Rolling waves of palest straw gold flow over the thin hide of this dragon, seeping deeply into the delicate contours of her body in a smooth plain of sun-bleached hue. Subtle hints of red-gold drift along the aquiline bridge of her sharply angular muzzle, spreading along to her peaked headknobs like a field of ripened grain. Ripples of amber and honey tumble down her long arched neck and breeze along her narrow haunches, creating a pattern of faint wheaten barring that shows up clear against her otherwise ghostly hide. Tiny stripes of the same hue start at the base of her broom-thin tail and the tops of her lean limbs, the banded design continuing on until it fades into nothingness. Warm golden tones of caramel and butterscotch, flushed with undertones of red, color the entirety of her ridges, the jagged peaks rising and falling evenly down her narrow back. Muted umber talons stand out starkly against the pale hide of her paws, each point carrying a wicked curve despite appearing flimsily thin from far away. Darker burnished gold and rich flaxen shades melt together into a light mottling over her rather large wings, the deep folds of membrane almost looking like an enveloping cloak that drapes loosely over her slight frame.


Cynical, brusque, harsh and cutting - it's not surprising that Vidyazath's personality can hit some people like a bucket of cold water in the face. Censoring her words or lightening the blow aren't concepts she seems to grasp. If it needs to be said harshly then it needs to be said harshly and that's that - there's no mincing of words allowed. While she might be the queen of verbal banter, she at least knows when to hold her mental tongue and when to let loose with a sarcastic diatribe. She just believes that if she's going to speak, she might as well speak the truth and to hell with the consequences. It'll certainly cause quite a stir for you, Galina, when she's growing up and decides to let loose some of her more cutting commentary.

« Really. I think /everyone/ knows that already. Isn't it obvious that we should move on to learning something else? I mean /come on/. »

Harsh though she might seem in her remarks, she really doesn't mean it. It's just that she's strong-willed, opinionated and stuck firmly to her own thoughts. Not to mention, she's big on freedoms and freedom to speak however she likes is at the top of her list. She's the sort who could get into long debates with you or anyone else about the smallest and silliest things, because trust that Vidyazath has her own stand on just about everything from the proper care of grass to why canines bark. It might be normal to engage in a rousing debate on canines, but she'll take it to a weird level by discussing morality in owning them, their innermost thoughts and every strange facet imaginable. Not to mention, she might start to link them to something else and go on for hours until the original topic is forgotten and she's discussing the habits of fish with you instead. It might seem weird, but Vidyazath just has a very alien thought process that flows jerkily from one subject to the next - intelligent and sharp as a tack but she sinks her mental teeth far too deep in some topics. Like one of those crazy magic eye pictures, she stares at and analyzes things and often sees connections that aren't really there on the surface in her struggle to understand /everything/ about /everything/. She's big on learning, after all.

« Philosophy applies to canines just as much as it does to dragons. Didn't you know that? »

In addition to her strong-willed opinions, she also clings very firmly to the notion of freedom. Freedom of everyone to make their own choices and keep their own course - people make their own destiny and it shouldn't be chosen for them, according to her. If she could make picket signs and raise awareness, she'd probably make a good political activist due to her stubborn will and her love of playing with words. It might be just as well that she's interested in such hot political topics, even if some of her ideals might be more rebellious in nature - she's a gold and that means business for the pair of you. Leadership is something that might be sprung on you both and she'll handle it well, though she's all for a more democratic decision making process - be prepared to listen to opinions of everyone from the lowest drudge to other Weyrwomen if you're called to action. If you try to point out a more sensible action? Well, be prepared for a debate, a staring match or both. She's big on including everyone and anyone no matter their rank, color or flaw.

"Either accept the burden of leadership or turn it down, but either way make sure it's your choice in the matter, and not an accident of history, a martyrdom by default." - Elphaba

Though she might be opinionated, Vidyazath isn't big on forcing her will on other dragons or people. Manipulation, coercion and begging are so not cool - they all grate against her want for free will and freedom. All her debate, sometimes snarky remarks and wordplay are just her speaking her mind - if someone wants to come to her side, so be it. She won't force them and will only use her inherent gold ability to instill calm in other dragons sparingly. And when she does? She'll feel guilty and grumble about it for hours until she forgets that her ideals were broken to pieces.

Flying, on the other hand, is freedom she can truly enjoy. From her very first flight onwards she'll be hooked - it's something shes a natural at, plain and simple. She doesn't have to think or worry when she's aloft in the sky. Mating flights will be a furious foray into the sky for her pursuers - she's tricky, intelligent and ever vigilant. It's the one place her small size is a benefit, as she delights in confounding males with tight twists and turns that bulkier golds would find impossible. There's nothing better than defying gravity, after all. Even better if she can do it while showing her superiority to the males.

Strong she might be in her mind and snappy comebacks, but Vidyazath's physical strength leaves something to be desired. Sure, she's angular, wirey and lean, but she's tiny - in fact, she's likely the smallest gold in the Weyr at the very least. Not to mention, you might have to find more time to care for her since that pale hide of hers tends to be flaky and sensitive - not to mention the fact she hates the feel of water on it and much prefers oiling. Thus, she tries to keep any baths, if necessary, as quick as possible. It's a sensitive topic for her and she might get defensive about jibes at her weakness - she won't take any crap when it comes to teasing whether it's aimed at her or anyone else! Vidyazath - champion of those that are different!

« I'll kindly ask you to shove it, please. I don't tell /you/ how /your/ face resembles that of a stuck ovine, do I? »

Her attachment to flawed or "different" things might turn out to be something of an obsession for her. She likes things that are strange, unusual or different in some way. Not to mention, she's a sucker for things that are hurt, broken or otherwise in peril. You might find yourself playing nursemaid to injured animals, Galina, or fixing more than stuffed toys for her in her quest to collect "different" things. She'll have a very analytical and smart answer for why she wants them saved she doesn't want to be seen as too weak by showing just how much she enjoys it. Nor will she tell anyone but you about the nicknames she's chosen for some of the more "special" ones. Saving cute animals, toys or items and giving a nickname to them, even to you, is something best kept to herself. She'll only call you "Lina" in private, after all, just for the sake of her tough image. She prides herself in not being afraid of anything and hates to be thought of as weak in mind or body.

« Who cares if I already have a broken tea cup in my collection, Lina? This one is cracked in a different spot, after all. »

Vidyazath is cynical, yes, and sceptical of other's motives for doing good deeds. She's also superstitious in her need for order, as far as where things in her general vicinity need to go. She may have strange reasons why she has to have a green stone placed just so - « It helps me think better. » or that she would want her collection of weirdly shaped rocks underneath your pillow, « It will keep the dark dangerous dreams away. » Be prepared for a lot of dcor changes, Galina, if she suddenly changes her mind on where things go. Stubborn a she is, she can get stuck on these little nuances and even can get obsessed with certain things. One sevenday she might be obsessed with the color black, while the next sevenday she might be fascinated with goats - who knows with Vidyazath and the way her alien brain works. Either way, she'll be sure to keep you on your toes, Galina, as well as everyone else around her - be prepared for some staring matches and lively debate!


Strange as it might be with her slight aversion to water, Vidyazath's mind retains the essence of the sea and the ocean. Salty, brazen, daring, strong-willed and stubborn all rolled into one, she plays on the strengths of the thing that she's most wary of - water. It has her respect and awe in its boundless power and massive size, which is enough to have her embrace its every sound, smell, movement and appearance to express her feelings. Most of the time she's her usual cynical, analytical, cutting and harsh-spoken self with the steady crash and whoosh of cool water swirling around her mind in a natural rhythm and beat - sounds, smells, motion and vision all coming together to create a representation of her inner strength. Color, too, churns around to paint a picture - usually shades of blue, green, silver and white. Much of her mind has to do with rhythm and beat - the motion of the ocean, so to speak. It's often easy to tell her mood by how the watery abyss of her mind swirls and churns. Mist, spray and foam can be used to accentuate a point, while the general sounds of the sea can add a soothing aspect to her cutting remarks and faint mezzo soprano tones. Being so linked to the ocean, though, makes her a bit of a slave to her emotions - no matter how hard she tries they often get the better of her from time to time.

Frustration and anger, strong emotions as they are, can rattle her even when she tries her best to draw away from them and hold them in check. It can catch her off guard and, just as she hates being manipulated, she hates it when emotions get the better of her. She is not immune to it, however, and will sometimes fly into a rage to beat all rages when stressful situations and annoyances push her too far - she's the sort to keep such feelings bottled up until they explode. And they do explode well, considering Vidyazath is strong enough to hold back such feelings for a long time. Crashing waves, cyclones of water, froth and surf all explode from her angry mind - an overwhelming torrent of senses that all but drown the unwary victim in a dizzying vortex. Don't expect her to be her usual analytical self during these rages, as her usual common sense goes out the window. Lucky for you, though, they don't last very long at all. It won't be long before the water subsides and the wind washes away any lingering anger to restore her usual brusque attitude.

It's in the wake of these frustrations and angry spells that Vidyazath will need you most, Galina. She often feels ashamed at having lost control and will retreat to you for mental comfort - on the sly, of course. Ashamed though she may be, she would be further ashamed for others to see her weakness and judge her for "flying off the handle" so to speak. Thus, she'll embrace your mind in a watery cocoon and draw courage from it - a courage she usually bestows on you, but what is given must be reciprocated at times. On the outside she'll show a tough front and will act as though her minor fit of anger didn't bother her. Later on when you are both in private, though, it will be to you she goes to for a quiet hug or further reassurances. She might be daring and outspoken, but even one such as Vidyazath needs love and it is love she will want in these times.

On the other end of the spectrum is when she will sometimes lapse into calming quiet and silence. Considering how much she speaks her mind, this is a rarity but even dragons like Vidyazath need to be pensive. At these times her mind will be awash with the cool rhythms of the sea - a gentle swishing and whooshing that seems almost natural in its simplicity. Light will break into her mind, calm and soothing, in cloudy whites and reflections of sun on water. It's her own personal "happy place" that she can sink into when she is pondering a particular problem or even if she is thinking hard during a debate. It's something she can slip into easily and then rush back into her normal rhythm a few seconds later. This state will be the hardest to maintain for her.

Lust and love are other strong emotions that will claim her, as susceptible as she is to these changes in mood. Proddiness will certainly render her different with hues of purple, pink and red sweeping across gently lapping waves, as though a beautiful sunset were perpetually sinking in her mind. Everything about her thoughts will soften with a coating of misty fog, her mental waves only being mere ripples in the water. The salty tang of the sea will be evident in her every word and, with her loss of inhibition and control, it's possible the changes will spill rather easily into you, Galina. She is quite strong in will and mind, but the power of love baffles her enough that it drags her down and the feeling is not as easily shrugged away as anger is. Only the mating flight, fast and furious, will free her of the foggy mist that clogs her thoughts.

Even with her weakness and susceptibility to emotion, she still maintains a firm grasp on her cynical attitude. Nothing will change her and nothing will move her - she has you, Galina, and th

Egg Name and Description

Down To the Depths Egg
Description Chaotic spirals of aqua, slate and blue-green churn madly across the center of this squat egg, spinning into a dizzying vortex of color. Froth and mist shoot upwards from the yawning mouth, sending sprays of white splattering across the sky blue apex in haphazard splotches. Tiny motes of flotsam and debris have been caught in the deathly gyre, only visible as miniature flecks of gold, green and red amidst the bubbling torrents and eddies. Twisting and undulating vines of mottled blue-green border the entire circumference of the watery cyclone, writhing and coiling in the air like a mass amount of tentacles. Weaving in and out of these strange shapes is a massive blob of grainy wood brown, its great bulk being pulled inevitably towards impending doom at the core of the gigantic whirlpool. Rising from the center of this is a great swatch of pitch black decorated with a design of stark white, the colors hoisted high and seeming to ripple in an imaginary wind. Calm ocean blue, dank and dark, lingers at the very bottom of the egg, the deep shadows making it impossible to tell what monster lurks just below the roiling maelstrom of hues.

Hatching Message

Down to the Depths Egg trembles, its entire shell quivering in a slow vibration that blurs the chaotic colors on it together. Grains of sand skitter and slide away from its base, as though afraid of what impending force might be coming from within. There's a sudden jerk and a twitch before the egg falls silent again, looking strangely innocent and peaceful.

Down to the Depths Egg jerks suddenly as something stirs within, almost seeming to rumble with the movement. It vibrates again, this time more forcefully and violent. Then something impacts the center of the vortex pattern, causing a round section to bulge out and crack before resettling again. It quivers fitfully for am oment before shivering to a stand still - whatever lurks within is not ready to be unleashed just yet.

Tremors rock the Down to the Depths Egg again and bits of shell begin to shiver away from it in a colorful rain. Then, with a horendous sucking noise, the rest of the egg implodes on itself before crumbling into nothingness. There's a flash of something pale and bright before a gold hatchling rises from the wreckage to greet the new world with an analytical glare.

Dare to be Different Gold Hatchling lets out a huff of indignation at her impromptu dumpage onto the heat of the sands and gives an irritated flick of her tail that sends a spray of sand flying. For a few moments she remains there brooding, her small body hunched and overlarge wings spread out behind her like some odd cape. It's a new world to take in - brightness, sounds and all those white things standing off to one side like some weird decoration. With a further snort, she seems to make up her mind and gets to her feet, wobbling only once. Determined, she makes her way towards the candidates, the tips of her large wings dragging along in the sand behind her and making tiny twin trails that lead away from the pile of egg shards.

Dare to be Different Gold Hatchling flicks her overlarge wings once, trying to rid herself of an irritating bit of egg shell as she walks - hey, she can multi-task! It's now to the business of searching those odd white things, though, as she doesn't have time to dilly or dally. Every step is full of confidence as she follows the line of remaining candidates, giving each of them a scrutinous and analytical look. Some of them receive snorts of disgust that sound almost like laughter, while others are merely passed over with a flick of her tail that sends out a tiny bit of sand. Nothing seems to be sticking out. Nothing calling to her. It's not long before she picks up speed, impatience fueling her steps, each movement punctuated with a tiny flick of wing or tail. This isn't going the way she planned. Not at /all/.

Dare to be Different Gold Hatchling skids to a sudden stop, letting out her breath in a quick noise of growing impatience. There she stands for a moment, wings twitching fitfully as she peers around. The people in the stands are given a glare for good measure that seems to scream 'what're you staring at?' before she goes back to scanning the imposing line of white before her with a stubborn set to her posture. It takes her a few breaths to regain her calm, body going still as stone as she watches. Something apparently becomes clear to her in that brief moment of meditation - she's found what she's looking for. Sand flies up and her overlarge wings drag slightly as she lurches forward suddenly, her path no longer wavering as she makes a beeline towards one particular candidate - one who just might be as different as herself. With a breath that sounds like a sigh, the gold hatchling flops herself down in front of her chosen and peers up into her face, completely at ease now that her search is over.

Impression Message

It's hard to tell at first, but it almost seems as though the rush of noise, movement and color around you is starting to dim and reality is beginning to waver. Sound begins to leak away slowly and languidly out your ears, muffling and garbling voices as though the volume were suddenly being tuned down. . It's a surreal experience for a few seconds - the only noises being the sound of breath in your lungs and the thrumming of your heart to an unheard beat. Before it becomes clear that the stress and heat have driven you insane, something else breaks into the semi-silence - a rushing wave of cool sensation that rolls over your mind with a hiss of spray and foam. Swish whoosh. Bad um. The gentle caress of waves settle slowly into a rhythm in tune with your own breathing and heartbeat - soothing and reassuring at the same time. « Galina. » Somehow warmth enters that mere statement like sun reflected on water. It fills you with it - soft adoration and undying love and affection that seem as boundless as the ocean. « You do know there was no hiding from /me/, don't you? » There's a soft whoosh and the sound of gentle running water that mingles with a hint of amusement, « I /do/ have a lot to talk about, but now's not the time. Now's the time to go somewhere where the people won't /gawp/ at me so. You'd think they'd never seen a /dragon/ before. » A hint of rumbling annoyance - a deep power that hints at a frustration at those open-mouthed idiots stage right that keep peering at her like she's something with three heads. It's quickly cut off before it can grow with a new, more urgent sensation - hunger. « I digress. I am your Vidyazath. You are my Galina. It is as simple as that. » Hunger grows in more earnest and she adds with a hint of impatience, waves still crashing in a steady beat, « and dragons who are hungry do indeed require food. Lots of food. I think I should like food before we talk more. » There's an abrupt crash of cool sensation and, with a rush, sound and movement all flood back into normality in one fell swoop. Everything is there - the frantic sounds of the hatching, the heat of the sands and something new - the strength and love flowing from the bond to the gold hatchling seated before you.

Clutch Siblings

Bronze Zephryth Impressed to R'oo (Edrosayen)
Brown Macorzath Impressed to J'oan (Joanethen)
Green Zarawith Impressed to Sabrina
Blue Zhieth Impressed to P'rius (Pralius)
Blue Jysaiozetth Impressed to Siobhan


It was probably fairly easy to tell, but the theme for this clutch was things under/over/on the sea. Down to the Depths Egg, in all its piratey glory, was based loosely on the Kraken as it rose from the sea to drag its next victim down to Davy Jones. The mind touches were loosely based on the ocean itself, as well as a bit of Davy Jones thrown in there for good measure - the POTC version, of course.

Vidyazath, however, is based mainly on Elphaba from the book Wicked with some tweaks and additions made to her personality and quirks. But, as you said, the main meat and potatoes of her is the cynical and harsh attitude of Elphie with her political activist and freedom ideals. Vidyazath, though, likely has a stronger sense of self than Elphie did and is more secure in her own skin, so to speak - one of the few alterations made to fit her to your specifications.

Vidyazath's name comes from the name "Vidya", which is Sanskrit for "knowledge/science/learning" and is also another name for a river goddess, which links her intellect with her rather watery mind. The Z in it is just to satisfy your want for a Z, as well as to add in to the cool factor that all dragons in this clutch have Z in their name somewhere. Including the sire and dam.

Vidyazath does have a slight aversion to water akin to Elphaba in the book, though obviously it doesn't have a deadly consequence. It won't be so much that she'll avoid it completely, but it'll be a battle to get her to stay in the water very long at all. It just feels odd to her. She also has some medical problems, as per your request - the thin, pale and flaky hide along with possible issues with her talons but I leave the specifics up to you.

Her description was loosely based off straw and grain, which made me think of the broomstick that the Wicked Witch is supposed to ride. Not to mention, I made her wings look like a cloak to give a nod to Elphie's cloak from the book.

All in all I hope you have as much fun playing Vidyazath as I did making her! As usual, if you don't like any aspect of her feel free to change or modify or add to her - she's yours to work with now.

All dragon and egg stuffs by Ely.


Name Dare to be Different Gold Vidyazath
Dam Gold Zuhth
Sire Bronze Taozyuth
Created By Ely
Impressee Galina
Hatched August 1 2010
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH