Borne of the brightest spring greens, the color is both simple and yet unique to her in the sense that it seems to wholly encompass her medium sized frame with no other hue to break its dominance. She is the epitome of sleekness, her body lean yet toned, muscled in a subtle way as to almost hide the power and strength beneath. Not all is as it seems though and as natural light plays across her hide some of the subtle complexities within it will become visible. Hues of sea green and pale green will dance and shift from the darker to lighter of the hues, accentuating rather than overwhelming and lending more illusion of fluidity to the gracefulness of her movements, both gentle and yet belying a sense of cunning and chaotic intelligence beneath a mask of calm.

The angular shape of her head bares the beginning of these subtle changes in color, mottled in subdued dark sea greens above the curve of her eye ridges to sweep back over her prominent head knobs and ridges, tumbling down the arc of her slender neck to disappear into the nook of throat and back, lending sway to spring green once more. Her toned sides, powerful hindquarters and lean, nimble forearms also bear the hints of sea green mottling, only they, along with her back and the backside of her wings, have dustings of pale green worked in that show only in the brightest of natural lights. The sails of her long and narrow wings, save for the curve of her talons, are the only part of her to hold the shade of aquamarine, diluted and yet a gentle contrast all the same against the spring greens of the spars and the rest of her sleek form.

Egg Name and Description

Bring Order to Chaos Egg

Starting a bright pristine white at the top, the egg’s smooth shell fades to a rich blue that gradually darkens into a rich and dark steel blue that pools along the broad lower half, the end disappearing and buried under the sands. Seemingly etched into the surface are curved lines of light blue that arch up either side of the egg in rounded shapes, giving the appearance of stained glass though lacking the dazzling array of colors. The design frames the shell, fanning out and up with the tips gracefully curved as though to form the mirror image of two outstretched stylized feathered wings reaching for the tip. In the center, where the shell is primarily white rests two ochre hued circles, the smaller nestled between the larger and from the center of the smallest various sharp edged lines stretch out, much like a sun burst, to overlap the other and the design of the wings beneath it. Each seems equally spaced, linear and almost mathematical despite the artistic flare, with the points being shortest on top and the rest extending lower and the longest set as ‘center’ as one can be on a curved shell.

Hatching Message

Bring Order to Chaos Egg reaches its limits and the shell crumbles under the pressure of so many fractures, pieces tumbling away piece by piece before simply giving way with a shuddering, splintering sigh. Out of the destruction tumbles a bright, spring green colored Hatchling, who wastes little time in pushing herself awkwardly to her feet after she untangles them from the rest of her limbs. Wings flare out slightly to dry, but she holds herself with confidence and cunning curiosity as she gains her bearings, head swiveling from side to side to take in the chaos of the sands.

Impression Message

One moment you are on the Sands, the next everything seems to fade away to nothing. Did you faint? No… no you are most certainly conscious, as you can still feel the ground beneath your feet. But the heat has been dulled to a tolerable warmth and you seem oddly detached as your mind seems transported, lured and pulled away. Better? Why yes… wait a minute. Did you ask yourself that? Or did someone… « Eirwyn, » A voice calls from the shadows softly behind you, to capture your attention from your thoughts and far deeper than that. It calls in an almost purred and sing-song sort of way, deep laughter rippling through your mind as the presence grows all the stronger, heavier and then embraces you entirely and complete to your very core and drowns out all else around you. « At last, you are here! » And if it was as though you had never left and it, no SHE for her voice is now distinctly female, deeper but rich and always hinting at some inner mirth in her smooth and rolling voice. « I’m Xucieth, remember? Ah — oh, perhaps you don’t. Well, you know /now/. You won’t forget it, will you, Eirwyn? Good. You /are/ a smart one, after all. » The sands return to your view now, along with the chaotic sounds of the Hatching around you, which only seems to draw a wistful sigh from the bright spring green now hovering by your side and glancing up to you in utter devotion. « Isn’t this just grand? Such chaos! But I do believe we best start fixing this /hunger/ of mine. »


Hexadecimal: So many moods, so little time.
(Hex dons a happy mask)

Hold on Eirwyn for all that you are worth! Xucieth will be a test of your willpower, all your strengths (and weaknesses), your patience and tolerance and so much more from the moment she finds you upon the Sands. For she is the epitome of raw emotion and chaos, kept in check by the smallest of margins — YOU. She is fueled by the heart, its often wild and untamed desires and the heat of the moment. She is passion on overdrive and coupled with her intelligent and cunning mind even when so newly hatched. You are her voice of reason, young as though you may be and while she will do her best to tempt you to her desire and wishes, Eirwyn, you must stand firm and strong in YOUR beliefs and set down the ground lines. Even then, remain sharp as she will test those lines, often twisting your own words in an attempt to trip you up. This stage of her life will not last for long and you can relax your vice-like hold on her, as her deep love and loyalty for you wins out and she learns to temper some of her behavior as not to upset you too much.

Hexadecimal: [happy mask] Scuzzy.
Hexadecimal: [annoyed mask] How dare you interrupt me when I'm putting on my face!
[a hole opens in the floor and Scuzzy falls through toward the energy sea in segments]
Hexadecimal: [sad mask] I shouldn't have done that. I was glad to see him.
[annoyed mask again, Hex stops Scuzzy's fall at the last moment and brings him back up]
Hexadecimal: [friendly mask] How good to see you, Scuzzy! What have you got for me?

Xucieth has the flare for the melodramatic in her early months, being extremely emotional in the sense that they are constantly shifting to match her surroundings or the current trail of thought in her mind. And her /mind/ is another matter altogether, just another piece of her for you to sort out over the days and months to come. But you will find that she is in a constant flux as far as her emotions are concerned, shifting through the various masks as if with practised ease. One moment she will be content, simply chattering on to you on some idle observation or even in conversation with one of her clutch siblings or another dragon when her moods will change along with her words. Content to annoyed, to friendly, to annoyed and back to innocent happiness … just one of the MANY combinations she will go through and you, Eirwyn, may have to give up ever sorting out some sort of pattern to her chaos.

Lessons for her will be « So dull, so uninspiring! All this sitting about is grating my nerves. We should go /do/ this, for how else can we learn? Besides, it will be /FUN/. » Though her idea of “fun” would be something to be quite wary about, as “fun” for her may be exactly that: for her (and you, of course … always done FOR you, dear Eirwyn). In her mind, lessons and learning can be done in such a way and for that she will constantly nitpick in private to you, haughty and sarcastic. « Sohnyuoth goes about it all /wrong/. She seeks to coddle us. Now Njordeth, oh yes now /there/ is a brown with SENSE. Can’t you ask HIM to lead us today? Or do I have to do this myself? » And make no mistake, Eirwyn, she WILL try to teach you a few things on life in her own twisted perspective. Her methods are not coddling and her style is much like kicking one off the side of the cliff to “cure” their reluctance or fear of heights and then laugh all the while as the poor victim goes bouncing and rolling down the hillside… unharmed of course save for a few bumps and bruises. « Now that wasn’t so bad, now was it? At least you learned to stay away from cliffs! »

Headlong and headstrong, no stopping to think of the consequences, she is always seeking action rather than inaction. For that reason Xucieth will excel at certain lessons and stages of your training, but others she will flounder and struggle. As her guide and balm, you will often have to keep her in check Eirwyn and, in a sense, cater to her and keep her more or less entertained when she becomes too broody or sulky from being confined to another lecture or when you should be studying and she wants to be out and about. Remember, you are ALWAYS her voice of reason, even if when siding WITH her. Strike that balance and the months of weyrling training will be an adventure for certain: a chaotic mess, but one favorable for you with only the occasional hiccup here and there when she may take you (and others) completely by surprise. You will have to tempt her and bribe her at times, as her moods fuel her reckless thoughts. « But /Eirwyn/! Oh, fine. I suppose you ARE right and it /would/ be rather cruel of me to set Kouzevelth up like that. But it’s so funny to see her so piqued! Perhaps Lyrienth, then? »

Enzo Matrix #3: AndrAIa! You made it! But how?
AndrAIa: I made a copy of myself and downloaded it to your icon. Now we can be together. I'm ready to go to work, Guardian.
Bob: That's great. Hey, what does she mean "Guardian"?

Despite Xucieth’s outwardly confident and chaotic nature, you will know far better Eirwyn for you know her truths. You get to see what is behind her ever shifting emotional masks, her true heart. Just like how she only shares her looking glass mirror with you, so will she only share her more benign side with you as she grows and matures. You will discover that she is rather naive, once she begins to settle and not entirely certain on how to behave… well, normally. Social aspects and concepts seem to soar right over her head and she will turn to you Eirwyn for support and input. Mention of being a “proper” lady though and she’ll scoff, « Proper? How /boring/. There is no fun in that or in order. Who says we cannot live as we are or wish to be? »

Hexadecimal: I was born in the explosion that created Lost Angles. An explosion doesn't usually display the best parenting skills.

AndrAIa: [as Hexadecimal; in front of a mirror changing the masks back and forth] Happy. Sad. Happy. Sad. Happy.
AndrAIa (Hexadecimal's voice): Intrigued. I've never been so in touch with my emotions.

Xucieth will NEVER be a proper lady and she does not expect the same from you. She will try to nudge you out of your ideals or the one’s set on you by your family. What does she know of family? You are her whole world and she vaguely understands the concept of dam and sire and the way the world works in that sense (though you may have to remind her), but she will always frown upon set ideals, set goals, set paths… No, no and definitely not! None of those will do and she will encourage you to your full power and strength, always encouraging you and pushing you ever onward. Suggest something? She’ll be up on her feet, raring to go and bent on making sure you see it through, even if met with failure. If your path meets a dead end? « Oh well. That was fun. What’s next, dear? What /new/ little challenge awaits us? » There will never be a dull day growing up with Xucieth, Eirwyn. She will make certain of it! Not only will she seek to be your constant (chaotic) inspiration, but so will she encourage you to be in tune with your emotions. « Don’t deny them! » Speak your mind, stand your ground! Be sneaky, be cunning! Xucieth will always whisper her advice to you when you begin to flounder or fail, or if she sees something you do not. It’s all out of love for you, Eirwyn as she wants nothing more than to see you flourish, but as YOU. Not moulded by others (even herself!). Don’t like her advice? Challenge her. She /expects/ that and will meet you with laughter rather than anger. Despite her chaotic nature, she will balance to you for you are her core and she knows it’s where her power lies.

Hexadecimal: [to Megabyte after Enzo activates the Firewall, trapping them together] Isn't this rich? Aren't we a pair. Now it is the jailer who is jailed!

Truthfully, she feels a bit of an outsider among her siblings and kin, something she feels she can relate to you from your own past. At first she will not seem to notice, but as she and the rest of her siblings grow she will often feel like the black sheep among the white and for that reason seems to pick on them, for « Amusement, of course! ». Or so Xucieth would lead them to believe, as she struggles to adapt in a world that doesn’t seem quite prepared to handle her. She will be unusually drawn to Crosenturath for instance, for chaos seems to follow in his wake and that brings her endless limits of amusement, not to mention a sense of connection for she understands chaos all too well. She’ll treat all of them with respect, but should one rise her temper or try to trick her? Well, they best expect payback. Among her siblings and later among the other dragons, she’ll be one to play harmless little tricks on those she feels have “wronged” her in some way, but never hurtful. Just enough to make them think twice in the future!

Mouse: Just tell the /witch/ to be ready!
Hexadecimal: I heard that! … What a sweet thing to say!

Hexadecimal (to Matrix): Virus hater! Learn from this.
Hexadecimal (walks to Enzo): Here young Guardian. A gift! So you don’t wind up like /him/!

In time and as she nears maturity, Xucieth will come to accept who she is and she expects the same of yourself. Criticism she merely shrugs off rather than react with childish pranks, though she will always defend you if you are wronged, Eirwyn. It’s one thing for others to insult her, as she could care less, but her adoration and protectiveness of you won’t stand for a slight against you as a person. This will be yet another of her lessons to impart on you, a gift of sorts, so that you can never allow others to rule over your own thoughts and views.

And for all her oddities, Xucieth will slowly blossom into a clearly gifted and intelligent, powerful and skilled green, whose energy seems limitless and without bounds. You may find yourself calling her back often, Eirwyn, as she revels in her youth and for Turns to come! She will discover her limits, but it’s up to you to be sure she doesn’t strain herself in doing so. Because of her nature, she cannot wholly reach her potential alone and she will need you for guidance as much as you need her.

Matured and as she grows over the Turns from experience, Xucieth’s chaotic nature will settle, her sense of the melodramatic lessens as she learns to temper her moods (to a degree), though she’ll still seek out “trouble” when left to her own devices. She will continue to share Eirwyn’s passion for seeking her own path and goal in life, that being a constant focus that will never ebb and simply go dormant when you have settled. For life is always full of surprises and she will wait patiently, content to follow you even when you reach your desires and goals but always prepared to reclaim her role as protector, teacher and adoring support should you feel a need for change again. She will adapt easier to situations and the world around her, balancing as she is between chaos and order, becoming more a voice of reason but peppered with the occasional sarcastic retort or random, chaotic quip to either stir up humor or some wild notion. Everything that guides her and fuels her is from her heart and emotions but now tempered with intelligence and a cunning mind, something she tries to impart and constantly hone with you, Eirwyn. To Xucieth, forever more, « You are who you make yourself to be. Never forget. »

Flights for Xucieth will be wild and untamed, without limits and unrestrained. Love conquers all boundaries and « Chaos always triumphs over Order, as it is the way of things! » She is not evil or cruel when in the skies, not even all that temperamental when her hide begins to glow and she becomes proddy: she is simply a tempest unleashed in her most raw and chaotic form when she finally bloods and takes wing. And no flight for her is ever the same. One she may be subdued, another daring and heated, it all depends on her mood and perhaps the types of suitors she draws. Prior to taking to the skies, she will be a flirt but not in a lovey dovey sort of way. She will lurk and silently pick out her suitors among the numbers, testing for cunning and intelligence rather than pure physical strength (though that IS a bonus), seeking the craftiest of males to match her and her tastes never seem to last on just one. Just as she is chaos, so are the result of her flights as she is ruled more by her natural instincts when proddy, rather than her heart. Your heart, Eirwyn, may sway her but even then she may not heed it, not to spite you but because she simply cannot resist the wild abandon a flight brings her.


Masked and Mirrored

Xucieth’s mind is a weaving of two halves: simple and complex, oddly beautiful and eccentric. Put simply, her mind is like a high ceilinged room, like a throne room and yet it’s not a throne room and instead carries the feeling and comfort of one’s small private sitting area… just without the windows and on a much grander scale. Steel blues and grays make up the “walls”, variated in subtle hexagonal shapes like honeycomb. The floor itself is suspended up on it’s own sort of twisted pillar, like the stem of some alien like flower with the center a warm gray color and a little more inviting and its “petals” folding out to curve back along the edges, rimmed by wine reds and a deep purple in between. It invokes a sense of vast space and yet the coziness of one’s home or lair, their private room and that is /exactly/ what it is to Xucieth : her private inner sanctum, shared by no one but you and you alone. With the colors of her mind being so dark, the room is rather sombre, but that could be because it is not the main focal point, as only you would know and understand.


Oh, sure, she may have /guests/ once in awhile when she bespeaks another in one of her more “playful” moods, allowing them a glimpse of her inner self behind all her poise and masks and all they will see is the room itself and perhaps the glimmer of more unseen and partially hidden in the distance, as one may glance a hanging mirror or picture frame on a faraway wall.. «Hello, Niumdreoth, /brother/! How /good/ of you to come! I was getting SO bored without you. » she’ll all but purr in her sweetest and not-so sweet voices, like the gracious host no one wants and that suits her just fine. You will discover swiftly enough, Eirwyn that Xucieth keeps most at a distance when it comes to mental contact, saving most of the deeper subtleties only for you. She is not aloof, but merely guarded and a private green when it comes to her thoughts, wishing for those around her to view only the masks of her emotions. Sometimes she will show her desires on the front but only when she is in her most playful and mischievous moods, when she feels it will serve her or you, the dearest of her innermost heart, a grander purpose.

Which leads to the next little hidden gem among her mind, created solely for her and, of course, JUST for you: a small tiered pedestal of sorts that rises from that warm grey floor to one side of that weirdly twisted room. Only you and just you, Eirwyn, can ever approach it and it’s there that the simple, gold rimmed mirror will sit or well… floats rather. At first it will be a little disconcerting and dizzying to get the double image in one’s mind sorted, of a room that is Xucieth’s inner mind and then a mirror that reflect more and deeper visualizations that make it a whole. Essentially, her mind is like another place, but her mirror is like another world entirely or her perspectives of Pern and the world around the two of you twined and reflected back. And thus the complexities that make up her mind come into play


«Beautiful, isn’t it Eirwyn?» She will always want to captivate you as her one and only audience and in time you will come to learn to spy out her shifting moods by what she is reflecting in that mirrored glass and perhaps even sneakily without her aware of it (or she’ll simply leave you to assume you are being oh-so sneaky). It will be a challenge, for certain and a tentative line you two as a pair will have to work out between yourselves as more often than not in her youth the images will be random and without meaning, but her sense of pride will seek your input regardless, « Look Eirwyn, look! It’s your home. Aren’t I so /clever/? But don’t tell Dremkoth. HE can ask himself if he wants to learn how. »


And that is what the mirror will become for Xucieth and in part a tool for you. She uses it to reflect her current thoughts, nothing more than a glimmer or two here and there as something catches her fancy or interest and can be ignored in time as she matures and no longer overwhelms you with her need to show and tell. She uses it too to illustrate her ideas to you, be it as simple as placing an image of /where/ she would like to be or where she thinks YOU should go. It reflects her moods as well and her emotions, in tune as they often are with the moment she finds herself in or to match your own as she observes from a distance. It can be as complex as imagery or simply a myriad of color. In times of calm and rest, Xucieth’s mirrored mind may lapse to images of the sea or coast lines, plucked either from your memory or from a recent one of her own. If anything, you will find she favors these images above all when she is calm. For hours on end, she’ll brood thoughtfully and all the while the mirror is filled with the senses and emotions invoked from the sea.

But in other times of emotion, she may reflect much, much more. Excitement may bring on a whirlwind of color or a dazzling display of light or some inspiring landscape, all in motion rather than locked into stillness. Annoyance may bring on sombre imagery, while anger and upset will bring on the storms (quite literally). Beware though, Eirwyn, the blank or black mirror or if it ever begins to show shadows among the glass. Such are the signs of a troubled or rebellious Xucieth, perhaps even a sign of her coming proddy state but it could be as much as a brief hiccup of mood, a brief glitch of the code that makes her inner thoughts so orderly and yet so chaotic, «Which is just so /glorious/, isn’t it, dear?» and just like a passing storm it will clear away.

Xucieth’s voice is much like her mind: simple on the outside and so deliciously complex within. For the most part, her voice is low, rich and rolling smooth, strong and yet so distinctly feminine. When calm, it can be soothing and even lulling to listen to, easy on your mind and not too overly powerful. But when she is alert and active, her tones can vary as swiftly and complex as her many, many moods. Her voice will rise and fall in pitch and tone and intensity to mirror the emotions behind her words, from anything as simple as some amusing little quip to an outburst of stubbornness or a snarky, sharp-tongued retort in a moment of heated anger. Her presence will grow more dominant and you may find yourself struggling to keep firm the reins on your control on her Eirwyn, just like wrestling in a difficult runner who’s taken the bit and refuses all commands. But just as quick, she’ll be back to her calm and sweet tone once more and perhaps bubbling with mirth soon afterwards. And oh, does she LOVE to laugh! Not that a dragon can truly /laugh/ but Xucieth will often impart the ideal of it on you, from subtle chuckles, to outright laughter that leaves her sighing with amusement afterwards as she catches her “breath” and sobers back to her usual self.


If Eirwyn wasn’t already in enough hot water with her family for sneaking into Candidacy, boy… is she ever in for it now! ;) Or will it be the Weyrleaders?

Regardless, welcome to Weyrlinghood Eirwyn and congratulations! We are very happy to have you join the ranks and hope that you have fun in the coming weeks exploring all that Weyrlinghood has to offer and then many more fun times as a Rider!


The theme for the clutch was Time! And for ‘Bring Order to Chaos’, it’s theme was based off of the series ReBoot and it’s movie known as “Daemon Rising”, as the main villian was in fact a Cron (Crono) Virus. That is not the only reason why ReBoot was selected for a theme however. It was used as well too for it’s place in Animation history, at least as far as television animation goes. ReBoot is a Canadian CGI-animated action-adventure cartoon series that originally aired from 1994 to 2001 and was produced by Vancouver-based production company Mainframe Entertainment, Alliance Communications, BLT Productions and created by Gavin Blair, Ian Pearson, Phil Mitchell and John Grace.


It was the first half-hour, completely computer-animated TV Series of it’s time. The process to create ReBoot began in the 1980s, but although the idea had largely been devised, technology was not yet advanced enough to make the show in the desired way. 3D animation tests began in earnest in the 1990s and ReBoot had achieved its detailed look by 1991. Production continued on future episodes and the show aired in 1994 after enough episodes had been produced. This was a painstaking process, as no other company had at that time worked on a 3D animation project of this scale and the software used then was new to all.

The Mind Name “The Word is Code and Chaos” and the mind touches all stemmed from “Daemon Rising”, with most being tailored to Daemon herself, who is not an entity but a time. The imagery came mostly from what was a classic sign of her infection in systems: a glowing green, pulsing, lattice work that would cover everything… Sprites included (usually around their temples and foreheads). Daemon is time but she is also Order and the final mind touch began to tip in favor of another well known virus but the complete opposite to Daemon: Hexadecimal, the supposed Queen of Chaos.

You asked for a 2-3 syllable name and shorter prefered and I did my best to match those requests while still giving her a name with some meaning and linked to the theme that makes her. Xucieth’s name comes from the combination of the french word ‘courageux’ for courageous. Eux was a little strange, so I reversed it to Xue but dropped the ‘e’. The second half of her name comes from the french word for witch: sorciere, where ‘cie’ was taken. Since she’s two halves of a whole, courageous is often used to describe AndrAIa, while Hexidecimal is witch-like in appearance.


Xucieth’s description is loosely based off of AndrAIa’s colors, from her hair to the suit she wears throughout the series. I simplified it greatly, obviously so that she wasn’t a mish-mash of colors everywhere. And, just for a bit of geeky fun, I used terms from hexadecimal colors! Her spring green hue is 00ff99 : http://coloreminder.com/00ff99 with her highlights and shadows being: Sea Green http://coloreminder.com/2e8b57 (dark), Aquamarine http://coloreminder.com/66cdaa (bluish tint) and Pale Green http://coloreminder.com/98fb98 (light).

Her mind description is literally based off of Hexadecimal’s Lair in the series and her actual looking glass, her most prized (and used) possession. I tweaked a few things, obviously but for the most part it was left whole. For a better idea, check out this website on Hex’s Looking Glass: http://reboot.wikia.com/wiki/Hexadecimal%27s_Looking_Glass


Xucieth herself is mostly based on the much loved, but equally disliked benign virus Hexadecimal, with some sprinkling on game-sprite AndrAIa mixed in and a lot of subtle tweaking. I made her ruled by her heart, desires and emotions, creating a green whose boundaries are not defined and yet with enough of a root core to play off of, while also tailoring her to match some of Eirwyn’s traits.


But as you requested as well, she is written from the heart as ReBoot holds a certain spot in mine. It was an inspiration for me when I was younger and part of the reason why I broke off the path folk expected of me and took on Animation as a career. While it didn’t quite work out, I learned a lot and I still hold such series as ReBoot and their achievements close. They took a risk and went where most studios and companies had yet to touch and succeeded, springboarding a style of animation that has now expanded and improved and continues to do so.

For more information on AndrAIa - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ReBoot_characters and http://reboot.wikia.com/wiki/AndrAIa

For more information on Hexadecimal - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ReBoot_characters and http://reboot.wikia.com/wiki/Hexadecimal
Fan Art of the two sides of Hexadecimal is by Empress Helenia : http://empresshelenia.deviantart.com/art/ReBoot-Mucha-Hexadecimal-151367123


In the end, Eirwyn, Xucieth is yours to play with as you wish! She is your green and the Tips of her Persona are exactly that — tips! Feel free to follow them or simply go with her to your heart’s content! Above all, have fun with her. She was a blast to create, but she is now yours to have and enjoy!

Egg and Dragon Written by Th’ero, with helpful tweaks from Elara and Dtirae.

Clutch Siblings

Cloaked in Storms Gold Kouzevelth - Inri
Immune to the Passage of Time Dremkoth - D’ani
One Cannot Make the Journey Alone Brown Niumdreoth - Abigail
Always Seeking and Scampering Blue Crosentura​th - Harmony
Arcane Magic and Darkness Green Lyrienth - Kh’nai
No More Will I Wear the Shackles Green Xucieth - Eirwyn

The Aftermath of Stress Bronze Tezeveth - J’men (Jamen)
Samurai Betwixt Time Brown Zlicnith - K’vi (Kevi)
Timeless Giant Star Blue Zetath - Py’n (Pycian)
Drive by Blur Green Vetizath - Brilwen


Name Xucieth
Dam Gold Zuvaleyuth
Sire Bronze Velokraeth
Created By Th’ero, with tweaks from Dtirae and Elara
Impressee Eirwyn
Hatched 23 September 2012
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH