So deep is the color of her hide that this small, slender green appear black, a shimmering coat of ink that bathes her long, serpentine form in a wraith-like cloak. Supple and lean, she has a viper's grace, all elegance and fluid motion like a dancer, each movement wrapped in a sensual flow and purpose. She stares and watches with the deep, entrancing gaze of a predator held behind jeweled eyed narrowed and drawn to exotic points, set with a distinctly wedge-shaped head even more pronounced and angled than most that gives her the look of beauty cast in a severe, sharp light. The shadows give her mystery, hiding the true purpose of her darkling form until she steps into the light and lets the truth be seen. All around her, spirals of light rise up from the darkness of this dragon's hide, like lightning raining from the clouds or the entrancing dance of glowsticks in the night. The green whorls and tendrils that play across her hide are the vivid, venomous hue of acid, such a startlingly bright green that their effect would be lost if her hide was not the dark canvas that it is. They never seem to remain in the same place, ebbing and sliding along her body as she moves, their patterns all the whim of the light that hits her hide. They seem lost in the darkness of her wings, their thin and veil-like transparency cloaking the colors away and drawing them back into the velvet and embracing dark, away from the harsh and brutal light.

Egg Name and Description

Diamond-Encrusted Egg
Perfectly rounded and proportioned just so, this egg seems the work of a master jeweler with the need to flaunt his talent. Every square inch of this egg seems to be etched in the finest, nit-pickiest detail, a bit of a curve here or a perfectly smooth facet here. The entire thing is shaped and textured so that the light hits the surface and reflects, the ingrained minerals of the shell sparkling like thousands upon thousands of tiny pure-white diamonds packed tightly upon the surface.

Hatching Message

With the deep humming vibrating the sands, the Diamond-Encrusted Egg seems spurred to motion as deep, vibrating thumps can be heard within the shell as it begins to rock and sway.

With the unrelenting dance of the Diamond-Encrusted Egg out on the hot sands, it comes as no surprise that one particularly hard thud from within sends a sparkling eruption of shards to blast off one side of the egg, settling down to earth in a shimmering cloud of white and black and silver. From deep inside the small hole, something dark uncoils, one glittering red eye peeking out from within. Soon, the time will come to be seen.

After a time spent watching the world outside, the steady rocking of the Diamond-Encrusted Egg comes to an end, and with one explosive shove, wings and talons send the weakened egg flying across the sands as the darkling hatchling within throws off the shackles of her glamorous prison to reveal herself to the world with a deep, almost subsonic thrumming that vibrates the sands at her feet.

Impression Message

« Now this is a wild party, huh? » Comes a voice in your head, a very deep and velvety feminine voice, a bit wild and rough yet seductive at the same time. « It's so boring, though. The same sand, sand, rock, and sand… even you guys need color. How can a dragon decide when you are all the same dull white? » A happy trill sounds within the voice, though, a flurry of bright neon blues and acid greens flooding your mind. « No variety, no originality, none, but I see moooore… I see you, Jayne, and now you see me, Tanzelith! So come on, let's get outta here and get some food, I'm starving! »


Never have I had such a problem making a dragon, but Tanzelith was it! For the longest time I had some ideas floating through my head, images of lightning and fireflies, of glowsticks and dark and entrancing raves, but they were nothing without a name. Once I have a name, the rest comes easily, but without it all there was was half ideas and nothing to combine them. Finally after wrestling and fighting and tormenting people for ideas, I combined my ideas into one, and with a little translation help, the lightning dancer became the german 'tanze mit blitz', and Tanzelith was born. What better language for a raver than german? Now that she had a name, the rest flowed like water.

Tanzelith is a creature of pure emotion. She must feel everything, down to the deepest core of her body. To be wholly embraced and drowned in something is to know it, and to know something on the deepest and most intimate levels is what makes her feel alive. She will be a shock of cold water to the somewhat shy Jayne, but she will be so much more. She will be an awakening to a closed mind, the key to the locked door, the guide to the rest of your life that will take everything you've ever known, throw it out the window, and craft for you something so amazing it must only be a dream. Being inside the egg was torture to her. The sheer sensory depravation, the lack of sight and feel and smell, such a cramped small space that she couldn't even move. But now that she is free, Tanzelith will insist on feeling 'everything'! The world is full of nothing but adjectives, and she will insist on knowing every one down to the rawest detail. From the 'heat' and 'richness' and 'metallic' of blood to the 'warmth' and 'peace' and 'unity' of her clutchmates, everything will be a thing to dissect into nothing but intuition and emotion. She is a creature of spontaneity and joy in the small and trivial, and while her siblings may be more interested in eating or bathing, she'll take pleasure in feeling how the meal revives her or the bath washes away each speck of dust, and she can feel them all flow away, honest! Flight will be one of the grandest events, for there is nothing so free and pure and raw than the singular act of flight, disconnected from all that is physical and to just float on, free and unhindered. Once she goes up, she'll never come down.

Likely, there might be wonders on if she's morbid, for as she grows she'll take a deep and intense focus on 'how things work', including the vast mechanics of life and death. Largely, it is a mix of her own curiosity and her maturing mind as it begins to travel outside the barracks and wonder what else is out there, what is the grand purpose and design? She'll be teen angst to the extreme, and she'll grow moody and introspective and sullen, especially if too many questions go unanswered and are left to brood over. Thankfully, this deep thinking will be a very brief time in her life, she hasn't the concentration for it. Eventually, she'll grow out of it, and one day accept that some questions have no answers, at least ones she can know now, and she'll be content in just going back to enjoying the simple wonderment of it all. Even as an adult, though, she'll never stop being a creature of emotion. While her siblings grow to mature and settled beings, she'll still be intent on feeling. Deep thinking and philosophical ponderings are not her thing, she's far too impulsive. Like a dancer at a rave, nothing means more to her than the pleasures of the moment, the Now, this singular second in the darkness, surrounded by the glowing lights that swirl around her like fireflies, the music that she doesn't just hear but experiences with her entire body, being is by dancing to the sensual beats or feeling the deepest tones vibrate her very heart. So too will she take to her flights. She'll not run from them, she'll insist on dancing with each suitor. She wants to smell them, to feel them, to taste them. It will be then the viper-like attributes will take effect, for she will not fall prey to them. They are her prey, carefully selected by who will please her most in that moment, who can awaken her mind to the new and amazing. Sleek and elegant and -fast-, she will not be caught, but when the time comes she will willingly invite her chosen into her embrace, and together they will explore the deepest, most intimate, and private emotions of all.

Tanzelith is designed as an escape. She's not that bright or clever, but the depths of her emotions are fathomless, and she will be privy to the deepest secrets and feelings anyone can have. She'd make an incredible Search dragon, and she'd adore the chance to dig and prod and feel as others feel. She is not a creature to dwell on and play as you would another character, all stiff and structured. Tanzelith is a being of emotion, of lights, of music, of feeling nothing more than the joys of that one moment and making all you can out of it. Who cares about tomorrow, we may be gone by the time morning comes, so embrace all that is Now and just live for the simple joy of living, because in the end, that is all we really have.


Heartbeat of the Music
The voice is distinctly femenine, there's no doubt there, but it is a deep and velvety tone with just the hint of a rough accent like a foreign singer. The heavy and hearty voice is rich with flavor and sass, easily spoken as it rolls off the mind in a seductive and powerful flow. It is accented by deep, heavy beats like bass speakers, and brilliant highlights like flashing lights.


Desc based loosely on this picture:


Name Dancing With Lightning Green Tanzelith
Dam Gold Wiyaneth
Sire Bronze Limerith
Created By
Impressee Jayne
Hatched 18 November 2007
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH