Lanky and lean, this dragon is shades of earth and sand to begin with. Topping his head, dunes cascade across his headknobs and dust his muzzle, the speckles appearing almost like stubble across his chin. Sun-kissed oak dashes down across his lower jaw and along his extra long neck, mingling with green undertones across his chest, back and wingspars. A patina of polished jasper scampers down the lines of his wing bones, only to give way to a surprising shimmer of tiger's eye across the thin fabric of wingsails, dotted with spots of onyx and chocolate. The aged moss hues finally give way to those of copper along his spine and down the length of his tail. Large are his paws, each one tipped by sharp talons of ebon.


Egg Name and Description

Till All Are One Egg


Rust colored browns and coppers make up most of the surface of this egg stretching out in vast canyons and valleys. Though it looks like it was machined together it is in fact solidly one piece. Looking closer what looks like roads could be seen stretching out connecting the vast lighted cities of circular iridescent blues that are smattered a crossed the landscape as if the egg itself is powered by something other than the spark of dragonic life. It is clear there is more to this egg than might be at first glance.

Hatching Message

Wobble Message
Till All Are One Egg wobbles. Or did it? Surely something so hard and rigid couldn’t move.

Crack Message
Till All Are One Egg is quiet, but there there comes a rumble from within, lights flickering as groans and shrieking metal seems to fill the air as cracks appear.

Hatch Message
Till All Are One Egg shivers once, twice, as those cracks expand until finally, the shell crashes away to leave one wet and messy brown hatchling to lie there surprised to find himself free.

Sands Pose #1
Got the Munchies Brown Hatchling lies there, blinking, blurred vision staring up towards the roof of the cavern. As the chaotic sounds reach him, they startle him into action. Rolling to his side, he attempts to rise to his feet, to scamper away from those scary sounds, but finds himself going no where’s as long legs but wildly run in place, sliding over egg-goo. Crashing down, he tumbles head over tail free of the remains of his egg, rolling forwards till he bumps into another egg, disappearing from view briefly. Gathering himself, he peers around the egg, long neck stretched to allow him a good view of those white clad figures. It’s only as a sudden LOUD rumbling of his stomach, does he begin to move forwards once more.

Sands Pose #2
Got the Munchies Brown Hatchling sniffs the air as he walks, his front legs kicking outwards in a strange gait that leaves his tail swaying behind him to help keep his balance. His nose is stuck forwards into one group of candidates. Sniff. Nope, none of these smell good. Down the line he goes, that awful rumbling urging him ever onwards. What about this one here? Oh no, what did you bathe in?!? No, nonono.

Impression Message

Public Message
Got the Munchies Brown Hatchling gets a whiff of something delectable ahead of him, and his steps quicken. Oh yes, that’s it! Right over there! His feet run across the sands until they tangle, sending him rolling across the sand to land before a girl with platinum blonde hair with auburn roots that looks like cream topped red fruits — YUM!, His whirling eyes tilt to meet her gaze as his head lands at her feet, leaving him to stare up at her above.

Private Message
Those deserts give way to… desserts? Or is that the metallic taste of medium rare herdbeast on your tongue. No, no, it’s the sweet tartness of sour fruit meringue pie. Together. Maybe. The pain of hunger floods your thoughts with those flavors on your tongue as another mind makes itself known to you. «Kaetryn?» It is her name spoken in a voice, questioning at first, then bubbling with laughter, «Kaetryn! Oh, the adventures we will share, the fun we will discover together. Like, I am Szorvilkyth. » Again, that loud rumble sounds, almost deafening you both. «But first, I have a case of the serious munchies. Like, do you think we can find something to stop this rumbling?»


While Shaggy was never said to be a stoner, and it was actually denied by the writers, everyone just KNOWS, right? Szorvilkyth won’t be stoned, but he will be quite laid back. He’ll skirt duties and training as much as he can, seeking instead, ways to have fun. Lazing by the lake during the summer in the sun, or getting people involved in an impromptu snowball fight during the winter - you’ll find him in the middle of it. And he’ll be dragging Kaetryn into it as well, for he cannot have fun without YOU by his side! What are friends for, but to drag you along on some crazy adventure from time to time?? All work and no play, makes Kaetryn a very boring person, not that HE would ever say that to her!

Things scare him. Unlike Yasminath and Nymionth, Szorvilkyth doesn’t like the night time unless there’s a BIG bonfire he can curl up near. There won’t be much stargazing for him. Nope, he’ll be tucked up in his weyr where it’s nice and safe. No doubt, he’ll want Kaetryn there as well. Big thunderstorms will also scare him, sending him running away with each crash, boom and bang of the lightning and thunder. If you can’t find him, just look in his weyr!


But just because he is a coward and easily scared doesn’t mean that he won’t come to Kaetryn’s aid or anyone else he is close to. As Shaggy always runs to help Scooby, or the gang when they are in trouble, this dragon won’t turn his back on a friend. He may freak out after it and have to go eat all the cookies in the Weyr with F’inn, but he will always rise to the occasion.

In many episodes, Shaggy comes up with some sort of disguise they use to get past some monster or hide. You’ll find that Szorvilkyth is as well, especially when he’s wanting to get out of chores and training! Even during winter, he’ll come up with ways to disguise himself in the snow as some dusted rock. At other times, he’ll find crags where he can hide away, perhaps with a bit of food, to watch everyone scurry about looking for him.

Shaggy was also quite good at ventriloquism. From making animal sounds to mimicking voices. Szorvilkyth will surprise anyone around from early on how well he can manage to sound like other animals - from mewling like Cookie, likely the first animal he will copy, to neighing like the runners. The older he gets, the better he becomes. He’ll want to travel to other places, just so he can pick up new sounds! Not only will he be able to copy animal sounds, but he’ll be able to mimic the mind voices of his clutch sibs, enough to confuse other dragons from time to time. He’ll study the others in his clutch, figuring out just how to sound like them. It’s one sort of ‘lesson’ he will enjoy. Of course, this could lead to trouble, but with Kaetryn there, hopefully not too much!

Remember that mention of food above? It is said that Shaggy had some strange likes from chocolate covered hot dogs, to cheese pizzas with pickles. Shaggy’s response was to blame it on his first toy - an electric garbage disposal. At some point while he is young, he’ll run across a bowl in the barracks that someone scraped leftovers into to so they could stack them together before taking them back to the kitchen. It’s there he will get the taste of what will be his FAVORITE flavor in the world: klah cream-covered pickled fish with a chaser of spicy peppers and a hint of herdbeast blood. It may take Kaetryn a little while to understand what he describes when he tells her what he wants to eat, but eventually, she’ll hit upon it even if it takes several times to get the ‘recipe’ right. If he’s having an off day and feeling a little blue for some reason? Give him a helping, and his frown will turn right back around into a smile! Need to tempt him into doing drills? Promise him a helping of his favorite - or even some new concoction! - and he’ll be lapping the others!

“How’s this?”
«Hmmmm.. It needs more spice.»
*mixes in more* “How about now?”
«*coughs* Too much, like, too much!»

It is said that Shaggy became a vegetarian due to Casey Kasem’s, his voice actor, request. So your life-mate, while younger, may actually ask for fish and fowl after begging you for a bite, preferring the taste. He’ll be curious about what foods you eat, especially the vegetables on your plate, and ask to try them as well. Yes, dragons need meat. And he’ll eat it, but he won’t ever get into killing it for himself like some dragons, except when he’s caught up in the haze of a flight. Thankfully, in those first months, it’s something that is done for Kaetryn and Szorvilkyth. When it comes time to learn how to hunt, it’s not something he will be ready to do, especially after seeing a dragon pounce on a herdbeast and taking it out themselves. Kaetryn may have to sweet talk a beastcrafter to prepare the herdbeast for her so that Szorvilkyth doesn’t have to kill it himself. Later on, he will have to learn to do this, but he will never like it. And if Kaetryn volunteers to get one killed for him? He will love her all the more! When the pair get to travel, and he ends up at one of ocean beaches, he will stuff himself on the fish he can scoop up from the water. He’ll spend hours doing that!


She’ll find that he is almost ALWAYS hungry. He’ll continue to eat long after his clutchsibs have finished, likely still eating when sleep hits and he zonks out with bites of food still in his mouth. Kaetryn will have to make sure he’s swallowed it so he doesn’t choke on half eaten food while he’s sleeping! Be prepared to have to pry open his muzzle to scoop it out if there’s food there in those first few months.

The greatest challenges you face is that your lifemate’s laid back attitude gets you into more trouble than needed. Such as his want to over indulge with eating will make strap making a trying task as he will be fat and bloated one moment then when you think you have the straps right will just hang loose on him forcing you to start over again. And then the opposite will happen, the straps becoming too tight after he’s eaten and is all bloated again. Kaetryn will have to learn to make his straps adjustable, just for that reason!

Also as he matures you will find that new things will catch his eye quickly but if he feels they are too hard then he may just want to give up for something less strenuous and far far more fun. That being said, if you can make it fun for him getting him to stop will prove to be just as difficult.

But all is not lost as your dragon has a love for music! All music seems to make his tail swish and his taloned feet tap with the rhythm. Should he find the right song your dragon will try to join in with singing or at least get you to dance with him.

«Like come on Kaetryn, dance with me! What do you mean dragons don’t dance, then like what am I doing right now?»



Wonderful World of Food


Food. The colors, the sensations, the textures…. And the smells. Everything is food to the point that Szorkilkyth may not remember people or other dragon’s names beyond those of his clutchsibs, but everyone comes across as food. Unlike names, food is easier for him to remember, even with dragon memory.

«Like, hey, Kaseimarlyeth, Who was that dude that smelled of dried fruits with klah bark? »

Kaetryn is his favorite thing in the world - klah cream-covered pickled fish with a few spicy peppers as chasers and a hint of herdbeast blood - while others come across as other flavors. Xerosaeth may be citrus, Kassala is donuts, and R’hra is wherry jerky for examples. The stranger and more complex the food associated with someone, likely the better he knows them, or the more Kaetryn likes them. As friendships evolve, so do those flavor profiles that he uses to describe someone to Kaetryn and others.

The tones associated with his voice are just as odd as he. When he’s happy, he’s like apple pie ala mode. When he’s charming, think of rich, smooth chocolate mousse. When upset, he can get prickly as a pineapple. When he’s confused, think of Spam. Of course, there may be undertones to his emotions that evolve into those strange flavor profiles that Kaetryn will have to learn!

In addition to the strange flavors will be the strange colors. Venturing into his mind is like stepping into a kaleidoscope of color, ever changing and constantly shifting. Lime greens are prominent, along with oranges. It’s an odd combination, but it seems to suit Szorvilkyth just fine! Standing within his mind is like being on another planet. Certainly nothing on Pern oozes like those blobs of random colors that cross his mindscape, and really they’re rather soothing to sit and watch, much like a lava lamp.



As a dragonet, he may remind Kaetryn and others much like a large breed canine — all legs, big paws, and no coordination. And that strange gait of his just messes him all up. His front feet will do a strange little kick out, which in turn, leaves his tail swishing from side to side to help him keep his balance. All this while his head sticks out a bit in front of him. It’ll take him a while to come into this strange swagger, and when young, he will trip himself up quite a bit. So be prepared for the occasional scrape and bruise when he goes rolling! Eventually though, he’ll grow right into that unique gait of his, able to walk long distances with ease. Just be careful when he does do a lot of walking while young as he might end up with pains in his legs and hips. Dragons are made for flying, not walking much! As he gets older, this won’t be as big a problem.


Shaggy is tall, lean, and is said to have run track and/or been in gymnastics, which makes Szorvilkyth quick and surprisingly acrobatic, especially for a brown. Like Shaggy, he will remain long and lanky with a wiry strength, even when he eats everything in front of him. And yet, no matter how much he eats, while he may get a slight pooch to his stomach that quickly goes away, he never seems to gain any weight. This will cause some worry in the dragonhealers while he’s younger, until they realize he’s just going to be one of those lithe browns that never really bulk up.

Those wings of his are just as big as they need to be, but while young, perhaps a little too big. It’s why he will try and keep them tucked against his back as tightly as he can manage so they don’t get in the way. Their coloring is an ode to Scooby Doo, if you hadn’t figured that out by now, and like that canine, Kaetryn will find that he likes to be scritched under his muzzle or just behind his headknobs.


His laid back attitude continues even into the flights of green and gold. Like Shaggy, he’s quite oblivious to their flirting or the glowiness of their hides when they become proddy. He’ll chat them up, suggest they come along for some fun, but otherwise, not really seem to realize what is going on with them. His outlook may be good in some cases, and bad in others, depending on how the female takes this laissez faire attitude from him. Not that he will understand any negative response he gets in return from them! Hey, if they don’t want to follow him for fun and adventure, that’s their choice!

However, if they are a favorite of his, be they green or gold, then he will give them his undivided attention. How he will try his best to flirt, mainly comparing them to the odd dishes he so enjoys. All before the flight, of course. When the female bloods, he will as well, completely unfazed at this point in having to kill before taking to the skies to give chase.

And will he ever give chase! He was born to run …. Fly….. across those skies! His size makes him almost perfect in being able to keep up with the sometimes acrobatic athletics of a green, and gives him the marathon stamina for gold.

If he catches, for the most part, he’ll follow Kaetryn’s wishes on whether to stick around for long or not. She will always come first, after all. Should he catch a gold and sire a clutch, then he’ll stick around, curious to see what comes of those eggs and the dragonets that will hatch from them. He’ll be the ultimate ‘fun’ type of dad, urging his kids to play, explore, find adventures, and passing down his love of all things food.


Welcome to Weyrlinghood, Kaetryn! We both hope you totally dig your new lifemate and have fun together!

Egg Inspiration: The theme for the eggs this cycle were Planets, Real or Fiction. Till All Are One Egg was based off of Cybertron, by R’hra. Image here…
They let me pick space so this egg was built to remind all that even if the outside is strange and barren hope always comes from inside. There is always more than meets the eye to this egg. And Kaetryn getting this egg has made it a treat for me, as I can’t wait to see that saying come true for her, and what she transforms into.

Dragon Inspiration: In your questionnaire, you requested a dragon based off Shaggy from Scooby Doo, and we did our best to give you that dragon. From his description that plays on Shaggy’s normal appearance right down to his green shirt and maroon pants (patina and copper infused brown) to the ode to Shaggy’s BFF, Scooby, in the spots that trace his wings.

Name: We played off Norville “Shaggy” Rogers and his favorite phrase, “Zoinks!” till we came up with something we liked, including your own preferences! We pronounce it as: Zor-veel-KYTH but you can take your own twist on that! :)

But, now he is yours, and this is all just a guideline you can follow or not! We hope you have as much fun playing him as we did creating him!

Kassala and R’hra


Name Szorvilkyth
Dam Gold Kayeth
Sire Bronze Velokraeth
Created By Kassala and R’hra, R’hra (egg), Desc tweaks by Nyalle
Impressee Kaetryn
Hatched August 11, 2018
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH