Pale, ivory gold like the dilute morning sunshine bathes the form of this muscular dragonet. Her snout is blunt and perhaps a bit wide, the color deepening to the sun-ripened gold of wheat across her well-defined eye ridges and head-knobs. The color is slightly dappled along her well-proportioned neck, paling to cream on her wide wingsails and under-belly. While stocky and muscular, this young queen's body is proportionally short, giving her a compact look, sculpted and without excess. The strong hind legs are noticeably her most powerful feature, ending in sharp, ivory claws, the color almost marbleized with subtle swirls in light golden hues. A long, tapering tail gradually darkens in shade, deepening to a warm amber at its fork.

Egg Name and Description

Unbroken Horizon Egg
Harsh, yellow-green strokes interspersed with flecks of brown extend from the bottom of this short, stout egg in an even, windswept pattern. From the rounded peak, deep, clear blue floods out, fading into the green about halfway down the surface. The smooth, satin blue blends seamlessly with the coarse texture of the grass-like expanse of green, giving the appearance of endless depth and monotony. It is easy to miss a sun-bleached spot where the egg meets the sand on one side, the blemish dotted with ivory cones in a small cluster.

Hatching Message

Unbroken Horizon Egg sways from side to side as though caught in a heavy wind before it suddenly topples off its little mound of sand and splits open to reveal the hatchling within.

Impression Message

Rustling Winds of Eternity rush into your mind like a cool breath of fresh air in the heat of the hatching cavern, lifting you away from the crowds and noise. Your senses are flooded with a sense of calm, loving peace faintly scented of fresh, sun-warmed grasses and flowers. «I am yours, Elara,» a voice whispers to you, gentle and warm like the sunlight. «I am your Wiyaneth.»


Wiyaneth is the essence of a Lakota wise woman. She is tough, confident, even bossy but with the tender, nurturing qualities of a mother. The Lakota are a hardy people and she takes no nonsense from anyone, not ever you. If she thinks youre being ridiculous, she will tell you so and she wont coddle you, encouraging you to grow and be independent. Despite that, she is utterly devoted to you, Elara, her beloved rider. When things get difficult, she will always be there for you and she will nurture you with as much love as any of her eggs. With others she may seem a bit aloof though she is always kindly, taking it upon herself to welcome all dragons into the Weyr. Like her dam, she has a bit of a playful streak but its well concealed and only you, and perhaps Orianath, will truly understand this part of her. She is a stately queen who must always appear perfect, her hide gleaming. She has a distaste for being dirty, especially mud, but if she is called to duty, she does not hesitate to do it and do it right. She has a tendency to take the small and helpless under her wing, displaying her soft side for them and only them, except for her rider, of course. She has a strong stubborn streak and if she gets something in her head, it will be hard to get her to back down. She can be extremely resourceful and adamantly refuses to let people interfere with what she deems her business - or your business, for that matter. She is not a very fast moving dragon, more on the slow, stately side and she does not hurry for anyone at all. She is also not much of a talker, often expressing herself in images and emotions where possible, though she never hesitates to speak her mind to you, her rider. She will likely never speak to another human in her life, though it might happen in a rare circumstance. When proddy, Wiyaneth will be an entirely different bag of tricks. Her bossiness will be magnified and she will become very demanding, insisting on attention from you and any males nearby. She wont be flirtatious, exactly, but she might be insulting and try to provoke the other dragons to argument. Good thing dragons have a short memory!

Growing Up: Growing up with Wiyaneth (pronounced weeYONeth) will certainly have its challenges. While shes not a gossip, when shes young she will be very emotive, projecting her emotions unintentionally to every dragon nearby. As she gets older, she will become masterful at keeping them to herself but the process will be a long one, likely embarrassing, too. Despite that, she wont like it when others, dragons or people, pry into your business or hers. Such attempts may result in a stubborn battle of wills with whoever dares, though with you, it will always be short lived. She will become increasingly aloof with her companions but never unkind and she will likely form something like a friendship with a few of the dragons she feels will understand her. She will find all little creatures fascinating, wanting to mother them and she wont quite understand that she is a bit large to be doing so. She will always be a bit awkward on the ground but she will be a powerful flyer, having superior endurance to all of the dragons in the Weyr. While shell never be the most fluid or graceful mover, she makes up for it in sheer strength. Learning to fly will likely be her easiest lesson and she will take to it with a no-nonsense way about her as if she has been doing it all her life. She will approach all lessons with a sense of stubborn determination that she CAN do it and with her perseverance, she certainly can! She is not easily embarrassed, though, and her mistakes will be ignored as she continues to work to improve. Like her dam, she will express a slight playful streak for you alone, amused by games with you, occasionally providing you with a humorous comment, though her sense of humor is more on the dry side. She will delight in the prospect of looking nice (though no one is allowed to know that but you) and will love to swim and bathe, never wanting to be dirty. However, she will stoically ignore dirt if its a part of something she wants to accomplish, such as lessons. Well, at least until its over!

Why: You and I have so much in common - we both love to take care of things. At the same time we have our differences and we can help each other blossom and grow. I have the confidence and strength for you to lean on when things are difficult and you can take care of me and provide me with the love I need. I want someone to share my secrets with, my inner nature that only you will understand. You are so much stronger than you think you are and with my help, you will bring a new element of compassion into the leadership of Fort Weyr.


Rustling Winds of Eternity
Rustling Winds of Eternity sweep through you with the warmth and energy of the summer sunshine on their back. Invigorating, strong, and sweet-scented the presence is comforting but perhaps slightly unsettling at times, like winds of change. When upset or concerned, the winds carry the razor sharp chill of winter and during flights can been unexpectedly hot, like a desert wind.



Name Morning Sunlight Gold Wiyaneth
Dam Gold Orianath
Sire Bronze Vianth
Created By Torissa
Impressee Elara
Hatched 29 April 2003
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH