Egg Name and Description

A Device Like None Other Egg
The tip of this long, oval-shaped egg is a fine silver in color, glistening as if newly shined. It is curved just so, appearing as if it could be flipped open with a bit of effort or the press of a button. Not too far away from the tip, the egg's shell bulges slightly outward, colored a duller silver as if worn with use and appearing as if it were part of the mechanism that would reveal the contents of the egg. Whirling shades of greens and emeralds twist together like a vortex, drawn in by some powerful, unseen force. This pattern takes up the remainder of the eggs coloring, aside from the bottom of the egg where the round shape ends and blunts out as if it were the base of this strange contraption of an egg.

Hatching Message

A Device Like None Other Egg finally breaks, spilling a tangle of limbs and wings onto the sands.

Hatching Name and Description


Follow Me Into the Sunlight Bronze Hatchling
Polished and gleaming, even newly hatched this young dragon’s hide shimmers with metallic hues of bronze, copper and gold. Like a masterfully crafted bronze statue, his hide gleams with the sun’s brilliance. It is as if Rukbat rose one chilly Fortian morning and bathed the forest in its golden glow, molding a dragon from sunlight, earth, wood and stone to form the gleaming bronze dragonet that stands before you. Swirls of copper, burnished bronze and yellow gold swirl subtly across his muzzle, the curves and arcs of their pattern reminiscent of a water droplet’s path or the grains of wood on a highly polished carving. Subtly textured, the color is brilliant and gleaming as it swirls down across his shoulders, the darkness pooling in the dips while the brilliant bronze and golden hues stand out on the high points of his hide. His legs and wings are ungainly in youth, longer than most and a bit unwieldy. Sails capture a pattern of dappled sunspots through the high forest canopy, shifting with invisible breezes. His tail is short for now, in comparison to the rest of him, but this bronze is already large and promises great growth and nobility as he matures.

Impression Message

Whispers in light swirl around you, plunging your world into darkness. You see nothing - not the sands, not your fellow Candidates - nothing. And then, points of light begin to appear. They shimmer like golden spheres, each one holding a memory that you cherish and hold dear. Your family, your friends, the presence in your mind captures each of them in a single glowing orb before they begin to fade. Not gone, but tucked safely away into the back of this creature’s mind. Then, slowly, the light expands and you find yourself standing in a small clearing. You can smell the woods, and feel the snow beneath your feet. It is Fort, that much you can tell - the Fortian forests over which this dragon was conceived. Slowly, the presence pushes its way further into your thoughts, binding itself with you. It is gentle and loving, but unavoidable as well, and finally a voice rises out of the shimmering light streaming through the treetops and gleaming against the snow. « Solan, » the dragon’s voice whispers, a low sigh of a winter’s breeze - cool and refreshing. « So'l, » the dragon names you, wrapping your mind in love and adoration. « I am yours. I am Sharuth. I knew you were mine the moment we touched thoughts. I see such greatness in you. We will be amazing. » But then, pulsing through the link comes a pang of hunger, swift and undeniable. « I… » the young dragonet whispers to you, uncertain of this new sensation, and he looks to you for help and guidance, as he will help and guide you through your entire life.



The elk is a symbol of strength, agility and freedom combined with nobility and power. - Spirit Guides - Elk

Sharuth embodies all of those things. He is powerful and noble and, being a bronze, has an enormous amount of strength at his command. He is proud and he is compassionate, and he will help So'l culture those own qualities within himself.

Sharuth is a bronze with true leadership potential. He leads by example and encourages others to follow in his footsteps. Rarely will he correct someone with more than a gentle reminder, and his temper is very rarely ignited. When he does get angry, it is because some injustice has been done, and he will be swift to try and correct the situation. He is a defender of the weak and the meek, a dragon who will stand up to bullies and has a keen sense of justice. However, he will hatch with thinner versions of these virtues and he will have to grow into them. Like his lanky, long legs, it will take him time to work out what justice is, and his opinions of right and wrong. He will struggle at first with seeing shades of grey - for him, most things are either right or wrong. It will take him a long time to figure out that sometimes things are far more complicated than a simple answer, and he will struggle with those moral dilemmas, keeping So'l up late into the night with his questions.

« But if that holder had not stolen that food, his family would have starved. But stealing is wrong. Which is right, So'l? Who is wrong? »

He is a compassionate dragon and he wishes to help everyone, and while that’s a good quality to have, Sharuth can take things to the extreme in his youth. He will encourage So'l to spend all of his marks on others, and will push both himself and his rider to stay up all night in rescue efforts or just to listen to someone who is going through a hard time. He will very easily use up all of his energy on others, and it will be up to So'l to temper his compassion to healthy levels. He is a dragon who could very easily burn out by giving too much of himself, and even though he wants So'l to be just as giving as he is, So'l will have to stand strong and learn when to tell his dragon no. Sharuth will not like being told no, and this is likely to be the biggest point of contention between the two of them.

« What do you mean I can not go check on that baby calf we helped rescue? I want to know it is okay. »
« Sharuth, it’s midnight and we’re exhausted. You’re sore. I’m sure it’s fine. »
« But do you not care about the calf? What if it needs our help? »

He will also have to learn that not everyone wants his help. If he offers help, or steps in, and the other person or dragon did not want his assistance, it will cut him to the bone. The idea that he can’t help everyone will be a very difficult one for him to grasp, and So'l will have to nurse those hurt feelings carefully so that his dragon does not become bitter or jaded with the world.

Those who know Elk medicine stand tall with a strong self-image and must seek to be humble. - Spirit Guides - Elk
Elk people demand respect and have great pride in their professional and private lives and must be continually on guard against becoming too egotistical. - Elk

There will certainly be another side to that mark, as well. When people do want his help and seek it, is when Sharuth will be at his happiest. However, that pleasure at being praised and needed could potentially turn to ego and pride. He will sometimes boast, bringing up wonderful things he did and repeating them over and over to others. While they will probably see it as bragging, So'l will soon recognize that those times are when Sharuth is feeling vulnerable or uncertain, and repeating his good deeds is a way for him to seek reassurances and acceptance from his peers. But it likely has the opposite effect and will have him withdrawing into himself, uncertain and sad. It will be a difficult line for So'l to walk with his dragon, between helping too much and burning out, and feeling too proud and bragging. The pendulum will no doubt swing back and forth for many turns until Sharuth matures.

It will take Sharuth a long time to grow up. Being such a large bronze, his rate of growth will be slower than his clutchmates. Slow and steady physically, but quick and nimble mentally and emotionally. While his body is dealing with the growth spurts and pain that goes with it, his mind will be working in overdrive. As a hatchling he will not want to take his time. He will come up with an idea and jump into it with all four paws without fully thinking it through. And even though his intentions might have been pure, sometimes the results will not work out the way he’d planned.

« I was just trying to help Kimmila move the oil barrels. I thought moving them with my mouth would be a good idea. I didn’t think they’d break… »

His impulsiveness in youth will slowly - through experience and So'l’s guidance - turn into a much more thoughtful approach as he ages. But it will take some time.

He is also an emotional dragon. One who is very in touch with his own emotions and those of others, and because of that it will eventually make him a very good judge of character and how to help in a given situation. With some trial and error as he grows, he will learn how to say just the right thing at just the right time, and also when he shouldn’t say anything at all.

He is a bronze and he is definitely male, despite his softer side. He will prefer the company of other males, and while he might form some close friendships with females, his first inclination is always to go hang out with the guys. He’ll want to relax on the heights with his buddies, chatting and watching the goings on in the weyr. He’ll be social, but there will also be times when he will pull back and need to get away, just him and his rider, to some quiet place they call their own. He needs that quiet time to relax and recharge, though he will always be eager to get back to his friends. He will be a good friend, but sometimes his blunt honesty will get him into trouble. « She asked if she was pretty. I told her I’d seen prettier. It’s the truth, what is wrong with that? » Still, as he ages, he’ll learn the art of those handy little half-truths - or he will learn to say nothing at all.


Sharuth is tied to the seasons, and So'l will notice how his dragon shifts slightly with the approach and passing of each one. Hatched in late winter, Sharuth will always see winter as a down time. A time to curl up and rest, to let his body and mind heal from the trials and excitements of the turn. He will be slower during winter, and more sluggish. Perhaps it is because Fortian winters are so cold and his massive size requires a lot to keep him energetic, or maybe it’s more of an emotional response, but whatever the reason, winter will be his quiet time.

Spring will come with an awakening, when his energy is roused again and his eagerness to be out and to be doing is youthful in tone. He will want to play, fly and swim and hang out with his buddies once again. Spring is the time when he will get many of his best ideas, springing into his thoughts with a flash of brilliance. He will be more impulsive and more driven to quick decisions in the spring.

Summer brings with it his planning stage. In summer his mood will turn to more thoughtful and contemplative, as he prepares for the work ahead. And autumn is his time of greatest energy and productivity. The energy of spring with the planning of summer, autumn will be the time to get things done. Autumn is also when he will participate in the most mating flights. While during the rest of the turn his interest in a female depends on the moment and if he has a connection to her or not, during autumn Sharuth will chase anything that flies. It’s a sudden flurry of virility as he seeks to sire a clutch or win a green, and autumn will be his most passionate, intense time.

Then, after all that work and expense of energy comes winter, and he will calm once again to relax and recharge.

Sharuth is also closely tied to Fort, a true bronze of the first weyr. He will love the weyr with all his heart, and he will especially love the forests and wilderness that surrounds her. While he is fine with travel, and will be eager to explore the rest of Pern, his heart will always be in Fort and he will never be more comfortable as when he is within her worn walls. He is a bronze of tradition and of heritage, and will always be there to speak up for Fort and her people. He will take great pride in his home, and many of the projects he pushes himself and So'l to complete are ones that will improve the weyr and the wilderness within her borders.

When one is in danger (not necessarily physical) of being surprised, this guide may come through with warnings to be more aware of what is going on around them. - Spirit Guides - Elk

Sharuth will adore So'l. There will never be a doubt about that, even when they are having an argument. Sharuth is So'l’s soul mate, his guide, his champion. No one can speak poorly of So'l while Sharuth is around, as the bronze will be swift and ruthless in his defense of his rider. It will not be a relationship where So'l spends all his time helping Sharuth. That help will be returned tenfold, as Sharuth encourages So'l in return. The bronze will guide his rider through many things, both physical and emotional. If So'l is getting too caught up in something, Sharuth will be the gentle voice in his mind whispering, « Wait, So'l. Think for a moment. »

He will believe in So'l and encourage him no matter what. Anything that So'l things of, Sharuth knows he can do it. Even if it’s a passing thought, Sharuth will push him to try it, even if So'l changes his mind a moment later. « Why can’t you go ice swimming? It was a good idea. » Sharuth will be there for his rider at all times, as someone to encourage and someone to bounce ideas off of. He will always be honest, (sometimes bluntly so), but he will also always be encouraging.


Sharuth is one of the largest bronzes on Pern and right now the largest in Fort by several meters. It will be a long process of growth for him, and he will have many painful times when bones and joints protest the great growth he is going to achieve. Even after graduation he will keep growing (despite what the code says), the rate slowing down but still progressing until he finally does reach his full size. But as a hatchling, it will be hard to tell how big he is going to get, especially since different parts of him seem to grow at different rates. First, his legs and his wings will grow, making him incredibly awkward and gangly. He will often be tripping over himself, until he learns to use his tail to balance - but his tail will be one of the last things to grow on him. In the end he will be proud and magnificent, a perfect bronze dragon specimen, but just like his emotional growth, it will take time for him to reach that image of nobility.

Mindname and Description

Whispers in light
Sharuth’s mind is the Fortian forest in all its complications, rhythms and cycles. Tall trees stand sentinel along the pathways that crisscross through the underbrush that only the creatures know about. Though there are no deer or elk on Pern, in Sharuth’s mind they are there, perhaps plucked from someone’s mind while he was in the shell, after they read about the creatures on AIVAS. Other creatures of the forest abound as well, including the predators, and in Sharuth’s thoughts lives are begun and ended, depending on his mood. Everything S’lo loves about the woods is reflected in Sharuth’s mind.

It will not be uncommon for him to wrap So'l into his thoughts, putting his rider in the middle of the Fortian woods and letting him wander. Vision quests in a way, these little journeys will often teach So'l something, or give him a much needed escape from whatever is plaguing him in his life. And as he moves and explores his dragon’s thoughts, he will discover that there is far more to his lifemate’s mind than he initially thought. It is vast, like the whole of the woods, and within it creatures live and play, eat and die. The cycles continue even here, because there is no escaping that life cycle. The seasons will change also, in perfect tune with the real season of Fort. Blinding snow outside may not always mean blinding snow in his thoughts though, as such storms are reserved for times when he really needs to get a point across, but winter is winter, even in his mind.


When Sharuth’s thoughts dip into the night hours, that is when So'l will see flickers of the presence he first met in the egg. While the forest is cloaked in darkness, small balls of light will be used to illuminate different things, like tiny fireflies dancing through his thoughts. The nighttime will be the most reflective and introspective for Sharuth, when he is able to block out the majority of life’s distractions and focus on a single thing at a time. It will be a time for problem solving, and for self-improvement. A time to look back on the day and question, and learn from his experiences. « I should have told Rauskazeth that he’d done a good job, instead of saying nothing. »

Despite the vastness of his thoughts and how open he is with others, there is a center thicket in his massive forests that is just for So'l. Perhaps it is a place from So'l’s childhood, or takes on elements of his favorite places in the woods, and it will no doubt change as they both grow. This thicket is just for So'l. A protected, sacred place of warmth and light. It is here that Sharuth might come to So'l, visiting him in his mental form - that of a tall, proud, noble bull elk. In this grove, Sharuth will take on the role of protector and guide, and stand watch while So'l rests, or works through difficulties, or deals with the memories of his past.

It will not take Sharuth long to figure out So'l’s past, particularly the loss of his grandmother and brother. He will attempt to soothe those memories, and encourage So'l to let go of those final moments and focus instead on the happier times. Nothing will be hidden from Sharuth, but he will handle all of So'l’s memories and insecurities with love and care.

Sharuth’s voice is the sound of the forest. Sometimes the wind through the pine needles and the oak leaves, other times it’s the soft scurrying of critters through the brush. Sometimes it is the echoing boom and roll of thunder. His voice is majestic and soft, more encouraging than demanding. He usually speaks in low tones, but when riled his voice can rise to a deafening volume that sets the head ringing. In these times of intensity, it’s not uncommon for him to use the lightning as well to drive home his point with blinding flashes of light and hair-raising sensations. He does not do it to hurt, but to get attention if he knows someone is not listening to something important that he has to share.


Solan! We were so happy you decided to join Fort and apply for Search. I had such a wonderful time creating a dragon for you based on what I had learned about your character through our awesome RP scenes. You didn’t give a specific theme to work from, so I had the freedom to go find something that I thought would encompass all that you wanted in your bronze.

First, I started by looking at ancient forest deities, thinking I could perhaps base him off some sort of woodland god. Unfortunately, as I soon found out, most of those are female! And none seemed to really wrap up all the qualities you wanted. During my searches for gods and goddesses, I came across animal totems - particularly Elk, who is seen as being noble, compassionate, strong, and every other personality trait you wanted in your dragon.

Researching Elk also led me to Sharuth’s name. The Apache tribe in North America is renouned for their elk hunting and their elk medicine, and their word Sháa means sun. It was only after I’d decided to name him Sharuth that I scanned your qnaire again and realized you were changing your name to So'l. So'l, sol, sun, Sharuth. It was too perfect!

So your Sharuth is based on some of the Apache tribe’s lore and tribal medicine, particularly the connection to the earth and the forest. He is also based on Elk as a spirit guide and totem animal, because he possesses all of the qualities you asked for, and he is also a powerful guide to help So'l achieve those qualities in himself.

I really hope you love what I’ve written for Sharuth, but do remember that he is /your/ dragon, and you may change and develop him however you see fit.

His egg was written by Dtirae, and its theme was the deluminator from Harry Potter. Our egg theme was sci-fi/fantasy objects.

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Clutch Siblings

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Name Sharuth
Dam Kouzevelth
Sire Dremkotht
Created By Elara
Impressee Solan
Hatched July 26, 2013
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH