Flashy. That's what this sassy little miss is. She has pizzazz and knows it; she's not afraid to flaunt it, either. There's an iridescent quality to her hide that ripples and twists in a moiré of light versus dark. The contrast is startling, eye-catching as if shadows are there, yet at the same time swallowed in brilliance. The hues wrapping her sleek body appear to vibrate with electric energy, ribbons of neon green that begin at her perky muzzletip part to bypass her wide-set eyes, the light dancing in curlicues over the arboreal dusk of her graceful neck, creating exuberant arabesques as they race over the rest of her lithe form. Though eclipsed, the shade of hunter on her neckridges twinkle with a subtle astral fire all the way to the tip of her serpentine tail, which provides balance for her long, delicate wings. While they are large enough to easily take this lady to the heavens, they seem fragile and almost gossamer save for the wingbones that support the nebulous webbing between them. Viridian trembles along her spars giving the illusion that she is primed and ready to zip skyward without notice. A flare of emerald forms an ethereal curtain across the midnight sky of her wingsails, shifting and glimmering ghostly opalescent, amongst which glints of iridescent peacock and the shimmer of green-gold roil cloud-like to veil distant stars. Bright lime flames lick across the teal-indigo of her trimly-muscled shoulders, haunches and lean flanks, fading to an auroral flush of pale jade on the underside of her taut belly and the inside of limbs descending into moonless pre-dawn, where talons are tipped by sharp, jet-black claws.

Egg Name and Description

Deadly Heart of a Secret World Egg


Comparatively small, this egg seems at first to be unassuming; it sits at a slight angle on the sands, round with a slight jagged edge to one side. Brown at its base, sandy-tan and electric blue swirling and melding around each other on the rest of the shell, dashed with hints of sparkling orange, it is attractive in a traditional sort of way but not anything to really speak of. Let light catch it at the right angle, though, and it glitters and sparks, illuminating the blue on its shell into a piercing, overwhelming glow; a light that could give so much and take so much away. Blink, and it's gone, back to a simple stony egg in a pile of hot sand.

Hatching Message


Deadly Heart of a Secret World Egg will wait no longer. It has something to prove, and someone to reveal — as the flame of life inside it leans back and forth inside, rolling the egg to the side until it flips over entirely, normal bottom-end up. The actual hatching is as much of a fanfare as everything about this egg; wings burst free from the shell only a mere second after the beginnings of a draconic head, and soon the beautiful egg is in shattered pieces around an elegantly built viridian green. She paws at the edges of shell, as if considering where she has come from, before shaking egg goo from her head and proceeding onto where she will be.

Impression Message

« Anique. » Suddenly, there is that voice: you have felt this before, do you remember it? The electricity, the fires, the gleaming lights and beautiful stars? Your fingertips touched her shell, and she claimed you, and now she is molding you into something her own: you are Angelique no longer, so say goodbye to that name, because you know now that you are her Anique. « You remembered. You remembered me, and I remembered you, and I found you. I knew you would be here. » Her inner flame dances, further illuminating the stars and moon of a mental sky. « And now you are hungry. No, » for it was easy for her to be confused, as you can no longer tell where you end and this green dragon begins, minds fully blending to the point of indistinction, « I am hungry. Typriaeth is hungry. Anique and Typriaeth: do you like it? I like it. Let us eat. »


Typriaeth is, in a nutshell, outgoing. She is a dragon's dragon — humans besides you do not hold her interest for long, unless she is choosing to analyze how they behave. For she is also a very analytical dragon — but we'll get to that later. She wants to be in constant company, truly believing that she exists to be around other dragons and they exist to be around her. For what is the point of being quiet? Typriaeth hates quiet. She always wants something to be going on; she loves adventure, she loves interaction, and she seems to have constant energy. Even early in weyrlinghood she will be made of energy; even just after hatching, she will want to stay up and even go to the Hatching party herself. Forget sleeping — somehow, she will not be as exhausted as her clutchmates, and while she will be as hungry as the others she is not going to settle in for a long snooze. She just needs less sleep, somehow, than others — which suits her just fine, because she's always got things to be doing. Why waste all that time on sleep?

Like both of her sources of inspiration, Typriaeth is incredibly smart (for a dragon) and extremely adaptable. She manages to insert herself into any situation, and will not be off-put if any plan goes awry. It makes her suited for situations like Thunderbird Wing's maneuvers, though she doesn't seem to show any eventual preference of what her job will be and what wing you are in: she, of course, believes she belongs everywhere and silly things like wings don't really matter — you're going to be friends with everyone. She is observant, and will notice things that others will not, both human and dragon. She will also want to understand it. See, Typriaeth needs to get everything. She is intensely analytical and thoughtful about every move that every living thing makes and why they do it: this is the Vulcan in her. She wants to understand why beings do what they do and why they feel what they feel, and when she's asking you (which she is constantly doing) she doesn't hesitate to come up with theories:

« Anique, why is the junior weyrwoman's canine chewing on his back leg? Perhaps he thinks it has a splendid taste? Maybe he got some food on it? »

» I think it's just itchy. «

« Oh. »

There is some displeasure in her ridiculous theories being dismissed, as they often will be — she tries to learn, and tries to figure things out, and she is smart, but if her subject isn't a dragon she isn't all that likely to be right about their internal motivations — but she will also play at the idea that she knew it all along and hope that you believe her. She was testing you, Anique, she always knew exactly what was going on!

Your development is, of course, important to her. It's not just her who she wants to be the talk of the town and someone known and welcomed to every member of the Weyr's populace: she will also force you out of any shell you may have, and push you to talk to anyone and everyone. You are hers, and she picked you because you are perfect just like she is — her pull was strong before she was even shelled, and so everyone must want to be in your orbit just as much as they ever wanted to be in hers. Socialization is important. Fun is important. Talking is important. And being liked is important, being friendly is important, even if she doesn't want to be. She will, therefore, put on airs that she likes a particular dragon even if deep down she thinks what they're doing is stupid.

Spock: The only emotion I wish to convey is gratitude. Thank you, Ministers, for your consideration.

Spock: [in a tone reserved for telling someone to go to hell] Live long and prosper.

Despite the fact she will behave in that fashion with others, she also never holds a grudge. She is forgiving of great wrongs if she feels that those who did those wrongs deserve it; whether it is eating food that was meant to be hers or accidentally flaming her during drills, so long as the act is repented for she will allow the wrong-er back into her life. They will perhaps not be as close, but they will be allowed to spend time around her — which should, of course, be a pleasure for them.

And it is true, what she thinks: there is something about Typriaeth's aura that simply draws those close to her, as it did since she was first clutched. Other dragons choose to be around her because she is pleasant, and because she makes them feel good about themselves. This gift of hers is strongest with you, though — as her lifemate, she is always leaking that confidence into you, as well as that desire to be in control, to be in the center of attention. She is the center of others' attention, after all, and so should you be — when it comes to humans. When it comes to dragons, only she may pour her attentions on you, and when it comes to who receives your attentions, she must always come first. You are her lifemate and no matter who you are paying attention to, she maintains that as your truest companion, her status should be most important to you. She doesn't like the idea of others trying to assume that they are as close, even other humans.

Martha: But I've been trying to find him. The Doctor's got my phone on the TARDIS but I can't get through.

Rose: Nor me, and I was here first.

Even if you have children you will find that Typriaeth, while supportive of your desire merely because she is always supportive of you, is constantly jealous. Where another green (or gold, or even a male dragon in a paternal way) might think of them as her own children, Typriaeth considers them the utmost of rivals. No one should ever matter to you as much as she does. Not a weyrmate, not a child, not your family or your firelizards or anyone. She will at least accept pets and not shove them off her ledge, though if they particularly annoy her or are occupying all of your attention she is going to object with a litany of soft complaints. « Anique, that canine is loud. Smelly. We should get rid of him. Anique? Anique? Are you listening to me? Remember me? Typriaeth? You haven't forgotten me already, have you? » And as soon as she has your attention back? There's the rambling go-go-go voice again. « Let's go do something! We can go have fun! Without the canine. We could race Sharuth! … Or if you don't want to do that we can do something else. »

As she grows older, Typriaeth will become slowly wiser; her guesses at why canines chew on their own legs, why the other golds leave the Weyr when one of their number rises, and why you brush your hair a certain way will make more sense. Especially when it comes to why you do things; she will eventually stop her constant questioning and come to an utter understanding. You she will know perfectly, and her incessant asking turns to incessant telling, always making sure that you know that she knows why you're doing something or thinking something. If you have subconscious feelings, she will also point them out to you whether you wanted to think about them or not. Trying to deny a crush? Too bad: Typriaeth will make sure you're thinking about the object of your affections constantly, and keep pushing you to act on them. Interested in a promotion, but not wanting to come to terms with it? She will begin performing to the nines for whatever role it is you want, and attempting to influence how you act around others. While Typriaeth's is a dominant personality, though, she will not be the sort of dragon who attempts to take the upper hand in her relationship with you. You are symbiotic; she is Anique and you are Typriaeth. No one is dominant; you are equal. (This will, of course, make some aspects of weyrlinghood difficult — this is a belief that Typriaeth is hatched with and it will never falter.)

When it comes to flights, Typriaeth has a slightly longer than usual proddy period. This is because she wants to attract as much attention as possible, and her sociable, chatty, questioning manner is multiplied tenfold — she is flirty, bubbly and ever-present. Always lounging in the bowl, always showing off her glow to every male dragon she sees. Her choices, however — because it is always her choice who catches her, never the luck of the situation or the draw, at least if you ask her about it — tend to be about you just as much as they are about her. She may tempt every dragon who shows interest in her, but because that is her nature, not because she truly wants them. Unless events completely stray from her control, she will never pick a dragon whose lifemate you do not like. And if there is a rider of a male dragon you happen to particularly fancy, she will do all she can to especially attract his dragon, and use her own rising as a step in matchmaking you with the man or woman of your dreams.

Her actual flights are quick, taking after her dam, and also somewhat acrobatic and filled with surprises as influenced by her sire. She is not, however, violent; there is something tender and loving in addition to flirtatious even about how she flies, and she's not really trying to make it hard. Not for the one she wants, anyway — by the time she actually rises, she's already decided. (And if he doesn't show? In reality, she will usually have a second, third choice. As far as what she projects and what she openly thinks? No dragon she gave her proddy attentions to would ever not arrive.) Therefore, after the flight itself, she likes to linger on her ledge with her catcher, languidly and lazily enjoying resting next to each other and basking in the sun. In order to achieve this goal, expect her to rise early in the day so that she can be lounging with her current beau during the noontime rays.


Beautiful and Dreadful is the way the Dragonheart is described in its source material, and some of that has indeed carried over to the inside of Typriaeth's mind. She is largely made of skycape, though it is more space-scape than sky; it is always relatively dark except for flashes of brilliant light and the stars. Typriaeth has a great desire for reaching outside the bounds of what she already knows, and the inside of her mind accentuates that quite a lot — you will see things that you have never heard of, but if you were to ask a Starsmith or go to Landing to look it up, Anique, you would discover that every one of Typriaeth's images is a real body in space, or at least one that is possible.


In every mood, she has her stars — every mood but the blackest and darkest, which come very rarely and largely when she is completely ignored. Since with her captivating good graces this is a rare event, it isn't a picture or a sensation you will have to deal with often, but should it ever happen that Typriaeth is fully spurned, there it will be. Everything is dark and it feels as if you are being pulled at full speed down an uncomfortable tunnel, crushed into yourself.


Cheer her up quickly and the unpleasantries pass, of course.

Space does have its storms, from time to time, and so does Typriaeth. Her storms, however, are not representations of bad moods; they generally come up when she is especially excited, and they are not always that realistic. Sometimes it is a perfectly run of the mill solar flare, also known as a 'sun storm'; at her most invigorated moments you will be the recipient of a mental celestial death storm; at other times, when she is calmer but clearly having fun, Typriaeth bypasses all realism and simply bounces lightning bolts from star to star.


When Typriaeth talks, her voice itself is a smooth contralto, generally chipper and light. And she talks, all right. Does she ever. Her chatter is something you can always count on — she is no mental images alone dragon. Typriaeth has words for everything, and her words are almost constantly going. It is possible that you might find yourself tuning her out and melding her into persistent background noise, which is an issue for two reasons: one, that she is likely to get upset as soon as she figures out you're doing it (at which point her voice will become shrill and irritated and her mental images all bright, painful full-vision flashes of light) and two, that she keeps the same tone of voice whether something is idle minutiae or important. So she may have something urgent to pass along, but if her chatter has become the noise instead of the signal? You're going to miss it, possibly leading to an irritable Wingleader or an offended clutchmate.

When it comes to other dragons, they receive everything you do, but with lesser force — and not quite as much in the way of verbosity. However, every dragon that is truly her friend will get a long lecture of greeting each and every morning, just as you do — here, she resembles grand-dam Zuvaleyuth, except where Zuvaleyuth is poetic and elegant, Typriaeth just … likes to talk.



Welcome to Weyrlinghood at Fort, Anique! We have all loved watching Angelique grow and develop, and appreciate your contributions to the Weyr, both IC and OOC. Your enthusiasm and your creativity made us all want to snap you up and keep you forever as not just our assistant headwoman (no one is going to argue if, post-Impression, you still want to help with the lower caverns, I suspect!) but as one of our greenriders, and in order to do that, we give you Typriaeth.

The egg theme this clutch was supernatural or sci-fi objects in reflection of their dam and sire's eggs and inspirations. Typriaeth's egg was based on the Dragonheart from Cinda Williams Chima's Heir Chronicles series — a wonderful story if you like YA urban fantasy or are at least willing to give it a chance (Inri, who wrote your egg, normally doesn't but fell in love with this series). The Dragonheart is a source of power for all the magically inclined people in the world, to put it simply, and carries inside it the memories and abilities of Lady Aidhan Ladhra, the Dragon who essentially created magic. It has that mystical pull that makes anyone who touches it want to possess it, and it teases and taunts with power.

Typriaeth's name comes from two sources. First of all, Inri wanted to echo the naming patterns of the female Vulcans, but seeing as how there are no apostrophes in a dragon's name, as opposed to T'P we had to go for a vowel! The rest of her name is derived from the Finnish word for 'vivacious,' pirtëa. But Typirteath (or any other vowel) wasn't quite right, and Typireath still left something to be desired, so Inri reached out to the rest of SearchCo and D'ani came up with Typriaeth. The rest of 'Co liked it, and so Typriaeth she is! Inri pronounces it TIE-pree-ayth, but you may say it however suits you, of course.

Her description is based off of the contrast between the darkness, which comprises the vastness of outer space, and of light energy - one of the swiftest-traveling engeries in the unverse. In keeping with her theme of power that cannot be contained (easily), Typriaeth's coloring is based upon the charged particles of the Aurora Borealis, the coherency of Laser light, which deposits a great deal of energy within a very small area and the higlly volatile, rare neon gas, all of which cast light, made more brilliant due to the darkness trhough which it passes.

Her personality is as you asked for: a little bit Vulcan, a little bit Rose Tyler, with a focus on being the center of attention (something that suits the Dragonheart as well!) and a lot of fun-loving, flirtatiousness and ENERGY. This plays into the electrical storm of her mindvoice, 'Beautiful and Dreadful' — a descriptor in the novel The Dragon Heir of the Dragonheart itself. The electricity of her mind also is reminiscent of her dam's, and the starry sky imagery is in honor of Rose Tyler and her sense of adventure, her sire, and a little bit of her dam's mindscapes as well.


Clutch Siblings

The Star of Destiny Bronze Zeltenith - As'tre (Jastre)
Follow Me Into the Sunset Bronze Sharuth - So'l (Solan)
Show the World Our Desire Brown Rauskazeth - Lana (Polana)


Name Typriaeth
Dam Gold Kouzevelth
Sire Bronze Dremkoth
Created By Inri, D'ani
Impressee Anique (Angelique)
Hatched July 26, 2013
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH