Everything about him screams streamlined power — from his overlarge size to his sturdy proportions, he is the epitome of the perfected fighter. On the cusp of being the largest for his color, he is an adonis of lean muscles and raw strength. Sculpted features are masked by dusky turquoise framing his narrow-shaped eyes, further accentuating his blunted muzzle and squared jawline. Colors darken as they span the length of his neck, a gradual fade of moonlit night down to his broad, heavy muscled chest, chasing long limbs and sweeping back to powerful haunches. He wears this nightshade like a form fitting suit, dark hide flawed in the subtle play of light and shadow that gives the illusion to creases, and lines, and a spattering of nebulous stars. His flaw is in the sense of aged weariness, hide marred in places by ‘scars’ — thin, almost invisible, slashes of white against the deep midnight of his body. Wide wings are sweeping and tapered, balanced perfectly to give him a keen edge in the skies. Notably, however, his tail is short and just barely long enough to keep him from being too top-heavy.

Egg Name and Description

Pair of Bodys Egg
No no no… this rotund shape just won't do! Such a wide flaring base is so unseemly — but this egg is on the right path to correct such unwanted form! Delicate white lace frames the top, while cream and dusty beige and linen is cinched in vague hour-glass shape along the middle. Play of light and shadow define sturdy boning to that structure on one side in flattering lines to provide that oh-so necessary contorting strength. On the other, a criss-cross weave of lacing, done up nice and tight like a proper person of high taste would expect!

Hatching Message

Wobble Message
Pair of Bodys Egg starts to tremble, tumbling gracefully along the sands in twists and turns that signal the creature inside is fighting to get out. The hardened shell seems to stretch and expand in places, giving the impression of elasticity that endures imprints of talons and tails before going still.

Crack Message
Pair of Bodys Egg vibrates, its shell splitting in fissures like great arcs of lightning-made patterns that stretch — and stretch — and stretch — along the shapely curves of this not-quite ovid. It quakes, the entirety of its broken armor expanding as whoever stirs within tests the strength of its confines, and settles again.

Hatch Message
Pair of Bodys Egg seems to contract inward and then explode outward, raining pieces of shell that stick to newly-hatched wet hide and drip from the dragon fighting their way out from within. There's a shake of that body, a twist of neck and tail, and a moments reprieve to gain bearings before curiosity turns towards waiting candidates.

Sands Pose #1
Darkness on the Edge Blue Hatchling tilts his head, whirling eyes taking in robes of white and the faces that they belong to. He's still a long moment, a broad-chested and magnificent sight to behold despite the bits of dragon-birth that cling to his night-woven hide with enviable tenacity. There's a hint of movement: a ripple of muscle that moves with sensual fluidity along bulging arms to chest, traveling the tips of wingsails until an echo of that energy manifests and is released in the flick of a short tail. But then he waits, still as death, patient as any predator, careful before he starts the hunt to select his prey.

Sands Pose #2
Darkness on the Edge Blue Hatchling finally moves, the embodiment of poignant grace if not for the fact that two steps forward nearly does him in. He stumbles, stills, twists his head to glance behind as he takes in that two-pronged tail meant for balance and gives it another flick. He stumbles again, rights his footing with a rumbling sound that starts in his chest as a warning, and then shifts his attention back to that waiting congregation of white-robed hopefuls. That moonlit dappled nose rises, scenting the wind, tilting his head in the direction of his intended before moving with a still clumsy, but slightly more stable gait.

Impression Message

Public Message
Darkness on the Edge Blue Hatchling is nighttime cloaked in stars, all supple hide with infinitesimally small imperfections that seem to stand out with increasing clarity the more he moves — no, not moves, stalks. He files along the rows of those lifemate-eagers as they shift against the heat of the sands, ignoring every wistful glance and expectant stare that follows his movement as he wanders by without a backward glance. But then he stills before one male candidate, a wuffle of hot breath as he turns one whirling eye onto an apprentice harper and extends his neck to press snout into belly. You're a dragonrider now.

Private Message
You can't breathe. The sands around you are fading, yielding to the inky black of night as starbursts behind your eyes infiltrate the darkness and leave brethren to fall — shapeless — against the edges of eternity. Like sprouts from seed, Pern-bound starlight bursts from the ground, twisting into metallic giants once referred to as skyscrapers in Terran-myth. The city grows, coming to life with sound as you're pulled through the streets where a shadow follows you from the rooftops, drawn towards the immaculate sprawl of a mansion and further still, past dancers dressed for masquerades to a room where there's only you and… him. « You are my I'am, » comes on a masculine baritone, preceding the impression of a mask being pulled away as your dragon reveals his name on a whisper of thought. « I am your Toskavath. » The constriction eases, though that secret lair remains — as does Toskavath, a presence now and forever an intimate part of you. « Together we will not fail this weyr. Take me to food, I'am. Strength requires we eat. »



Oliver Queen: I'm not looking for anybody to save me.

What is there to know about your forever-companion, I'am? Well, he's broody, for one, but also he is strong; strong of will and determination, strong of character and conviction, and strong of body to boot. He is a GOOD man (er, dragon) that knows how to persevere in the face of adversity, even if the way he tries to implement his version of what reality should be can be… well… harsh sometimes. Okay, most of the time. But he is good, he is kind, he is loving, and he is fallible, I'am, even if sometimes you're the only one who can see it.

Green Arrow: An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backwards. So when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means that it's going to launch you into something great. So just focus, and keep aiming.

So let's start at the beginning: Weyrlinghood.

That dark brand of vigilante justice won't touch Toskavath - not yet, anyway. It will come, but first you will get to enjoy a more reckless version of who Toskavath will grow to be, the one who is growing and learning with you, who will unwittingly hone future prowess by stealing bubblies from the kitchens and pulling those not-so-serious pranks with you. How did you think he would hone that fine body and even finer reflexes? Not by being a couch potato! No, he’ll be out there learning to tuck and roll with the best of them, developing the fine art of mischief and mayhem from those who came before. Foryth will be his idol; Kamsyth perhaps the occasional partner-in-crime; Kralkth the voice in the back of his head that says do the thing even when the thing is severely inadvisable. Likewise, he will enjoy your more impetuous decisions, borderline cocky with wild revelry that may just come back to haunt you both in the future - not everyone has a memory as short as Toska’s, and there’s little doubt that those who remember will attempt to use this time to discredit the people you both will become.

But worries of the future will not stop him from living in the present; the beginning of his life will be full of mischief and mistakes, a time for you to be children together, a time of personal growth, learning, and understanding. It will be a time of near-total disregard for others, when Toskavath seeks pleasure (not that kind; he's still YOUNG and SO ARE YOU) in lieu of obeying those rules and societal norms that keep a weyr running. He is a playboy, in a sense, one who, from a young age, will understand that he's a looker - and he will have no qualms about using it, nor about telling lies to get his way (or to get you BOTH out of trouble) when he has to. This will come in handy as he grows, as those dual natures of his persona come to light and develop in their own very different directions; as he finds himself having to play the part of the bad guy if it means keeping the others safe.

John Diggle: I think I'm just beginning to understand what kind of man you are.
Oliver Queen: Shouldn't take you very long. I'm shallow.

Unsurprisingly, Toskavath will not have much time in his youth for lectures, so you might constantly find him asleep at your side or flirting with one of his sisters (or Kouzevelth, or Kayeth, or any visiting gold because A BLUE CAN DREAM, I'AM) in an attempt to pay as little attention as possible. Drills? Anything requiring physical activity? Lessons about going between? You can count on him to be there. But for those talks or the lessons that are more theory than practice? Good luck, I'am. He's got better things to do with his time (like tell Morizanth how hot she looks when she’s angry), and he'll be damned if he isn't going to do them.

One of the things that you will have to watch out for (and that just might get you BOTH into trouble early on) is that your Toskavath has a knack for sneaking out. He will dodge lessons by appearing first, acting the very picture of charm and interest.. and then sidling out when he knows that no one is paying attention. He will endure the lectures of self-important dragons until they turn their backs - and don’t you know, the next time they turn around, he's gone. Your Toskavath simply doesn't have the patience to be babysat; he does not have the time to be places where he doesn't feel he needs to be, when he can be exploring, learning things that interest him, or putting rights to wrongs. It’ll come down to you to teach him when it is more or less acceptable for him to duck away from these important moments in life, and when he needs to stay.

Oliver Queen: There is a difference, Barry, between having powers and having precision.
Barry Allen: Okay, when I came here thinking 'bout going out and helping people, you said I could be an inspiration.
Oliver Queen: Living this life… well, it takes more than a mask. It takes discipline.

But Toskavath isn't JUST a playboy (though he knows he's a handsome blue, and he knows that YOU know, and SHE knows, and THEY know he's a handsome blue); he is a creature of power. He is a hunter, a stalker, a beast unlike any other. He is a sight to behold: all hard-won, rippling muscle that lends him an unrivaled agility on his feet. He will strive to achieve a physical peak - for both of you. Oh yes, I'am. Brace yourself, say goodbye to the physical softness of your growing body, and say hello to a hellish weyrlinghood full of push ups, pull ups, sit ups, crunches, and any other manner of torturous workout that you can imagine. Kiss those sweet bubblies adieu (or take a leaf from his book and sneak them in when Toskavath isn’t looking), because this blue will demand you stick to a diet that consists mostly of protein and vegetables (the better to grow muscle with), and he will constantly be working on his own body to get rid of the soft edges that cling to him through hatchlinghood. Try to keep up, kid! You’ve got an image to maintain!

This hint of shallow behavior in the beginning is something that will diminish, but that he will still carry with him - to a degree. He WILL mature, as will you. He will shed that selfishness of his youth and become a dragon the entire weyr can depend on (though some may not necessarily forgive - or trust - him after those dalliances in his past). Adulthood will bring an intensity to Toskavath that, simply put, can be unnerving to be on the receiving end of. It leaves you feeling like the only person in the world with anything interesting to say because he reads everything about you: your body language, the inflection in your tone, the cast of your eyes, the hesitation in your fingertips, the set of your shoulders. He will listen, he will be patient, and while some may be out to agitate him or spit accusations at him, he will rarely rise to the bait. Toskavath tends to keep his calm for longer than most (though he may start to pace, never losing that hyper-focus) even when others try their hardest to coax that darkness within him to the forefront.

Oliver Queen: It's tough not to look out of this window and wonder.
Felicity Smoak: Wonder what?
Oliver Queen: What did we really accomplish?


Toskavath will be a very complex dragon to figure out (which can be good or bad, depending on the situation), and he's not always prone to gentle encouragement when you need his understanding. Sometimes he’s swallowed by his own moods, by the burgeoning understanding that no matter what you do, sometimes life is simply futile and not worth the effort when one good act is but a drop in the bucket of a bigger, badder world. As he ages, this general cynicism will lead Toskavath to become a dragon of justice and self-discipline, one who favors structure and obedience (views he learned, principles he lives by, from watching the world around you and seeing the bleak ugliness like an exposé given clarity as he matures) above all things.

He will be opposite to Roth in this point of view, and in the beginning, may not necessarily understand what it is that drives his brother's goodness or ability to see the vibrancy in everything - though he will certainly try to nurture it, in his own way. He is not out to make the world worse for having had him in it; he does not want to watch the world burn, even if sometimes he might wear that mask to protect others. No, in the end, Toskavath is determined to leave his mark upon this world you share by making it better. And he will, I'am. Just you wait, and have patience as he tries his best. He can be gentle after all, and he is very capable of understanding. He will uplift you through everything, whether you need him there with you or not, and he will help you to find a way that's better.

It's your innocence and good nature (deviance included) that will help give him direction to grow and see those sorely need shades of grey; it's YOU that will help him to navigate the tumultuous feelings left in the wake of his own failures and perceived shortcomings, and YOU who will help him learn how to be better BECAUSE of those pitfalls (instead of dwelling on them, which he WILL try to do. Toskavath is one who sees and acknowledges the darkness within himself, and with your guidance, will learn he can harness and mould it into something positive that will help him achieve what it is that he truly wants: taking that hideous, stagnant world of black and white, and making it into something beautiful - something you and he (and eventually, yours) can cherish in safety. Likewise, his strength will help you. During those times of pressure and weakness, when you know the correct answer is, 'No,', he will give you the strength you need to stand your ground. And he absolutely will physically come and haul your ass out of there if he has to.

John Diggle: Oliver, after everything we've been through, man, I couldn't fathom why you didn't trust me. Then I realized you couldn't. It's not who you are. You don't trust. You don't love. You were able to fool Ra's and join the League because inside you are every bit as dark as they are.

There are very much two sides to your Toskavath: the face he shows you, and those trusted few that he deems worthy, and the face he shows the others. And even then, the face he shows Others varies: there is the dragon beneath the hood, so to speak, the side of him that appears distant cold and aloof and doesn’t care what people think of him; the face that will greet Others with calculated silence - a chilling kind of disregard that's no less aware - and then there is the dragon whose aim is to disengage and put at ease. To those like you, and the ones he trusts, Toskavath is gentle in his thoughts, and kind without sacrificing his ability to protect you from harm.

"You realize they're going to ground us - again."
« They were bullying Roth again. »
"But did you have to fight them, Toskavath?"
«They have failed this Weyr.»

As giving and gentle as your Toskavath will prove himself to be (time and time again) with you and those he cares for, he will certainly show no preamble for speaking his mind when he does not deem the company you (or he) is in suitable. He has a fiercely dominate and alpha personality, and he will not hesitate to assert himself in any given situation if he feels you are being taken advantage of or bullied (or if he is, or anybody else) - and it doesn't matter who it is that's on the receiving end. He holds little to no regard for those with authority when it comes to situations such as these, and his tongue-lashings, while not necessarily drawn out, are certainly barbed and well-quipped, going for the jugular in as few words as are needed for him to get his point across.

« If this gets out, this could endanger my lifemate, and my - »
"What Toskavath means is that we had a good time, and we'd love to do it again."
« … Yes. »

Your Toskavath can be acerbic when he speaks, caustic, threatening, when he is faced with a situation or scenario in which he must prioritize keeping you (and others) safe. But it is not (nor will it ever be) simply to be a bully. Toskavath is not unkind, for all that others might accuse him of it. He can see the potential in others — he sees the capabilities of you, and those around you, and he knows that there is so much more that each of you - and himself - have to offer. It can be frustrating for him (and potentially for you) when others (and himself) fail to deliver that potential, so YOU will need to be there to assure him (and others) that it's okay. We all fall sometimes, I'am. And why do we fall? Well, in the words of another DC hero's father, "So that we can get back up."

Quentin Lance: Prodigal Arrow returns.
Oliver Queen: Captain Lance.
Quentin Lance: I thought that was you last night, some mask over your head. Felt like old times.
Oliver Queen: I'm only trying to help.
Quentin Lance: That were true, you wouldn't have come back. This town started going to crap the moment you put on that hood. You brought madness into all of our lives, and the monster you were inspired monsters.
Oliver Queen: Maybe. But I'm not a monster anymore.
Quentin Lance: Then what are you?

We said it before, I'am, and we are going to stress it again. Your Toskavath is strong. He is not just strong in physical sense (though he IS that, make no mistake); he is mentally indomitable as well. He will gladly be the bad guy if it means protecting you (or anybody else) from those things that they may not understand; he will readily admit to faults (and perhaps own up to the mistakes of his youth, when he can remember them) and apologize, even if those he is saying I'm sorry to do not want to hear it from him. They may make scathing comments to try and hurt your Toskavath, but if he cares for them, he will endure those torturous moments of tumult in silence, reasserting his regret when he must, and allowing them to walk away when there's nothing more he can do. But he will never stop protecting them. He will help you with this too, I'am, to build your mental barriers and confidence, but be careful that you do not mistake this for a weakness - in either of you.


When it comes to careers, Toskavath will allow you to be in whatever you find suits you best, but we caution against putting Toskavath in a leadership role. It's not because he won't prepare those who will come to rely on him well; it's not because he's incapable of a leadership role; it's simply because he doesn't have the verbal grace that it takes to handle people (or dragons) when they do not perform at their best. Remember what we said about seeing all that potential? It will be highlighted here, where failures in Search and Rescue can cost lives; where a failure to transport goods may cause turmoil among weyrs and their holds; where a young dragon prone to Toskavath's own youthful mischief might miss out on an important lesson that will lose himself and his rider between - forever. He will expect the best, he will push for the best, and he will be a hard-ass if only because fear drives him to be. But he will be content to be within the ranks of whatever you chose (though he would be a powerful asset to search and rescue). Still, your safety behind a desk, or delivering people and stock to other weyrs (and a chance to travel Pern) will be just as appealing to your Toska.

Oliver Queen: I need to believe that no matter what happens in our lives, no matter how much darkness infects us, I need to believe that we can come back from that.

No matter what, he will be your stalwart companion through thick and thin, steering you towards what's right when others might try to mislead you or guide you astray. And he loves you, I'am. He loves you fiercely, in a way that he will never love another; in a way that's profound to dragonkind and goes deep. So remember: sometimes it might feel as if Toskavath is more invested in the wellbeing of others (because trust us, he will try to police the weyr and do his best to make it a better place), but you are always the first person he considers in anything. AND the last.

To be clear, Toskavath is not only the dragon beneath the hood, hiding behind masks of vigilante heroics; he is charming and witty (even if his sense of humor is a little stiff compared to those first days out of the egg, and could use a little work), and he will be your best friend always. Which is to say, there's the Toskavath that accepts you, all of you, the good with the bad; who listens, and knows just what to say and when. But there's also the Toskavath who pushes; who sees the world in black and white, void of gray, acknowledging only bad and good while expecting you (and everybody else) to pick a side. And it better be his.

Oliver Queen: You know me better than anyone and you are more important to me than anyone.

But no matter what, he will be there for you, especially in your youth, to nurture those things that make you you. He will let you be a kid, but so will he push you to be your best; he will push himself to be his best, and he will strive to be someone - something - else with you. Something better than you were, better than you are, better than you will be.


The Quiver


Oliver Queen: A friend of mine told me that living in Star City, it takes a special kind of tenacity, but we do live here, because this is our home. This is our home! It is our friend, our family, our lives, and we will not—we will not throw those precious gifts away by descending into chaos. We will look to each other for hope.

It wouldn’t be Toskavath if his mind wasn’t as complex and labyrinthine as a grand city. This mindscape is dark and gritty, a study in chiaroscuro, or perhaps film noire. Nightfall is ever-present, dark and foreboding, broken by streaks of flashing fluorescence and guttering streetlights. Even should there be some ‘daylight’ to speak of, it’s oft diffused through overcast skies, casting his mind in greyish tones, edges blurred by mist or hissing rain.

One will often overlook this sprawling city from a height, as though forever perched upon rooftops and looking down at the crawl of life below. This ‘city’ is a marvel in and of itself; a literal blend of tall towering skyscrapers made of metal and glass taken right from Terran myth, fantastical old-time buildings of carved stone, and residences more familiar to the Holdings of Pern. A clash, if you will, of times; age-old, Terran-modern, and that of which you, I’am, are familiar with.

Though Toskavath’s mind is much more nuanced than he lets on, it will quickly become apparent that his choice of residence is directly connected to his mood. Outsiders are held at arms-length, relegated to the streets of his mental city; those he holds in disregard are relegated to back alleyways, the mental fortress of his mind rising in brick walls on three sides, caging the other dragon in on every side with his disapproval. Strangers are given free-range of the outdoors, treated to human and vehicular bustle, the nature of the conversation determining the sort of city life they will receive: lots of activity, the push and press of crowds, the fierce honk of cars and noise characteristic of human existence can be a sign that he is very interested or curious in what a dragon has to say. Harsh rains that force one to draw out umbrellas or withdraw entirely hints at unsubtle brooding, or perhaps complete disregard for what is being said, whereas utter and complete mayhem and chaos signals a troubled state, be it from anger, frustration or alarm.

In those rare moments where Toskavath may be feeling a little more… sociable, the cityscape is abandoned in favor of moving indoors. Those he wishes to invite to partake in private, positive thoughts are treated to richly designed and furnished great halls and rooms, places where the top-knotch of society's echelon go to rub elbows and party. It’s reminiscent of what you felt and saw when you first touched his shell, a part of him that has now taken a far, far back burner but isn’t completely gone. Here there will be glitz and glam, masked dancers and jovial laughter and conversation, with only music to allude to the temper of his mood.


Yet behind all this, if you key the proper code, pull the raven statue like a crank, and spin the dial behind the framed picture of Th’ero? Another room. A secret room (dare we say, A LAIR!), that only Toskavath knows of and only shows to YOU. This is your safe haven, your sanctuary, that only the two of you will retreat to in times of solitude and reflection. He will enjoy lurking there, likely when you are both snug in the physical world within weyr and ledge of your own. Here you are both protected; mind and body. Here you can both heal, in the times when you will need it, and here Toskavath can be at his most unguarded, at times utterly reminiscent of that lanky, playful dragon of his youth, unburdened by the world and its truths. Here he can just be Toska, and you can just be I’am, and that is good enough. Better than good. It’s what’s right.



Oh, Toskavath will start off with trouble on his feet. Isn't that the way it always goes with all heroes as they learn the limits and capabilities that their bodies truly possess? He will be top-heavy and clumsy to a fault, tripping over his own feet and falling often. You just might find yourself in the infirmary a time or two (or three, or five) as he adapts to every change each day brings him, trying to talk him out of that terrible idea he has to scale the barracks and take a jump from the top, to that rock there, to the ground. And he will fail, multiple times, in ways that will simply serve as a lesson for what he should or shouldn't do the next time he attempts that daring leap (because he will, again and again and again until he gets it right), but he will never be deterred by the fact that his legs (and that just-barely-long-enough-for-balance tail) are going to take a little getting used to.

In time, Toskavath will grow into that big blue body of his; he will become a marvelously beautiful (and dangerous) creature made of supple hide and thick, corded muscle that gives him an advantage over the others of his color - and it's deceiving. You would think that more bulk would slow Toskavath down, but it's not the case with your giant (for a blue) lifemate. Au contraire: he is agile on his feet and adept with his wings. He is poise and grace in the skies, capable of daring maneuvers that may just stop your heart (and the hearts of others) at times, and willing to push the boundaries of acceptable flight parameters to seek his own limits. And it doesn't stop there: he's just as lethal on the grounds as he up high, an apex predator made of ferocious temerity and a cruelty to be feared. Your Toskavath kicks ass in a fight, and for true, we pity anyone that ever elicits that side of him.

He will be a talented hunter - better, even, than his siblings in the beginning. He will be silent on his feet once he figures them out, becoming little more than a shift of shadows at the corner of peripheral vision that just might be a trick of the light (or a product of an overactive imagination) when he's of a mind to exert his talents. And here, though he is still large, the fact that he is a smaller breed (or color, rather) of dragon will certainly play into his abilities - heightening it, if you will, so that he is nigh undetectable whenever it is that he chooses to be. It's a pity you can't be vigilantes on Pern, I'am. He'd be damn good at it.



Ahhh, flights. Or, more specifically, the ladies.

Toskavath is a creature of the night; he's made of darkness and wears a cloak of spattered stars. He's powerful, and capable, and magnificent in the hunt, on the prowl, in the skies. Toskavath is a dragon of passion, whose intensity translates into powerfully charismatic magnetism, and that may just work against you both if only because sometimes he's just not interested. Yeah, you read that right. He just doesn't care. Those glowing hides and beautiful greens will not ensnare his attention and keep him in their thrall as they might have in his youth, and with experience will come the understanding that flights are not the most important thing in the world - not to him, not when he has you, not when there are Weyrs to protect and denizens within to keep safe.

Oftentimes, the attempts of greens to engage him in flirtation will end in disaster, their poorly chosen words met with silence or a dismissal that highlights his dry wit and brutal sarcasm, but that doesn't mean he won't chase. He will (though the frequency will diminish as he grows), and he will be an honest-to-Faranth beast when he does. Those nights of chase will see him applying those daring aerial tricks to their full potential, using his understanding of currents and the limits of his own body to hunt down his 'prey' and make them his.

Perhaps one day there will be a dragon that he favors (though remember, dragons are incapable of love the way humans are; it's likely that he will simply court her friendship outside of flights, and be sure that he is there every time she does rise). Toskavath is perfectly capable of being a lady-swooning gentleman, after all, using all that cocky flirtation of his youth and dark broody visage of his adulthood to his advantage to attempt to win her over. He’s merely content to only put forth that level of effort for the right ones.



First things first, I'am! WELCOME TO WEYRLINGHOOD HERE AT FORT WEYR! On behalf of all of Co, we are so pleased to have you, and we hope that you enjoy the atmosphere and the environment with your new dragon in tow. We had such a blast writing your Toskavath (and, let's be honest, rewatching some Arrow, and watching that man tackle those salmon ladders, and show off them abs, AND THAT BOOTY - OH YOU LIKED IT TOO, TH'ERO), and we hope that you enjoy playing him as much as we enjoyed hashing out his personality (and watching abs. WHAT, I'M JUST SAYING).

So let's start at the beginning of all those inspirations: the egg.

The entire theme of this clutch was Dressed to the Nines (which was a pun through and through, because we had NINE EGGS and NINE CANDIDATES — ahaha okay, that was a lie. It's not really important), which meant we got to try our hand at writing crazy eggs described after CRAZY FASHION TRENDS. Your eggie-weggie was based on those old-school corsets and their original use — a tool for women to pretend were too tight so they could faint at fancy dinner parties for that attention. HA. I mean, that's KIND OF TRUE, but not really what we were going for. LISTEN. Either way, not breathing was a thing (think Minion's movie villain Scarlet Overkill: "MUST. HAVE. TINY. WAIST."), and what better inspiration for corsets and their medieval torture device-existences than a freaking MASQUERADE. It WORKS, I'AM. WE'RE ADULTS, WE DO WHAT WE WANT LALALALA. Okay, and also it fit the timeframe. Give us some credit, we did not just watch Florence + The Machine's Shake It Out music video a thousand times and throw it together. THAT WOULD BE PREPOSTEROUS. PFFFT. PFFFBT. PFFBABBT. (And it's hard to dance, with the Devil On Your Back, SO SHAKE IT OFF — we mean, wut).

Ahem. Also, Th'bro did your egg.

Oh, right. And we used Bruce Springsteen lyrics for all the clutch's hatchling names. DID YOU KNOW THAT THE PRODUCERS OF ARROW WERE HUGE BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN FANS? NEITHER DID WE, I'AM. But D'lei did (actually, he probably didn't, but his google prowess is kind of scary), so HIGH FIVE TO THAT GUY. Several episodes were named after Springsteen songs, and your Toskavath was named after the song and episode title, "Darkness on the Edge of Town."

The next important part is where we got your goodie-baddie's name: Toskavath. His name stems from a mix of Russian words: Linchevatel, which means vigilante, and Toska, which is more of a feeling explained by Vladimir Nabokov as, "No single word in English renders all the shades of toska. At its deepest and most painful, it is a sensation of great spiritual anguish, often without any specific cause. At less morbid levels it is a dull ache of the soul, a longing with nothing to long for, a sick pining, a vague restlessness, mental throes, yearning. In particular cases it may be the desire for somebody or something specific, nostalgia, love-sickness. At the lowest level it grades into ennui, boredom." We thought this might be fitting because Arrow is a deeply tortured soul with a lot of anguish and regret, and we chose Russian because one of the places Oliver Queen learned how to be one the many things that make him Arrow is in the Bratva - a Russian mafia.

SO YEAH. We mean, the last paragraph probably made it pretty dang obvious (okay, so the entire DRAGON) that your Toskavath is based on Oliver Queen from CW's super hot (I meant hero, that was totally autocorrect) vigilante with dat booty's Arrow. Okay, and DC Comic may have some claim to him too. We tried to base his appearance off of both Arrow's leather outfit (GUUUUUURL, TELL US WE WERE WRONG) and Oliver's scars (GUUUUUUUUUUURL). He's built like a truck (SALMON LADDERS), and handsome (ABS), and everything every woman sitting alone on her couch wants in a m — I MEAN. EVERY MAN-DRAGON WANTS TO BE.

And who is this 'we' that wrote your Toskavath? Well, there were a handful of us that contributed to making this gorgeous work of dragon for you: Leia, Th'ero, Nyalle, and Syn. We truly hope that you enjoy the inspirations and the dialogue we gave you to play with, but please, please, please keep in mind that Toskavath is yours. We want you to have fun with him, and we want you to play him the way you feel will work best for you, I'am, and for him.

So once again, it was definitely a pleasure, congratulations, and welcome aboard this crazy train! CHOOOO CHOOOO!

<33 — Leia, Th'ero, Nyalle, and Syn


Name Toskavath
Dam Gold Kouzevelth
Sire Bronze Teimyrth
Created By Leia, Th'ero, Nyalle, Syn
Impressee I'am (Eiram)
Hatched October 22, 2017
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH