Bright emerald tones swoop and sear across her hide, clear and bright in any light. Smoother tones of pure aventurine cling to her curves, accentuating each smooth arch of neck, tail, and leg just so. Along her back and especially spread against her wingjoints is a sparkling smattering of gold flecks, glinting and teasing with tones outside the verdant spectrum. Along the supple, natural curves of her stomach is a flare of azure, blended perfectly with the rest of her tone. Her paws, daintily formed, are dipped in deeper forest green to the petite ankles, slim tendrils snaking up from her darkest part and wrapping and twining around her lower limbs like creeping vines clinging to her legs. Each claw and ridge is a smooth pebble of pure alabaster, standing out against her hide like tiny stars in a forest night. But where she really shines is her wingsails. Each section of sail billows in even the slightest wind, just a bit bigger than strictly necessary and clad in the tones of samite sprinkled lightly with flecks of silver, tourmaline, and mossy agate. From a distance they seem almost paper thin, so fine and delicate, but they're properly formed. The last detail of note amidst the smooth, well-defined curves of her form, purely feminine green, is her headknobs. They're not the usual smooth, curvy knobs, oblong and bulbous. No. They sweep up in a solid line to a point, the same length as most knobs, but clearly pointy, more like the horns of Terran legend.


Sohnyuoth seems to specialize in being sweet. Anyone, any problem she's there to help. Really whether she can or not. From the day she shells, she'll be more than glad to try to right any wrong. And Faranth forbid Miki be upset, because Miki is Sohnyuoth's soulmate and absolutely nothing will shake that from the greens mind. The source of her upset will be forever scorned by the over-protective green.

Despite her protective nature, though, Suhnyuoth is actually very innocent, some would even say naive. There are a lot of things she doesn't understand and may never since she's also not especially quizzical of Miki. A question now and again, but her naivete doesn't bother her in the slightest. If she doesn't know, she's simply not /meant/ to know. And that's fine with her.

The one place she really /is/ all about finding new things is in exploration. She'll try to find out where everything is, hovering near anything interesting until Miki can examine it. Unless she has a clumsy moment, in which case pots, barrels, and even cots aren't safe from her incessant need to share every new discovery with Miki. Crawlers? « Hey! Look! » VTOL? « Hey! Look! » An unexplored tunnel, « Hey! That way! » Especially when she's smaller, she might even venture into places Miki's supposed to keep her out of such as the living caverns or weryleardership's weyrs, just because she hasn't been there before and Miki hasn't either.

Her one other real quirk is that she's very fastidious. She'll always insist on being properly cleaned and oiled. Mud in the bowl might bring on an emergency bath because she simply feels she /has/ to be presentable. No messy eating for her, either. When Miki's still hand-feeding her, each feeding simply /have/ to be followed by washing her face and once she starts hunting for herself, her dining will always be dainty and clean.

SEARCH: Oh, as wonderful as She'll be her whole life, search is where she'll really shine. She's naturally empathic, even moreso than most dragons. She'll spend much of her life informing Miki of other peoples feelings, whether she should be prying or not. So as a search dragon, her ability to pick out potentials is good, and her desire nearly unmatched in her other interests. She will always be certain that /that/ candidate has potential. Or, at least, needs to be cheered up by being offered a white knot.

PRODDY/FLIGHTS: During her proddy cycle, she'll be especially lovey-dovey, but only with dragons who have caught her before, so her first might be very frustrating as she wants to cuddle, but can't figure out who. But when actual flight-time comes, her darker side will come out. Unlike most greens, she'll blood heavily before flight. And once she's up there, she'll be a demon in the skies, not afraid to try to knock out the chasers she dislikes in a very literal manner before she's finally caught. She'll preferentially choose winners who have caught before or who Miki has special feelings for. At least when she has the luxury of choice.


Guiding Lights

The soft flutter of wings, a distant strain of barely audible music, and a light giggle. These are the audible portion of Sohnyuoth's mind. But the true depth lies deep in its darkness. The black of it isn't oppressing, just an excuse to make the bright flashes of color all the more noticeable. For they're always there, constant and fluttering like a fairy.

The intensity and shade of the lights change with her mood. Bright, happy tones when she's pleased, warm, homey tones when she's content, deep, firey ones when she's angry. And always underneath a faint hint of sea smell.

Her actual voice is light and airy, when she chooses to speak, for she always chooses her words carefully so as not to offend or upset. When she's excited, or trying to drag Miki on her next adventure, the voice is sharper, « Hey! Look! » when she's calm, its calmer too, with more vocabulary, « I'm hungry today, Miki. Is there any ovine? A proper food offering /always/ has ovine, you know. » not quite pretentious, but teetering on the edge of it.

Egg Name and Description

Starry Destiny Egg


An expanse of velvety black, touched only here or there with undertones of deep blue and purple, enfolds the surface of this oblong egg in a sheet of rich darkness. Pinpricks of bright white shine out amidst the blackness, the tiny dots scattered over the apex in intricate clusters and patterns that seem to form familiar shapes. A wide circle of pale silvery white drifts serenely near the tip of the egg, jagged pits and craters of gray and slate blue forming what almost looks like a grinning face that forever watches from above. Deep shadows fall over rolling hills of grassy green that rise up from the bottom of the shell, the darkness making the details fuzzy and indistinct. Blurry figures move to and from a murky block of color perched atop a peaked hill of moss, some of the sharper angles highlighted in pale silver. A soft beam of light cuts across from the tallest spire of the structure, the color pooling into a noticeable shape at the center of the egg - three brightly glowing triangles of gold that stand out sharply against the shadowy backdrop.

Hatching Message

Starry Destiny Egg gives a little shudder, as if shaking off unwanted dust, then lies still again. Awaiting the right moment.

Another shudder ripples across Starry Destiny Egg, tearing shallow cracks along its surface in rough, oblong semi-circles.

The shallow cracks along Starry Destiny Egg's surface give another convulsive shudder, the battering nose within pushing them out like the unfurling of a flower before stumbling uncertainly onto the sands.

Unintentionally Naive Green Hatchling takes her time getting moving. The shells of her egg are examined thoughtfully. Her nose dips down to nudge a larger piece, which shatters. Her eggwet wings go limp as she nudges at another eggshard, flipping it over and sniffing at it before moving it aside with one paw to examine another. Just what is wrong with her shell? Where'd it go? She seems determined to consider this one question for a while. Then her head shoots up, what? People! She's staring at the whiterobed candidates. Now what?

Unintentionally Naive Green Hatchling breaks her revere, finally getting to her feet. Her tail wiggles, distracting her attention briefly to stare at the unexpected appendage. She gives a plaintive croon. Hungry. Maybe those white things have food. Her feet carry her that way, tail swinging wide arches back and forth behind her as she trundles dutifully up to the white line and begins examining folks. Too skinny. Too fat. Too rude. Each is dismissed.

Unintentionally Naive Green Hatchling's stride gets prouder with each step, examine, dismiss. Are these candidates at /all/ worthy, her body language says as her tail flicks out, spraying sand at a few already passed over. One wing flicks out, over the candidates, then settles neatly against her back as she moves forward again. Then again. Who, who who? Feet are wuffled, robes blown on, then she stops at the feet of the little girl with piercing blue eyes, staring up intently.

Impression Message

You look into those dazzling eyes and the world dims, then fades until there's nothing but those two eyes, dazzling points of light in the dark. But are they eyes? No! They start to dance before your vision, swimming together until there are more of those floating lights than you can count. A soft, buzzing whisper, as if they're conferring about something. You, perhaps? Is it getting brighter in here? Yes! It is! The lights are glowing more and more until the brightness engulfs you, « Yes, Miki, you /are/ the one. » The glow of acceptance and support washes over you, « We shall save many with me as your guide. Now, I know you're called Miki, but you don't /have/ to be. You can change it if you want. » A faint outline of the alphabet appears before you, names typing, erasing, and re-typing themselves above it. Link. Miki. M'i. M'ki. Mi. Mi'i. Mii. Lots of choices, more than you can truly process, and only a few that really seem to apply. Unless you want to change your name to Phenalmugwump. « Whatever you want. Really. No matter what you call yourself, you'll always be mine. You'll always be… » The line of names pauses, then a new one types itself out S. O. H. N. Y. U. O. T. H. The voice whispers the name as it appears, « Sohnyuoth's. And I shall always be yours. »

Clutch Siblings

Bronze Oszarioth Impressed to Sh'koi (Shakoi)
Brown Cikitsakath Impressed to Yhri (Jayashri)
Brown Iqsath Impressed to Polsie
Brown Mneoraeth Impressed to X'dis (Xandis)
Green Ronareoth Impressed to Melze


The theme of this clutch was well known and well-used tropes within games, movies and books. The cliche for Starry Destiny was "The Chosen One", though leaned more heavily on the fact a lot of "Chosen Ones" seemed to be either put there by fate or by some age old prophecy that has come to light. Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and the Pevensies from Narnia are some that come to mind in well known books/movies, though many others have used this age-old plot twist. Starry Destiny drew upon this trope, though was based mainly on the Legend of Zelda video game series. Link always seemed to be the Chosen One to save Hyrule one way or another - or at least to wield the Triforce.

The egg's imagery plays on the fact fate is often seen in the stars, as well as some scenery from the "Majora's Mask" game - the huge moon, the clock tower and other things that seemed to control Link's fate. There's also an allusion to the Triforce in the 3 glowing gold triangles.

The mind touches, however, were based more on what a Chosen One needs throughout their quest/journey - support. Also it plays on the fact fate is always there guiding behind the scenes. As a result the touches leaned heavily on the fairies in Link's world - Navi, Tatl and the rest. Their bouncing energy and innate need to support Link (or sometimes annoy him) was an asset and the hyperactive energy in the touches reflects this.


Your dragon was especially difficult for me since you made some very specific requests. As stated in Ely's blurb, the theme for Starry Destiny was the Chose One trope ( here ) and your one request was Tamaki Suoh from Ouran High School Host Club, who didn't really fit the trope, but I endeavored not to let that stop me.

PERSONALITY: There are three character concepts I tried to bring together in Sohnyuoth, your requested Tamaki Suoh, the inspiration for the touches, the Link/Zelda fairies, and one other anime character, Nyu/Lucy from Elfen Lied.

If you haven't seen Elfen Lied, it is /very/ not safe for work and adult, so there's no reason to rush out to see it just for this dragon, I'll try to tell you whatever you might need or want to know.

Sohnyuoth's primary personality is taken strongly from your requested Tamaki, but peppered with the excitability of the Navi-fairies, though the Navi-fairy really shines in her short, clipped vocabulary when she's excited. Nyu/Lucy's bipolar approach to love primarily applies to Sohnyuoth's proddy cycle, when shell never quite know what she wants. Though unlike Lucy, it is doubtful shell go on any major killing sprees except amongst the herdbeasts.

DESCRIPTION: I focused on your request for bright colors and lots of color over my usual habit of trying to desc a dragon/dragonkin like their theme/inspiration. It's my first real foray into descing on this scale, so I hope you like it :)

NAME: I tried to keep to your request for a Japanese sounding name. Names are easily the hardest part of building a dragon. I took the names of the two anime characters and attempted to combine them. Sohnyuoth. I hear it as Soh-Nyew-ohth, but the pronunciation, like everything else, is up to you in the end.

MINDVOICE: The mindvoice is pure Navi et al. Bright lights in the dark to guide you to your destiny.

And remember, all of this is just suggestions. In the end, she's your dragon. Have fun and we hope you continue to bring your sweetness and light to us here at Fort Weyr.



Name Unintentionally Naive Green Sohnyuoth
Dam Gold Vidyazath
Sire Bronze Otieneth
Created By Egg: Ely | Dragon: P'rius
Impressee Miki
Hatched April 8 2011
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH