The shades of aged parchment wrap about this rather smaller brown's form, stretching from nose to tail tip. But in various places he appears almost burnt, particularly on his extremities. Rich coal black spreads over his face and head knobs where they gradually fade as it hits the creamy buckskin. His stocky extremities, too, exhibit this odd coloration, spiking along the back of each somewhere around the elbows and hock. The very tip of his tail in included in the burning, but curiously there the color fades and departs from the dark tip that stretches over some of his ridges and it spirals like a smokey haze around and around up the thicker section of his tail. It drifts and tapers off around where his hips meet his back. This coloration repeats itself down his long neck, but fades only halfway down. Coal tips each ridge as if singed but is met with a sandy loam color that wafts down his crest, under the smokey spirals. This same color reaches over his wing arms. Average length wing spars are tipped in coal, including his talons, but the sails resume the parchment color, save for the few aged-looking blotches here and there.

Egg Name and Description

Shrouded Emerald Isle Egg

Light hits the foggy coating of this egg, sending out the illusion of swathed depths of glittering grays and whites. The closer one gets, the more can be seen. From the more elongated side shapes can be seen, darker shadows stretch out back and forth in crumblings lines that recede into the mists with haunting familiarity. From the top, the grey lifts here and there revealing a patchwork quilt of rich emerald, jungle and true greens split by pebbly looking lines. From the front and rear the mists appear far off as the spread of heavily textured greens reach forward as a great field. Leading you in at center is a lone rustic road that disappears in the foggy dew.

Hatching Message

That clearly did not work, and so after another time of stewing calculations the Shrouded Emerald Isle Egg tries once more. A drumming sound, like a large rubber mallet beats steadily from the inside. After a moment or two the drumming is louder and more sporadic. A rhythmic beat of a tune you couldn't dance to even if you tried… each beat the cracks open wider and wider until at last the side gives way, spilling a startled but pleased looking hatchling onto the warm sands.

Impression Message

The heat of the sands is gone in an instant. Cool familiar mist fills your thoughts in a sudden billow of somber beauty. But a lone voice of thought glows light a candle, starting out small and quiet, but growing and growing… « D'mos? D'mos? » …until the mist is only in the edges of your thoughts, as if a comforting reminder. The glowing call fills your mind with joy all at once, a bright pleasure with the strong smell of candles. Parchment ruffles over you affectionately, blank and ready for your journey to begin. « D'mos! I found you! Ah, at last! I knew you had to be here… I am Thauth, D'mos. » A creel and your mind clears to see the charred pale brown hatchling sitting before you. The glow returns with a stressful crackle of flame. « This is so confusing. There really must be a better way. » You hear your stomach rumble and an ache edges itself in, growing light the glow had before. « Oh, yes. D'mos? We need sustenance. Immediately, I feel. Where is that in this madness? You know, certainly. » And the brown hatchling gazing up at you withdraws all but the familiar fog, waiting for you, his D'mos.


Your Thauth is a dragon of thought and intellect first and foremost. Even as a hatchling he is more reserved, choosing to watch his fellows play long before joining them. The Weyrlingmasters might peg him as shy but you know better, hearing the inter-workings of his thoughts as he calculates out the motives, the goals, and other exceptionally advanced ideas for a brown his age. Indeed his brain works too fast, the illusion of shyness going out the window when he becomes frustrated with the ignorance of his fellows. « No no NO Meahakimeleth! Can't you see? If you do it -this- way… » This will, of course, get him the 'know it all' stamp as a young dragonet.

With suggestions from your and/or your Weyrlingmasters, Thauth will learn to seek extra stimulus for his intelligence. He will be known for spending hours staring into an empty avian nest while the others galavant around the grounds during free time. While being bathed he will spend far more time with his head beneath the water than above it if only to watch the creatures scuttling around beneath. You will, of course, be required to start collecting books and read to him every night before bed. That is, read with him picking your thoughts for the knowledge you both gain. As he grows, he passes off this tendency with a cool confidence that might show to be arrogance when he hits his adolescent years.

That said Thauth will be a sort of random information machine at times. When someone is having trouble, he will impart information that might be of assistance. Naturally he'll expect you to pass the message to human-kind. He wants you to be just as intelligent as him, or at least appear so. If you refuse he will have no qualms with imparting it himself.

When it comes to flying he will be almost obsessed with it, studying other older dragons, firelizards, insects and avians, requesting diagrams to be drawn and calculations to be made. You might find yourself requesting extra work from the Weyrlingmasters at Thauth's request so that you are both properly prepared for such a big step. Thauth, like most dragons, will be natural at flying, but the more agile turns and tricks are not for him. As far as he is concerned, he can get from one place to another perfectly efficiently without all that fancy stuff.

For all his knowledge and study in the interactions of those around him (human, dragon and other) Thauth will have one rather stirring weakness… females. Greens, golds, even your choices of companions regardless of gender. He will loose all sense entirely over the shimmering or verdant glow of a female ready to rise. He'll find her rare and precious items to woo her with, dote on her talon and tail, make a complete fool of himself… and after the flight is said and done, try to never remember it again.

So why Demos? You're a grounded individual. Literally to some extent, but Thauth needs a grounded friend to have intellectual discussions with. Having another person's input is important to any scholar, and yours means the world to Thauth. Oh sure, you'll have disagreements. It happens in such a thinking environment, but Thauth is not the sort to be riled easily… and when he is, not to hold a grudge for very long and especially not against you. He might grump a bit but he will understand when you have other things to do than to go and mark the constellations with him, or take walks around the lake to watch the creatures within.

Thauth's intellect would do well in things such as weyr relations. He'll have a natural knack for diplomacy once he realizes what it is and be a good advisor for not-so-couth bronzes and golds… though he might complain to you about their inadequacies. If not weyr relations any job that can get you both out and exploring Pern will do the trick. Transport, even Minecraft if you can go and assist at other mines in the weyr's area. A dragon with a mind like Thauth's has few boundaries. Search and rescue could even be done for his steady and efficient wing in the sky as well as his innovative thinking, but expect not to be a hero too often. Thauth won't take risks if the odds are against them.


A mixture of his early voice inside the egg and his own more unique and established thoughts, Thauth's mindvoice has the cool fog and musical thrum to it from his early days beneath the shell. The feeling is almost always a somber familiarity, sober and thoughtful but beautiful all the same. But here and there more individual noises and smells come. The scent of aged parchment and burning candles coupled with the sounds of fluttering pages and scratching of writing when he's most studious. When irritated or angry, a quiet brooding crackle comes from the flames, hissing sometimes as if hit by water. The cold fog distances him from other minds at these times. When over joyed, a bright glow fills your mind and the cool fog breaks way for a feeling of enlightenment and relief.


Welcome to Weyrlinghood at Fort Weyr!

Your egg and dragon were created by A'deo and have a bit of a mixed but predominently Irish theme.

The egg theme was music and The Shrouded Emerald Isle egg is based on the feel of Celtic music. The songs primarily used for reference include:

The Foggy Dew - The Chieftains with Sínead O'Connor (This song primarily)
Rose Of Sharon - The Rogues
Sunset - Battlefield Band
Time & Tide - Battlefield Band

Your dragon is based on the character Stephen Maturin from the Aubrey and Maturin series. A series of historically fictitious nautical tales about Captain Jack Aubrey of the British Navy and his friend of ship surgeon Stephen Maturin during the Napoleonic wars. This was recently represented in the movie Master And Commander: The Far Side Of The World.

Your Thauth is written more after the movie-version of Maturin, played by Paul Bettany, but with quirks from the literary character. Bettany's Maturin was a grounded individual, prone to using logic, reason, and studied observation of animals and plants on his opinions and actions towards people. In the book Maturin had a run as a spy, capable of shrewd thought and diplomacy. He also had a tendency to dote and fawn over women he obsesses over, loosing all logical thought at a bat of the right lashes. I tried to combine these factors and other aspects of Maturin into Thauth to give him that learned but not flawless personality.

For more on Maturin:

The name Thauth comes from your request for Thoth and is one of the many spellings of the Greek name of said Egyptian God. The change was largely due to name similarities of dragons but still keeps, I felt, with the sound and connotations that you wanted.

His description is on that of burnt and battered parchment or books going off the book of Kells and other old writings, but with less color and pattern. Simple but striking.

I like to theme dragons more to their egg than I did with this one, but your requests fit perfectly with the fore-mentioned character. (With some tweaking, of course) I hope you are pleased with him. As always, he's up to your discretion to play as you wish, so have fun in Weyrlinghood!


Name Thauth
Dam Choth
Sire Garanth
Created By A'deo
Impressee D'mos
Hatched April 26th 2009
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH