Well-framed and not ill-formed, he is none the less no city-slick prettyboy of a bronze. From over-pronounced headknobs to sure-footed paws, from the flare of canvas-stretched 'sails to the emphatic punctuation point of his tail, he is sturdy, solid-hulled. It is clear he was constructed with care, though by no master's hand: the striated variation in his hide carved with the grain, rather than against. While gifted with an expressiveness ranging from sardonic to sincere, there's something in the lines of his broad-planed face that says clearly: this dragon's heart will be always faithful.

Egg Name and Description

100 Layers of Egg
Ogres, onions, and parfaits all have something in common with this egg: LAYERS. It's entirely possible this egg was built from the middle outwards, might be smaller than it seems, for though it certainly has girth and a certain special side-heavy wobble, one can also bear witness to each and every single aspect of its growth. It's right there in a layer of starry incandescent blue, a blur of hazard orange, glittery blotches of lurid green, streaks of gold, layer after layer of every color known to mankind. Sunshine yellow, cloudy white, storm black, cherry red, shiny chrome, they're all there in some shape or form, some edges dewy and perfect, others streaking off in bold jagged rakes of pigment, but if your favorite color exists, trust and believe: with a little arduous seeking, you will find it rendered in the dedication of this laboriously constructed egg's shell.

Hatching Message

100 Layers of Egg ceases all of its motion. The incessantly building twitching and cracks have stopped. It is nothing but contemplative stillness, until that talon that may have been seen once before emerges, followed by another, and a full bronze paw before revealing the entirety of the determined hatchling carefully and meticulously climbing out of its debris.

Impression Message

It's lucky that you don't lose your balance, because all of a sudden some kind of gale force something is hitting you right in the back of your head — an abrupt smack, not very hard, but one that's definitely firm enough to make its point and the satisfaction when it makes its (purely mental) impact is one you find yourself sharing. As the scents of balsam and sandpaper waft through your nostrils and the whirring sound of a saw rises in the background to block out the hatching sands, a low, confident voice cuts in: « R'hra. » There's a very tactile beat, followed by, « Stand up straight. Look proud. Be proud. We have to have our act together so we can get the food. » And who is leading who when Wiliyeth, who finds that he must tell you your name but isn't specifying his verbally at all, assuming you are intelligent enough to figure it out — who is leading whom when he marches the two of you to the nearest AWLM? It may be hard to tell, but you're definitely hungry enough not to worry about it.


Wiliyeth isn't a dragon who suffers fools easily, and this begins right off the bat: he hatches an old soul, and as the very first dragon hatched, he believes that he's responsible for the rest of his little clutch 'family' that way. While he is actually their brother, in the absence of Teimyrth, Wiliyeth will be operating as 'dad.' At first just for his clutchmates. Eventually for everyone, except the golds (and if a gold younger than him breaks shell, even her) — he'll see the majority of the Weyr as his team for him to be Dragon Dad of.

This means he thinks he knows exactly how to be an adult dragon right from the shell, which is definitely not the case — he sure has potential, but he's still just a baby, and it will fall to you to keep him as in line as possible when it comes to trying to give his clutchmates orders. On the other hand … at least half the time he turns out to be right.

As he gets older, his impulses as regards what to do in a situation will just hone themselves further, so they get even more right — until the entire Weyr knows about Wiliyeth and his gut. He's got a knack for figuring things out before he even knows how he figured them; in a time of Thread, he might have been that dragon able to predict the weather just a little bit, just enough to narrow down where things were going to go.

While Pern doesn't exactly have small towns and big cities: there will always be something a little bit small-town about Wiliyeth, no matter how well he does in the “big city” of the weyr. He is a dragon who though he may eschew them, may avoid talking about them, can never *entirely* escape his origins. Before he becomes famous for that gut of his, before he learns that every rule worth following is also one worth bending - or even outright breaking - for the good of his family, his wing, his team-. Well you might have a little bit of a stickler on your hands.

Speaking of rules:

As you may have expected was coming, especially given his nature right from the first words he spoke to you, Wiliyeth has rules. While unlike a young Gibbs, shipping off for the first time, it will no future love of his life who inspires this trend (though we suspect the practical Xerosaeth, should her feelings for him match her rider's for you, will approve), well. Every idea comes from somewhere, and what Wiliyeth does have is his mother, and Kouzevelth? Kouzevelth has long approved of rules.

The difference being that while Kouzevelth's tend to be playful, Wiliyeth’s are truly a guide to life and living in weyrlinghood and the wings.

« Why are you doing that like that without looking up how it's meant to be done? »

"This is how M'icha told us to do it."

« No. Rule three, R'hra, don't believe what you're told, double check. »

It may take some time for The Rules to become fully realized: what his clutchmates may be aware of, but few clutches younger than his will ever realize is that each of them is born out of experience. Being a dragon, his memory isn't what it could be; these rules become his shorthand, using your better, human memory for details to fill in the blanks. He knows when a situation calls for one, and often - especially early on - he'll ‘quiz’ you by listing Rules by number, and expecting you to provide the content. Even once he's stopped doing this with you, the trend will continue with any dragons (and their riders) who are younger (or just less experienced) than the pair of you.

Ziva: Just to be clear, are there any more of these rules I should be aware of?
Gibbs: About fifty of them.
Ziva: And I don't suppose they're written down anywhere that I could -
Gibbs: No.

In fact, have you considered weyrlingmastering someday in your future? Wiliyeth is an ideal fit for the job, and it's something that he might find himself wanting to do and encouraging you toward. There are rules to be taught everyone, you see, and once he has you living by them perfectly he'll have to impart it to the rest of the Weyr. While he expects that the golds older than himself as well as Velokraeth, Weyrleader at his shelling, will somehow already know these rules … everyone else has to learn.

Ziva: Then how am I supposed to -
Gibbs: My job is to teach them to you!

He's excellent at encouraging, and pushing his -teammates- clutchmates to learn in weyrlinghood, his wingmates to move forward in their wing duties without seeming overbearing. He's just there. Everyone wants to do better because Wiliyeth is expecting them to. Without even saying anything, he just states that he knows, for instance, that Toskavath is going to do this particular task right now. This may be news to Toskavath, but he's certainly going to do it because Wiliyeth just told everyone he was.

Okay, well … usually. Sometimes his expectations can seem like a little bit too much. If he becomes anyone's Weyrlingmaster or Wingleader, you might be hearing some complaints …

Abby: Face it, McGee. We are doomed.
McGee: Gibbs can't really expect us to hack into the Pentagon in a single afternoon!
Abby: Yeah, he can.
McGee: You're right, we are doomed.

… but that doesn't mean that most, if not all, of the dragons in his command won't come through in the end.

He's tolerant and understanding to some extent of almost everyone, though he doesn't always have the best patience for complex linguistics and jargon. In response to Aycheth's complex directions regarding formations and use of long words, Wiliyeth has only one thing to say: « In Pernese this time. » But when it comes to brother Roth, it seems like either he's perfectly able to understand what the bronze has to say or is getting the jist of it and doesn't feel like the technicalities matter. After all, he knows Roth isn't stupid. He also knows Aycheth is capable of using simple terms that get to the point and everyone can understand.

Wiliyeth is fun-loving, don't get him wrong. Play is great in all its forms, and one of the best ways to show you love someone is to play a harmless prank on them — you'd just better make sure they are actually harmless, because he won't stand for anyone being hurt. Especially not weyrlings, or human children … especially not dragons on his team or dragons he's talked to once or … okay, especially not anyone. He's social, but he doesn't want to socialize in the same way a lot of others do; if dragons went out to the bar at night, Wiliyeth would be the one staying home. But if any of them needed a DD, he'd be there in an instant. However that may translate to dragon games, well.

He doesn't want to be doing the childish things, but if anyone needs backup, he's got them.

Believe it or not, he does have his appreciations for some finer things. Peaceful skies, for one. Sometimes, Wiliyeth will be drawn outside at night. Outside and up, to the Star Stones as soon as he’s old enough to fly up there. On the Star Stones he will sit, and gaze skyward. Some of your best, deepest conversations will take place on the Star Stones beneath the swirling stars of Pernese skies — and he is one for those deep heart-to-hearts.

He is drawn to the sounds of windreeds, and whenever someone is playing them he will want to go and listen. He might even encourage you to pick up the skill! It's not that he doesn't like your guitar, R'hra, it's just that … well, those are more relaxing, and it's sometimes important to take a calm moment after a hectic and busy day (which is how he expects most of his busy days to be).

Wiliyeth loves fiercely, always, and loves you above all others but he's not the best at showing it in ways you might expect. He's kind of brusque. But his encouragement, his friendly-expectant pushing, that all applies to you most of all, R'hra. You're the center of his world, and while he isn't dependent the way some other dragons are, and in fact will be fine with spending entire days apart if you can both take care of yourselves — he just wants to know where you are, that you're well, and if anything is ever getting you down, he's going to have something to say about it.

His advice is even likely to be pretty good.

But he's still a dragon, so we aren't going to promise that 100%.


“He's right behind me, isn't he?”

It isn't an attributable quote, because at some point nearly everyone who spends any time around him - or talking about him - will end up saying it. For being amongst the second-largest size demographic in the weyr thanks to the color of his hide, Wiliyeth has an uncanny knack for sneaking. It isn't deliberate stealth, although he's not afraid to take advantage of it; it's just that he moves quietly, with purpose, and without a lot of superfluous sound or motion. He isn’t as landbound as some of Kouzevelth’s prior progeny, but he’s very much grounded. Whether on the ground, in the air, or even on occasion in the water, he’s not a dragon who wastes movement.


It isn’t just in movement that he’s a solid presence: he’s built sturdy. Streamlined, sure, a marvel of genetics both engineered and evolved, able to take every advantage of air current or terrain. That doesn’t make him skinny, though: he’s built like a quarterback, all broad through the shoulder but quick on his feet. (Or on his wing, as the case may more often be.)

In the mood to indulge in an occasional flight of fancy, however: if he lifts his wings while on the water, the lighter bronze — more a metallic-sheened canvas, really — really does look like sails.

There isn’t really a lot to say about him, physically: like everything else, it is no-frills, to the point, and as uncomplicated as possible.

wiliyeth%20phys%203.jpg wiliyeth%20phys%204.jpg


Here's the thing about Wiliyeth and the ladies: he feels like he should be more into it than he actually is.

He gets that it's important, but he isn't the most fantastic at associating Deep Emotional Feelings with mating flights. They have very little to do with team or family because he's already the Weyr's designated Dad Dragon whether or not he's actually anyone's dad — bringing something like romance into flights just makes it kinda weird. They're already all his family, anyway. Differentiating like that is something he can live without.

Now, if a green or gold decides she's fond in that way of him, he might be persuaded. He can be inspired to be emotionally moved in the right direction, especially since he doesn't want to hurt anyone. But if no dragon accepts to him a need to be semi-permanent mates … well. Flights are a physical reaction, and so he's more likely to chase someone just because he thinks she needs to be reminded that she's awesome and he's being friendly. Subsequently, that also makes him pretty easy to keep out of flights (excepting maybe a senior gold's, the pull of those being what they are — on the other hand, you can most likely keep him from winning it) if there's someone you absolutely do not want him to chase.

(We'd recommend putting Morizanth on that list, just because she might become verklempt in a violent fashion should he then turn to chase a gold.)

On the other hand, it should be just as easy to steer him to a particular dragon you'd like him to chase. Xerosaeth will be simple enough because he will know from hatching that her rider is your family, and that means something, but he's not likely to feel anything different toward her than he is toward other female dragons for any reason independent of Kassala. He won't note a difference between golds and greens, and will chase equally or not at all; he feels no particular drive toward gold dragons for their reproductive abilities because everyone is getting treated like he's their dad. Should he actually produce progeny that are his biologically, it still won't make that much of a difference: he's going to act like dad to the weyrlings no matter who their actual dad is.

But he feels guilty about it, because humans assign so much importance to sex that dragons really aren't inclined to. It's like he's probably meant to feel more and is supposed to take flights more seriously than just 'I should probably chase her because she wants me to/it's fun/she could use the positive attention' … yet nothing in his actual mind inspires him to do that.


Have you ever been in a woodcrafter's shop, R'hra?

You have now. Even if you're not sure what a real proper Journeyman Woodcrafter's space is like, it would probably be something similar to Wiliyeth's. Unlike some dragons, he likes to make sure his mental space has substance: someplace you can put your feet down, and feel that the ground is not going to come up from below you. You're not floating. It's not just sounds and touch, it's not just smells, there's actually somewhere to be and see that is reliable, just like him. Which isn't to say that the woodworking garage space that is Wiliyeth's mindscape doesn't also have those things, because it does.


The sounds of woodwork are often present, between saw motion and sandpapering and the swooshy sensation of brushes imparting high-gloss finish. He will use hammer-bangs on nails to punctuate his thoughts, paintbrushes with intermingling colors to provide encouragement or comfort … if you can imagine that it might involve wood, he's probably figured out how to make it part of how he talks.

Wiliyeth keeps things simple and straightforward. He's not as into those fancy, mysterious expanses as some of the others: one might lose something in all of that, after all, and it could be easy to become lost or confused. He'd rather everything be right there on the level. There are no mysteries: it's just a garage. There is no private, personal chamber: if he's going to let someone in they can come in all the way, and otherwise he's just imposing his scents and noises and that box he just built in the back of his mind in 5 minutes onto others' mental concepts in order to say what he wants to say.


But really, most of what he imparts is just in words. His mindvoice has a lot of VOICE to it, because Wiliyeth isn't a fan of holding back. He's got brassy tones, deep and grizzled and yes, even his actual speaking voice is a bit sandpapery. He punctuates with LOUDNESS a lot, making sure that his emphasis is MOST DEFINITELY perceived. It'd be super dangerous if he actually smacked people in the back of the head with his paws or his wings, but he sure does have a tendency to do that with his voice. A firm statement to someone he considers part of his 'team,' which is like most of the Weyr with the older golds as his Madame Directors (don't call them that) is likely to be punctuated with the sensation of a firm smack to the back of the head, and you're going to get it just as often as they are, so it's a sensation to get used to.


Our egg theme was 'Dressed to the Nines,' because there were in fact nine eggs, and as it turned out we had so much fun with it maybe there should have been more than nine, but that would have ENTIRELY defeated the purpose. The real meaning of the theme was fashion trends, leaning toward the more UNUSUAL fashion trends … and 100 Layers of Egg has been just what it says on the surface. Layers. So many layers. ALL the layers. It was written by Syn, along with its most excellent touches.

For years, every time he's been on a SearchCo, A’ster has pitched theming an entire clutch based on Springsteen songs. For years, A'ster has been turned down. Finally, Inri said that she'd okay a clutch where all the hatch names were references, because not everyone is familiar with or likes the Boss. (But most can appreciate a good one-off reference.) While it hasn't been incorporated fully, the hatch name for your Gibbs-themed bronze comes from the song Growin’ Up, off of Greetings From Asbury Park. The line works, but the entire song itself does too: from the young man leaving Sweetwater for the Marines, to the veteran agent who finally makes peace with his past, and all the chaos in between. It's good for Gibbs, and it's good for Wiliyeth.

Speaking of which: the w gave us a little bit of trouble, but we got there! A'ster took the meanings behind Gibbs’ given names, and ran them through Google translate into the usually w-heavy languages… anand kept coming up with non w words! Even welsh was only so helpful, although it did eventually get us where we needed to go. Wiliyeth comes from a combination of “addewid,” Welsh for promise (from the expanded etymology of Gibbs, bright pledge) and “izobiliye,” the transliterated translation of abundance (the meaning behind Jethro) into Russian. Inri refused to let go of this one once it came up, and so here you are. If you REALLY hate it, of course, you can change it, but we hope you love it as much as we do!

He's Gibbs all the way down. All the way down to the boat in the basement, in fact which is where the inspiration came for his description as well as his mindvoice. We didn't quite get grizzled veteran into his looks, but have you seen Mark Harmon? Even as silver foxy Gibbs, he's still ridiculously good-looking, without being pretty. We tried, instead, to give you some rougher edges by invoking the unfinished aspects of the basement boat project. He's solid, he's got all the excellent framing, but without any finishing touches that pretty him up. And, because there's no such thing as an ex-Marine, and the heart of him really is a loyal one: A'ster couldn't resist the phrasing in the last line of his desc.

Semper Fi.

<3 Inri, A'ster, Nyalle, Syn


Name Wiliyeth
Dam Gold Kouzevelth
Sire Bronze Teimyrth
Created By Inri and A'ster (dragon), Syn (egg), Nyalle cameo
Impressee R'hra
Hatched October 22, 2017
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH