Egg Name and Description


Doorway to the Spirit Realms Egg

A small and rounded egg, it bears little to its shell to otherwise make it stand out. It is wider at the base and gradually tapers to a blunted edge, giving it a more squat shape overall. For color, it seems to lack in it, unless one is close enough to see the hidden details. To some, the shell makes it look nothing more than an off-white hue, not quite pale cream or even grey. A change of light or angle, however, and suddenly the egg seems to carry a ghostly shade of blue or greenish-blue. Just a hint of it, but enough to be caught and noticed by sharper and keener eyes. Within those ghostly hues, fainter shapes take hold, never quite in full detail, more a play of smoke and mirrors that further trick the eyes into seeing what they wish to see.

Hatching Message

Doorways to Spirit Realms Egg shatters, egg fragments falling away in graceful arcs to land upon the hot sands, giving birth to the creature within.

Impression Message

Chaos and heat suddenly vanish as you are enveloped by silence. Gradually the sands change to snow and ice, though - strangely - you are not cold, and ahead is the wavering image of a sphere of ice, glowing and pulsing with the beat of your heart. Closer…come closer. A second beat joins against the tempo and then gently merges to the rhythm of yours. Steadying, growing stronger. As you feel the first brush against your mind, there is a blinding flash of light, a rush of air and wind, and as you recover and regain your senses there is a bronze hatchling standing before you, his eagerness and delight feeding into your mind just as powerfully as his depthless love for you seeps into your very soul. « I’m Tovihasuth! » he announces cheerfully, as the imagery fades and you are back on the heat of the sands. « Want to go find some food with me, Br’enn? I’m so hungry! Glad I found you when I did. » Hunger ripples over the bond, as does a sense of eagerness. « Come on! I think I know the way… Follow me! »


When we hit our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change. - Aang

From the moment that Tovihasuth’s mind joins with yours, you know that there is far more to the bronze than his size and physical build let on. There is a depth to him that is just visible - barely - on the surface and yet so cleverly masked under such an innocent and unseeming personality. Yet you know one thing in utmost certainty and that is that he loves you, Br’enn - forever so and through however many lifetimes. He is bound to you heart and soul as you are to him and he cherishes and respects this bond, holding a rather wizened understanding of it despite his youthfulness as far as life experience goes.

Even fresh from his shell and barely into his first sevenday of life, Tovihasuth possesses a deep respect for life and freedom and already begins to show the signs of a reluctance towards conflict that will manifest later in greater depth and understanding, for both of you, in his later Turns. As a young dragon, however, he is a bundle of energy and power in a small package - something you, Br’enn, will learn all too well in the next days to come and throughout most of Weyrlinghood…and likely well into the first decade or so of Tovihasuth’s life (and yours as his rider).

Katara: Aang, hold on. Where are we going?
Aang: I don't know. But there's a big crowd. So must be good.

Despite his deep respect for life, he is naive of the understanding of how the world works and because of this he shares a similarity with most young hatchlings - and that is an overly active and often insatiable curiosity. Don’t be surprised if Tovihasuth manages to find trouble right from the get go, and not necessarily on his own either! He’ll be eager to join his clutchsiblings. In fact, don’t be surprised if Tovihasuth somehow gathers ALL of them together in mutual agreement and some form of logical advice that, yes, it would be a good idea to see what is in those barrels. They’re just going to go see them, right? « How can some barrels be dangerous? They’re barrels! It’ll be good for us as a group and it’ll be fun! »

Fun! Tovihasuth certainly embodies that in his youth and even well into maturity. Fun-loving and adventurous, he is never without a good sense of humor, even in more serious situations. At times he will come off as goofy and that isn’t entirely off the mark. He can be serious and focused if needed (and sometimes with great patience on your part) but he can also be cheeky and in his more confident and stubborn moments be a source of amusement.

“…Do y'know where y’re goin'?”
« Nope! »
He turns a quick corner, only to come racing back, likely pursued by whatever or whoever he disturbed.
“ … ”

Aang: I solved the question the same way I solved the challenges. As you said a long time ago, I had to open my brains to the possibilities.

Weyrlinghood for Tovihasuth will be a period of growth and challenge, both for himself and for you as his rider. He will begin to seek a balance and harmonization within himself for each new lesson, obstacle, or trial he may face. He is uncannily flexible in the way he thinks, often tackling difficult situations with a sense of trickery rather than facing things head on. At first, failure doesn’t seem to affect him too much when he is younger, though that will begin to change as he nears maturity in his later months. If you are struggling, he will be there to guide and to encourage you with gentle wisdom that seems far beyond his Turns or, if the mood seems right, he’ll slip in a little humor to lighten the mood and buoy your spirits (and consequently his own!). « Well, maybe we’re both just exhausted right now. We can try again tomorrow and we’ll beat this! »

Toph: "No, that’s the problem. You’ve got to stop thinking like an Airbender. There’s no different angle, no clever solution, no trickity trick that’s going to move that rock. You’ve got to face it head on."

It will be obvious from the start that Tovihasuth has a knack for solving all manners of puzzles, be they mental or physical. Does it mean he always succeeds on the first try? No, as no one is perfect and he realizes this. His flexible approach to situations will only work for so long. There will come a point when trickery will no longer work and he’ll have to face his challenges directly and his eagerness will have him chomping to have a go at it. That doesn’t mean he isn’t prone to suffering from the same faults as any individual; his Achilles heel, if you will, is his tendency to become frustrated and through his frustration, lose his confidence. If he gives in to this, he will act rashly and impulsively, something of which will temper as he ages but during Weyrlinghood can prove to be a bit of a problem.

« I’m tired of flapping my wings! I’ve been doing this for candlemarks, I’m ready to fly now! Even Ciesoveth agrees that this is pointless! »

Otherwise, he has an uncanny knack for learning and does so eagerly and with relish, often discussing what he’s learned with you at length and any theories or wisdom he’s gained from it. He will be good with his lessons and expect the same sort of dedication from you, though it will be quite the opposite with him if his focus should wane again or he becomes stuck and cannot immediately progress from the “block” he’s put upon himself.

He craves the stimulation of new people and places, so lessons that become too repetitive will have him bored - and doubly so if he “masters” the lesson too swiftly. While his clutchsiblings may provide enough distraction for a time as he observes their struggles and successes, as he’s often fond to lend a hand or some wisdom to their situation, that too will wane. Much to your frustration or chagrin, he’ll begin to seek frequent off-course detours that will either succeed or fail (and still succeed but not without some chaos!).

Sokka: Fun? We can't fight fire benders with fun.
Aang: [smiling earnestly] You should try it sometime.

« You know, Br’enn, I’ve an idea. Why don’t you… » Tovihasuth will gladly inform you, as he strives to focus on another dull lesson and stave off the boredom. He’ll encourage you to seek out alternative methods as well, especially if he himself cannot do it. Most times he will act alone, but often times he prefers having the company of those he loves and trusts and those he calls friends, something he’ll encourage relentlessly (but gently!) in you. Can’t quite figure out a lesson? Ditch the lone-wolf approach and grab a fellow weyrling! « You can do it together and learn from each other! It’ll be great! »

If a lesson or lecture is particularly dull or difficult and everyone is struggling, leave it to Tovihasuth to find a FUN alternative or way around it! It could be something as simple as him saying something witty and amusing in response to the Weyrlingmasters, whether on purpose or not or by some small action, like suddenly burping during a reflective moment and commenting on the flavor in relation to it: « …Focusing on finding my second stomach kind of tastes like wherries and oil, » he’ll be happy to dutifully inform you and all his siblings.

Tovihasuth will do anything to dispel the negativity. He prefers balance and harmony, freedom and peacefulness, and if he doesn’t agree on something or feels there is something wrong with the lesson’s meaning or beliefs, he’ll begin to speak up and it will be up to you, Br’enn, to act as mediator to these conflicts and either have Tovihasuth see reason or to compromise and find a balance that suits everyone involved.

Aang: This goes against everything I learned from the monks! I can't just go around wiping out people I don't like.
Sokka: Sure you can. You're the Avatar. If it's the name of keeping balance, I'm pretty sure the universe would forgive you.

Katara: We're trying to help!
Aang: Then when you figure out a way for me to beat the Fire Lord without taking his life, I'd love to hear it!

Trouble will begin when lessons start to progress toward honing skills that involve combat or anything that leads to possible needless destruction or harm to others. Essentially, anything condoning violence or encouraging it does not sit well with him at all. It all cycles back to Tovihasuth’s respect for life and some concepts are abhorrent in his mind. With careful explanation, he may see reason or, as he often encourages, seek a compromise that balances both sides.

The key to airbending is flexibility and finding and following the path of least resistance. Airbending is notable for being almost purely defensive, as well as the most dynamic of the four bending arts.
.. they often adapt to the situation surrounding them and prefer evasive maneuvers as opposed to direct confrontation.

Another example will be when it comes time for you to learn self-defence and combat skills. Tovihasuth will protest this from the very start. He prefers to solve things without violence as he is a bronze who prefers freedom and a path of least resistance and is opposed to direct confrontation.

« Br’enn, you don’t need to do this! There’s other ways to solve conflicts and not harm another! I can show you. We can show them! »

This will be something he will try to instill in you, though his love for you will have him trying to respect your beliefs and opinions. After all, Tovihasuth isn’t entirely inflexible and in time he will learn to be flexible in his views. He may still not like the idea, but he can tolerate an ‘agree to disagree’ attitude if need be — so long as no one is getting hurt. Eventually he may see reason, but not before seeing something change, even if it’s the addition of his insights (such as non-aggressive defence tactics) or logic. If it can result in a more peaceful alternative, you bet Tovihasuth will firmly stand his ground and expect you to support him, Br’enn…and that is only the beginning of the times you two will butt heads (or minds, in this case).

Sokka: [Angrily] What did you do?
Aang: It was an accident. I was… Katara, I'm so -
[Sokka tackles Aang.]
Sokka: I told you we shouldn't mess around with this! Look what you did! YOU BURNED MY SISTER!

Firebending is the spiritual opposite of airbending. Airbenders are passive and peaceful, while firebenders are aggressive and passionate.

Tovihasuth will also run into trouble when it comes to firestone and flaming. He can find his second stomach just fine, but producing flame is another matter. He seems perplexed and intimidated in handling something so powerful and aggressive, something that is the direct opposite of his own passive and peaceful core. Try though he might, he will be either the last or close to last of his class to master this. His frustrations will give way and perhaps in a fit of determination finally produce flame … only to have it go awry with his eagerness to do too much, too fast. Should his actions result in harmful consequences, be it damage to the flaming fields or the worst case scenario (injury or unintentional harm), his guilt will be swift and genuine. « Br’enn, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to… » He will make it up somehow, if that ever comes to pass. It will be his goal to master this, as he does with any challenge; only after his failures will he be humbled into doing it correctly.

Aang developed strong bonds with his friends, particularly Katara, explained by Guru Pathik as a reincarnation of his love for his people.

Tovihasuth prides himself in something far more: the friendships he, and you, will make. Bonding among clutchsiblings is not so unusual and he takes it to level beyond most dragons. They are his family, after all, and in extension yours as well - this, he will fondly remind you. He will find a particular trait and strength in each that intrigues him, be it because it meshes with his own personality or proves to be the opposite and yet balance him. For that reason he could be drawn to Zeruth for his zen-like attitude and knack for intuition and fast thinking; to Ciesoveth’s love of the air, sky, and flying and the boundless joy it brings the blue; to Mazzolyth’s down to earth nature, Rhenesath’s nurturing soul and inability to lie, Jaicoureth’s romanticism and bohemian outlook, Livanyth’s kind but withdrawn personality and Kainaesyth’s love of storytelling and singing. He will find pieces of each to bind them all together on a harmonized level and his peaceful nature will have him seeking them out. He will expect you, Br’enn, to find the same in others too - to see who they are, to respect them as they are, but to go out and be social and make those connections! He’ll encourage you to bond as much with his fellow weyrlings as he does his brothers and sisters.

« They are as much your comrades, brothers, and sisters as they are mine. Go on! You like Mazzolyth’s rider don’t you? She seems to get along with everyone. You could learn a thing or two from her and then maybe you can help Kainaesyth’s rider and Jaicoureth's too … »

…he resorted to deceiving and hurting others to keep the group together, such as when he heard that Katara and Sokka might leave the group to visit their father; he hid the map to their father's whereabouts and lied about ever having it in the first place…

His protectiveness of those he cares for - be it yourself, Br’enn, his clutchsiblings and friends or someone you care for - while a strength in many ways, is also his weakness. So protective of the bond is he that he may resort to deception or hurting them if he thinks it will work in keeping them whole. It goes against his nature a bit, but he cannot help himself. He doesn’t enjoy being separated from them needlessly and while rather childish a response, it will be something that tempers in time when he gains reassurance and confidence that the bond he makes in friendships can remain strong. For this reason, Br’enn, you may find yourself unable to get much respite from Tovihasuth’s company. Much like Kainaesyth, he will always want to be with you and may not understand why you are not feeling sociable. Worse yet, if you try to do something without him? Good luck in succeeding.

“…Where’s my hunting gear?”
« I dunno. Guess it's been misplaced. Oh well. Now you can’t go out hunting… How about we go flying instead? Ciesoveth says there’s a storm to the west and I’m all for some storm wind flying right now! »
“ … ”
« What? Things get misplaced all the time! »

It’s not that he doesn’t trust you. He does and he loves you unconditionally, but his need to protect those he loves has him edging into over-protectiveness. With time and patience, a few ups and downs, and a lot of back and forth debating and reasoning, Tovihasuth will come to understand and respect that you may need your space at times, or wish to engage in some activities without his hovering presence, and honor that. He does not wish to be at odds with you (ever) and so to find that harmony, he will learn to temper his protectiveness. If he happens to relapse? Well, nobody is perfect.

In time this protectiveness will extend to the rest of the Weyr as well, as he reaches full maturity and his understanding of the world expands. He will find like minds and intriguing quirks in all of Fort’s residents and when Between is mastered, this will be extended well beyond Fort’s territory. He will be sure to make at least a few good friendships all around Pern and rely on those bonds in times of need and, as always, he will encourage the same in you, Br’enn. « Just say hello at least! »

…the only exception to Aang's pacifism was when his friends were threatened, in which case, he could become angry and attack his opponents, sometimes even entering the Avatar State.

And woe…woe be to whoever dares to threaten those Tovihasuth considers his friends or ‘his people and family’, especially you! He develops a strong bond not only to his friends, but to Fort Weyr, and his desire to protect them can trip him into violent emotional outbursts should their safety be in jeopardy or if they are hurt. It goes against his non-violent outlook and pacifism and will likely be a shocking, startling sight to see Tovihasuth so riled and angered - so angered that he’ll go on the “attack” if he feels the situation is grievous enough. He’ll need you the most then, Br’enn, to get a grip on him and hold steadfast and bring him down and out of that state before he does something he’ll regret.

Aang: [as the ship's being attacked] I can't just stand by and do nothing.

Tovihasuth will show another quirk to his personality when learning (or rather learning through you!) of Pern’s vast history. It will fascinate him, and yet in the same breath he feels a pronounced sense of guilt. Tales of conflict and suffering distress him, from Threadfall, to Fax’s hostile takeover hundreds of Turns in the past, the plagues of Moreta’s time - it all makes him feel uneasy.

« I should have been there for them… We should have been. »
“…How? Y' weren’t even alive then! Neither was I!”
« I guess. That doesn’t mean I can’t make up for it now. »

He will make it his (and by extension, your) goal in life to not see the darker conflicts of Pernese history happen again. While powerless for plagues, Tovihasuth knows he can help in dispelling conflict. In maturity, he is calm and level-headed and soft spoken. As he was in his youth, all throughout his lifetime he will prefer to find a peaceful solution over the ‘head-on’ or aggressive tactics.

His flexible nature comes into play even now and while some of the past unsettles him, he looks toward the future too. Like Kainaesyth, he enjoys history and stories and lore and his energy can lead him to wanting to explore all of Pern, to see its many wonders - and not alone either! He will bring you along for the ride, and possibly a friend or two, and start an adventure to gain what wisdom and enlightenment he can from his experiences - both of your experiences!

Aang: [to the fighting tribes] Guys! FOCUS! How many times do I have to say it? Harsh words won't solve problems, ACTION will!
Zhang Leader: Perhaps the Avatar is right.
Gan Jin Leader: Yes, perhaps he is.
Zhang Leader: Harsh words will never solve our problems…
Gan Jin Leader: …action will!
Gan Jin Leader: To the death! And let this be the end of this rivalry!
Aang: [Nervously] You know, I take it back! Harsh words aren't so bad!

Sokka: That's some luck you knew Jin Wei and Wei Jin.
Aang: You could call it "luck" or you could call it "lying."

He will still dislike conflict in any form and if he should come across any, he will slip in and attempt to mediate and reach a non-violent solution. He’s not great at it to start, and often he will end up making the situation worse before making it better by his poor choice of words. So he will look to you, Br’enn, to help him and support him, and you may find yourself more often than not thrust out into the middle of the altercation whether you like it or not in an effort to undo the “damage” done by Tovihasuth’s meddling. Again, his knack for puzzles and flexibility in thinking will come to light here and as he learns through helping others and through you, he will learn to be quick and sharp-witted. He will pull examples from his experiences of stories he’s heard or picked up from you to use in his work. And if he happens to embellish a few details? It’s not “lying”, per se (though Rhenesath and Velokraeth may beg to differ!).

He likes the Weyr and his home to be in balance and harmony and he will do anything to keep it that way. For that reason, his talents may be sought out by the Phoenix Wing. Diplomacy will be appealing to him and an honorable goal, if not a burden that at times weighs heavily on his shoulders. While Thunderbird may be something more to your liking, Br’enn, Tovihasuth will point out the benefits of Phoenix and how, in the grand scheme of things, they’d still be helping others but on a far larger scale.

Meng: You don't like me. Do you?
Aang: Of course I like you.
Meng: [insisting] But not the way I like you.
Aang: Oh. I guess not.

When it comes to the opposite sex, Tovihasuth is well aware of them and their charms but treats them with the same respect as he would any other. Unless, that is, he finds that particular female interesting and not just because her hide may be brighter than normal in the first signs of proddiness. He tries to be suave, but his goofy behavior and general niceness often make his first few attempts fail or his flattery fall, well, flat. He’ll be awkward and uncertain, but if there’s one thing going in his favor, it's his genuine emotions. As for you, Br’enn? Tovihasuth will support you in any courting you may do, be it simply for fun or for something far more long lasting and serious. He’ll even encourage you, so best be careful not to let your thoughts drift too far, or you may end up having a gentle but amused comment drifting your way: « She is rather pretty, isn’t she, Br’enn? »

Katara: Us kissing. What was I thinking? Could you imagine that?
Aang: Yeah. [He chuckles slightly] I definitely wouldn't want to kiss you.
Katara: Oh, well, I didn't realize it was such a horrible option. Sorry I suggested it!
Aang: No. No. I mean if it was a choice between kissing you and dying…
Katara: OH!
Aang: What? I'm saying I'd rather kiss you than die. That's a compliment.
Katara: Well I'm not sure which I would rather do!
[Katara storms off.]
Aang: What is wrong with me?

For flights themselves, Tovihasuth will chase almost everything, be it green or gold, but mostly treats it as a puzzle and challenge unless the female in question holds a particular intriguing trait that grasps his full attention - or if he’s already developed a bond with them prior to the flight. He can't deny his own instincts (nor would he want to) and so his reasoning for chasing every flashy hide has a more innocent and pure basis than his sire, Velokraeth. If he’s to chase and win, he will be delighted and a respectful partner to the female, enjoying her company for as long as she’ll tolerate it. If he’s to lose, his disappointment will be swift. A moment of stinging jealousy (especially if it was a female he was interested in) and then he’ll let it flow through him and shake it off. He’s not one to nurse a grudge or return to his ledge to sulk for candlemarks on end. He will simply go on with his routine once he has rested.

Should fate ever shine on Tovihasuth and he snares a gold in flight, he will be a loving and doting clutchfather. He’ll be protective of the gold and the resulting clutch, often lingering close to the sands or, if the particular gold allows it, on the very sands with her. He will also, much like Kouzevelth, love Candidates and encourage them to come and see the (his!) eggs. He’ll try to encourage the gold as well, especially if she is one of the broodier types. Don’t be surprised either if he takes on the unusual habit of giving the Candidates names, even if they’re not Candidates for one of his clutches. Draconic memory won’t allow him to remember them all so easily, after all.

« Oh look. There’s Candidate Sparky! »
“…He has a name, y'know.”

Tovihasuth has his own quirks with the eggs as well and will inform you of which he feels tend to lean more towards one trait than the others. Those small eggs? « Strong and proud, rooted to the earth. » Those larger ones? « The light one may hatch one with grace and fluidity. Not sure about that mottled one. What do you think, Br’enn? » It’s not that he’s categorizing them to separate them or loves one more over the other. It’s the opposite; Tovihasuth is trying to find what links them.

"The true mind can weather all lies and illusions without being lost. The true heart can touch the poison of hatred without being harmed. From beginningless time, darkness thrives in the void, but always yields to purifying light. In the era before the Avatar, we bent not the elements, but the energy within ourselves. To bend another's energy your own spirit must be unbendable, or you will be corrupted and destroyed." - Lion-Turtle to Aang

So what drew Tovihasuth to you? If asked, he can give no answer, save for: « I just knew. » It could be that he was drawn to Brennan’s lone wolf mentality. Here was a youth who has operated on his own, not tied to any one place, not threatened by much and relying solely on himself. He knows what freedom feels like and that may have been irresistible to Tovihasuth. No one can lead a balanced life, however, alone. Faults though you may have, Tovihasuth loves you all the same and seeks to fill those gaps and guide you along the paths he feels you need to experience in order to find harmony and balance in your life.

Like air, which flows wherever it can, so will Tovihasuth lead you and encourage you. He will bring the importance of friends and family and how they need not be a hindrance but a strength, of how to value teamwork and the importance of having the respect and support of your fellow wingmates. He will push you out of your shell, while you help keep him grounded in those times when he begins to let his emotions lead him off the paths he’s chosen for himself. Together you two make an inseparable pair, as he will rely on you and you on him, giving to each what each half was missing, and together, over the many Turns of your lifetime, will you both learn and grow together.

Air is the element of freedom. The Air Nomads detached themselves from worldly problems and concerns; finding peace and freedom was the key to solving their difficulties in life.

Airbenders emphasize intuition and imagination; to an airbender, there is always another path to take, as air flows wherever it can. This makes airbending the most dynamic of all the bending arts, and air itself is considered to be the element of freedom.


Spirit’s Gateway

Youthful and naive though he appears on the outside, on the inside, Tovihasuth’s mind is rich, expansive, wise and limitless. It’s as though hundreds of Turns of experience and imagery have been contained within and he moves through each as fluidly as air. His thoughts are ruled by the elements and his spirit and unlike his siblings, his mindscape is filled not only with various types of land and nature and their seasons, but complex and artfully designed structures in the form of great temples and cities. There seems to be no bounds or limits to the wonders of Tovihasuth’s mind and he will explore them all with you. Some he shares with others, while some imagery is carefully reserved for only you - or for those he trusts, or if the location has a special meaning for the current moment.

Northern Air Temple:
Northern_Air_Temple_overview.png Corridor.png

It is to the temples that he will feel the strongest connection and use as default as they bring him comfort and familiarity, for they embody ‘air’ and no temple is quite alike. One rises high above the clouds on a plateau of snow covered rocks, tall spires reaching further up into the open skies, tiers upon tiers of carved stone and the peaks of mountains below in the background. Another has also arisen, lone and solitary among stone spires, only now the rock is covered in green growth and nestled within a mountain range.

Southern Air Temple:

A third, with a sense of irony, holds three temples joined by arch bridges among a land of rock and little else, the white washed stone and curved architecture lending a stark beauty and a splash of subtle color in an otherwise barren landscape.

Eastern Air Temple:
Restored_Eastern_Air_Temple.png Meditation_circle.png

And lastly, a temple that is an oddity in itself…and yet Tovihasuth treats it as a safe haven and sanctuary. Unlike the others, the structures form on the underside of the lip of a cliffside, the building's tops pointing down and open to the winds. He feels at home here, as he does in the others, but this one he takes you to if he feels he needs to protect you, for the “hidden” nature of the layout.

Western Air Temple:

Tovihasuth is most comfortable in any of these ‘temples’ and depending on his mood, the temple could change. He will lead you through the many corridors, the gardens and courtyards, the hidden secrets and sanctuaries that remain locked to others but never to you, Br’enn. He has nothing to hide from you and trusts you to respect his inner space and sacred havens. No one temple is quite the same and the details are enough to find oneself lost in the wonder, splendor, and beauty of it all. They are all built as a part of their natural surroundings and to fit harmoniously with nature; the large hallways harness the wind and allow the air to flow through, something that is deeply and profoundly comforting and welcoming to Tovihasuth.

Fire Temple:

His mood will also influence what imagery surfaces, and should his emotions shift from his usual passive and peaceful nature, so will the landscape within his thoughts. When he feels determined, passionate or angered, the imagery shifts to a land of rock and greenery but the architecture changes from subtle to fiery. Reds, yellows and sharp contrasting colors paint the stone and wood and the temple that rises high into the sky is carved with many sharp and elongated points - stunning, beautiful, passionate, and yet holding an underlying sense of danger.

Ba Sing Se and the Crystal Catacombs:

When he is feeling stubborn, strong, or determined in a goal or challenge, Tovihasuth’s mind will shift again to suit his mood. Now the land is mostly formed of solid rock - a complete roundabout change from his usual fluid and free nature. There is no temple here, but a great city instead, built within walls - inner and outer and all of stone. Greenery here is sparse but the sloping and curving roofs are painted a deep, rich green and there is a sense of strength here, an impenetrability that suits his stubbornness and determination just fine. And just like the temples before, there are hidden ‘gems’ among these landscapes too, including a catacomb formed entirely of glowing crystals. Tovihasuth will only bring you and a select few he trusts down there to share in the hidden beauty of an old city lost beneath the present one above. Here he can reflect and share plans with others if he feels he cannot bring them to the temples of air he so prefers.

Southern Water Tribe:

Imagery of water seems another preferred choice of his when he is feeling thoughtful or deep in concentration. Landscapes of snow and ice and ocean will dominate his thoughts then and once more his mind expands further by bringing forth entire cities carved from the very snow and ice. Often times the sky is in full night, lit by stars or by the ethereal glow of celestial greens and blues and purples of an aurora, lending a peaceful, calming, and healing feel to the otherwise simple landscape below. There is many a hidden pool here and if Tovihasuth feels you or one he cares about are in need of healing, he will bring you - or them - here.

Tovihasuth’s voice is as youthful as his appearance, boyish, and will not develop a deeper note for many Turns to come. Just as he is, his voice is flexible and fluid and rises and falls depending on the amount of energy and enthusiasm he is displaying at the time. In his more energetic moments, his voice is far more animated. In calmer moments and times of thought and concentration, he will take on an even, level tone and begin to show some of the maturity that rests beneath his youthful exterior. Should he ever be angered, truly and genuinely, his voice takes on a curiously augmented note as though he speaks both as himself and through several other disembodied voices. It’s disconcerting and almost as unsettling as to see him in such an enraged state, but very rare.


Welcome to Weyrlinghood at Fort Weyr, Br’enn, and congratulations! :) We couldn’t have been any happier to have snagged you this cycle!

The theme for this cycle’s clutch was Songbirds! Each egg was based on a songbird’s egg and a bit of the bird itself or its nesting habits. Tovihasuth’s egg, Doorway to the Spirit Realms, was based on the American Goldfinch! The egg name and it’s mind touches came from the American Goldfinch Totem. More information here: and

Tovihasuth himself was based off of Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender. More info:

When I saw your theme preference, I just about squee’ed with joy. Just ask Nyalle! I’m a fan of the show, as well as The Legend of Korra, so to write a bronze based on Aang was a pleasure and I hope I’ve done justice while still keeping to your preferences listed in your final questionnaire. I took a lot of Aang’s personality traits and mixed them in with the Air Nomad's beliefs, as well as traits usually associated with the Air Benders.

His name stumped us for quite some time. I wanted to give you a name that had meaning, tied into the theme, but met your preferences too. So immediately I went for Pali (Sanskrit) since Aang’s inspiration comes loosely from Buddhist Monks. Not a lot of the translations were… hmm, easy to pronounce? But we did fall in love with the word ‘Viha’ for Air. So I went to Chinese since Taoism is reflected in Aang’s personality. A few letters repeated for Air (Kongqi), Water (Shui), Earth (Tu) and Fire (Huo), so Nyalle and I just took a bit of each until we wound up with: Tovihasuth! So he’s got a little bit of each element to him, as a proper Avatar should.

Tovihasuth’s physical desc comes from your own preferences. I loved what you had written down as a concept and so I ran with it, while putting in some of Aang’s traits (namely the iconic arrow tattoos), but kept them subtle.

The same goes for his mind desc! There is a lot of imagery in the series to run with and I did my best to describe it and not write a novella while at it. So I went mostly with the Air Temples, but used the Fire Temples too, tossed in the Earth cities and the Water Tribes with it. Basically, the whole world is Tovihasuth’s mind. Anywhere or any place that Aang visited or explored will be in Tovihasuth’s vast, vast mindscape.

As always, the RP Tips and most of what is written here are just a guide. You’re free to play Tovihasuth as you see fit, as he’s yours to now enjoy!

Egg and Mind Touches were written by Th’ero, while Tovihasuth was written by Th’ero as well with some helpful tweaks and suggestions from Nyalle.

North Air Temple: and
Southern Air Temple:
East Air Temple: and
Western Air Temple:
Fire Temple:
Ba Sing Se and the Crystal Catacombs: and
Southern Water Tribe:

Clutch Siblings

No Harm No Fowl Gold Rhenesath and Thys (Amethyst)
Wandering Storyteller Bronze Kainaesyth and Ha’ze (Hazelon)
Dreams of a Digital Frontier Bronze Zeruth and S'ai (Sairon)
Transformation of the Spirit Brown Mazzolyth and Rynn (Therynn)
Challenge the Storms Blue Ciesoveth and Sk’ler (Skyler)
Of Life's Greatest Things Blue Jaicoureth and C'rus (Cyrus)
Rising Winter’s Dawn Green Livanyth and R’yal (Ravyal)

At a Steady Pace Green Amidaeth and Annah (Ciannah)


Name Bronze Tovihasuth
Dam Gold Kayeth
Sire Bronze Velokraeth
Created By Th'ero and Nyalle
Impressee Br'enn (Brennan)
Hatched 8 June, 2014
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH