There's no other way to describe this creature other than serpentine. Her form is unusually elongated, not only in the torso, but her neck, tail and wings as well. Sinuous she may be, but she truly is a dragon, not a snake. Overall her color is that of pale jade with a subtle opalesent gleam. The ghostly iridescence lends her an elusive beauty, for only in the sunshine does it shimmer as satin garments of royalty replace the drab matte of peasantry she wears when indoors. There are no scales on her suede-like hide, but a faint lacework of malachite gives the illusion of them, encircling her overly-skinny frame, beginning from the tip of her rangy muzzle all the way down to her obsidian claw-tipped talons. Atop her proudly-carried head, barely-discernible markings of aventurine and peridot form a 'headdress' of sorts that trails down her spine in ceramic-hard ridges, each sharp edge brushed with inky lacquer. When unfurled, her wings extend beyond that of her entire length. Even folded they may drag or be tripped over. Upon the sails of her protracted pinions an explosion of color blooms, hints of cherry blossom sparks seen amongst the display of jewel tones - beryl, emerald and tourmaline - all clouded as though seen through a haze of gunpowder the way evening's mist mutes the silk lantern's glow.

Egg Name and Description


Eggsplosive at Best Egg

Contradicting in a startling contrast of colors,this medium sized egg stands out even if half buried in sand. Dark is its shell, like the deepest of pure black night and broken only by the bright, rich reds that pepper that darkness like many pinpoints of light. From far it’s difficult to make out clear details but up close the red against black takes shape. The smallest of red splotches are grouped and clustered as though to make the impression of the leaves of a tree, with bold streaks of black between as the branches and trunks. Larger circular shapes of red, streaked with orange and yellow in the centre give the image of shaded flame, safely contained and glowing with a comfortable warmth. The egg certainly seems inviting and safe… but perhaps that’s the lure and trap?

Hatching Message

It’s what everyone was waiting for as the seconds ticked by and those cracks grew larger and larger. It was only a matter of time before the cracks reached a point where they simply cannot hold up any longer. And when it comes, the moment of entry, it’s as dramatic as Explosive at Best Egg could make it. Shell cascades in every direction, sharp pieces likely to damage anyone standing too near the tiny creature that steps out, wings outstretched and already in movement.

Impression Message

It starts as a tickle at the back of your mind but difficult to focus on among the chaos of the Hatching. Could it be the heat is getting to your head? No, there is a definite sense of weight, smooth and enfolding and not unlike the feeling of finest silk brushing against your thoughts. As light begins to brighten in your mind, the weight about your shoulders grows lighter and joy flows through, followed with the distant sound of a gong. « Get ready, B’yrl! » A voice calls to you, distinctly feminine and brimming with amusement and delight. She has found you, at last and now your stories begin as one! There is a sense of completion and then exuberant excitement. « Your salvation is at hand! I am Xianeth and I am here to guide you through this masquerade! So heed my word! … but could we eat first? » The last is said with a sheepish inflection and true enough there is an overpowering sense of hunger and the unending depth of love and loyalty as the bond is forged.


"Who am I? Who am I? I am the guardian of lost souls! I am the powerful, the pleasurable, the indestructible Mushu!"

Straight out of the shell your Xianeth is quite the spitfire of energy, not unlike her sister Yschazith. See B’yrl, There is no “idle” in her vocabulary — at least not while she is this young. Perhaps in time it will temper, though her lust and drive for action and seemingly endless amounts of energy may never fade. So be ready B’yrl! She doesn’t sit back and ponder about things, wax poetically or really stop to consider the situation before leaping into it. If she needs to be somewhere, she’ll be there! If she wants to do something, she does it and of course, drags YOU along with her for the ride! All in bright, enthusiastic spirits of course as she is not a dragon to dwell in the negative.

Sunlight pours through paper-windows, bathing this inner sanctuary in sweet light. «Alright! Rise and shine! Come on. » Nudges you from your cot.
« Hup, hup, hup! Get your clothes on! Get ready! Got breakfast for ya. Look, you get porridge… » Gongs ring just outside closed doors, calling from without for you to join the morning activity.

She’ll show this energy in training also. For example, hesitating when M’chia tells you to jump won’t do you any good. Any trepidation about Weyrling training will be met with a dismissal from Xianeth and an outpouring of enthusiasm and encouragement. She won’t let you back down from a challenge or from a particularly grueling looking lesson, always “leaning” on you in-case you need the mental support (and vice versa). Think you’ll have downtime between exercises, drills and lessons? HA! Think again! She’s not the work-a-holic that Hallenayth is, but she’ll make sure you keep up on your feet an active. Usually with fun. Because, see, this girl knows how to have fun! She’ll find ‘fun’ in just about anything up to and including your lessons. Just like Ahzavaryth is good at solving the more challenging puzzles of the later lessons and challenges, Xianeth will try to find the FUN in everything. Leave it to her upbeat and enthusiastic attitude to help you get through even the worst of your drills! Of course… the things you may find fun, are not always shared with Xianeth.

Wind brushes past a fountain, licking playful dropplets across green trails, just ready to be stepped upon. « B’yrl… what are you doing? … Not another book. » Noses it out of your hand.
« What’s the point of words when you can DO IT yourself? Come on! Up! Let’s have some fun. Can’t have you going all soft on me now! »

Another trait that dovetails with her energy is a tendency towards overconfidence. It never occurs to her that danger is actually a thing. She is often times comical in her mischief, a trait she shares both with her siblings Yschazith and Ahzavayth and don’t be surprised if she is often exploring some part of the barracks or sneaking off to “observe” something (or someone) when you should be doing something else.

"No time to talk. Now remember, it's your first day of trainin', so listen to your teacher and no fightin', play nice with the other kids, unless, of course, one of the other kids wanna fight, then you have to kick the other kid's butt." - Mushu to Mulan

That overconfidence? It really shows in training for both good and bad. Xianeth always wants to prove herself to others but most of all to you. She can be a bit of a braggart but NEVER to the point of arrogance. She knows her limits. Why this overconfidence? The main reason? Her size.

"Intimidating? Awe-inspiring?" - Mushu

It won’t be apparent right away (because all baby dragons are small!) but Xianeth’s is TINY, and this tiny stature will only become all the more noticeable when even her fellow sisters start to outstrip her in growth. Even equally as tiny Yschazith will have a good two inches on her! (Just wait for those arguments.) Xianeth never complains about her size and perhaps is only aware of it when and if it limits her. Training will be more difficult for her as her strength and stamina won’t be quite up to par. Anyone who says something about it, of course, may get a bit of a retort if she overhears it:

« Say that to my face, you limp noodle! »

This snark comes less of arrogance though, then out of a complete need to prove that she’s just as capable as her larger siblings. Hallenayth’s quiet competence is something she wants to live up too, and she quietly craves the attention of big-brother Akleteyth. Every moment of snarky defiance can be traced back to her just being tiny. Call it small dog syndrome if you will, except it doesn’t make Xianeth mean. Just, well, snarky and it won’t be something that lasts long past her youthful months.

Small stature aside, does this stop her? No! Tiny though she may be, Xianeth is sturdy and strong. She may struggle and fall on her face or have to work double as hard at what may be a simple thing for the others, but if there’s one more thing Xianeth is not and that is she is not a quitter. She won’t let YOU quit either B’yrl! Not in training, not in goals or anything you endeavour to do or accomplish. Even if her methods of supporting you are a little… strange. To others, she may seem scolding but in reality Xianeth teaches through humor and often sarcastic. What comes off sharp is really nothing more than an effort to find the amusement of the situation. One moment it’s all:

A shatter of fireworks clip into a darkened night sky, revealing a parade below that has somehow managed to stumble over their own feet, leaving only jumbled chaos behind. « You missed! How could you miss?! It was three feet in front of you, B’yrl! »

And then, after you try again (and even if you don’t quite succeed):

« There! That’s what I’m talking about! That’s my tough-looking rider! Now go out there and make me proud! »

Despite some of this snarkiness B’yrl, deep down your Xianeth really is genuinely kind. If she sees you struggling or one of her clutchsiblings, you bet she’ll be there to help in a sneaky sort of way! Is it cheating?… Maybe and sometimes? Again, it’s all good intentions! She only wishes for you to succeed (and therefore herself) and so what if she has to bend the rules a bit at times? Granted, a lot of her schemes could backfire and often as simple as her being caught. But the thing is, when her schemes explode as vividly as the thoughts in her mind, she’s quick to apologize, with her tail between her legs.

« I’m sorry, B’yrl. It won’t happen again. »

Not that she’ll stay down for long. Another life lesson learned, another valuable piece of experience for you both and off she goes again to find something else in which to nourish her mind or to entertain herself.

Fun, energy and enthusiasm aside, as Xianeth grows it will be noticeable just how intelligent and resourceful she is. Her focus becomes honed, her energy better channelled, likely shaped with your help along the way during Weyrlinghood and beyond.

"Then you're gonna have to trust me. And don't you slap me no more. We clear on that? Alright. - Mushu to Mulan

Xianeth, while young, will fully take charge in most situations. She figures you trust her as she trusts you unconditionally. This doesn’t make her out of control or unreasonable — if there’s enough protest, she will bow to your choice as she is, first and foremost, loyal to you despite her fiery and free-spirited attitude. In the odd time she DOES look to you for insight, be prepared for such exchanges but be prepared to have a quick answer:

« So what’s the plan? »

« You DON’T have a plan? »

Xianeth always has a plan! Or an idea… or a glimmer of one, okay, so maybe it’s just a hint of an idea. Someting like “go and investigate this or that” or sneak up to briefly check in on a clutchsibling or another dragon and their riders to see what THEY are up too. She’s also big on reasons for doing things, though she’s more likely to think of these reasons after acting, and not before. Especially when her plans fall flat on their face and end in complete disaster.

"Hey, c'mon you did it to save your father's life. Who knew you'd end up shaming him and disgracing your ancestors and losing all your friends. Y'know, you just gotta … just gotta learn to let these things go." - Mushu to Mulan

Of course, one can’t be perfect. If Xianeth’s “plans” fail or her mischief later in training (and throughout life) lead to less than favourable ends well… she knows when she’s gone too far. One of the true signs of intelligence is the ability to admit when she’s wrong. She knows that the best way to learn is through experience, and that not all experience ends well. She takes the bad and the good with equal abandon, and moves forward. She never focuses on the negative, but tries to find that silver (or golden in her case!) lining to take away.

Growing older it’ll remain quite clear that Xianeth is no lady but she can be if she really puts her mind to it. Most of the time though, she desires to be as rough and gruff as the boys and often prefers to shadow them. Stereotypes go right over her head and comments of “not a typical green” will confuse her. She’ll shrug these off, assured of herself and her talents and skill.

« And…. your point is? »

Xianeth is confident and self assured of herself and in you, B’yrl. Despite her tiny size, she is capable of so much and she knows it. There is no sense of awkwardness with her and she fits seamlessly in with her kin whether or not she is more feminine or masculine in her behaviors — not that dragons notice such differences! Eventually this might even be something that will twist her together with her clutch sister Hallenayth, though she’ll never quite get why Hallenayth likes family stuff so much. Xianeth for all her outgoing bouncy is rather insular within herself, and with you!.
Outwardly Xianeth is courageous. She does not appear fearful or paranoid. Any situation she may approach with caution but only for as long as it takes her to make a decision (and that often doesn’t take very long!). She’s determined and will see anything through to the end. Yet even as she grows and matures, she’ll never lose that cor of fun and energy from her youth. It’s as much a part of her as the bond between you.

« Did you see those Renegades? They popped out of the snow! Like flowers! »

Even if your quests in life lead to danger, she’ll approach it with humor before and after, no matter how close you both came to facing serious injury… or worse.

"No, they're men. And you'll have to act just like them, so pay attention." - Mushu to Mulan

Xianeth will be well aware of B’yrl’s social awkwardness. Oh, will she ever! Of course, she has no issues in the slightest way that he speaks or the way he views the world. She finds it endearing but it will bother her how he does seem to struggle socially and because she wants to see him succeed, well… she’ll do her best to help you succeed. Which, much like her younger self, may be wrought with misinformation and misunderstanding until you BOTH learn from the experience.

« Now punch him! That’s how men say hello. »

« What? I saw some of those uniformed men over there do that very thing! »

« Um. B’yrl? You might want to keep it simple here. I think you’re confusing them. Try: “Hello! Nice day, isn’t it? How’re you? »

« Okay, so rain isn’t nice but uh… improvise? »

She is not one to ever scold and even when she does it’s with more of a sarcastic humorous tilt. Always supportive and never judgemental, especially to you, B’yrl. Even when she is trying to help you in overcoming your “faults”, her criticism can be taken with a grain of salt.
Beyond all of that, Xianeth is all about loyalty as an adult and wishes to the see the same in B’yrl for the relationships he makes. While she is not as socially craving as Ahzavaryth, she can certainly come to value friendship and the importance of social ties, no matter how big or small. She is your protector and likewise any who befriend you will also fall under her protection. Family is of great importance to her as well.

« Anybody who’s foolish enough to threaten our family, vengeance will be mine! »

Not that she’d ever seek vengeance. There’s not a mean bone in Xianeth’s body, with the exception of her having to defend B’yrl from danger (as any dragon would be).

"Father. I brought you the sword of Shan-Yu, and the crest of the Emperor. They're gifts, to honor the Fa family." - Mulan to her father

One quirk of Xianeth’s would be that she “collects” memorabilia if it serves a purpose. Kainaesyth has his stories, Zhirazoth has his trophies but for her she simply desires memories. Be it that she can snatch a small piece from your latest experience; a leaf perhaps, a swatch of cloth, some (very crushed) flowers, a particular stone or shell perhaps, she will insist that it be brought back. If she can’t get a physical reminder, she will have a simple request:

« Write it down, B’yrl, would you? I don’t want us to forget THIS part of our history. »

Which is, sadly, almost ironic given that draconic minds are known for their flaw in memory. Xianeth will often forget much, unless prompted by you but never will she tire of relearning or revisiting those snippets of the past.



Memory aside there’s an elephant in the room. Well, actually, the opposite of an elephant in the room. See, Xianeth is… well, tiny. Very tiny. She’ll have to look really hard to find another green that’s just her size. We’ve already mentioned above how this leads to a bit of a complex, but once she gets over it and realizes that size doesn’t stop her from being awesome, she can explore the fact that her size can give her advantage.

For example, jumping. This isn’t a skill a lot of dragons really need much, but Xianeth, she’s all over the jumping. She can go feet into the air without having to spread her wings, and when she does? Look out, because she is in the air. Watch out for M’icha’s wrath when her first jumping attempts almost land her in the air prematurely.

No only that, but her size makes it so that she can hide. This fits her rather mischievous side very well because buildings like the Stone Barn? They’re perfect places to lay in silent wait for one of her clutch-sibs to land unaware of her presence. Just imagine how perfect it would be to jump out at them, or, honestly, at you, when she’s not quite aware.


Moving beyond her size, there’s a particular quality to Xianeth’s hide that’ll leave you a bit confused. She lacks the dryness that characterizes her father, but instead is smooth to the touch, not totally unlike a thick silk. It’s not a hide that requires a lot of maintenance, but if you choose to put in the effort? Man, she’ll almost glow with an iridescent light that’s hard to put down. Moonlight especially brings out unseen tints. Try it, oil her in the moonlight. See what happens.

And that TAIL. That tail of hers B’ryl. No one has a tail just quite like Xianeth’s. Long and twisty, it drags behind her not totally unlike the sweep of a cape. When she wants to put up mischief with it, look out, because it can move right behind someone’s feet without them even noticing. It’d be even better if it just happened to be right next to a body of water. The fact that she’ll act totally innocent about it is completely off the point.

« Yes? They could have seen it if they had been looking! »


"Uhh… I mean, uh, sorry you had to see that, but you know how it is when you get those, uh, manly urges, and you just gotta kill somethin'… fix things, uh, cook outdoors…" - Mulan (as Ping)

Xianeth is not a typical green either when it comes to proddiness. She is no flirt and neither does she become the stereotypical grumpy, anti-social green. If anything, she’s much of her same self but her fascination and desire to be with the “men” increases as she falls more in line with her tomboy side.

She’ll also become very aware of any interest B’yrl may have and slyly tip in no matter where she is in the Weyr (they ALWAYS know!):

« You like her, don’t you? »

« Yeah, right, sure. Go on and talk to her! Just… you know, keep away from the poetry maybe until later?»

B’yrl may wax poetic if he decides to court or flirt but Xianeth is more direct (and yes, she will try to coax him to be the same!). She’s aware of her instincts. That doesn’t mean she’s entirely fond of the opposite sex though. While she enjoys being among them, those who flirt or are too pushy will cause her to quickly lose interest and she will seek a way to (politely!) excuse herself.

"Oh, hi, guys. I didn't know you were here. I was just washing, so now I'm clean, and I'm gonna go. Bye-bye!" - Mulan

The more she glows, the more she’ll try to avoid the males. She won’t hide, but she will definitely try to evade their growing attention and focus on her. When it comes time to fly, she will make it a downright challenge to catch her. She’s tiny and she’ll USE that to her utmost advantage by pulling as many aerial tricks as she soars ever upwards into the sky. Her flights are fast paced and short given her lack of stamina and she has no preference as to when she rises, making it difficult at first to pin down any sort of pattern to her flights.

Final Summary

“You don't meet a girl like that every dynasty.” ―The Emperor to Li Shang about Mulan

Xianeth is unique as a green and an individual, much like B’yrl. She saw the untapped potential in him and knew she could be the one to help him discover it and break him out of his shell and show him how he can step forwards and grow more as a man and a person.

I've heard a great deal about you, Fa Mulan. You stole your father's armor, ran away from home, impersonated a soldier, deceived your commanding officer, dishonored the Chinese Army, destroyed my palace, and… you have saved us all. - The Emperor to Mulan

Expect many adventures and endless amounts of fun, in many ways, shapes and forms. Xianeth will see that B’yrl not only pursues his love of history but becomes a part of it. Perhaps one day he will be recognized for some great deed — even if it lead to some damage and less than honourable doings. The world is made of good and bad and Xianeth understands this and will want B’yrl to experience it all. Never to stop, never to quit, no matter how hard the goal seems to be to reach.

In the end, Xianeth is there for B’yrl, always by his side through thick and thin. She is loyal and her love for him unfathomable.

« Don’t you worry, okay? Things will work out. We started this thing together and that’s how we’ll finish it. I promise. »



It’s comforting, the first touches of Xianeth’s mind against yours. A particular weight against your mind, smooth and enfolding, like the feeling of the finest silk. As light begins to brighten in your bond the feeling of weight about your shoulders grows lighter, and the view emerges of the room where your journey begins.

It’s opulent here, this place. Gold licks every nook and cranny, no expense spared. Carvings, detailed past all reason stretch upwards above you, and sweep along long walls. This is your place B’yrl, where your Xianeth and you will begin. This room, it is where you will retreat, heavy doors standing closed before you, blocking out any of the world beyond. Noises can be heard, just beyond the door, but they do not intrude.


As time ticks by and the two of you develop however, the call of those quiet thumps will entice you out, heavy doors swinging open with the faintest of sighs, allowing you to step into a hallway more gloriously decorated than before. Here is where Xianeth holds court, these sweeping hallways lined with plush nooks and accents rich in their simplicity. An air of dignity reigns here, within these hallways, noises muted and action calmed. Except… there is such movement in the stillness, that no matter how hard one tries, stillness always returns to movement, propelling one down the corridors, carvings seeming to leap and bound upon the wall, a glimpse of half-written stories, as they lead you outwards.


Or perhaps it’s the ever present sound of gongs ringing just beyond which draws you forward, stepping through the echoing openings. She teases you here, building a sense of excitement, as flashes of bright sunlight slip through to dance off of red and gold ornaments. It’s a tease, wrapped in dignity, and a joke she’ll play on many who seek to step within the hallowed halls of her palace.

Keep stepping B’yrl, and eventually, the tease will wear off and your Xianeth will lead you to somewhere new, somewhere so very different from the over the top richness of her palace. Where dignity runs the red and gold palace within, here, in your Xianeth’s mind garden, you’ll find peace and serenity in droves.

Here, the gongs fade away, their echos having done their duty to lead you outwards. Now, the faintest tinkle of bells rings though the air, as sweet smells of flowers in full bloom sweep forward to wrap themselves about your senses. This is a place of constrained freedom, where it is both acceptable to let one’s hair down and run barefoot along carefully wild trails and plunge one’s hands under the startling chilly water of the fountain; but also to bow one’s head and contemplate the deep mysteries of the natural world.


Deep is the water which runs through these gardens, a place for reflection… and more than a little bit of play. When your Xianeth is feeling most mischievous you’ll find yourself here, walking through a fragrant shower of pink flowers, their softness slipping against your skin and subject to the most gentle of winds. Her laughter is here, among the flowers. Her clutchmates might just come to rue every moment they see the flash of pink within their minds, for it is a dead giveaway that something has just happened that perhaps they will not like!

As darkness falls within the garden, as it will though the natural passage of time, look upwards B’yrl! For your Xianeth is a child of one of Pern’s storytellers. Where Kainaesyth holds his stories upon carved walls of sandstone, Xianeth’s stories are held within the stars. Constellations hang above in all of their stunning arrays, and the beauty of the stars are captivating, if not mesmerizing. Their connections are never ending and while some are traditional, others can be made as needed, their lines drawn by the eye and heart as they whirl across the night’s sky.

But even with the whirling heavens above there is more, for Xianeth is more than the imperial empress, wild gardens, blowing flowers and storytelling stars. For under her imperial dignity, there’s a hint of wild passion.

When energy is at it’s highest, it’s here, outside the walls of her palace and under the wide open sky, that Xianeth opens herself to the world. Flash of light lance upwards to burst against the pitch black of night shattering the sweet sounds and quiet which have dominated Xianeth’s mind.


Follow the lanterns B’yrl, into night! Where red and gold, green and pink had ruled before, here, color rules the night. Lights string in ever more intricate displays above, almost blotting out the stars. It’s excitement which causes your Xianeth to dance upon the streets, joining moving shadows in ritual masks as they celebrate the coming Turn. Nature takes a step back here, and gives way to the pleasure of life.

Here movement is the rule, and stillness is discouraged. Complex smells of incense mixed with the acrid taste of expired fireworks only add to the energy of the moment. You may find yourself spending quite a lot of time here B’yrl, as your Xianeth finds herself. Enjoy this part of her, for all that it might bring you to utter exhaustion.


Eventually though, once energy fades off again, your Xianeth will retreat, first back to her gardens, then inwards. Dignity and freedom, quiet contemplation and wild celebration, it is all open to you, and for those who would walk the paths in Xianeth’s mind.

Every Empress must find her voice, sometimes though continuous refining. The most modern example of this is not Chinese at all, Margaret Thatcher. Her early voice was considered to “shrill.” It lacked a sense of command. Women throughout history have faced this particular shortcoming, and your Xianeth is no different. She may be able to hide some of this shrillness at first, but eventually she’ll get too excited, and as the words tumble from her mind, so will her secret.

It’ll be age which will teach her tricks to modulate her voice. Maybe she’ll take lessons from some of the quieter, calmer dragons, taking in their depth and making it her own. While she is a green, she’ll come to be respected as she grows into her own skin, settling down in a tone which is comfortable both for herself, and the others around her.

Despite these changes towards a more powerful tone, one thing with always hold true B’yrl. Your Xianeth is a lady. She is proud of her sex, and holds no desire to imitate the voice of a male. A sense of lightness lingers in her tone, even as it becomes one which others would listen to without a second thought.


B’yrl! Congratulations and welcome to Weyrlinghood in Fort Weyr! You’re about to be in for one fun ride! ;)

The theme this round for the clutch was… Superstitions! Eggsplosive at Best was based on the Chinese New Year superstition of using fireworks to drive off all evil during celebrations. Also sprinkled in are a few other superstitions tied into this festive day, such as the use of the color red, no cleaning and no talking of the dead! Add a few more subtle touches of the Sheep Zodiac (since this clutch was laid not long after the official Chinese New Year of 2015!) and voila!

Your Xianeth is based on Disney’s Mushu and Mulan (both the Disney and historical versions), along with traits we took from your preferences. Her appearance we kept in theme with Mushu and Chinese dragons. She will be tiny, the smallest of her group (and possibly in Fort!) but that’s just part of her charm!

While playing with the Chinese words “Kāiwánxiào” (Fun) and “Néngyuán” (Energy) we hit upon the combination of Xianeth, so quite literally, your Xia? She’s fun and energy right from the start!

Xianeth’s mind throws right back to egg inspiration: China! We pulled elements of the Forbidden Palace, a Chinese garden, and then New Years celebrations to tie everything together.

Hopefully you have as much fun playing Xianeth as we had creating her for you. Th’ero is to blame for her egg, while her mind desc is largely Ha’ze’s doing. Both Th’ero and Ha’ze worked on fleshing out what makes your little lady tick, with helpful tweaks from the rest of SCo and D’ani wrote her description!

As always though, she is yours to play and enjoy as you see fit!


Name Xianeth
Dam Gold Kouzevelth
Sire Bronze Kainaesyth
Created By Ha’ze, Th’ero, D’ani
Impressee B’yrl (Beyrl)
Hatched 1 April, 2015
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH