she isn’t ever fully aware of what that purpose may be.

The ‘palace’ itself is vast, when she chooses to show images of it from afar. It stretches almost across the entire visible horizon of the world she’s fashioned for the both of you. Sometimes there is the illusion of a sea before the sprawling palace, the reflection mirrored below and glass-like with stillness. Above, almost alarmingly, will hang not Belior and Timor, but Pern itself in the starlit skies.

And if there’s one thing that Yasminath’s mind is, on most days?

Peaceful, quiet and serene. Calming and silent, hidden, strength. Beneath the simplistic beauty, lies hidden power, but she often doesn’t tap into that… and when she does remember, she keeps it a secret only to you and those you ultimately come to trust.

"The resonant sound you don't get on the Moon… the wide sea… The green wind… We weren't just >watching the Earth. We dreamt of this planet, yearned for it. We cared for it.
~Sailor Moon, manga act 10


There will be times when her mind is a riot of colors and mostly linked to when she is in her most youthful, carefree and happiest states. She may look and act like a Lady, but she’s a young girl at heart too! And as much as Yasminath finds comfort and a sense of ‘home’ with that moon-like kingdom… it’s the world around you that truly fascinates her and, overtime, will come to add to her ever growing mental imagery. She’ll start to incorporate more colors, for one. Anything that you both experience or through her own experiences with others that serves as a pivotal moment or fascinates her will be added to her repertoire.

It may be as simple as the weyr you both share, or the weyr or room of a familiar friend or family member. Maybe those flowers you saw, down closer to Southern Boll or near Healer Hall? Could be the Hall itself, if you ever visit it… or the bright, wonderous splendor of Fort in full autumn colors. If there is meaning or something of value to that memory, she’ll cherish it and immortalize it somehow, even if her mind falls prey to the whims of draconic memory; that’s where you come in, to fill in the gaps or remind her of simple joys and happiness of the past.


When she is upset or troubled, there is no hiding it. All life is sucked out of her mindscape and where there was once a proud kingdom, there is nothing but tumbled ruins and old, aged stone. Wartorn and bereft of much of the energy from before, these will be times (even if rare) to proceed with caution. She’ll get over these pensive moods or her sadness and eventually the mindscapes you (and most everyone) are familiar with will return and be restored to their former glory, as though nothing had ever happened to them.


Remember all those strange rooms? Yasminath does have one that is secreted away at the centre. The chamber is high ceilinged and minimally decorated, with most of the detail in subtle patterns of arcs and curves along the walls and pillars. No furniture, no tapestries. No… the real focus is the massive tower of incandescent crystal right in the middle of the room, often glowing with an ethereal light. This is part of the source of her inner strength and she will often draw from it when things, at least to her, are bleak. She’ll encourage the same from you, too, should you ever feel yourself wavering.

Her voice is melodious, young and very distinctly feminine. She is often soft spoken, though can express heightened emotions if she’s riled enough. When she is younger, sometimes her voice can be grating at times, especially when she’s in a mood or feeling particularly defeated (nutshell: she can be whiny). For the most part though, her voice is pleasant and many will find it calming and reassuring and even encouraging in the right situations! Sometimes, a gentle breeze or the twinkling sound of chimes will accompany her words. Other times, it may be the quiet sound of avian songs or the flutter of a butterfly.



How in Faranth’s name did such a beauty grace Pern? She must have inherited most of her features from her dam, Kayeth… though her larger and rounded headknobs might be a nod and hint of Velokraeth as her sire.

She will be long of limb and body all her life, the awkwardness of weyrlinghood never quite melting entirely away. That clumsy, slightly challenged in coordination will be painfully obvious in the beginning but she will learn! And as she learns, she becomes more refined in her actions. Rather than stumbling over her own feet, she will move with dignity and grace, as her body matures (even if her emotional maturity is slower on the uptake). Yasminath is destined, in a way, to become the picturesque dainty Lady that she is; feminine and delicate at a glance (and yet oh-so strong on the inside).


Her coloring is dazzling too in its simple purity and while most greens shine best in sunlight… for her? She shines best in moonlight. When both of Pern’s moons are at their fullest and brightest, she really shows off her subtle ghostly dappling. Just be sure not to confuse that everyday ‘glow’ with the twilight silvery dusting and ethereal glow that heralds another thing entirely (hint: it’s proddiness, dear Kez…)!


"Ahh. What a lovely dream! How refreshing… and I met a gorgeous guy!”

To say Yasminath is ‘boy’ crazy would be a little off the mark… though she’s not entirely oblivious to them either and the charm behind having their attention. She’s not sworn a vow against them, as her clutchsister Kaseimarlyeth has and, thankfully, she doesn’t display the outrageous temper some greens do when they hit the beginning of their proddy cycles. Jealousy is a foreign emotion and while she may experience it, it’s not to the levels some females may dip too.

She will daydream, of course and have moments of romantic wonderlust… aimed at just about everyone possible in the Weyr (and beyond). This includes you too, K’zre! Regardless if you’ve been in any relationship of any sort, real or dreamed, she’ll suddenly show interest should any thoughts or memories surface — and oh-so innocently inquire about it.

« This feels… like something from a long time ago… Somewhere… soft lips? Warm arms… many, many times… sweet kisses… What is this, K’zre? »

Honestly, nothing… really changes in Yasminath, in the end. She may be a little more aware of the males around her and perhaps a little more… emotional (hello, hormones), but beyond that? It will be a subtle shift and difficult to pinpoint. Her hide will develop that tell-tale glow, but it could be mistaken for her ethereal ‘glow’ under nightfall at the start. By the time she’s ready to fly, it’s as unmistakable as the shimmer and crystalline glimmer of a jewel and so her first few flights may come as a surprise.

And while Yasminath radiates love on a regular basis, the concept of relationships are foreign to a dragon. Oh, she grasps the importance for YOU, but to her, flights are instinct, even if she may gain some favorites (*cough* Nymionth *cough*) over the Turns. Her flights will be intense, no matter how long or short they may be; she revels in their freedom and the joy of it. Even when she bloods (IF she bloods), the whole affair is done as swiftly and minimally on the violence as possible. The same goes for those who choose to chase her — any suitor who is too rough, too rude or uncouth will be immediately chastised and shunned by her.

When she is caught, the lucky male will be cuddled and fawned over for as long as he’ll tolerate it. Yasminath will revert right back to herself, as though nothing was amiss and should her temporary partner not be the cuddling type, well… Depending on how that is approached will determine just how she reacts! Luckily, should things go awry for any reason, her memory will let it fade it time and, should it not, then she will likely forgive them all the same.


Welcome to Weyrlinghood, Kezresan! Or should we say, K’zre? ;) Did you ever expect such a sweet little Lady to come from the egg that spooked him?

Egg Inspiration: The theme for the eggs this cycle were Planets! Be they real or not… and in the case of Home Sweet Hive Egg, well — if you hadn’t guessed it, that lovely egg was based on Xenomorph Prime! The homeworld of the terrifying predatory species from the Aliens movies.

Dragon Inspiration: Imagine my delight when you expressed your desire for a Sailor Moon inspired green! Not only because I’m a big fan of the series (manga and anime), but also because of the hilarity of the polar opposite hatching from this particular egg! Yet… it oddly fit.

Her description was both simple and not so simple, but we aimed to mark off as many of your preferences as possible! I couldn’t resist going with a Luna Moth as overall inspiration, for the various, if subtle, connections. You wanted green and feminine? You got it! I picked chrysoberyl, as it closely matched the luna moth coloring without veering too far into yellow-green territory. Toss in some ‘hidden’ dappling with your request for silvery accents and voila!

Name: As for what makes Yasminath tick, that is pretty self explanatory! You made it easy for us on SCo and gave us her name! Her hatchling name was plucked from you as well… it just fit so nicely and much better than any attempts I made! With so much material to work from, including your own notes in your Qnaire, I hope I’ve done Yasminath justice (heh) by incorporating as much of Usagi into her!

We hope she is everything you hoped for, but as always, what is written is a guideline and she is now yours to love and play as you desire!

<3 Th’ero (and Nyalle, for tweaks and proofing)


Name Yasminath
Dam Gold Kayeth
Sire Bronze Velokraeth
Created By Egg and Dragon by Th’ero, with tweaks by Nyalle
Impressee K’zre (Kezresan)
Hatched August 11, 2018
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH