Egg Name & Description

Saving the Smallest of the Small Egg

If one were to try to build this egg's colors from the base up, they would start with a lavender shade that drenches this smaller looking, oblong egg. Over the purple seems to be an array of gray and black gears, working together to ring around the middle of the egg. Around the center of these gears is a tan line, appearing to hold the gears on the egg. Near the top of the egg, is a ring of red dots, all perfectly spaced from the other, and near the bottom of the egg is a thin brown line that circumferences the egg.
Picture by M'lo! <3

Dragon Description

Heroic Genious Bronze Hatchling

A vision of flame and metal, this dragon seems to have stepped right out of the forger's fire. Glinting bronze, heated to a bright hot red fans out from his blunted snout across his face and down his thick neck. Each ridge along his neck has managed to cool to a perfect brassy bronze, shining brightly in even the dimmest light. The heavy mucles of his legs and body appear to be banded rods of varied ages; ranging from still hot to centuries old black. His talons are like hot coals, nearly glowing and sharp enough to appear like they could cut through the toughest rock. His sails and spars are spun perfection, cooled to the same quality of his ridges. The picture of new strength. The only thing that ruins the image, is the rakish tilt of his head, giving him a devil-may-care look.

Winter has come, snow slowly falls against a clear light blue sky, turning the whole of these straps a mixture of white, icy blue, and darker gray colors. Speckles of white can be seen etched throughout the light colors dyed on the straps. A light blue wherry down lines the inside of the straps, protecting the hide from the coarseness of the leather.

Hatching Messages

Wobble Message

Saving the Smallest of the Small Egg seems to move a little, turning in place a bit as it begins to rock. The rocking motion turns into a near dance of sorts as it dislodges itself from the sand and begins to roll around, still rocking.

Crack Message

Saving the Smallest of the Small Egg bounces a bit as it crosses the sandy terrain of the hatching cavern. When it hits the ground particularly hard, the shell cracks. A web of cracks, like a lightning bolt, spread from that initial break, creeping over the shell.

Hatch Message

Saving the Smallest of the Small Egg begins to buldge out where the cracks have formed, threatening to explode at any moment. Instead however, large chunks are broken off as limbs begin finding their way from the shell. At last, with an unfurling of wings, the hatchling is free of it's cage.

Impression Message

A whirlwind of color assaults your mind as it tries simply to greet you. There's a definate air of excitment and joy, but exact boundries are lost. Slowly though, things begin to sort themselves out. «S'phoj! I mean, well actually that's perfect! S'phoj I'm so glad you're here!» The dragon before you prances slightly on his feet, practically trembling with energy. «This is all exciting don't you think? And the best part of all is the food! There, is, food right? I don't think I can live if there's no food! And that would be terrible.» A distinctly blue wall of doubt forms in your mind, but is quickly chased away by a stray yellow thought, carrying with it the smell of nuts. «Oh! Sorry, got a bit distracted by that girl over there. My name is Tevenoth, yes, you may bow to my greatness now. Food though, would be better. Can we go?»


Exuberant, and more than a little hyper at times, Tevenoth can be a little difficult to control. He wants to go at his own pace, and loves it even more when he's on the same page as you are, instead of dragging you along behind him. At times it'll seem like he's in a completely different world, only to whip out some sharp comments on something that's been bothering you or preoccuping your mind, hitting the nail in just the right part of the head to help you.

During weyrlinghood, his excitment at life and the discoveries to be found will be tough to reign in. One draw back to this is that he will often say words to you backwards because his mind has moved on already and things don't come out quite so well when you're not paying attention anymore. Like you're name for instance, he's given you something that isn't the norm, by mistake and design. Once he thought it, he decided it was perfect, even if not his original intention. The problem is that he's very intelligent, and that sort of thing can lead to mischief and trouble faster than a shooting star. It's finding the middle ground that's going to be most important. He doesn't like to be bored, but can deal with it. He much prefers to be coming up with some way to do something on his own and then sharing it with you. Like talking to girls. You're way is just fine, but what if you we're to try tackling them before talking to them?! Then they'd have to listen to you because you have them trapped.

As he grows and learns however, his mind will become more calculated. The nievety will disappear, but the hyperness not so much. He'll never really slow down, only learn to channel his energy into the right places. Once he's gotten this down, he'll direct any spare energy at you, wanting to help you get to the places you want to be. While Tevenoth prefers to be more laid back and just have fun, he isn't a push over. If there ever is a time where he needs to put his foot down and be stubborn about something, expect him not to be moved. He doesn't like being pushed around and he doesn't like people staring at him. People who stare too long have something on their minds and he's too impatient to wait for it to be said.

You'll find that even from when he was in his egg, he's had a fascination with things that are mechanical and help people. From simple things like carts to more complex things like egg beaters and watches. He's not so much into technology as he's interested in all the moving pieces and how they work together to make something else happen. And this will be the one thing that can hold his attention and keep him still for hours. Watching gears move inside a clock or and axel turn.

When it comes time for mating flights, he'll be one of the first dragons to appear infront of a lovely glowing lady. He tries to be smoothe, and while sometimes it works, other times it doesn't. He doesn't concern himself with the other males since this is a contest to catch the lady, not the men. He'll keep an eye open for them in the skies so he doesn't run into any of them, but that's about all the attention they'll get from him. He keeps his eyes on the prize.


His mind will be awash with bright colors, cheerful most times. He leans more towards the purples and greens of life, but isn't afraid to throw in a dash of red and yellow for a change of paces. Accompanying his thoughts will be the unmistakable smell of cheese and nuts. Rich smells to go with bright thoughts, as he is a man and food is never too far off from his thoughts. When he's sad, most color and scent will drain from his thoughts, leaving a pale echo of his normal self to try and make up for the fact that he's not well.


You're dragon was built for you by Ma'kai and his silly head. The theme for this clutch was 80's cartoon supporting characters. So you're particular egg was based on Gadjet from The Rescue Rangers. You're Tevenoth is a mix of what you asked for in your questionaire and what I could remember about Gadjet. His name is from the fantastic random generator you provided, and once I saw it, I couldn't get it out of my head. As always, you're welcome to play your dragon the way you like and are not required to stick with what was provided.

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Name Tevenoth
Dam Gold Choth
Sire Bronze Garanth
Created By Ma'kai
Impressee Joseph, now S'phoj
Hatched OOC- Fri, November 20, 2009
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH