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Dark forest stretches across the smooth hide of this small knobby feline-like green dragon. Dappled evergreen marks her slightly flattened muzzle, powerful jaws slacken to show the predatory tips of contrastingly bright teeth. The sun plays in the trees along the short arc of her neck with its pointed ridges and across the broad expanse of her powerful back. The ripple of muscles are like the wind through the trees , shifting the light and dark evergreen patches in a soft rhythm. The effect fades down the shorter length of her tail into the forest shadows which dapple and cling to her sides and belly in the perfect predatory camouflage. Muddy talons betray little as knobby elbows and knees are brushed by moonlight silver which also streaks along the bottom of her tail. A betrayal of the predator to her prey should she get to eager and yet the huge power which is clearly within this small package leaves little doubt that even if she were a bright fuchsia that her prey stands no chance. Heavily muscled wing shoulders support a long and narrow expanse of sail that sends her rocketing skywards with the easiest of beats. The thin membranes shine with the same evergreen mix as she rises when called, one part of many, to defend her Weyr and her Pern.

Egg Name and Description

Secrets of the Defender Egg

The silvery shimmering outline of a pointed castle structure is silhouetted against the bright sky blue which glistens like enamel upon the apex of this egg. These vibrant colors are only slightly muted by the leafy canopy which twines down the sides of the egg. A mix of sun-lit and shadowed greens ensconce the hard shell in a forest full of life and secrets. Thin streaks of brown grow in width and prominence the farther one looks toward the base as one leaves the canopy for branches and thickened trunks. The browns darken, becoming rough and less defined until eventually fading into a shadowed pool at the very bottom. Between the trunks one can imagine the shapes of people in the ill-defined shadows, hiding from some unknown threat far above. Yet as terrifying as the lower half of the shell has the potential to be, there is something about it which is completely different. As if it is a safe and secret place to hide, full of hope rather than fear, with a protector of its own just waiting to pounce from the heart within and defend not just this place, but indeed the very universe.

Hatching Message

Wobble Message

Secrets of the defender egg stirs. The growing hum of the dragons penetrating its shell, a call to arms that can not be ignored and by the growing movements of the egg, has long been awaited.

Crack Message

The movements of the secrets of the defender egg grow stronger and bolder. The call, he call of the other dragons has awakened it like nothing else could and no longer will it remain passively trapped. It hears and obeys and the instrincts which also drive it send a mad frenzy of cracks down one side as it pounds powerfully from within.

Hatch Message

With a roar the secrets of the defender egg is no more. Shards scatter in all directions as a small dappled evergreen hatching launches from the remnants of the egg. It is a glorious nad brazen entrance, heralded by the surprised trumpeting of several of the watching dragons high above. She lands much less gracefully. The moments lost in a sudden tangle of wing and tail and talon.

Impression Message

The heat of the sands burns unbearably at your feet. The choas before your eyes, ordered and yet not. A subtle nudge pushes and the pulls you. As if you have the key to some great secret long dormant. The heat fades into darkness, the depth of a forest cutting off all your senses. Until the key you hold begins to glow, a strange symbol shining and pulling you forward, faster and stronger. A joyous moment when your presence activates a change so tremendous you will never be as you were and yet you will have no regrets. «None at all N'drei??» and how shall you answer your Shisuth. For you know her intimately now, the small green that gazes up at you adoringly now and always by your side. Was she ever not there? Shisuth waits, amused and patient for your answer. So what will it be?


As a young dragon, Shisuth will have a lot of growing to do, even though she is a very small green as far as dragons go, shell be plenty big for you to handle. Luckily for you, despite overlarge hands and feet upon hatching shes not be too clumsy, possessing some of the feline-grace that her form implies and as she grows shell become ever more graceful. Movements are not wasted however, still for hours until called upon shell then charge with all her heart into whatever the situation. She bears an innate sense of goodness and a will to fight all evils that may manifest itself in odd ways, although shell have plenty of learning to do. Whatever you hate or dislike you influence to her to be viewed as evil and something she must overcome for you. You little defender green. Youll have to harness the power she bears, guide the strong will into acting at the right moment, rather than acting every little time you get upset about something. Flying is something shell love. She is not one of those pushy however to have to be first. She is second, or third in line perhaps not needing to hog the glory of the spotlight as some but in the air a few breaths behind none the less. Shell fly fast and quick and without hesitation. Her tendency will be to overdo and you two are likely to have more than your fair share of bumps and bruises as she pushes the boundaries to find out what her limits are. While you temper her as she ages, she pushes you, inspires you to work harder, to train to be better, to be as strong as she is both inside and out.

Although it takes several turns to grow and mature in both body and mind youll find that twisting path resulting in one of the most no for you THE most amazing being on all of Pern. Shisuth is your pillar of strength and support, and endless well of love that will never run dry. She is ever the optimist and will never give up in a fight. Her loyalty is strong to you and to the Weyr in which she lives. An emotional being she is compassionate, and empathetic with the plight of those in need. She is a protector of the innocent, a defender of those in need, slow to anger and quick to soothe she is the type of dragon that forms the very foundation of the Weyr, a team player. She is unafraid to speak her mind, and youll find that always her heart is in her words. Never let her become corrupted. In her, you are held to a high standard.

That is not to say that she doesnt have her quirks. She particularly likes technology. Her mind grasps it oddly easily and while some may be distracted by shiny rocks, shell be distracted by shiny solar panels, but that new PDA or laptop even though she cant read shes likely to ask you to find out what someone is working on. The engineering of sailing ships, the sharp edge of a stone cutter, she isnt picky as to what technology and engineering catches her eye. Is that a new bridge they are building, just look at that cable arc!! As such she is likely to make many friends among the smiths in particular and while she doesnt usually talk with other humans, for the more techy folks you will find that this crumbles as easily as cheese as her curiosity gets the better of her and asks directly if you arent around or arent fast enough in asking yourself.

Of flights shell be a random riser. Not to frequent but youll have to keep an eye on her rather than the calendar to predict her mating moods. She flys in flight as she does each day, hard and fast. Her agility honed from all the weyrling scrapes and bruises into a sharp cornering wicked flying green. Good luck to her suitors because that is what theyll need in order to catch her for she matches them in strength and cunning and so luck plays the most part in her flights. As such shell rarely twine with the same dragon twice and your preferences are taken into account until the very moment she rises when nature takes over and nothing will influence the wild predator which throws herself frenzily skyward.


Your Shisuth is a very intelligent dragon, even if she is driven by her innate sense of goodness most times. Her mind is complex and its voice strong and female without being seductively feminine. The words she speaks come from her heart and you can always feel her behind them. She does not understand deception and so she speaks only the truth, or truth as she knows it. Unafraid to speak her mind she will say what she has to say, even if it is not popular but she wont force her mind-will upon anyone. The forest accompanies her thoughts. Evergreens in particular, non-threatening shadows may make her mind seem dark, but her word and purpose is true. The scents of the forest too are not uncommon as she speaks to you and others.


This egg is inspired from the 80s cartoon series Lion Force Voltron. The hatchlings were based upon supporting characters and hers is loosely framed on Pidge and the Green Lion. Pidge is considered a smart, techno-genius pilot. He is small of stature but unafraid when facing enemies. The green lion makes up the left arm of Voltron, which is the combined transformers-like giant robot made up of the five smaller lion robots. As a private quirk it took me awhile but I finally got her size to 20.09 which if you read 2009 is the RL year you impressed. As to her name admittedly I couldnt figure something nice and female from Pidge, or Darell Stoker which is his full name as far as I could find. So I was more inspired by the Japanese name of the character which is Hiroshi Chibi Suzuishi. There were a lot of combinations which were only one letter away from existing names and I wanted to give you something a little more unique and yet simple enough and ended up with Shisuth. I hope its ok. I thought a possible nickname of Shi could be fun if you want to word play on she confusion sometimes, or su (sue?) which would be less confusing. Anything you choose of course is whatever you want. It doesnt have to be direct from the name if you want to consider more of a pet name, other ideas from the series might be: Chi (chibi), Lia (feminized lion) Really though she is yours now to do with as you choose. You need not follow the persona ideas as they are laid out, they are just there to offer some ideas, flavor and inspiration as you two move forward in your development. Neyuni.

Clutch Siblings (PC)

Saving the Smallest of the Small Egg - Heroic Genious Bronze Tevenoth Impressed to S'phoj (Joseph)
On a Wing and a Prayer Egg - Outer Space Aerialist Brown Furuihaneth Impressed to Meo (Moydeo)
Most Magnificent In The Universe Egg - Coloring The World Brown Irelanth Impressed to M'lo (Milodann)
Big Things From Small Packaging Egg - Hyperactive Transformation Green Maglinoth Impressed to Ely (Elyciana)
Traitorous To The Core Egg - Second-In-Command To No One Green Toith Impressed to R'sner (Risner)


Name Shisuth
Dam Kessa's Gold Choth
Sire Ma'kai's Bronze Garanth
Created By Neyuni
Impressee N'drei (Wyndrei)
Hatched November 20 2009
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH