It was the tales of old that told of Herculean bodies such as this, where the strength of intellect was nothing compared to the brawn manifest in such a creature. While short limbed for a bronze, muscle upon muscle lavishes his body, the angled lighting causing his dark, golden bronze exterior to become ablaze in color. Nobility clings to him fiercely, denoting a proud muzzle and elongated headknobs, to a spade-ended, short, robust tail. Molten gold forms leaf shaped ridges that course down his neck and tail, and spills in wavy pools over the striking membranes of his wings - large and monstrous like the rest of him, they tower over his figure, not so much in length but in extension from his hulking form. A strange, leafy pattern in lighter yellow wraps in a half-crown underneath his headknobs, thick at the back, before thinning and ending near the tip of pointed, bejeweled eyes. But, for yet another show of brilliance, deep violet ribbons of color wrap up his grandeous limbs, tracing up legs and draping his wings with opulent highlights befitting his dignified stature. And yet, while whether a brute such as this is worthy of such pride may be a mystery to us all, not a thimble of a question lingers in his mind.

Egg Name and Description

**Golden Glow of Sanctity Egg*
White and only white, blaring from lack of tint or tone, encompasses the entirely of this egg. The color is quite blinding, the eyes almost repelled by the light reflecting from the shell. Though towards the top a golden band begins, thickly wrapping around the ovoid. The gilded line reaching from the midsection of one side to the top of the other. A halo on such a bright white egg, if there ever was one.

Hatching Message

Golden Glow of Sanctity Egg gives a wiggle and a jiggle, a shimmy and a shake. It's trying, rather hard, to free itself. The egg constantly in motion and easily thrashing around, almost hitting the fellow ovoids around it.

Shell meets shell, and Golden Glow of Sanctity Egg ends up as the only one worse for the wear. Or perhaps, it's for the best. Even though the egg starts twirling about, a crack, large and distinct, now runs from the very top of egg, to the very bottom. Bits of shell has already fallen off, but the being inside still struggles.

One minute the crack is easily noticed, the next it is gone completely! The crack has grown in size, now breaking apart the entire egg! Golden Glow of Sanctity Egg is split and then destroyed! Small pieces of shell tossed into the air, though the two halves fall to each side, leaving in it's wake a triumphant looking hatchling. Pride Before the Fall Bronze Hatchling takes one step forward, his head held high. None of that awkward moving and tripping over oneself for him!

Impression Message

Silence falls upon you. The other eggs, other dragonets, other candidates, all of it fades away, leaving you all alone. Until, that is, a throaty laugh echoes forth. It's grows in volume, soon booming all about the confines of your mind. « Aaah, Eberkwan. » It rumbles. The scent of bay laurel licks at your senses. It's the smell of victory. Of triumph. Of being the best! « No, no. B'kwan. Now, /that/ is the name of a king. And that is what we shall be. Kings! » His voice only continues to reverberate. The sound both attention grabbing and awe-inspiring. « Together, you and I, we shall show Pern what true rulers can do! » Everything dims, the scent and the voice, though the feeling of another stays with you, now and forever. « B'kwan and Tchuunziketeth. Let them try and stop us. »


"I came, I saw, I conquered."
— Julius Caesar

You asked for pompous, you got it! You wanted a dragon who was arrogant and prideful, you got it! You wanted self-importance and ambitious, oh my gosh! /You got it/!!

Tchuunziketeth is the epitome of Caesar. Even his looks are roughly based off of a bust of the great leader himself. You'll know from the moment he merges with your mind, you'll be in for one heck of a ride, B'kwan. You'll find yourself pushed to the limit, every moment of every day.

« B'kwan! Chop meat faster! Hurry! More, more, more! »

Weyrlinghood will be hard work for everyone, but you'll find yourself even more exhausted than the others. Tchuunziketeth will always demand the most from you, want to go that extra mile. He'll be the first to fly, the first to flame, the first to do everything. Be ready for some injuries because of this desire, as Tchuunziketeth will go far above and beyond the call of duty, and sometimes will try to do exercises far too early on.

And any injuries he may acquire will only be more fuel for his fire.

Any show of weakness, from you or any of your clutch siblings, will be dealt with appropriately. If it is from you, expect to be forced to do the drills over and over again, or if you refuse, you may never hear the end of it…

"Tchuunziketeth, I'm exhausted. Let's just do them tomorrow."
« Tomorrow, all of Pern may turn to chaos and we will have lost our one chance to gain power. Is that what you want? To be at the whims of others? »
« That is what I thought. Again, B'kwan! Again and again until we can no longer stand! And then we will go again! »

Tchuunziketeth will declare himself the leader of your fell clutch siblings. He will expect all of them to obey him, to the point of being downright cross if they do not. That's not to say they will actually listen, but all rulers need minions, and what's better than his own brothers and sisters?

When they disappoint or displease him, Tchuunziketeth will lash out mentally, belittling their attempts and, in his eyes, trying to get them to better themselves. The other dragons sadly won't see it like that. While he will make threats, for their own good of course, he will never actually go through with them! But shards, will he sound like he might!

« Misoganth, for being so large, you are quite oafish! Keep your bloody head up or I'll flame you right in the face! »

This bronze dragon will always have his eyes on the prize. The prize? Weyrleadership. From the moment his egg cracks and he spills onto the sands, Tchuunziketeth knows what his destiny entails. Whoever is Weyrleader, that dragon will be seen as the competition. Tchuunziketeth will start to shadow that bronze, and ask you to do the same for 'rider. Try to find out everything about the flight that won them that glorious spot. What did they do differently? Why this man, this dragon, and not those others? What happened that made the ball turn in their favor?

It'll be a secret obsession of his. Trying to usurp the current leader in charge so he can take charge! He, after all, knows what's best for Fort Weyr, and what's best for Pern.

You'll notice, early on, that Tchuunziketeth has no need of greens. He'll fly them here and there, if only to perfect his style and grace under such a tense time. But golds? Oh, golds! Tchuunziketeth will /never/ miss a gold flight if he can help it. He'll have his minions spread across Pern, ready to give word the moment any gold even begins to glow. Expect to visit all the Weyrs at least once a Turn, as there are many golds and thus many flights!

Also expect him to get rather close, or more so try to get rather close, to Choth. He needs someone on the inside, a female who he can trust. And even if she won't have anything to do with her, it won't stop him trying.

« Ah, lovely Choth. Do you look towards the future as I do? And see us, gloriously leading all of Fort into a new tomorrow? »
« The future will unfold as it does, we have no power over our destinies. »
« You must widen your thoughts then. We have much to prepare for! »

One way or another, B'kwan, you will have your hands full in a way you might have never expected! If you haven't been able to figure it out, your Tchuunziketeth is based off of Pride, the most deadly of the Seven Deadly Sins. They say pride was the original and most serious of the seven and it is the ultimate source from which the others arise.

Mind Description

"It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience."
— Julius Caesar

Oh, and will your Tchuunziketeth ever be one who will find those willing to lay down before him. For his cause! And how will he, you ask? By using that amazing sounding voice of his.

Tchuunziketeth's voice is something that rulers all over the world wish they had attained! It's loud, it's commanding, it's in-your-face. When he speaks in this booming way of his, it'll cause dragons young and old, of all colors, to raise their eyes and listen. He speaks with an authority he may not have yet, but will one day attain. There is no leeway allowed. What he says, he means, and because of thus, he must always sound sure of himself! Because the followers of the world need a leader, and a good leader needs a tone that catches attention!

His smell is a bit different. You would think he'd have an overpowering scent, but it is not so! Instead, it's a strong, yet soothing evergreen scent. Like that of the might bay laurel, a plant that symbolizes victory! The scent will always be crisp and clean, much like his voice, and with it comes the colors. Strong, purple and violet intermingle throughout. The color of royalty and rulers alike! Only those of pure blood, after all, were ever allowed to wear purple. So it fits nicely with your King of a Bronze!

Evergreen Victory and sweet, sweet darkness enfolds you. No lights, no sounds, no nothing. It lasts not long, oh no. A small white light appears on the horizons of your mind. The brilliance flashing stronger and brighter with each passing moment. It gets closer, closer, until suddenly… it's gone. And in it's wake. The sound of humming reverberates.

Evergreen Victory has no prelude this time around. Light fills every nook and cranny of your mind. A wordless song is hummed, the sound increasing in volume to a level just loud enough to provide comfort. Though mind-blind you may be, soothing feelings caress, only to slink away as all goes dark, as if they never were.


The name Tchuunziketeth came from… well… our minds! We looked around and tried to find something crazy and unique! And while looking at about 20 other names, we somehow formed Tchuunziketeth! We being Tarish and Vi'leko. It's the combinations of about three or four different languages, all surrounding around pride!

But really, it doesn't mean anything by itself. But we formed it and loved it! So there you go! (Tarish interjects that she pronounces it as 'Choon ZIK eh teth', it looks more complex than it is.) :D

His personality and physicality is based off of Caesar, the grandest leader of them all! His description was written by Tarish - everything else was done by Vi'leko!


Name Pride Before the Fall Bronze Tchuunziketeth
Dam Gold Seviadith
Sire Bronze Shidenisseth
Created By Vi'leko and Tarish
Impressee B'kwan
Hatched July 30, 2008
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH