The sweetest and perhaps most evocative of shades find form in this creation of beauty. Imagine the richest blue of summer skies over the desert and a speckling of post-dusk cyan stars twisting and swirling together and then coalescing gently into an exquisite living creature. Shimmering with such richness as to make a jeweler's eyes shine with avarice, this living gem catches every flicker of the light over his glimmering body, from his lean face, across the ranges of his wiry build, to the tip of his long, slinky tail, the stars dapple his back and haunches, hide fading to a pale powder hue across his belly, touched with just the fading traces of lavender and orchid of sunset. His wings are wide and long, spangled with the same pale little stars over a darker evening heaven, they glimmer in the faintest light, matching talons and neck-spars of sun-blasted obsidian.

Egg Name and Description

Painted Desert Sands Egg
Cracked earth and parched, arid sand forms a panorama across the surface of this egg. Rich, burned sienna meets terracotta earth in a breathtaking, if desolate landscape. In a distinct line, the red meets peach, violet, oranges and washed out blue of a sky at sunset. Here and there, sparse, angular veins of green press up through fractured soil, reaching prickly fingers up to score against this illusory horizon and hazily overlaid with a veil of azure, great red-rock monoliths sit silent sentinel over the deserted shell. But no! For all the inhospitable majesty, tiny signs of the tenacity of life tickle the imagination: perhaps that trick of patterning might be a crawlie, that glint beneath the crevaces a hopper. Life perseveres.

Hatching Message

With a sudden and determined burst of activity, the Painted Desert Sands egg vibrates like a thing possessed, wibbling and wobbling like a teeter-totter. After giving it a really good wallop for twenty seconds or so, the fruits of its labour seem to have been nothing more than falling on its side. Wait, there'll be more! It just needs a breather…

Right, time for round two! On its side, the Painted Desert Sands egg rolls around on its apex, actually bouncing up and down now in its occupant's frenetic effort to break free. Across the horizon line and zig-zagging through the cracked and rusty earth, splits form and from within one singular, audible 'MRRRRRRRRRRRRR' can be heard. Well, it's frustrating you know! Then it quiets again, for one more breather.

Right. That's it. Having gathered its strength up for a final heave, the Painted Desert Sands egg rolls and rollocks with a cracking, splitting sound, and with a triumphant squeal, the egg shatters to pieces, disgorging the previously confined hatchling in a puddle of limbs, on his back, with half of his eggshell stuck to his belly, and his wings flopping outward. Huzzah! Way to make an entrance!

Impression Message

Everything is chaotic on the hatching sands, with bursting eggs and mewling, creeling hatchlings tumbling out. It's stifling! But then, a familiar dream-swept landscape permeates your mind, reaching out to take you along dusty trails, across painted sands, to a familiar campfire beneath a canopy of stars. An echo of laughter then, «Ryu!» a dusky tenor exclaims, the smoke that clouded your vision parting finally to reveal the source of the voice, looking up at you with his head cocked on one side. «A Zillion tuuuuuurns will give you SUCH a CRICK in the NECK! … Heya doll, y'all got some munchies for me? We've a lot to do, now that I'm free of that IDDYbiddy living space. The name's Vehoth, I love you, every inch of you, I'm never leaving you… but existence in an eggshell makes my stomach GROWL!» there he is, your buddy, comedian extraordinaire, your blue Vehoth.



"The trickster is a rebel against authority and the breaker of all taboos. He is at the same time imp and hero- the great culture bringer who can also make mischief beyond belief, turning quickly from clown to creator and back again"
~Erdoes and Ortiz 335~

In his youth, you're in for a bundle of fun you are. Oh yes indeed, Vehoth has a joy de vivre that seems to be boundless in its energy. ALWAYS he's looking for a joke in his youth, looking for entertainment and may for a while, have the attention span of a gnat with ADHD. He can't stand confinement and rules and regulations. After all that time in the shell, can you really, truly blame him? AUGH! That weyrlingmaster and his assistants just drive him to distraction! And they'll be the brunt of quite a few jokes and pitfalls as he rebels against their authority so young. Yes, you might expect in his early days to here «BORED now. Sheesh, they talk enough for two, don't they? Hey, do you suppose if we gave them peanut butter sandwiches as a treat, they'd end up being unable to talk? Like those kids were doing with the spit-canines? C'mon, lets do it Doll! It'd be so funny…» It may well get you in trouble with your superiors until you can explain to him that patience is a virtue he should cultivate! But it has an upside. Chances are your lessons will get learned firmly in your mind, possibly because of the extra chores and duties you may incur, if you can't manage to temper his impulsive urge to have fun. But even then, he's not really nasty with any of his jokes, even if they fall facefirst, flat on the floor. You'll be able to count on him to entertain you in the most boring of times, when you're doing chores, oiling, scrubbing, cleaning, feeding… he'll be telling jokes, making rather astute observations about other people and generally trying to allieviate the tedium. Those early months with Vehoth won't crawl, that's for sure. They'll fly by quickly.


"If the fool is "the spirit of disorder," he is necessarily "the enemy of boundaries." but since the disorder of which he is the spirit is largely contained in his show, he serves the boundary of which he is the enemy; and in doing this, he sometimes even demonstrates an authority proper to the central figure of an established order (such as the king, the president, the chief, the boss)."
~The Fool and His Sceptre, William Willeford~

As his attention span increases, so does his talent for observation and situational comedy. When Vehoth comes into more of his personality, you may be surprised by just /how/ he puts his wit and cunning to good use. Having been the rebel in his early months, now he's the devil's advocate and the humble wielder of the jester's bladder. Your clutchmates, instead of yourselves become the targets of his humour, though there will always be the potential in him to laugh at his own folly. You see, by now, having learned with you by trial and error, he'll be getting a grudging respect for authority. Sure, they need to be taken down a peg or two occasionally, but they're there for a reason right? One he now understands. If the weyrlingmaster's or their dragons complain about the chatter, and being unable to hear themselves over it, you may groan though, for undoubtably he'd reply «Y'know you're not missing much!» all the while murmuring to the others, «If it wasn't this fool that made one out of you lot, who did? Pay attention y'all!»

"Preliminary Tests were inconclusive… the damn thing blew up"
~Inspector Gadget.~

Strangely, he may have a random and rather inexplicable love of gadgetry and gizmos, which you'll discover as he becomes more aware of them now. Vehoth absolutely adores, and cannot fathom, things that go BING or SQUICK or BEEP. He just has no idea how any technology works, but he REALLY wants to. Infact, he may even develop something of an obsession with trying his best to use gadgetry and mechanisms to catch prey. You may find him staked out in the feeding grounds, staring at a big box he's put up, and trying (in vain we'll add) to coax that /one/ elusive wherry he's picked out, to go into the box. He has no idea what wherries /eat/ mind you, so the gravel he's used as seed might -just- be what's letting him down. Or it could be the fact he's a huge blue dragon that's his downfall…Expect there to be baffled conversations when this particular foible comes to light in his developing personality. «Ryu, it's going BEEP at me. You said on the packaging that it was supposed to do -this- *insert amazing function* Only, it's just going BEEP. OH! It just went squonk! Is it meant to do that? Will it help me improve my V'tol trap?? Darn. It's just hard to be a technophile when you're a dragon. The claws just get in the way and I sat on the thing that adds things together by accident.» (Wile E. Coyote, eat your heart out!)

"Sex is good. Free sex is better. Free sex without contracting some disease? Priceless."

And of course, with adolescence and 'teenage' comes… Mating flights. When his hormones finally kick in, are an odd kettle of fish, so far as Vehoth's concerned. They bring out an entirely different portion of his personality, rarely seen in day to day life: The primordial Ring-dinga-ding of creation and destruction. He just LOVES to flirt. That suave and glib tongue he usually possesses for jokes and sly observations that are designed to cheer or cheek, can turn equally well to flattery, using the approach of making his paramour of the moment laugh. But woe betide a male getting in his way! It'd be the only time you'll see him snap at someone in anger, or threaten with tooth and claw. Or worse, lash out with his tongue! «Y'know I think I understand why females are more irritable than males, probably because /males/ are more irritating! Tell me, if I throw a stick, will you leave?» MIAOW! Out of the death of those herdbeasts comes the prospect of life in the skies above, even though greens are infertile, the instinct is the same. And boy, is he virile! He'd like to think that anyway, and may brag about imaginary conquests if he loses, just to cheer himself up, or plot some amazing and complicated practical joke, which you will be /required/ to participate in the planning of and perhaps even the execution. Of course, it all depends on how the riders in the flight behaved…


"This fellow's wise enough to play the fool."
~Twelfth Night~

This quote pretty much cements your blue as an adult dragon. By the time he's reached full growth and maturity, gone are the days when he'll simply prank for the sake of it and joke at other's expenses. With the wisdom of age, he plays the fool for the good of others and yourself. Always capable of smiling in his mind when life deals a lemon, he'll teach you through thick and thin, to make lemonade. Some may think he's a consumate prankster and annoying. You'll know the truth. He doesn't prank maliciously and knows by now when wisdom is required as opposed to foolery. After all, it takes skill to be as inwardly amused at life's follies as Vehoth perpetually is. He knows what his responsibility is, and he does it well — to teach others not to take themselves so seriously, you included. Your loving, incorrigable Vehoth!


Echos of Laughter
Sweetest serenity is knowing your place in the scheme of things. This mind knows where it belongs. Coloured by shadows at a campfire, wind rustling over pampas grass, Vehoth can frequently come over as smug, his voice a low tenor, somewhat gravelly and dust-parched and prone to pace increase with excitement. A great and /frequent/ talker he is always in good humour no matter the situation and can find the funny side of everything, teaching that the best way to overcome any obstacle in your mind is to laugh at yourself. Indeed, he might tease with colouring images seen with a different perspective, showing how ludicrous a notion might be. If you are in a bad mood, he might try to cheer by poking fun at that which bothers you. He can be mournful though. Sorrow might be strange howls in the night sky of his mindscape, a terrible, hollow sense of loss for something that's not even fully realized. Yes he can be glum, but will be quick to laugh at /himself/ also. Anger might be flash flooding or the cosmic 'big bang' where he explodes everything in a puff of smoke, only to go off and sulk. But it never /ever/ lasts long. When teaching a lesson in life, his images will be plentiful and changing, a polymorph of every shape under the sun, and none, for this one is a teacher but also a trickster. An old man many-skins. Deep beneath all this lack of seriousness is an old, wise soul indeed, one that has seen the dawn of everything and will be there at the ending also.


The clutch theme for this clutch was animal habitats or the young of the animal the egg represents, the dragon theme was totemic animals. Your dragon is based on Coyote, the cosmic trickster of so many Native tribes - Vehoth (PRO: vEE-HOth) comes from Veeho - Deriving from a Cheyenne word for trickster, teaching lessons through comedy at his own expense or sometimes at the expense of other people's folly. His desc is loosely based on a desert sky just after sun-up or sun-down, speckled with a few stars, and upon the coyote itself, being thinner, rangey and a little pinched. I tried to find a simple but catchy name to fit the egg and his theme. I hope you like him, and of course, feel free to make him yours in any way you see fit. He is after all, your dragon! He comes in his entirety, from the warped mind of X'an.
-Just think how much sadder a place the world would be if you didn't have yourself to laugh at. ~Buck Rogers~
-The wise don't learn from their mistakes. They learn from other people's mistakes.


Name Wily Manabohzo Blue Vehoth
Dam Gold Wiyaneth
Sire Bronze Raeyth
Created By X'an
Impressee Ryu
Hatched 15 October 2005
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH